EdTechWeekly 203 - OERu, The Missing Middle Piece, & Change11 Interaction ?'s

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October 30, 2011

Topics: Jen starts us off by examining issues brought out during Rory McGreal's Change11 presentation about 'OER for Learning' and OERu Specifically, we contemplate the role of the teacher and/or learning institution when using Open Educational Resources and what about the 'missing piece' between open content and assessment?  John relates this all to his current MOOC experience and his daughter's experience being virtually schooled. Jeff harasses Dave a bit about the lack of interaction during Change11's Friday reflection sessions and the boys stick around for a short post-show as Jen flees the scene.  A good time was had by all. 


Chat Log Below

JenM: http://change.mooc.ca/week07.htm

JenM: PDF of the OERu model: http://hdl.handle.net/2149/3039

dafe: jeff is looking up again...

dafe: that's a bad sign

davesalterego: the model needs work

davesalterego: it's not a freakin' badge

davesalterego: but the university isn't about that - i.e. routing people to cntent

dafe: hmm...

dafe: funny. i don't usually argue with myself on the same day

davesalterego: I'm gettig to h point where all of this education reform talk feels increasingly useless. Where's the innovation, the new ideas?

dafe: good point davesalterego

davesalterego: we're still functioning in the language of the existing system. until we get past that, it's tweaking what's there

davesalterego: *** this chat

dafe: new words! new ideas! you start

davesalterego: haha. rhizomes

dafe: now now... that's old talk

davesalterego: Dave, yes you do

davesalterego: th DownesConversation

davesalterego: how is that normatizing people?

dafe: when we decide what people are supposed to know, we are engaging in a normative process

davesalterego: curriculum has little to do with the learner and more to do with the needs of those who determine the content

dafe: we are saying 'what is normal'

dafe: then we agree

dafe: nice that i agree with myself

dafe: hence my quixotic journey to trying to talk about learning where the student determines the content

Francesbell: Who is her?

Francesbell: Ah ha

Francesbell: Which MOOC?

dafe: change11

JenM: http://change.mooc.ca/index.html

Francesbell: Thanks Jen

Francesbell: Interesting - MOOC as legitimising PLN

Giulia: Are charter schools free of charge? or is there tuition?

dafe: tuition

Francesbell: MOOCs can be a jungle

Giulia: sounds like a racket. A charter school entirely based on content, facilitated by parents, with zero interaction allowed between students. [no offense]

dafe: yes, but a racket that legally allows you to keep your kids at home

dafe: :)

John: Charter schools are free. They get their funding from the public schools.

dafe: ah

dafe: i didn't realize that

Giulia: ok, makes sense then.

Francesbell: But hopefully there are peple who know how not to fly airplanes - ie pilots

Francesbell: Otherwsie I am staying put

dafe: right. we llike to know if pilots have been trained.

dafe: easy for us to agree on.

Francesbell: pilots need 'flying hours' as well as training

Giulia: What's your opinion on my situation: at Brock University we are mounting 10 new online courses. One of them is a first year Calculus. Impulse is to create a new set of resources 'customized' to BrockU

Giulia: but how different could calculus really be from one uni t another? Can OER help?

John: Wiley. If you customize them, they're more meaningful for your students. But if you don't, you can be more efficient by sharing resources.

John: But I would try to push them toward using the resources that are already available. Focus your local development on the stuff that you can't find resources for.

dafe: @giulia kahnacademy

dafe: have you done their calculus?

dafe: it's pretty good :)

dafe: but 'knowing' that calculus isn't 'understanding' calculus

Giulia: yeah, i checked it out. instructor thinks they should be 'the voice'

Giulia: she sure is!

Giulia: khan academy is cc licensed? checking that.

Francesbell: that's really interesting - the relationship between teacher (sourcing and adapting/remixing OER) and student  who can 'use' content but also see teacher's remix

Giulia: super helpful, thx

dlynds: crazy insane really

Francesbell: @dave (aside) NancyWhote needs url for her contribution to #change11 http://www.fullcirc.com/2011/10/30/change11-my-mooc-week-is-here/

JL: http://auspace.athabascau.ca:8080/dspace/bitstream/2149/3039/1/Report_OA...

Giulia: yaay! Nancy!

Giulia: where?

Giulia: yaay Dave!

Giulia: yaay Tim!

Giulia: lol

Giulia: that's why I asked Nancy to chat with me.

Giulia: (and she's so awesome she said yes)

Giulia: I'm doing one

Giulia: come join me tomorrow at 4pm

dlynds: go for a second hour!

Giulia: G+

Giulia: google plus

Giulia: and #ds106radio

Giulia: whu? this is my first ed tech

dlynds: thanks all

dlynds: she ditched

dlynds: heya

dlynds: :(

JenM: Thanks, all! Are they still talking about me? :)

Giulia: plus I'm working on my #econoMooc assignment with @dkernohan

John: uhh, no. of course not, Jen.

JenM: blah, blah, blah ....

dlynds: haha

Giulia: Thanks everyone

JenM: ttfn ... going to snuggle hubby by the glow of our pumkin :)

JenM: thanks, all!

John: the pumpkin is the background on your computer, isn't it?

Giulia: tee e

Giulia: dave makes a good point

Francesbell: I think people like to be 'other' in the chat channel in the MOOC

Giulia: if you want it to talk more about something, just do it

Giulia: autonomous learning, yo

Francesbell: Live slides are great - good for you Dave

Giulia: I think it's outrageous to expect Dave George and Stephen to do things all week every week

dlynds: where;s the coolcast link?

dlynds: more

Giulia: Jeff, what's your twitter handle?

dlynds: 20-30

Giulia: why am I not followin you?

JL: @jefflebow

JL: yours?

Francesbell: big boys?? says it all

dlynds: wont be me either i bet

Giulia: thanks

Giulia: indeed, Frances, indeed.

dlynds: wow

dlynds: i think she meant big heads

dlynds: not gerth

Francesbell: Why not?

dlynds: ha ha

dlynds: thats good stuff

dlynds: im liking post show more than the show itself

Giulia: if you're going to use a blog post. I hope yo have a rubric!

dlynds: oh oh

Giulia: although it is

Francesbell: Yes - why would you say big boys?

Giulia: Dave, will you come to my G+ hangout?

Giulia: how's that?

dlynds: Jeff - use big human beings instead

dlynds: ?

Giulia: Jeff is correct. It's all boys.

Giulia: yes, LIKE I DID!

Giulia: /me pats back

dafe: no can do giulia. meeting all through the middle

Giulia: she said monday or friday

Giulia: for me

Giulia: i just want an informal chat

dafe: yup. me too... but didn't hear back for friday

dlynds: wow

dafe: wow. he kicked me out

Giulia: i thought i'd help her frame her presentation. not knowing it was going to be BEFORE my informal chat

dlynds: these are the daves i know

Giulia: these are the daves, I know, I know.

Giulia: two daves!

dafe: bye folks!

Giulia: doh

Giulia: ook

Giulia: i hear heavy sighs

Giulia: lol