Roles & Stuff

From John's comment (with a few modifications)

Board of Trustees

Led by: (not sure about the label for this role) PresdentChairperson , Community Director, ???

Leadership Positions

  • Coordinator of Community Planning -- vision -- what do we want to be if we grow up?
  • Coordinator of Sustainability -- finance, revenue, advertising(?)
  • Coordinator of Community Standards -- policy, standards, etc.
  • Coordinator of Special Projects -- what makes sense to try, in the context of the community and its mission?
  • WB and/or EB Liason

Board of Management

Led by Director of Operations

Leadership Positions

  • Web Site Coordinator -- CMS/Drupal/online presence
  • Coordinator of Operational Support -- HELP!
  • Coordinator of Security -- I know, nobody wants to do it.
  • Coodinator of Future Technologies -- what's next?

Content Producers

Led by Director of Content (Executive Producer?)

Leadership Positions

  • Coordinator of Community Education -- Prof dev, WCA?
  • Coordinator of Communication -- newsletters, email
  • Site Moderator -- forums and stuff
  • Archivist -- tagging / organizing content