Women of Web 2.0.7 - A Conversation with David Warlick and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Women of Web 2.0.7
A Conversation with

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and David Warlick
December 12, 2006
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 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  Dave... this is the right place for tonight's wow2 chat right?
 JenniferW  Woooo Hoooooo
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  Hi Jen
 JenniferW  hello
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  So will I skype in?
 dave  click on the edtechtalk link and the chatsky will be in there.
 JenniferW  Cheryl will be calling you
 dave  now i'm here
 JenniferW  sheis going to bring you into a skype conference call
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  K
 JenniferW  that way -- she can mute those in the skypecast until we know who they are LOL -- crowd control
 JenniferW  HELLO Chris Harbeck
 charbeck1  Evening all is there skype for all or should I use the world bridges channel?
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  Hi Chris
 JenniferW  hi Chris
 charbeck1  Hi sheryl
 JenniferW  we will have SKYPECHAT as well
 JenniferW  just not sure of the address yet
 charbeck1  do you need any help tonight?
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  So what have you been up to Chris?
 JenniferW  we always need your help Chris
 charbeck1  I have started growing posts with my students and they are going crazy over gliffy and bubbleshare.
 charbeck1  841math.blogspot.com
 JenniferW  we are calling you Sheryl
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  k
 JenniferW  or will be calling you
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  I will check it out Chris
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  Thanks for sharing...
 charbeck1  YOu should see the thumbstack that was created for a scribe.... wow
 Vicki Davis  Oh, boy, I'm so excited! Is anybody else out there excited too!
 Janice  You Bet!
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  I am
 charbeck1  feed is good
 cheryloakes wow2  hello all, vicki you are not in skype
 JenniferW  thank you chris
 sharonp  nice to see you Chris and all
 Vicki Davis  I am. I'll check it!
 charbeck1  too much drupal
 Jeanne Simpson  Good evening!

 JenniferW  Chris -- you didn't stay long in Drupal last night
 JenniferW  its great fun
 Vicki Davis  OK, I'll go to skyecast
 charbeck1  over my head and I had no vyew
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  should I go there Cheryl
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  or are you going to call me?
 JenniferW  Chris -- I can help you (a bit) if you need help
 charbeck1  should we skype or stay out
 JenniferW  come on into skype
 JenniferW  the stream is 30 minutes delay
 charbeck1  can't do both because of the lag
 JenniferW  lol 30 seconds delay
 sharonp  oooo quite the difference
 suriawang  Hello, I'm David. How do I get heard?
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  I am in Cheryl but muted
 Vicki Davis  We need to hear David.
 charbeck1  is that the right skype address I am there but i hear nothing
 JenniferW  hang on chris
 sharonp  uh-oh
 JenniferW  we are trying to get it to you
 sharonp  trying to get Dave into the skypecast... we will be right with you
 charbeck1  Why don't you keep everyone out of the skype until post party and then let us in?
 charbeck1  We can communicate through chat?
 sharonp  some good advice ....
 charbeck1  This should be a big crowd. The feed is great
 charbeck1  I have heard about it
 charbeck1  Enders Game
 sendkathy  do you mean the book?
 Janice  It's one of the only sci fi books I like?
 sendkathy  Good book
 charbeck1  Yeah david is talking about it
 charbeck1  Yes WB
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  He thinks it is cool you guys have read it...
 sharonp  hmmm for my Christmas wish list...??
 sendkathy  It's pretty weird though because of the twin brothers
 sendkathy  me
 Vicki Davis  On my Christmas list now.
 sendkathy  hi
 Janice  Stearns
 JenniferW  wowow --- what a good group of people we have here tonight --
 JenniferW  and well - read too :)
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  Hi everyone
 JenniferW  thans Janice
 JenniferW  thanks too
 Vicki Davis  Big group here.
 charbeck1  Orson Scott Card is the Author
 Janice  There's 3, right?
 sendkathy  very much a good vs evil story
 sharonp  hey Kathy - nice to see you
 sendkathy  hi
 sharonp  so cool
 Jeanne Simpson  Hi Sheryl
 sendkathy  yes
 JenniferW  REMEMBER if you wish to view the chat better -- you can choose to DETACH -- 3rd button from the right
 JenniferW  that way you can read more of the chat
 sendkathy  they are twins remember the frozen embryos
 sharonp  Float and dock
 sharonp  think it was before i was a geek
 sharonp  I only became a geek around 1995 or so
 sharonp  when I was.... nope, not going to say it!
 cheryloakes wow2  The skypecast is not working so ask people to come to edtechtalk to listen.
 sharonp  (but I was a mother of 3....!)
 Cheri T  is there audio here?
 JenniferW  yes
 sharonp  channel 1 (anyone verify?)
 cheryloakes wow2  there is audio on chanel 1
 Doug  yes on channel one
 Vicki Davis  Me
 SusanB  yes, I hear fine
 Doug  for stream
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks doug
 JenniferW  you will need to stream -- channel 1 is fine
 Jeanne Simpson  How do you get to channel one?
 cheryloakes wow2  skypecast is not working
 Doug  left side of this page
 charbeck1  Cheryl I do not see anyone in the skypecast...
