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Women of Web 2.0.18 - Jeanne Simpson and Chris Harbeck - Wiki collaboration with Middle School math wikis

Women of Web 2.0.18
March 13, 2007

Well fans, join the Women of Web 2.0, Jen, Sharon, Vicky and Cheryl as we interview Chris Harbeck and Jeanne Simpson. It was March 13, 2007, the Nicecast gremblins took over and quit out of SKYPE a couple of times. Then the guardian angel Jeff Lebow, stepped in and helped with the stream and recording. THANKS to Jeff. Anyway, the lesson/moral of the story is......try something new, there is always a safety net out there to catch you! The content of the show, in spite of the glitches, is incredible. Where else can you hang out on a Tuesday evening and get such great staff development. Thanks to Chris and Jeanne for their expertise and classroom examples. You are the pioneers and our heros. There are a number of great links in the chat log. Enjoy.

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Women of Web 2.0.17

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Women of Web 2.0.17
March 6, 2007

Enjoy this show, the 4 Women of Web 2.0 had a great time catching up with the techie things of the week. It still amazes me all I learn in one week.  The giggles are back as the women share all the great things happening. I promise the echos will be gone by next week! Over and out!

Women of Web 2.0.14

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Here is Show # 14.
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Tonight you will hear a great interview exchange with Mike Lawrence and Mark Wagner of CUE. The chat has some incredible links, so be sure you check out the chat  log below. At the beginning of the show, in spite of sound checks and skype checks at the beginning of the show, we had some technology glitches. People just hung in and we moved beyond and the technology settled down. Enjoy!Rock on!

Over and Out,
Cheryl Oakes

Women of Web 2.0.12 - EdubloggerCon & School 2.0 with Chris , Steve , & Will

Women of Web 2.0.12
January 23, 2007
For this show you need a fizzy drink! It was an amazing discussion about School 2.0, Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. PA, USA and how all these new technology tools are the underpinnings of the changes taking place in pedagogy of the 21st Century Schools.
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Women of WEB 2.0 Show 11

Join the Women of Web 2.0 as guests Terry Freedman talks about the upcoming release of Coming of Age 2. Then Kathy Send explains the details and fun of podcasting with Kindergarteners in Georgia.

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