Women of Web 3.0

Women of Web 2.0 Show #32 Assistive Technology

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Join us as we converse with Karen Janowski, BrianFriedlander, Tammy Dupre, Joy  Zabala and Deb Barrows, with the Women of Web, Jen Wagner, Sharon Peters and Cheryl Oakes. Vicki was lucky enough to be in the mountains with her family!

You will hear the Wow's of the week great tips and resources for assistive technology, as well as a great conversation. The chat was buzzing and the wiki is full of the links.


Women of Web 2.0, Show #31

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Join us in conversation with Bernie Dodge.

The wiki and chat links will be here later. 

Finally 6-17-07, here is the chat.

Women of Web 2.0, Week 30!

Join a fun evening with Chris Craft and the Women of Web 2.0.

Here are the links from the WIKI.This is the whole wiki.

Show # 29, Women of Web 2.0, Pamela Shoemaker and Staff Development

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Join Jen, Sharon, Vicki and Cheryl as we chat with Pamela and her staff development successes in her district at Walled Lake in MI.

Pam Shoemaker ([email protected]) Walled Lake Consolidated Schools Teacher. Pam shared some great ideas and talked about their moodle.


Check out the chat below.

Women of Web Show # 26, May 8, 2007

Join Jen, Vicki, Sharon and Cheryl as we chat with Cristin Frodella from Google. Learn about the new and exciting things happening with Google Educators. Also, you will be amazed at Dr. Cheri Toledo's class of doctoral students who had their final in the chat room. Over 43 participated in the chat room and 20 of them belonged to Cheri's class. It was a blast. The Women of Web 2.0 gave out A's for class participation.


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