 Cheri T  yea! I can hear you all
 Doug  click on the speaker icon to listen
 Doug  sorry, that should have been right side
 Doug  of this page
 charbeck1  I do
 sendkathy  me
 Cheri T  no
 SusanB  no
 Jeanne Simpson  I can hear!!!!!
 cathy e  My mom was a teacher
 Vicki Davis  Yeah, Jeanne!
 pam  [b]My mom and dad were both teachers
 alicebarr  My Dad was a teacher for 40 years
 sendkathy  my dad also teaches in the after school reading program in Savannah public schools
 Vicki Davis  Wow, Alice! I bet you learned a lot!
 alicebarr  Math...
 alicebarr  and computers so yes
 SusanB  8 here
 Cheri T  and 8:00
 Doug  Pacific here too
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks, for the time checks
 sharonp  Doug from Victoria?
 Doug  yes Sharon, that's right
 sharonp  haven't seen you in a bit - welcome!
 Doug  thanks, good to be here
 Karen Phillips  hello from winnipeg
 Cheri T  me too!
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  Hi Karen.
 sharonp  all those Canucks - great! :D
 cheryloakes wow2  Sheryl is the master of multi tasking on Elluminate!
 Vicki Davis  Oh, yes, Sheryl is a master!
 sendkathy  V's mics a little high for me, anyone else?
 sharonp  citation machine rocks!
 Vicki Davis  I'll turn down!
 sendkathy  thx
 Cheri T  Thanks, David!
 Vicki Davis  When I talk, let me know if its bettery kathy.
 Jeanne Simpson  Sheryl is awesome!!!!
 sharonp  have turned on so many to it! used it throughout my M.A degree and show ALL my students and colleagues
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  hi jeanne I didnt see you!
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  hug
 Jeanne Simpson  I slipped in
 Jeanne Simpson  hug back!
 sendkathy  I have elluminate at my school but haven't set up my own conference yet
 Vicki Davis  Elluminate is incredible!
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  I will be glad to help if you need it ..send kathy
 charbeck1  Wow I have been to a bunch of these. It is a great tuesday evening
 sharonp  you have elluminate at your school? wow!
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks chris
 sendkathy  great, when can we try it out?
 charbeck1  Can I send a picture
 cheryloakes wow2  I like all the colors in the chat, pic a color in the pallette
 Jeanne Simpson  Yum!
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  email me... [email protected] sendkathy and we will arrange a time
 Vicki Davis  It was great!
 sendkathy  thx
 sharonp  lots of colours to choose from...
 cheryloakes wow2  David the keynote was just incredible and it did start the conference on a really great note.
 Vicki Davis  The keynote was wonderful! I showed clips to my students.
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  It was amazing... it really set the whole tone of the conference
 charbeck1  I am curious with what
 Lee  Hi Sheryl
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  hi Lee!!!!
 Vicki Davis  They said, cool, that guy is sitting in his car and talking tothe camera. He must be cool.
 sharonp  Hi Lee!
 Lee  Hello Sharon
 cheryloakes wow2  hi lee, sharon is having fun with colors
 sharonp  yup - with my fave colours
 JenniferW  http://k12onlineconference.org/
 Lee  Colors are good!
 JenniferW  you can find a link to the keynote from there
 JenniferW  going purple
 sharonp  info is no longer linear
 sharonp  but hyperlinked ...
 cheryloakes wow2  in a web
 JenniferW  going blue
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  all the presentations are here http://k12onlineconference.org/
 sharonp  with user-driven choice
 sharonp  which is very 2.0-ish
 cheryloakes wow2  you can get 3 graduate credits by going to the link to Plymouth State College
 charbeck1  I was curious about what David thinks about Will recent comment about blogging I agree with George Siemens when he says: [b]And yet, it feels like our small edublogger town (where everyone knows everyone) is becoming a small city - where relationships begin to cluster in smaller networks, instead of one large structure.[/b] and [b]Doh! It really isn’t about blogs as much any more, is it? It’s not about the tool. It’s about the ability to connect. Yeah, I’ve known that, felt that, but sometimes my brain needs a succinct reminder.[/b]
 JenniferW  we shall ask
 charbeck1  Summerize that if you would....:)
 JenniferW  Will?? Richardson??
 charbeck1  Yes
 charbeck1  http://weblogg-ed.com/ is the link
 sendkathy  what's the podcast link from David's keynote
 JenniferW  thanks -- I was looking for it
 sendkathy  great
 JenniferW  http://k12onlineconference.org/docs/k12online06-agenda.html
 sendkathy  you're the best!
 JenniferW  nah -- just copied pasted :)
 sharonp  it is about the connectivity.... as Chris says
 charbeck1  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=26 is the specific David Link
 sroseman  Hi all
 sroseman  Is WOW2 on or did I miss it
 charbeck1  The conference will never end
 Janice  Hi. WOW is on
 Jeanne Simpson  We just started!
 cheryloakes wow2  it is on chanel 1 at edtechtalk, hi susan
 sharonp  think it might mean that the edublogosphere is becoming a city of suburbs rather than a small town?
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  It's Wow2
 cathy e  Ya'll sound perfect to me ( from NC)
 JenniferW  Hi Sue -
 JenniferW  you can hear us on Stream 1 -- the skypecast isn't workin
 charbeck1  Thank you...
 sharonp  that's what I read from it
 sharonp  so the aspect of community is starting to get lost
 sendkathy  I think he's trying to create artificial standards
 charbeck1  sorrrrry!
 JenniferW  no worries
 Vicki Davis  I've got to go read up on that article, Chris.
