EdTechWeekly #169

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EdTechWeekly #169 

September 26, 2010

Guest Host: Camilla Elliott

Dave and Jen welcome guest host Camilla Elliott, Teacher/Librarian from Melbourne, Australia, to continue the new format for EdTechWeekly that offers a deeper look into a smaller number of topics. This week, the discussion focuses on the following:

Join us for next week's guest Elizabeth Helfant, Instructional Technologist with Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School.

Wiki Agenda

Chat log below

18:50:01 doris3m -> Greetings.. smiles

18:50:41 JenM -> hello!

18:50:46 Sara Douglas -> Hello from California!

18:50:48 dave -> Hi there

18:52:28 JenM -> special guest tonight Camilla Elliott

18:54:14 JenM -> http://edubeacon.com/?page_id=2

18:56:06 doris3m -> Hola from Venezuela!!! 

18:58:47 tim -> afternoon

19:00:26 dave -> http://edtechtalk.com:8000/listen.pls you can click this to listen

19:00:38 PeggyG -> Hi everyone! I'm finally able to connect live during your show! :-) So great to have you back!

19:00:50 JenM -> hi, all! glad you could join us tonight!

19:00:54 tim -> School holidays for me in NZ!

19:01:11 tim -> so an opportunity to listen in on a few more edtechtalks.

19:01:11 PeggyG -> Did any of you participate in the Connected Principal webinar this afternoon?

19:01:44 doris3m -> yes..:) 

19:01:58 doris3m -> really inspiring..

19:02:06 PeggyG -> http://www.connectedprincipals.com/  very exciting conversation! looking forward to the monthly meetings :-)

19:03:47 PeggyG -> I like the new, fun conversational format with guest hosts :-)

19:04:02 PeggyG -> welcome Camilla!!!

19:04:02 dave -> http://www.change.org/petitions/view/letter_to_nbc_news_protesting_the_o...

19:04:03 JenM -> Here are the show notes ... http://edtechweekly.wikispaces.com/EdTechWeekly169

19:04:05 doris3m -> evening here, too

19:05:01 camillaelliott -> Thanks Peggy.

19:07:39 tim -> Re: Education Nation panel - didn't the University of Phoenix sponsor the LeBron announcement?

19:08:06 dave -> @tim i hadn't noticed that 

19:09:13 JenM -> http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5g6iEn0B3gQlL6dXO9upCcy...

19:10:24 tim -> Yep - U of Phoenix did sponsor LeBron's decision announcement, I didn't realise they were a big online chain of education services

19:10:59 tim -> NZ govt has implemented "national standards" this year

19:13:41 dave -> @tim how is that going?

19:14:40 tim -> @dave. not well - they were a political agenda - no educational basis in them at all 

19:14:52 dave -> @tim there rarely are.

19:15:18 tim -> designed to "raise student achievement" - but in reality all they do is identify students we already know are failing...

19:15:57 JenM -> http://www.educationnation.com/ 

19:16:20 PeggyG -> https://fuse.education.vic.gov.au/pages/Teacher.aspx

19:16:37 tim -> govt has set aside approx 35mill to help those identified as "failing" - which works out at $60 per student....

19:17:15 PeggyG -> wow tim! can't do much with $60 per student!

19:18:11 tim -> @Peggy - indeed. but the standards are a political agenda, so we have to try and play the game as teachers

19:19:44 tim -> Re: education nation - I'm reminded of Ken Robinson's comment about education - everyone has an opinion - and everyone is an "expert", because everyone has had one.

19:20:41 dave -> http://stager.tv/blog/?p=1442

19:21:12 dave -> link above ^

19:23:25 Connie Sitterley -> Hi everyone-sorry to be late

19:23:34 dave -> we're never on time

19:23:39 dave -> you're doing just fine

19:24:05 JenM ->  http://edubeacon.com/?p=418

19:28:34 PeggyG -> I've lost my audio--did anyone else?

19:28:46 Connie Sitterley -> It was gone but it is back now

19:28:49 alanadianne -> Yes Peggy, but it's back now

19:29:01 dave -> sorry... not sure what i did.

19:29:23 Connie Sitterley -> It has been rebuffering a lot tonight

19:29:33 PeggyG -> yeah! mine's back too :-)

19:30:12 dave -> huh

19:38:52 Connie Sitterley -> Several ed tech folks use lulu for publishing

19:39:20 PeggyG -> lulu is very efficient! David Warlick publishes his books on lulu :-)

19:39:33 tim -> orgs like wikieducator are doing some great work in online textbook/course content

19:39:37 PeggyG -> Jeff Utecht recently published his book on lulu too

19:39:48 JenM -> Google Lit Tips .. http://www.googlelittrips.org/

19:40:05 PeggyG -> I love the links you have included in the notes about Google Earth Camilla!!

