Women of Web 2.0.8 with Leslie Fisher

Women of Web 2.0.8
December 19, 2006
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Chat Log Below

 cnelson  hello
 Danita  Does anyone have the skype link for tonight's caht?
 Danita  Hi Jennifer
 Danita  Do you know the skype link for the women of web2.0 webcast for tonight?
 JenniferW  sorry -- I don't yet
 JenniferW  but Cheryl will be here soon
 Danita  okay thanks - I wasn't for sure if I was in the right place - I'm still a newbie :D
 JenniferW  Yes, you are in the right spot
 Danita  good!
 JenniferW  we had problems with the skype room last week and it changed at the last minute -- so I am unsure where it is set up
 Danita  I'm going to run and get my mic and headphones - brb
 JenniferW  Jeff???
 sharonp  hi everyone!
 Danita  hi sharon
 cheryloakeswow2  hi Danita, still getting ready
 Danita  I'm ready and excited! I've never done this before
 cheryloakeswow2  You will be able to listen on ch 1, then chat and ask questions of us.
 Danita  how do I get to ch 1? do I go to skype?
 cheryloakeswow2  Danita look on the left of the chat and you will see channel
 cheryloakeswow2  1, click and listen in itunes, and if you have real player, you could chose that.
 sendkathy  itunes stream sounds perfect
 cheryloakeswow2  thanks sendkathy
 Danita  okay, I'm on real player - cool
 cheryloakeswow2  great danita
 JenniferW  we have a wiki for this chat if you wish to visit https://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/
 sharonp  okay this is just not working for me - my headset refuses to be recognized by skype tonight
 sharonp  will reboot
 cheryloakeswow2  okay sharon, sorry, ask Santa for new headphones
 RawketCato  :P
 leslie_fisher  Raw. you are in a room of women
 leslie_fisher  and how the heck did you find me?
 RawketCato  clevins
 leslie_fisher  lol is he here as well?
 RawketCato  we are your fan club
 RawketCato  he had to log
 cheryloakeswow2  yahaoie
 RawketCato  kto
 RawketCato  kato
 RawketCato  i will
 RawketCato  lies
 lablogga  hello
 RawketCato  lmao
 RawketCato  im staying clean
 cheryloakeswow2  you are great! an angel
 RawketCato  im so goolging that now
 JenniferW  that is the skypechat link if you wish to join us
 Danita  how did the schools afford the wireless in Maine?
 sharonp  I am back!!
 JenniferW  yeah
 sharonp  can someone bring me into the conversation?
 cheryloakeswow2  okay sharon
 sharonp  I'm inn!
 cheryloakeswow2  go girlfriend
 sharonp  what is the skypecast addie?
 cheryloakeswow2  Hi Joyce,Kathy H, Mike, hey alice
 Kathy H  HI
 sharonp  my friend in NZ is asking,....
 alicebarr  hi cheryl
 sroseman  wow
 susanvg  great!
 cheryloakeswow2  Hi Sue and susan
 sroseman  YEAH MAc
 susanvg  I'm a macaholic
 sroseman  I am thinking about going to Atlanta
 sroseman  Hi Cheryl
 sendkathy  oooh you figured it out Jen!
 cheryloakeswow2  Atlanta will be a hoot
 cheryloakeswow2  Jen will paste skypecast in a bit, I can't
 JenniferW  https://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/
 JenniferW  that is the wiki link
 sharonp  Hi KarenF!
 JenniferW  and hello room
 sharonp  please welcome karenF all the way from Christchurch NZ!
 JenniferW  wowowo -- what time is it there??
 cheryloakeswow2  hello Karen, and welcome
 charbeck1  Good Morning Karen
 cheryloakeswow2  hi chris
 Danita  Welcome Karen and thanks for getting up early
 charbeck1  Hi everyone
 charbeck1  Hi Danita Thanks for the comment
 Danita  how early is it there?
 JenniferW  http://www.lesliefisher.com
 charbeck1  Happy Afternoon Jen
 RawketCato  ./cheer
 sharonp  Is Classroom Connect connected to the Connected University?