 JenniferW  sorry I was vague -- I dont read web-blogged faithfully
 cheryloakes wow2  it is a good topic for us to post show chris
 charbeck1  yes
 Vicki Davis  We need to read up and perhaps have a talk about it later. It is really being discussed a lot.
 sharonp  http://edition.cnn.com/2006/US/12/10/
 Jeanne Simpson  I got mine in the mail today!
 sendkathy  I'm trying to inform my whole school community about the sunami that is web 2.0
 sharonp  good metaphors
 cheryloakes wow2  that is great tsunami!
 sendkathy  yes
 sharonp  school is not just relevant and current
 sendkathy  oops
 charbeck1  kids want to do the work.... it has relevance...it is what they need to do to be literate
 sharonp  hard to inform the school because it just isn't that visible to them
 Jeanne Simpson  Sheryl...I was surprised that you were not quoted...It sounded just like what you have been saying!
 sendkathy  How often are women quoted?
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  smile.. nod to Jeanne
 Jeanne Simpson  I'll run get it.
 sendkathy  Technology is very paternalistic
 sharonp  grew up in South Detroit myself - wow - they are making great changes from auto industry to the reality check of moving to an knowledge-driven model
 sendkathy  We need to inform the parents. They are going to drive this whole thing
 sharonp  good point
 sharonp  and I have seen that
 sroseman  the infrastructure of schools need changing
 charbeck1  boys like video games then programming so they become tech leaders??
 sendkathy  I want to educate the parents
 sharonp  it is a changing paradigm
 sendkathy  yes
 Vicki Davis  I would be happy if we could educate the teachers!
 Jeanne Simpson  Dell executive Karen Bruett who serves on the board of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills is quoted.
 Vicki Davis  If teacherse are unwilling to change how are they going to birth students who are willing to change.
 charbeck1  How can we get women girls into this change.... 2.0 is about youth
 sendkathy  yes but I think the parents will drive the reeluctant teachers
 Janice  ...and educate the administrators..
 sendkathy  oh yes
 cheryloakes wow2  women of web 2.0 is a start
 sharonp  I see more girls than ever - 2.0 is about social computing
 Jeanne Simpson  Elementary school principal who is female is quoted
 sharonp  social computing is different from the previous model and I have seen a huge change in the perspective of girls toward technology
 sendkathy  glad to hear it
 Jeanne Simpson  Deborah Stipek, dean of Stanford University School of Education
 sharonp  because social computing is about communication, collaboration - those things girls are more interested in
 sendkathy  have you read the Starfish and the Spider yet?
 sharonp  no - do tell more
 Vicki Davis  Wait till you see the wiki that two of the ladies in the flat classroom project creatd on virtual communications.
 Vicki Davis  They were better collaborators.
 Jeanne Simpson  Two female students
 sendkathy  Well it hasa to do with new business models as a result of scial networking
 charbeck1  I do not see a gender division in my classes when it comes to the technology. Both are keen about using it. Will this change in the future
 sharonp  I believe it
 Vicki Davis  Yes, two female students - one in Camilla and one in Bangladesh
 cheryloakes wow2  what grade chris
 Vicki Davis  I don't see gender division either.
 charbeck1  8
 BethRitterGuth  I just got it, how can I skype in?
 Durff  Vickie - URL?
 cheryloakes wow2  I don't see it at elementary, but now I am at jr. hg and hg school, maybe
 sharonp  such a change since when the girls I used to teach in computer labs really believed that computers hated them
 sroseman  I do not see gender division in 7/8
 Vicki Davis  Click on channel 1 here.
 Vicki Davis  Skype is messing up tonight.
 Jeanne Simpson  Probably about a dozen men are quoted.
 charbeck1  use world bridges channel. no skype toonight\
 BethRitterGuth  OK :-)
 vvrotny  Those that don't see a gender imbalance, are you female leaders adn teacher?
 BethRitterGuth  I am listening
 Vicki Davis  hey, Beth !
 JenniferW  again -- what a great group we have tonight
 BethRitterGuth  Hey Vicki!
 sharonp  no longer see it .... as much, anyways
 sroseman  tappedin.org membership is 70% female!!
 sharonp  it is important for me to be a role model in that as a woman.... and I have two daughters
 Karen Phillips  sorry...just realized using tabs in firefox disconnects me from chat
 BethRitterGuth  I may be the only college professor?
 cheryloakes wow2  yahoo
 BethRitterGuth  technlogy is definitely imbalanced among college students
 sendkathy  how so
 mrocarroll  Hi Vicki, just wanted to thank you for teaching me about wikis, going to venture into their use soon
 Vicki Davis  Great!
 Vicki Davis  Let me know if I can help!
 Jeanne Simpson  They are learning how to use it own their own.
 charbeck1  communication is the key of the 2.0 and the 21st c school.
 BethRitterGuth  Well, I use gaming to teach, and the male students are more technologically able to use it
 charbeck1  Power Passe
 sendkathy  Curiosity needs to be encouraged
 mrocarroll  Thank you, I will! And you probably can!
 BethRitterGuth  the women say things like, "that is a boys game"
 vvrotny  But where is the deep thinking in doing a powerpoint
 Durff  We all have to learn Web 2.0
 Durff  Latin is good but...
 JenniferW  I will beg to differ -- I have seen POWERFUL powerpoints
 JenniferW  from 3rd graders
 Durff  we ALL need to teach web toolws
 JenniferW  and up
 JenniferW  :)
 sendkathy  yes, we need to be able to read, write and type and speak...well
 BethRitterGuth  Latin is good, but why does there have to be one or the other?
 sharonp  but good PPTs need to be modeled first
 JenniferW  I taught K - 7
 Vicki Davis  I agree Beth.
 JenniferW  8
 Durff  up?
 SusanB  my kindergarten kids can do powerpoint. I set up a template and they just dragged the pictures from the net into it.
