It's Elementary Webcast on Edtechtalk Channel

Hi Edtechtalk folk,

 Alice Mercer, Lisa Durff and I (Jose Rodriguez) are in the planning phase of our new webcast It's Elementary.  We would appreciate some feedback. Check out our webcast planning wiki

Feel free add your ideas to home on wiki and or post comments here.



Dropped some idea by the wiki. Might be a good idea to drop some of the discussion into these forums for a little better back and forth action

Will do. 

I've always wanted to try out actually getting people to learn how to do this during a show... might this be incorporated. Get a newbie and walk them trough creating a wiki for use with their actual students. 

Not that it's SUPER important... but it might be interesting to discuss the difference between this show and edtechtalkk12... there is room for both of course... just sayin'

I like the idea -- a lot of these kinds of tools are introduced with a secondary bias. A show focused on the elementary level would be welcome. I also think the time slot works pretty well. For show theme topics, it would be good to build on earlier shows, and structure them in such a way that they could collectively form a PD class for teachers. Along those lines, I would probably move RSS up so it's covered earlier. You'll refer to it with blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc., and it would be good if you've already discussed it. With student safety and other social/ethical/human issues, you may want to intersperse them more rather than clumping them all together. Maybe once a month you do a show about those types of issues, or devote a part of each show to those types of things. If you have 2-3 shows in a row about it, you might start to lose people. Another possible topic: we got a lot of mileage out of Protopage ( this week. The idea of a customized portal page is new to a lot of teachers, and the fact that you can also use it as an rss aggregator, repository for bookmarks, and podcast reader make it attractive/useful.

Looking good! With many of the tools you're refering to, there are tons of "How To's" already created. Guides and screencasts and more... So you might want ot consider spending a brief time pointing out places where people can find resources for the HOW TO part, and spend the bulk of your time covering the 'Why you'd want to?' and 'What you do with it' parts. Also, don't neglect the younger grade levels. Kindergarten so often gets lost in the shuffle!

  • Love the concept for the new show and looking forward to checking in--I like all the ideas outlined here and especially like the notion of "walking the newbie" through the steps of using particular tools. Might also be effective to try and line-up educators who have been using a particular tool (i.e., wikis) for a specific subject (Grade One Math) to provide a context for "the newbies" as they work through the steps of incorporating a specific tool into their educational practice. All the best, and "break a leg"!

Many updates to the planning wiki, but the most important is our answer to the "Big Six" questions of why we want to be on ETT:

Please leave any questions or comments here on on wiki comment page. Thanks!