 JenniferW  hi chris
 JenniferW  did you check out the wiki??
 sroseman  Can you post the wiki again
 JenniferW  https://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/
 sroseman  wiki link
 joycevalenza  i remember him and rem from the early days
 JenniferW  rem and his songs
 charbeck1  Just showed up. Where is it as you paste it into the chatlol
 Kathy H  HI Cathy E!
 joycevalenza  yes
 Cathye  Yea- Kathy H- I'm glad you are here :)
 sroseman  Ii recalll their newsletter..excellent
 sroseman  recall
 JenniferW  they still have the newsletter
 Kathy H  Thanks for the head's up!
 charbeck1  Jen the wiki is locked
 JenniferW  nope -- go to the leslie page
 JenniferW  first page ONLY is locked
 sroseman  We subscribed to it
 charbeck1  How Homer S of me dough
 sroseman  Do you guys present up here in Canada
 joycevalenza  i was always disappointed with the strict slots
 Danita  I just attended my first technology conference in North Carolina - it was GREAT!
 cheryloakeswow2  what was the bets thing you learned danita?
 Danita  I was lucky enough to hear David Warlick several times
 cheryloakeswow2  Oh, David is great, he spoke and our conference too
 Danita  I learned how to make wikis and how educational blogs can be. I also heard Tammy Worchester a few times
 joycevalenza  david rocks!
 Danita  I'm a new fan!
 Danita  I saw the net squirrel, too
 sharonp  Tammy is great - a must have guest for WOW2!
 Danita  definitely!
 sroseman  Why don't YOU present in Toronto at ECOO http://www.ecoo.org/index.php
 sharonp  Patrick Crispen is GREAT! I have been using his material for years!
 JenniferW  favorite gadget #1
 JenniferW  incoming link
 sendkathy  tell us about the new robot bunny
 JenniferW  http://www.slingmedia.com/indexa.php
 sharonp  haven't been to eCOO - wasn't impressed with the offerings last Spring - had to make a choice between NECC and ECOO last year....
 JenniferW  kathy -- they are backc ordered again -- the bunnys
 sendkathy  the european wireless nazbat?
 sroseman  NECC wins of course
 sharonp  of course
 sendkathy  I just want to know if she's used one.
 sharonp  sadly, we do not have Tivo in Canada
 sroseman  I attended Eschool,in Palm Spring for a few hours
 cheryloakeswow2  ok, will ask
 sendkathy  yes, wireless tivo
 sharonp  thanks for the ECOO link - will consider making a proposal for next November
 sroseman  make a proposal for eSchool..quite professional
 JenniferW  $179 - $249 in cost
 JenniferW  check ebay :)
 sharonp  the difficult thing about ECOO is that it is so geared to ONtario teachers - curriculum etc. and I am in QC - we are a different beast here
 sroseman  yes, Sharon I agree
 sharonp  do you have a link for Eschool?
 JenniferW  http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/detailsharmony/
 JenniferW  Item #2
 sharonp  Palm Springs wouldn't be too hard to take.... esp. if it is winter!:D
 sroseman  http://econference.k12.hi.us/
 sharonp  thank you!
 sroseman  We were there on holiday... so I popped in
 JenniferW  Sharon -- it snowed in Palm Springs last year for CUE -- in March
 susanvg  This looks more lie Hawaii than Palm Springs.
 sharonp  oh drooooooollll.... how did I miss this one?? I hardly think it is still accepting proposals!
 JenniferW  $249
 JenniferW  cost
 sroseman  What is Palm Springs like these days? We preferred Palm Desert
 JenniferW  PS is always nice -- but getting a bit of traffic
 sharonp  it would be fun to be amongst those that are blown away by snow! It snowed for a while here in Montreal today
 sroseman  It sprinkled here in Ottawa! What a drag
 cheryloakeswow2  we are finally cold weather, but no snow
 sroseman  Skiing was awful yesterday
 susanvg  Not much snow - it's quite bizarre.
 cheryloakeswow2  so sorry sue
 sharonp  snow didn't stick around.... I was glad - wore high heels to work and had tippy toe my way back to my car in the snow
 sroseman  from Spring skiing to ice...sooo depressed
 JenniferW  Toy #3
 JenniferW  MUSIC
 Danita  it was in the mid 70's here in North Carolina today
 JenniferW  Kathy -- you listening
 JenniferW  ipod accessorites
 sharonp  I have been really turned on to digital audio recorders!
 JenniferW  assesories
 sendkathy  yes
 sendkathy  what do you need?
 sendkathy  extrememac.com has the video ipod recorder
 sroseman  recording devices???
 Charlene  I recorded you at NECC Leslie!!!