 JenniferW  yes, shareon -- and I was a good demo :)
 BethRitterGuth  I use online Latin open courses for my students
 Lee  i use alice to encourage my girls to go into programming
 alicebarr  Exactly!
 Lee  http://www.alice.org/
 Durff  they teach me
 sendkathy  I atught k5 tecchnology but when the position was cut the regular ed teachers didn't experiment with anything new
 sendkathy  can't type
 SusanB  likewise with me. the lab just sits there now
 JenniferW  yes, at my former school -- tech was ONLY in the lab
 BethRitterGuth  You may have covered this, but do many of you face great resistance to using web technology to teach?
 JenniferW  and that is where they wanted it to stay
 joycevalenza  I would love to see a focus on thoughtful searching and information quality and selection
 mrocarroll  great blog post about PPTs here: http://betch.edublogs.org/
 Durff  you had a lab?
 Durff  i wish!
 charbeck1  pp us a great tool that can be used in conjunction with other tools. By passe I meant there are many open source alternatives to buying from MSoft
 Durff  we have zero
 JenniferW  I just downloaded Open Office
 JenniferW  LOVING it
 dthaggard  i teach second grade I'm always looking for new ways to use technology with my kids. Biggest problem is we only get to go to the lab once a week.
 JenniferW  Durff -- I was at a private school
 Durff  i'm pushing podcasts now
 charbeck1  I just had a kid use thumbstacks 841math.blogspot.com
 JenniferW  Donna -- :) HI -- I didn't see you here
 alicebarr  The goal behind Powerpoint should be the PRESENTATION SKILLS
 sharonp  thumbstacks?
 Durff  yup private
 Vicki Davis  I think you should start where you can. Whatever is available use it!
 JenniferW  Alice, I agree --
 dthaggard  Hey Jen. My first night here.
 sharonp  yes, presentation skills
 joycevalenza  the goal should be effective communication, right alice!
 charbeck1  Free pp software studentblogwikitools.wikispaces.com
 BethRitterGuth  I will be using Second Life in the Srping
 Durff  honework is online
 sendkathy  how?
 Durff  really?
 sendkathy  Did you set up a classroom?
 cheryloakes wow2  where do you teach Beth?
 Karen Phillips  I manage a computer lab and I am in constant disagreement with staff who wants to bring kids in for "computer time" and they don't have a focus
 Karen Phillips  I want them to use the lab as a tool to teach with....not entertainment
 BethRitterGuth  I teach at Lehigh Carbon Community College in PA. My students will meet "inworld" with another English calss
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  http://www.greenstar.org/butterflies/Hole-in-the-Wall.htm
 cheryloakes wow2  great use of SL
 charbeck1  aurgh
 [email protected]  Here is an article about the hole in the wall:  http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/india/thestory.html
 JenniferW  29 in the chat room -- WOWOW -- a record
 dthaggard  We don't have a computer teacher so it is up to the classroom teachers to teach in the lab.
 BethRitterGuth  We will be discussing the two short stories, "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut andin "Those Who Walk Away from Omelas" by Ursual Le Gu
 BethRitterGuth  We will be borrowing a classroom from another college
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/
 charbeck1  If we could onlyget a transcript.
 JenniferW  so Beth -- you are college level??
 cheryloakes wow2  so sweet! you've really thought this out, I am interested
 BethRitterGuth  yes
 BethRitterGuth  Yes, Jennifer
 JenniferW  great
 Durff  these web 2.0 things are just tools
 Durff  for us to access
 BethRitterGuth  I will be blogging the prgress as we go
 Durff  Beacon?
 Durff  yes!
 sharonp  sounds so cool
 BethRitterGuth  if it works, I am going to open it up to our area VoTech high school, and we are going to try to work in the teen grid
 Karen Phillips  will the conversation tonight be a podcast?
 JenniferW  Yes Karen
 sharonp  yes, Cheryl will take care of that
 cheryloakes wow2  yes, look for podcast at womenofweb2.0 and podomatic
 sharonp  and the chat log too, I hope
 JenniferW  you can get it tomorrow at womenofweb2.com or day after
 Vicki Davis  Wow!
 sharonp  I keep getting bumped out of the chat
 cheryloakes wow2  i've been harvesting the chat tonight too!!!
 Karen Phillips  good....I have to run here to finish a book review. It's been great - good night
 charbeck1  lots of chat goodness
 Durff  I get better results witrh 7th grade than with upper classmen
 JenniferW  thanks karen
 JenniferW  One of our best nights -- right, Chris???
 sharonp  yes, good point - I have found the same with my students
 charbeck1  you bet Jen
 sharonp  teacher always learns more than the students
 cheryloakes wow2  bye Karen P
 Durff  how do we encouraqge those high school kida?
 Doug  excellent point re reverse mentorship
 Doug  a real key, I think
 Durff  ?
 charbeck1  Double learning...students becoming teachers. They will stay involved too
 Durff  what is this?
 charbeck1  Students teaching teachers tech and other things
 Durff  so how do I implement that??
 BethRitterGuth  I think this is an interesting point, as professors don't take education courses
 BethRitterGuth  I learned everything about teaching from my students
 charbeck1  Ask if anyone knows how to do for example a podcast..or wants to learn and teach the class
 Lee  i have the chat room copied tonight y'all.. :)
 Vicki Davis  There is a great book analyzing what the best college professors do called "What the best teachers do" it is a GREAT BOOK!
 BethRitterGuth  I learned quickly that they care little about archetypal patterns in literature, lol
 JenniferW  I am truly loving teaching and sharing with k - 6 teachers the tools of web2.0 -- they then, share and grow with their kids
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks Lee, it is amazing, I've been trying too!!
