Women of Web 3.0

Women of Web 2.0 April 29, 2008 Show 73

Join Jen, Sharon and Cheryl as we chat with author Bill Zimmerman, from MakeBeliefsComix and learn how he has gone from using interactive books to interactive websites to engage  writers, young and old. 

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The Chat:

Women of Web 2.0 Show really 71! Thanks John Schinker

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Join Sharon, Cheryl, Vicki and Jen as we interview Lucy Gray about her global projects and her local school projects. The chat room was rocking with over 50 folks listening and participating. All the great chat is below.

Women of Web 2.0 April 8, 2008 Show 70

Women of Web 2.0, Show 70, welcomes you to the gaming show. Join us as Sharon, Vicki and Cheryl interview Karl Kapp, Karl M. Kapp, Ed.D., CFPIM, CIRM / Assistant Director, Institute for Interactive Technologies / Professor of Instructional Technology / Bloomsburg University. The chat has many great gaming links and developments as the show proceeds.

The delicious links: http://del.icio.us/Wow2.0#2008-04-08

Women of Web 2.0 Show # 68

Join the Women of Web 2.0 as we interview Danah Boyd about the history of social networks. Lucy Gray gets into the fray with her great perspective. The chat contains so much rich discussion! Again, it was a great evening. The google form was a hit! Click here to see the active data collection. Answer the questions first!


Wow 2. Show 67 The Maine Connection! with some fantastic Maine students!!

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Join Jen, Cheryl, Vicki while we interview the Maine Connection. The Maine Connection, thanks to Doran, Grizz, Jake, Carly and Sam , the students and of course thanks to Kern Kelley , from the Nokomis School District and Alice Barr, from Yarmouth High School,  for inviting their students to the show to talk about the Maine Connection to the 21st Century. What a fantastic show. We tested the SKYPE limits with 9 folks on. The students who joined us made the show.

The chat is below, check it for great links.


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