EdTechWeekly#185 - Justin.tv Revisited & DS106 Connections

Post-Show description: 
February 27/28, 2011

Hosts: Jeff, John, ScottLo
Guest appearances by Grant Potter, Doug, & Dave
First 5 1/2 mins are pre-show chitchat 
Show starts at 5'30"

Chat Log Below

 18:56:37  JohnS ->  Hi Jake.
 18:56:46  Jake ->  Hello
 18:59:02  JohnS ->  We'll get started in a couple minutes. Anything in particular you want to talk about?
 18:59:42  Jake ->  sound good!  
 18:59:49  Jake ->  Yes I got a 30 sec ad
 19:01:08  Jake ->  "there's no such thing as a free lunch!"
 19:13:56  JohnS ->  So what is DS106? http://ds106.us
 19:19:01  jeff ->  to join the conversation, skype 'worldbridges'
 19:20:33  JohnS ->  Talking about DS106 http://ds106.us
 19:31:19  connect2jamie ->  Hi all! In and out tonite b/c we have family visiting! I'll listen more closely in podcast! :)
 19:35:56  connect2jamie ->  great to know about ds106 radio. I've never heard of it before! Interesting!
 19:37:10  tim ->  hi
 19:37:18  tim ->  is audio stream still available?
 19:37:31  tim ->  or have i missed session?
 19:37:43  matt montagne ->  scott has the best radio voice in the twittersphere...period!
 19:37:50  JohnS ->  Tim, you should be able to tune in to the Justin TV or the Radio DS106
 19:37:59  JohnS ->  agreed, Matt.
 19:38:19  matt montagne ->  gotta go, folks...baby time/duty is calling. Glad to see JL back on ETW!!!
 19:38:25  tim ->  oh nice. UFC!
 19:38:30  JohnS ->  nice to see you, Matt.
 19:38:43  tim ->  free!  :D
 19:41:20  scottlo ->  radio experiment - well said Grant
 19:42:27  scottlo ->  dlnorman calls it a Party Line
 19:51:31  JohnS ->  Dave Cormier on the line, talking about #LAK11
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