 Durff  I bet is great
 Durff  the efficacy rate
 Cheri T  Jen, I'm with you - I'm loving teaching teachers how to use all these tools with their K-12 students
 BethRitterGuth  I am going to get a copy of that book Vicki, thanks
 Vicki Davis  The kids love it so much that it is very exciting for a teacher.
 JenniferW  the K-6 teachers are loving it -- and preparing their kids NOW for what they will be doing even more in 5 years
 cheryloakes wow2  Cheri I hope they are engaged and appreciate t his opportunity!
 BethRitterGuth  the best teaching ideas I've ever received have been from K-12 teachers
 Cheri T  every week they say "I like this week best!"
 sroseman  Many of the Web2.0 tools do not have a steep learning curve..so great for teachers too
 sroseman  in terms of time
 cheryloakes wow2  good point susanr
 JenniferW  I am giving teachers the opportunity to be stretched by learning tools in K-6 and they are jumping at it
 Durff  for those who will participate, yes it works
 Vicki Davis  Yes! David, you are so right!
 JenniferW  wanting more and more and more allthe time
 charbeck1  How about writing in math. THis has been an issue for along time. BLogging is a terrific way to get the kids to write and do math.....understand conceptually!!
 Cheri T  true and that gives those teachers such confidence and boldness
 JenniferW  and they then, take it back to the classroom
 Durff  but for those who refuse, it has not worked...yet
 SusanB  one tip I read was give the child the laptop for the day and allow him to blog all day by taking notes on the actual blog and then edit it at the end of the day.
 BethRitterGuth  Sadly, I face a ot of resistance amongst my colleagues
 BethRitterGuth  they resist technology
 JenniferW  grins, Durff, if you sign up for one of my projects -- You DO participate :)
 Durff  Math yes
 Durff  I am doing wikis in Algebra
 Durff  working well
 sendkathy  It's very personal to put yourself on the line via writing
 JenniferW  at my old school - the laptops sit in the box for 26 hours of the school week
 sharonp  and this is why we need the quantitative data - for those who still need to see it to be convinced (which is most of them)
 charbeck1  cool what is the address
 Cheri T  I'm finding more resistance from my college faculty colleagues, than my K-12 teacher students.
 sendkathy  It's very revealing
 Durff  uh?
 Durff  JenniferW
 sendkathy  See I can't spell!
 JenniferW  and the lab teacher on the K8 campus is teaching them how to format in WOrd - The kids are bored to death
 Durff  what?
 charbeck1  durff what is the wiki address
 JenniferW  sorry -- 2nd8 campus
 sharonp  great memory, Dave, about the researchers - hope I can look this up later
 JenniferW  Durff -- you had a question???
 Vicki Davis  I've seen this on my flat classroom project!
 BethRitterGuth  Why do think that is, Cheri?
 Durff  oh..wiki...pbwiki
 Vicki Davis  Authentic audience is so important!
 BethRitterGuth  I think it has to do with fear
 sendkathy  yes
 sendkathy  It's a commitment
 charbeck1  do you have a url durff
 joycevalenza  audience is powerful
 Vicki Davis  Flat classroom project - flatclassroomproject.wikispaces.com -- It closes tonight!
 JenniferW  I think is also has to do with the unknown
 sendkathy  Yes but the are critical
 Cheri T  David, do you have a reference on that study?
 Vicki Davis  They kids did a much better job when they knew they had an audience!
 charbeck1  Vicki you might get some sleep now!!
 JenniferW  and failure possibilty -- but they don't realize that it is learning
 Charlene Chausis  kudos to the students in the FlatClassroom Project... great job!
 BethRitterGuth  great project!
 Charlene Chausis  Vicki... we still need to chat
 Charlene Chausis  when you catch your breath
 Charlene Chausis  :-)
 charbeck1  Audience is key. I challenge my students to comment as much as possible
 Durff  I can't paste the URL but it's durffsalgebra.pbwiki.com
 Vicki Davis  Breathe? What is that.
 sendkathy  Are wikis better because the students can correct each other?
 Lee  i agree
 sroseman  if anything is done for an authentic audience it is more meaningful..whether it is writing, drama, a presentation, a reflective blog
 charbeck1  its overrated vicki
 BethRitterGuth  Wikis are awesome because they are flexible
 Vicki Davis  Wikis work well in tandem with blogs. They each have a purpose.
 sendkathy  Do your students prefer them?
 BethRitterGuth  I agree, Vicki - the wiki-blog model is best
 sendkathy  How do you use both effectively?
 Durff  My problem with wikis was one young man who erased other's work on purpose
 joycevalenza  but it isn't just every blog and every wiki
 Cheri T  brave woman!
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl
 JenniferW  I think the more you use-- the merrier -- blogs, wikis, podcasts, video, etc etc
 sharonp  yes, the excitement - the engagement of the students - is just so amazing
 Jeanne Simpson  Vicki - Are you the one who said use wikis for facts and blogs for opinions?
 BethRitterGuth  Durff, did you revert pack to the correct page?
 sharonp  and that is what continues to drive me too
 cheryloakes wow2  engagement is the key
 charbeck1  durff the wiki looks great
 JenniferW  grins -- did Vicki say that first??
 Durff  thanks, our wikis are in progress
 Durff  Vickie you work too much
 JenniferW  I think I heard her say that in GA
 BethRitterGuth  Vicki is a saint
 Vicki Davis  Yes - wikis for facts and blogs for opinions, yes.
 Vicki Davis  Not a saint!