 JenniferW  http://ion-audio.com/
 cheryloakeswow2  hi charlene
 sharonp  very cool - Olympus has some good ones
 Charlene  Hey all
 sharonp  attaches by usb after you use it to record
 JenniferW  sendkathy -- I want an extreme mac for christmas
 cheryloakeswow2  hey durff
 Durff  hi cheryl
 sroseman  can you give the cost of these gadgets
 Cathye  I have to get that to record my husband's records
 sharonp  I looked every in Montreal for an ipod recorder
 JenniferW  sroseman -- I am posting the price if I can find it
 sharonp  everywhere
 JenniferW  can't locate a cost on the one she just talked about
 cheryloakeswow2  order ipod recorder off apple site tunetalk
 susanvg  I ordered the Belkin from the Apple site. It came quickly
 JenniferW  the other two were $179- $299
 Kathy H  It's the Belkin tunetalk....it works great!
 Charlene  Yup in SD ... with my iPod!
 sendkathy  cool
 Cathye  way cool
 sendkathy  what is it called
 Charlene  does it have to be an ipod video?
 charbeck1  boo hoo. It sounds like fun
 cheryloakeswow2  we will podcast for you chris
 Durff  what's the name of that
 charbeck1  Great
 Kathy H  Cathye---I [u]think[/u] I have that camera hookup already...I'll bring it tomorrow.
 Durff  anyone going to PETE-C?
 Cathye  great
 sharonp  it is encouraging to hear this .... that the wave is moving forward
 lee  hi all
 Cathye  hello lee
 charbeck1  hi lee
 cheryloakeswow2  hi lee, good stuff
 sharonp  Hi Lee!
 Doug  Hi Lee
 Durff  hi Lee
 cheryloakeswow2  hi doug
 lee  i love gadgets
 Durff  we all do
 Doug  hey Cheryl, and all -- another great show
 Cathye  This is going to cost me lots of $$
 sroseman  There is so many new developments ..you gotta learn quickly
 lee  hi doug
 Danita  dear Santa ....
 cheryloakeswow2  thanks the chat room is full!
 cheryloakeswow2  right danita
 sharonp  I was in Future Shop earlier tonight (sort of like Fry's or Best Buy) and I was just twitchiing - made it a quick visit - can't affort to get too distracted tonight!
 cheryloakeswow2  item 4 memory, camera
 JenniferW  # 4 Memory for Cameras
 sroseman  Woman are more interested in gadgets now
 Durff  which is the best camera to buy?
 cheryloakeswow2  you are right, more women of web
 sroseman  techie gadgets..the use of pink and colours
 Charlene  check out this.. bella catapult: http://www.engadget.com/2006/04/27/bella-catapult-enables-camcorder-to-i...
 lee  i used to build gadgets with acorns and glue when i was very little! :)
 Kathy H  I remember when the Mac SE was super fast! LOL!
 JenniferW  Memory cards -- memory stick -- etc has a speed rating
 cheryloakeswow2  speed ratings in your memory cards
 sendkathy  how fast is best
 JenniferW  so if you buy a regular card -- you are buying a too slow card
 sroseman  SLR camera recommendations please
 sendkathy  exactly
 sendkathy  will any card become the 'it' card?
 alicebarr  Please post the wiki address again. Thanks
 sroseman  Cannon works well on the Mac
 Doug  https://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/
 cheryloakeswow2  thanks doug
 JenniferW  https://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/December+19+-+Leslie+Fisher
 Charlene  mac =:D
 JenniferW  the first page is locked -- but go to the Leslie Fisher page
 JenniferW  it is NOT locked
 cheryloakeswow2  thanks for all who are adding to the wiki
 sendkathy  Leslie,you sound a little bit like Kim Komando, do you know who she is?
 sroseman  Hubby has an SLR Cannon; I have a quick point and shoot
 cheryloakeswow2  smugmug
 JenniferW  http://www.smugmug.com/
 sroseman  a SLR
 Durff  What is the lowest price anyone has seen the SonyCyber shots going for?
 Danita  is anyone posting the websites to the wiki?
 sroseman  FREE
 JenniferW  I am
 Danita  thanks
 Durff  free?
 Durff  where?
 Charlene  You can see settings in Flickr too
 JenniferW  lexar.com -- for jumpdrives
 JenniferW  you plug your extra memory stick into the card
 JenniferW  is that right??
 charbeck1  Me too jen
 JenniferW  yes, chris - I just saw -- THANK YOU!!!
 sharonp  we have both in our house
 cheryloakeswow2  macbook
 sharonp  B
 JenniferW  macbook
 sroseman  disk on key as well
 cheryloakeswow2  vote and let leslie know how many pc and mac people are here
 Charlene  Mac!
