EdTechWeekly #181

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January 23, 2011

(podcast uploaded from an airplane ... a first for EdTechTalk?)

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John

Guest hosts:

This week's topics of conversation:

  • Jen's Links: Jen wants to talk "learning outcomes" ... What are they? The means (the learning process ... interaction, activity, engagement)? Or the ends (tada! See ... Timmy learned it)? Depending on the answer ... how should we measure learning outcomes? Her inspiration for the topic:
  1.   Our guest who thinks about this for a living (yay!!)
  2.   Those with a foot in the means camp: http://learninganalytics.net/syllabus.html
  3.   Those with a foot in the ends camp: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110118/ap_on_re_us/us_college_learning
  4.   Her dissertation (yawn)
  •   John's Links: The death of RSS
  1. Google Replaces Reader Link with Photos: http://techcrunch.com/2011/01/21/google-replaces-reader-link-with-photos...
  2. Paperli: http://paper.li/
  3. Bloglines rises from the dead: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloglines
  • Rick's Links: Rick wants to talk about informal online learning and how it compares to the formal approaches we all know and love (oops... guess I tipped my hand on being in the learning process camp). I'll dig out a couple of relevant links and add them here soon. In the meantime, off to catch this train @ http://www.taieri.co.nz/. Okay, back from the train ride -- and it was great! We could just talk about that.
  1.   Palloff and Pratt kicked off a lot of what became the agenda for virtual learning communities - almost exclusively about formal education. Here's a taste of what they were once talking about: http://macqunilearners.pbworks.com/f/Building+Learning+Communities+In+Cy...
  2. Life has changed--or evolved. Here's a little ditty I put together that argues for a new research agenda: http://www.cedtech.net/articles/118.pdf
  3. And a bit more about changing how we think about online learning from a paper presented at a gathering this summer with Jen: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2375895/new_metaphors.pdf

18:40:12 JenM -> Hello, all! 18:40:40 Rick Schwier -> Hi all.
18:40:56 Rick Schwier -> Or I should say, Kia Ora.
18:41:09 Tracy -> Hello
19:04:15 dave -> http://twitter.com/TonySearl/statuses/28041894550306816
19:04:48 JenM -> what dave is talking about ... http://learninganalytics.net/syllabus.html
19:06:02 dave -> http://nogoodreason.typepad.co.uk/no_good_reason/2011/01/learning-analyt...
19:07:24 JohnS -> All of the links for tonight: http://edtechweekly.wikispaces.com/EdTechWeekly+180+
19:10:29 JohnS -> http://davecormier.com/ Dave's blog
19:12:44 JenM -> The $2B Announcement we are talking about ... http://www.dol.gov/opa/media/press/eta/eta20101436.htm ...  http://www.doleta.gov/grants/pdf/SGA-DFA-PY-10-03.pdf
19:12:53 JenM -> http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/26100
19:14:43 JenM -> http://learninganalytics.net/syllabus.html
19:15:29 JenM -> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110118/ap_on_re_us/us_college_learning
19:17:44 JenM -> SNAPP: http://research.uow.edu.au/learningnetworks/seeing/snapp/index.html
19:22:11 urbteach -> anyone there?
19:22:25 JenM -> yes ... can you hear audio?
19:22:49 urbteach -> no
19:27:48 JenM -> http://autodizactic.com
19:29:23 dave -> OMG joyce in the house!
19:29:28 dave -> long time no see!
19:29:39 joycevalenza -> hi all!!!
19:29:49 joycevalenza -> Missed you, Dave!
19:29:54 sroseman -> well hello
19:29:58 sroseman -> there
19:30:06 JohnS -> Hi Joyce. GReat to see you (and you, too, Chris).
19:30:17 JohnS -> ...unless he left.
19:31:18 joycevalenza -> Are you all coming to Philly?
19:31:23 meredith (@msstewart) -> so are those like the super special sessions?
19:31:23 joycevalenza -> Yippeeeee
19:31:30 dave -> not me i'm afraid... someday
19:31:34 JohnS -> : raises his hand. Very excited (and a little nervous)
19:31:47 Rick Schwier ->   I wish... but alas, no I won't be there.
19:31:52 JenM -> JohnS is our "official ETW representative"
19:32:12 joycevalenza -> yeah, John! Wish you others could be
19:33:03 JenM -> (I hope John will tell us what he will be talking about ... wish, wish, wish)
19:33:40 JohnS -> John's talking about star wars
19:34:08 Rick Schwier -> Hi Elizabeth.
19:34:16 ehelfant -> hi
19:37:06 JohnS -> http://educon23.org/
19:37:45 joycevalenza -> LOL
19:41:37 JenM -> SNAPP: http://research.uow.edu.au/learningnetworks/seeing/snapp/index.html
19:41:38 Morgan (Room5Friends) -> John, can you send that website out to our school district?
19:41:49 JohnS -> meh.
19:41:54 Morgan (Room5Friends) -> to me?
19:42:16 JohnS -> It should be on the educon site -- http://educon23.org
19:42:20 Morgan (Room5Friends) -> Thanks.
19:50:26 MrChase -> What is online community?
19:50:38 MrChase -> Trust is the uber-characteristic of community.
19:51:59 MrChase -> I often wonder if the facilitator of my online class runs her in-person classes in similar ways. I'd like to think not.
19:53:48 joycevalenza -> There is no choice either
19:53:53 MrChase -> Community can spring from formal groups because they've already dealt with the formal details.
19:54:04 MrChase -> How do you mean, Joyce?
19:54:14 joycevalenza -> You can choose your friends, you cannot choose your classmates
19:54:21 Rick Schwier -> vlcresearch.ca
19:54:55 MrChase -> True. I can choose whether or not to befriend my classmates.
19:55:32 MrChase -> LIES!
19:55:40 JohnS -> http://techcrunch.com/2011/01/21/google-replaces-reader-link-with-photos...
19:55:42 Rick Schwier -> Say it ain''t so!!!!
19:55:56 MrChase -> My students just discovered RSS and fell in love with it.
19:56:13 joycevalenza -> :-)
19:56:22 JohnS -> http://paper.li/schinker/~list?topic=Technology
19:56:29 joycevalenza -> I think it still lives for research
19:56:43 Rick Schwier -> It's lovely!
19:56:48 JohnS -> http://paper.li/edtechtalk
19:57:00 joycevalenza -> i love paper.li
19:57:14 joycevalenza -> wish it were a widget
19:57:16 MrChase -> Isn't paper.li built on RSS?
19:57:22 joycevalenza -> i think so
19:57:40 Rick Schwier -> Must be some kind of aggregation, obviously.  Not sure what the engine is.
19:57:45 MrChase -> So, RSS is evolving more than it's dying?
19:57:49 joycevalenza -> paper.li is prettier and easier
19:57:56 MrChase -> sexier
19:58:28 joycevalenza -> there's a different type of rss use
19:58:35 MrChase -> I wonder if we could point to facebook as the killer of reader.
19:59:26 joycevalenza -> we are kinda setting the stuff up for others
19:59:58 joycevalenza -> we're aggregating it
20:00:23 joycevalenza -> the reports of its death are premature
20:00:36 MrChase -> I wonder if we should introduce RSS as a gateway to hobbies.
20:00:46 MrChase -> or information about our hobbies.
20:01:49 joycevalenza -> i have my kids establish feeds for their semester long database searches.  by mid semester they don't remember it was an rss feed
20:02:02 joycevalenza -> feels like old times!
20:02:37 joycevalenza -> so nice to hear you again!
20:02:52 joycevalenza -> bye!!
20:03:18 Rick Schwier -> Thanks, all!

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