Women of Web 3.0

women of web 2.0 Show #35!

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This is a great show, the chat is below and you will love listening to the Aussies! This is the first show we had hosting 8 people in the SKYPE. This is our first show where we were live in 2 days July 10 and July 11.

Join us!

Here is the agenda!

Women of WEB presentation at NECC 2007

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Here is the recording of the presentation of the Women of Web 2.0 at NECC 07.

The slide show and notes and live wiki reside here http://wow2necc2007.wikispaces.com/WOW2+NECC+ 

Enjoy the show! It was great to greet and meet all the great folks who made it to Atlanta. However, leave us a comment and it will be great to converse with you! Thanks to so many of you who told us how much how show has meant to you. We thank you for making our show what it is!

Cheryl, Vicki, Jen and Sharon 

Think.com panel discussion at NECC07 edited by coakes

Here is a panel discussion for Think.com which is offered through the generosity of Oracle.com

You can hear a panel discuss how and why we use Think.com for student blogging and projects.


Podcast of Scott J. Wilson, Dept. of Education, GA

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Thanks to Scott for letting me podcast his terrific session. He has the presentation for this located at the NECC07 site, off the www.iste.org  site. Here is the link. http://tinyurl.com/3cm4an This is very informative for teachers beginning with Moodle.

Women of Web 2 LIVE at NECC 2007 Show # 33

Can you believe the Women of Web didn't have an agenda? Well, the show is all about NECC and conversations. Enjoy. A huge thank you to Dave Cormier for saving the show by streaming from Charlottetown PEI.

Kathy Malsbenden, president of ISTE NH, said a huge thank you to Jeff Lebow, we couldn't agree more. So thanks to Jeff at Worldbridges.net and Dave at Edtechtalk.com for your vision and support. We are spreading the worldbridges message.

Chat below, thanks to EdTechTalk.


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