 Doug  pc
 alicebarr  Mac
 Danita  pc
 sroseman  http://www.m-systems.com/site/en-US/Products/DiskOnKey/M-Drive/
 Kathy H  PC
 charbeck1  Just bought my first mac Yeah
 mike  pc
 Cathye  PC
 sendkathy  I'm both
 JenniferW  JUMPDRIVES -- http://www.bizrate.com/memorycards/products__keyword--jump+drive.html
 sroseman  Mac
 sharonp  I wonder what the CRTC would do about this product?
 sharonp  Canadian Radio Televison Control (or Commission)
 Durff  PC
 karenf  PC
 sroseman  I have heard of this from my Mac dealer
 JenniferW  www.hauppauge.com
 cheryloakeswow2  adobeprimerelements
 Doug  I've used it, works well
 Charlene  not as "slick"
 JenniferW  have it on BOTH computers -- PC and MAC
 JenniferW  http://www.adobe.com/products/premiereel/
 JenniferW  you can get it educational pricing at edresources.com
 mike  my students use elements and I love the cost
 Charlene  elements 5 for the Mac too?
 sroseman  Intel Mac counts
 Charlene  {everyone}
 Doug  indeed
 sroseman  Where do you store those gadgets
 Durff  purple dinosaurs...
 Durff  what is the nu,ber one gadget to buy?
 cheryloakeswow2  price range durff
 sroseman  The top 5 web sites, Leslie
 Durff  oh...$200
 Charlene  tablet?
 sroseman  I still have my Newton
 cheryloakeswow2  yeah susan
 sroseman  and an emate
 Durff  tablets = too small
 sharonp  all the kids at my school think the ipod video is just such a memory hog for videos so they do not use it very much
 Durff  same at ours
 JenniferW  thinkgeek.com
 JenniferW  iwantoneofthose.com
 JenniferW  I didn't check that link - so hopefully it is okay :)
 sroseman  What are your top 5
 cheryloakeswow2  that is another show! top 5 websites, don't you think??
 JenniferW  those are her top 2 for gadget sites
 sroseman  What about the Flypen computer..your impressions
 sharonp  our family can't wait to get a wii
 sroseman  the best cell phone
 sharonp  my husband's colleague brought one in to work - and they all LOVED it
 sharonp  we have called and called BestBuy - sold out
 sharonp  sadly we will have to wait until after Christmas
 sroseman  The web site allows you to play with FlyPen
 sroseman  what cell phone should you buy now..re battery life etc and bells and whistles
 sharonp  yes, terrific audience tonight!!
 JenniferW  so glad you all were here!!!
 Danita  thanks Leslie!
 sroseman  super show
 sroseman  Thanks
 Charlene  woo hoo!!
 alicebarr  Thanks Leslie
 Kathy H  great show!
 cheryloakeswow2  thanks all, yahoo!
 charbeck1  This was fun.
 Danita  this was my first and I'll definitely be back!
 karenf  Thanks from New Zealand
 mike  Thanks
 Jeanne Simpson  Hello!
 cheryloakeswow2  DAnita, glad you were here
 Charlene  Please and thanks!
 sharonp  so great to have all of you - especially you first-timers!
 charbeck1  Hi Jeanne
 cheryloakeswow2  Thanks Karen F for joining us
 sroseman  There will be video next year
 Jeanne Simpson  I'm a little late to the party!
 cheryloakeswow2  Charlene, Susan, thanks
 joycevalenza  thanks all
 cheryloakeswow2  Jeanne S. glad you were here, podcast will be up tomorrow at podomatic and womenofweb2.com
 cheryloakeswow2  thanks joyce
 sharonp  Cheryl does such a great job doing the editing for our podcasts! she is great!
 Jeanne Simpson  I just now got my teen away from the computer!
 JenniferW  welcome Jeanne
 cheryloakeswow2  good job Jeanne, sharing is good
 JenniferW  any other questions??? ask them now???
 sharonp  good point about cell phones
 Charlene  What sessions at NECC this year?
 sroseman  Cell phone answer please
 JenniferW  wiki link -- https://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/
 sharonp  my headmaster calls them "crackberries" bec some people are so addicted to them!
 alicebarr  Did you hear NPR about children and their parents... Kids trying to stop their parent Blackberry use
 JenniferW  sroseman -- are you listening to stream???
 JenniferW  solio.com -- solar power battery charger
 sroseman  yesyes stream
 cheryloakeswow2  jen nice job with links, are you on your pc?