19:40:27 PeggyG -> Alice Christie is one of my colleagues at Arizona State University. We're both retired now but her Google Treks site is amazing!

19:40:44 PeggyG -> http://googletreks.org/

19:40:54 tim -> Or Connexions - cnx.org

19:41:01 Connie Sitterley -> A Social Studies teacher in my past district was creating many of his "units" within Google Earth

19:42:00 PeggyG -> there are so many creative things you can do to engage learners using Google Earth! Such a powerful tool for all subject areas--not just science or geography :-)

19:42:24 PeggyG -> many of them were created by Jerome Burg

19:42:56 PeggyG -> anyone can create google lit trips and Jerome encourages people to create and share them on his site

19:44:00 PeggyG -> teachers who have access to Discovery Streaming can embed video clips with citations into their google lit trips right in google earth!

19:44:23 Connie Sitterley -> Our area of rural PA has only recently become a part of the detailed options in Google Earth-Kindergarten teachers are using it for neighborhood walk prep

19:44:38 PeggyG -> that's a great use Connie!!!

19:45:11 PeggyG -> it can provide some amazing virtual field trips--even right there in their own neighborhoods and communities

19:45:38 JenM -> Google Trek ... http://googletreks.org/

19:46:05 Connie Sitterley -> A high school teacher is combining Google Earth with geocaching to develop studies for community history

19:46:15 PeggyG -> yes her google treks are fantastic! she debuted them at our AZ tech conference last May

19:47:43 PeggyG -> Alice has also done some incredible things with geocaching and GPS: http://www.alicechristie.org/geocaching/

19:48:23 PeggyG -> I love Thomas Cooper's expeditions because they focus on science and math expeditions while still incorporating literature :-)

19:48:24 JenM -> Plugged in .. http://www.youngfoundation.org/publications/reports/plugged-untapped-usi...

19:50:22 JenM -> PDF from Plugged in ... http://www.youngfoundation.org/files/images/Plugged_in_FINAL.pdf

19:50:55 JenM -> PDF 2 from Plugged In ... http://www.youngfoundation.org/our-work/youth-leadership/youth-leadership

19:51:30 PeggyG -> I wish we could get these full links to display in the chat logs that are archived. Is there a way, Dave?

19:51:53 dave -> @peggyg not sure... can't think of a way here

19:52:04 PeggyG -> fabulous conversation with explanation!!! love it!

19:52:34 PeggyG -> the show notes are VERY helpful!!!

19:52:59 tim -> What's really tough - is comparing this reality of digital tech/student led learning/real collaboration, with the EducationNation/standards based model

19:53:56 PeggyG -> @tim--that could be the topic for a whole session!! :-)

19:54:23 Connie Sitterley -> @tim-agreed

19:54:44 JenM -> Camilla's Blog ... http://edubeacon.com/

19:55:29 PeggyG -> This is another excellent link from Alice Christie about planning for virtual field trips. Wonderful resources! http://www.alicechristie.org/search/trips.html

19:55:52 PeggyG -> I like the term "on my radar" :-) nice Diigo feed!

19:56:06 Connie Sitterley -> @Jen-so there is a way to do that fast-paced links party-we just do it ourselves in your and Daves' voices...

19:56:09 PeggyG -> that's what I do also--bookmark in Diigo to feed back into Delicious

19:56:36 PeggyG -> drip feed :-) wonderful visual...

19:57:39 PeggyG -> it's better to do it the other way--start in Diigo and feed into Delicious :-)

19:57:53 PeggyG -> this has been fantastic! Thank you Camilla!!!

19:58:10 tim -> Cheers for the two google links - new ones for me

19:58:26 Connie Sitterley -> Great discussion-thanks Camilla-appreciate the info and the links

19:58:48 PeggyG -> love the new format Jen and Dave!!! Thanks!

19:58:53 PeggyG -> Helfant

19:59:01 Connie Sitterley -> Thanks to Jen and Dave also

19:59:05 PeggyG -> she will be a fantastic guest host!

19:59:19 sroseman -> Thank you, Camilla!

19:59:21 PeggyG -> see you next week!

19:59:52 tim -> Cheers guys - thanks very much

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