EdTechWeekly#207 - Looking Back at 2011 & Ahead to 2012

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Thank you gentlemen and Jennifer for the conversations you provide via EdTechWeekly.  It's meaningful conversation that provides structure for my thinking, it's intelligent and makes a good attempt to provide balanced perspectives.

One trend that I find of interest is the number of educational institutions that have moved to Google Apps for Education (GAE).  It's driven by the email system but has the advantage of providing a collaborative learning environment at an affordable cost for schools.  Our school has just implemented it with total roll out planned in 2012.  We tend to take Google Docs for granted now but viewing it a player in education makes you realise just how big it's going to be with so many coming on board with GAE.

I believe there is a link here with the cost of textbooks.  Schools are in a bind as to what they are to do about textbooks.  Publishers are moving to digital very quickly.  Some schools are ready, some are not.  The publishers are making a killing by producing textbooks that lock the buyer into their website resources with an expensive product that has a 2-3 year life.  Our teachers, on the whole, are textbook dependent although moves are already underway to find alternatives.  I believe there is a long term correlation between Google Apps for Education and the provision of textbooks.  

Once again, sincere thanks for the wonderful job you do with this podcast.  DON'T STOP. Timing is awkward for a working girl her in Australia to log in realtime but I never miss the podcast.

Good health to you all.