 JenniferW  okay -- so you are hearing her answer your question
 JenniferW  YES, on my PC right now
 cheryloakeswow2  no alice where ?
 alicebarr  NPR.org
 Charlene  so true... my niece was here for a family Christmas party on Sun and never talked to anyone.. just sat and IM'd on her cell phone.. she's 15
 cheryloakeswow2  thanks alice
 sharonp  I am astonished at times with very poor cell phone etiquette
 Charlene  any way to extend battery life on a laptop?
 sroseman  I am a sub. I need it for that. Also for skiing contacts
 sharonp  good question Charlene!
 cheryloakeswow2  we use our cells on the mtn. good reception
 sroseman  A good cell phone can be a lifesaver
 Charlene  that's built into the new disney cell phones
 Durff  if you're lost, then we all are!
 Charlene  the GPS thing
 sroseman  What about Plasma TVs versus LCD..the top TV to get
 JenniferW  www.lesliefisher.com
 Cathye  Have you gals made your reservations for Atlanta? Which hotel?
 Charlene  Wyndham
 JenniferW  lol - just found out
 cheryloakeswow2  not yet, any recommendations?
 JenniferW  I am waiting to hear on an award -- hopefully that will PAY my way
 cheryloakeswow2  I don't want to drive anywhere just get there
 alicebarr  Hurry rooms are filling up..
 cheryloakeswow2  thanks alice
 JenniferW  cheryl -- wanna share a room???
 cheryloakeswow2  sure things
 JenniferW  cool -- I trust your judgement
 joycevalenza  sorry phone--are we planning a birds of a feather thing/
 JenniferW  YES
 cheryloakeswow2  necc plans
 JenniferW  and we will have those cute little ribbons too
 joycevalenza  cool! just heard my presentation was accepted
 cheryloakeswow2  congratulations joyce
 joycevalenza  love ribbons
 joycevalenza  :-)
 JenniferW  this is gonna be great -- NECC
 sroseman  Thanks for that explanation, Leslie
 sharonp  Joyce, what are you presenting?
 joycevalenza  info lit meets web 2.0
 sharonp  terrific topic!
 sharonp  when are you presenting??
 joycevalenza  based on my thing for coming of age 2.0
 joycevalenza  don't know yet
 Cathye  I see Days Inn - 5 blocks away
 sroseman  We have quite a few High Def channels..CSI is great
 sharonp  I have been hyping info lit at my school for a while
 cheryloakeswow2  csi would be great1
 joycevalenza  nice. i need a hotel
 alicebarr  Thank you this has been great!
 cheryloakeswow2  thanks alice!
 sharonp  joyce - if you login to the NECC site - which is included somewhere in the email - you can find out the time
 sharonp  yes, I need to find a hotel too
 Danita  when's Leslie coming back?? :D
 sharonp  soon
 alicebarr  Please have Leslie back
 sroseman  There has been a decline in watching TV ..kids/adults are spending the bulk of their time on the web
 cheryloakeswow2  we hear you loud and clear
 JenniferW  sharon - we need to all be together
 alicebarr  GEEKs WOW!
 sharonp  yes
 JenniferW  lol- we could go for a 2 room suite
 sharonp  I agree
 sharonp  I think we need a whole floor!
 sharonp  :D
 sroseman  :/
 sharonp  We could do a four-day birds of a feather!
 Charlene  I'm going to TCEA!
 JenniferW  that might be an idea --
 sharonp  she is a busy lady
 cheryloakeswow2  atlanta! 2007
 Danita  which conference would you recommend for a newbie?
 Danita  I live in NC
 joycevalenza  november learning!
 cheryloakeswow2  good one joyce
 joycevalenza  july
 Charlene  Danita, definitely NECC
 sharonp  Danita, NECC is great - a little overwhleming
 sharonp  but we could help you along
 sharonp  when is november learning? in Boston, right?
 sroseman  Do you do sessions in Canada?
 joycevalenza  yes
 cheryloakeswow2  mid july in cambridge MA
 joycevalenza  very managable and visionary and practical
 sharonp  would love to get there some year - maybe this year
 Doug  thanks for a wonderful show -- have to run -- very happy holidays to all
 joycevalenza  the 2.0 world is there
 cheryloakeswow2  happy time to you doug
 joycevalenza  bye doug
 Cathye  bye Doug
 Charlene  Merry Merry
 cheryloakeswow2  Everyone thanks for coming, next week should be a podcast, no live show until 2007
 Danita  thanks charlene
 Danita  I'm going to purchase a recorder for my iPod tomorrow!
 cheryloakeswow2  thanks, thank you, thank you
 sroseman  When is NECC
 cheryloakeswow2  end of June 2007\
 sharonp  June 25-27
 Durff  where is NECC?
 JenniferW  we shall meet at NECC
 sharonp  Atlanta
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