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1031607.1031643
 BethRitterGuth  She is from the best town in all of Georgia ;-)
 charbeck1  That is authentic learning.......
 Durff  yes you are
 sroseman  engaged learning!!
 Durff  my kids think so
 sharonp  biggest compliment for me (okay, it's brag time) recently was having my own kids say to me (and I teach both their grade levels) that they wished *I* was their teacher because of how their friends so enjoy my class (wow, big moment for me!)
 charbeck1  did they work harder because of the distance between the two groups?
 sendkathy  But some say educational blogs should have more than just opinion right?
 pam  It bugs me when teachers have a homework blog - with sole purpose of listing assignments. Seems it should be a static webpage.

 BethRitterGuth  The kindest peopl I ever met (that, incidently, fed me the best friend chicken I have EVER had in my life) live in Camilla
 sharonp  perhaps they should be using a wiki space over a blog space
 sharonp  but wikis are still so new .... maybe they will move to that model
 BethRitterGuth  I se a wiki to house homework
 BethRitterGuth  Students have a wiki to DO homework, too
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  We even have a family Christmas wiki
 Durff  I wish the faculty would get on the bandwagon
 Cheri T  Amen! durff
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  all of our around the country (my family) have added their gifts with links to the item
 Cheri T  I'm the lone voice in the wilderness in my college
 sharonp  I agree - teachers should be blogging- reflective practitioners - that is the chief reason I blog
 sendkathy  My own kids in HS have no exposure to any of this! It's outrageous to me that my kindergarteners are getting more than my own flesh and blood.
 sroseman  teachers need to teach 4 days of the week with the last day for inservice and prof dev
 Durff  Cheri I knowq how you feel
 sendkathy  that would be ideal
 sharonp  that would be a perfect model - 4+1
 Lee  more connectivity..more collaboration.. welcoming teamwork with each other
 cheryloakes wow2  that is true many places kathy
 JenniferW  many of us are the lone voice -- but isn't it great we found each other
 Janice  But the rss feed of a blog is good for posting homework assignments, so long as other posts are there too.
 sendkathy  we now have 5 full days a year of staff dev
 BethRitterGuth  Heck, college teachers teac 4 days and skip out on the professional development
 sroseman  lengthen the school day ever so slightly
 BethRitterGuth  they won't learn the technology
 Durff  it used to be to write...Reggie Routman
 Cheri T  you are so right, beth
 sendkathy  I provide frontpage support but now I'd really like to be teaching we2.0 tools
 Lee  instead of competitiveness and "slithering"
 sharonp  it is maddening to me that my school has dedicated $90K per year for prof dev yet has no accountability for it
 sendkathy  where does it go
 Durff  now it is to blog...the new Routman=Davis
 sharonp  love it - contracted learning
 JenniferW  woudl totallly change learning
 sharonp  great idea
 Vicki Davis  you catch web 2.0 like the flu from one person to another -- that is how it will change education.
 sharonp  not sure it would work with young teenagers
 Vicki Davis  One teacher at a time.
 sharonp  some would contract to beat Mario (videogame)
 charbeck1  and they tell 2 friends and so on and so on.............
 Durff  one person at a time
 Charlene Chausis  I'm wondering how long the honeymoon will last? How long can we expect our blogs to exist? Or our wikis? Will they be here for 1,000 years?
 cheryloakes wow2  we need to keep blogging, sharing, and also a little in your face. No more excuses
 Jeanne Simpson  Did you lecture on constructivism, Sheryl?
 Charlene Chausis  It's like "you've got religion"
 sendkathy  Top down. The admin must buy in.
 mrocarroll  How do I as a religious education teacher, who must teach dogma, use the constructivist approach?
 sharonp  it may not be called blogging or wikis in a few years - but I do believe that collaborative learning will continue
 Durff  and we need to go further
 BethRitterGuth  There is a lot of good information about religion on the web
 Vicki Davis  It starts with you. The me-out approach not top down or bottom up but me-out.
 charbeck1  CC when you interact with other people from far away over a project you see that is is not a fad.... it is a terrific way to learn and stay active
 BethRitterGuth  Use a theme like faith and culture
 Charlene Chausis  me-out?
 sroseman  Is there such a thing as too much collaborating
 Jeanne Simpson  The Alabama work has been a little scary for us as learners!!!!
 Durff  anyone pdcast from conference to the school besides Vickie?
 Vicki Davis  Yes -- me-out.
 Jeanne Simpson  We wanted you to tell us what to do!
 Lee  i do
 Vicki Davis  It starts with me and it spreads out.
 sharonp  mrocarroll, perhaps use the socratic approach...? with web 2.0 tools?
 BethRitterGuth  I podcast all of my lectures
 sendkathy  I told my kids today that my job is to make them good teachers because teaching is about using communication skills.
 Charlene Chausis  thanks Vicki...
 Vicki Davis  Great, Kathy.
 Durff  life long learners
 sendkathy  I'm getting a Masters in elem ed and all we have is livetext for portfolio management and it's terrible.
 charbeck1  That is a good analogy Kathy
 sendkathy  thx
 Cheri T  we have professional development schools where students spend their last year at school sites - they are so much better teachers when they're done
 Durff  I want to podcast from the Hershey conference to our school blog in Feb
 BethRitterGuth  there is a nice portfolio from Carnegie called KEEP toolkit; it is a free download
 Vicki Davis  Please do!
