ETT21 #167: The Reboot

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ETT21 #167: The Reboot
May 16, 2012

An update on where we have been and a conversation on where we are going. 

Why do we do what we do?  Where are we going in the next year or two.  An invigorating conversation around how we are planning to reinvigorate our practice. 

How we've developed over the years -- Our friendships and how we hope to continue to flourish in the future.  


What dramatic tension!  You guys had be nervous there around minute 13. 
Any possibilities that G+ Hangouts on Air being part of the reboot?
Future generations of webcasters will look back at the old Webcast Academy days of virtual audio cables and crackling audio, and ask,
"Why didn't you guys just press the broadcast button?"

I appreciate the comment, Jeff. Long time, my friend! I think that we were all a little scared for a moment, but cooler heads prevailed.

And are you telling me we can broadcast without virtual audio cables? I think I need to reenroll in the webcast academy immediately.