 Cheri T  yes
 sharonp  I agree, Sheryl
 BethRitterGuth  Are you staying at the hershey hotel?
 sharonp  my son is so extrinsically motivated - he is kinesthetic in approach
 Durff  I' thinking I will
 BethRitterGuth  They have great wireless
 Durff  it's more $, but oh well
 sharonp  he needs to be involved -the traditional method is killing his desire to learn
 Durff  yes?
 BethRitterGuth  you can blog from right in the conference rooms
 Durff  I think I'll go back to the room....quieter
 Cheri T  they've learned school
 sendkathy  teachers need better training at the university level
 charbeck1  Pd on your own....isn't that the k12 online? It never ends check out this wiki http://k12online.wikispaces.com/. The conference goes on and on and on... YOu set the speed and choice of what you are learning
 Lee  http://www.carnegiefoundation.org/programs/
 sendkathy  I don't like conference sessions because I want to participate
 Charlene Chausis  we're finding that the students are ok with it, but the parents can't get on board with the changes in teaching
 Cheri T  schooling vs. educating
 sharonp  web 2.0 tools are perfect for self-directed learning- student-content centred
 Cheri T  as David says, we need to teach people how to learn
 sharonp  yes, web 2.0 tools are great knowledge management tools (as is the 1:1 laptop model)
 cathy e  I need more time with my teachers so I can share the "power" of 2.0
 Durff  wow...that's it
 Cheri T  charlene, some of the greatest resistance I get comes from pre-service teachers who want to be spoon fed.
 Durff  And how is he?

 sendkathy  we need to encourage curiosity and problem solving
 Durff  Pappert?
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  http://k12onlineconference.org/docs/k12online06-agenda.html
 charbeck1  Thank you lee
 Vicki Davis  Time flies!
 sharonp  anyone have an update on Papert
 sendkathy  don't you hate it!
 susanvg  Papert is very ill - he was hit by a motorcycle in Viet Nam
 Durff  you're kidding
 Lee  Your welcome Chris. :)
 Cheri T  durff, Seymore Pappert - constructionist
 Vicki Davis  Time flies when you're learning so much!
 charbeck1  Wiki is "cooperative Learning"
 JenniferW  seymour
 sendkathy  I have that experience all the time
 Durff  I know but how is he?
 JenniferW  still in a coma
 Durff  oh dear
 Cheri T  bummer
 JenniferW  yes
 sharonp  just finishing Pink's book
 BethRitterGuth  Vicki is right about "collaborators" not knowing anything about wikis
 Durff  10:01
 Cheri T  :D
 cheryloakes wow2  just ordered the book
 sharonp  and just saw A. November's presentation from 2 weeks ago - again a sense of urgency was his key point
 Durff  lol lol
 Lee  http://www.papert.org/
 Vicki Davis  Will order the book at 10:10 tonight.
 Charlene Chausis  Thanks ... .as always David... you're a gem!!
 BethRitterGuth  this was great fun
 sendkathy  what book
 Cheri T  thanks David
 charbeck1  Don't make it last words lets make a wiki and finish this discussion!
 BethRitterGuth  thanks for the invite through WOW
 sharonp  have half a dozen people I want to give the book to!
 JenniferW  shoot -- we should have made a wiki
 Vicki Davis  Spoken like a true wiki-person.
 JenniferW  CHRIS -- why didn't you tell me :)
 sroseman  are there any web2.0 schools out there..ie Blog experiences..concrete examples at the elementary level?
 Durff  we know that
 sharonp  great idea , chris H.!
 charbeck1  Hind sight is 20 20
 JenniferW  glad you were here Beth
 JenniferW  always
 BethRitterGuth  TY Jennifer
 cheryloakes wow2  You are all great tonight!
 sharonp  http://www.time.com/time/magazine/
 Vicki Davis  David and Sherrie are incredible!
 Vicki Davis  INCREDIBLE!
 Durff  can we list the skills students need
 Lee  Thanks Sheryl and David
 JenniferW  LOL -- good idea to have them here HUH???
 Vicki Davis  I have 5 pages of notes!
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  thanks Vivki it has been great being here
 sharonp  good advice Dave!
 Cheri T  Thanks, Sheryl
 sharonp  should be out there buying copies
 sendkathy  Been great all!
 charbeck1  Can I have your notes!! Vicki
 BethRitterGuth  Will the inks in this chat be available after?
 sharonp  wonder if Time Canada has same cover...?? anyone out there know?
 BethRitterGuth  links, lol
 Vicki Davis  Just read my blog tomorrow!
 Durff  I will
 Durff  do every day
 Cheri T  Vicky, check out my blog, I referred to your bumblebee/bobblehead story - drctedd.wordpress.com
 Durff  my 7th graders do too
 Doug  thanks to all for a wonderful show
 charbeck1  So you wont be sleeping Vicki
 Doug  very well done
 Lee  i have the chat with links..i will send it along but i think cheryl does too
 Jeanne Simpson  This was wonderful!
 Cheri T  great!
 Janice  This has been great!
 sroseman  Inspirational chat
 alicebarr  Great job Thank you
 Charlene Chausis  :-)
 Durff  good noghht john boy
 mrocarroll  Thanks everyone
 Charlene Chausis  WOW
 sharonp  thanks all for coming out!
 Lee  bye
 sroseman  you need music
 sharonp  we are so happy to have you here - think we broke records in the chat room here!
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  Thanks everyone
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  You all were awesome
 BethRitterGuth  the post show??
 sharonp  post show is the FUN time!
 BethRitterGuth  YAY!
 BethRitterGuth  can I get into Skype?
 Lee  i did as well
 cheryloakes wow2  chris I lost you
 sroseman  Thank you
 BethRitterGuth  can anyone join into Skype?
 sroseman  Can we get into Skype
 Durff  what was that?
 BethRitterGuth  can you call me BethRitterGuth ?
 sharonp  okay, the worst thing about not having a skypecast was no opportunity for someone else to come in and ask questions - so we apologize
 Jeanne Simpson  Am I in?
 cheryloakes wow2  beth, I'll look for
 Durff  Jeane you're in
 BethRitterGuth  My Skype is on
 cheryloakes wow2  your skype name
 sroseman  how does one get in..refresh my memory
 Vicki Davis  You'll have to tell cheryl your skypename.
 BethRitterGuth  bethritterguth
 Durff  so is there a Skype trainig somewqhere?
 cheryloakes wow2  Ive just search
 sroseman  Cherly my skype name is tedandsue
 Cheri T  snatch this rock from my hand
 BethRitterGuth  that is my skype name, lol
 Jeanne Simpson  No one can hear me talk :-(
 BethRitterGuth  is your mic on?
 Doug  have to run all -- thanks again -- WOW 2.0 is now officially a hard act to follow!
 cheryloakes wow2  you are right Chris
 Jeanne Simpson  Yes
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  bye doug
 Doug  look forward to seeing all online again soon
 Lee  http://webcastacademy.net
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  Bye Lee
 Jeanne Simpson  Too many people for everyone to talk
 Vicki Davis  Goodnight, Doug!
 Lee  bye Sheryl.
 BethRitterGuth  I lost ya
 BethRitterGuth  tell me what to turn off
 Lee  i really enjoyed it!thank you
 cheryloakes wow2  Jeanne your skype
 sroseman  Turn off RealPlayer
 Jeanne Simpson  jeannes1109
 Durff  maybe you should forget skpye?
 Charlene Chausis  Can the chat window be copied into a wiki?
 Lee  yes charlene
 vvrotny  cheryl, could you add me? vvrotny
 Durff  that's an idfea
 alicebarr  That would be a great idea add notes to wiki
 sroseman  me too tedandsue
 Durff  we would get the links too
 Vicki Davis  We'll make a wiki tonight or tomorrow.
 Charlene Chausis  thanks everyone....
 Vicki Davis  Flat teacher need sleep... (Going a little caveman after a tiring project.)
 Durff  the URL?
 Durff  We all need to work tomorrow
 Vicki Davis  Are you on the wow 2 list -- you can join -- all genders are welcome -- http://www.womenofweb2.com --
 cheryloakes wow2  jeannes trying
 Vicki Davis  We will e-mail it out.
 BethRitterGuth  ugh - can you send me another invite?
 Cheri T  thanks for a great evening everyone - see you after the holidays
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks for joining us all
 sharonp  thank you for joining us
 Durff  womenofweb2.0?
 Vicki Davis  Yes, that is the website for the four of us ladies.
 Jeanne Simpson  how do I leave the world bridges stream
 Vicki Davis  Get off the page?
 Jeanne Simpson  Duh!
 Durff  close the window
 Lee  turn off your audio software app
 Mike Dionne  Enjoyed the discussions thanks vickie from TPZ
 Lee  or quit it actually
 charbeck1  Is skype garbled for everyone?
 Durff  yes
 Vicki Davis  It is going out.
 Lee  no
 Lee  itts not garbled
 Durff  yuck
 Durff  night night
 Lee  No prblem...
 sroseman  What is the skype address
 Lee  Your are too welcome!
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks again Lee
 alicebarr  And will that be on your website? The Chat?
 cheryloakes wow2  the chat will be at women of web 2.0
 Lee  Sure cheryl... great job tonight everyone
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks for being here alice
 cheryloakes wow2  ready to webcast?
 Lee  I love listening to you David and Sheryl! Wonderful dynamics!
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  thanks
 Durff  no note from momma...i like that
 cheryloakes wow2  firefox has spell check
 cheryloakes wow2  when you make comments on blogs
 Vicki Davis  Look at this - http://flatclassroomproject.wikispaces.com/
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  bye everyone
 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach  off to hug on the kids
 Lee  nite
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks for all
 Vicki Davis  Thank you everyone!
 Vicki Davis  Great night!
 Vicki Davis  Off to talk to my amazing friend Julie Lindsey - she is the best!
 Charlene Chausis  thanks!!
 Lee  swimming! ~~~~~~~
 Worldbridges  Great Show WoWsers!
 JenniferW  are we still streaming
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks worldbridges
 cheryloakes wow2  weare streaming
 cathy e  Wonderful session- gotta go to bed
 cheryloakes wow2  gnight cathy
 charbeck1  http://durffsalgebra.pbwiki.com/
 Worldbridges  Don't worry about chatlog....will upload complete log (along with raw audio) to Worldbridges front page soon
 cheryloakes wow2  Oh, so how can we grab it?
 sharonp  great stuff
 Worldbridges  will send you an html file shortly
 cheryloakes wow2  You are my hero!
 Worldbridges  have not publicly automated that process yet, but hope to do so soon
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The discussion regarding motivation about 56min in really resonates with a couple of my recent blog posts: "The Secret to Raising Smart Kids" (http://www.mindspacesolutions.com/blog/?p=26) and "The Dark Side of Rewards and Praise" (http://www.mindspacesolutions.com/blog/?p=27)

This prompted me to quote it and discuss it in "More on Motivation" (http://www.mindspacesolutions.com/blog/?p=30). I'd be keen to hear what others think.

Oh, it also occurred to me that it would be nice to know it was that said the section I quoted, and to check if they don't mind that I quoted it...