Conversations Episode 100!!! - A Celebration

Post-Show description: 

This week we celebrated our 100th Episode.  We talked about how we got started and moved right into a conversation about being connected as educators.  It was great fun!


11:20:10 Lisa Parisi : Hi Peggy!

11:20:56 PeggyG : Hi there! Are we having a party today?? 100 shows!! Fantastic! :-)

11:21:11 Sheila 2 : Hi Peggy!

11:24:33 Lisa Parisi : Hello Scott.

11:24:33 Sheila 2 : Morning Scott!

11:24:47 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Hello friends

11:25:35 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Testing text color

11:25:59 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : That's better. 

11:26:48 PeggyG : Good morning Scott, Lisa and Sheila!

11:27:18 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Hi Peggy.  You had a busy day yesterday!

11:27:41 PeggyG : WOW!!!! Did I ever!! My brain is really on overload and so is my body!!

11:28:24 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I wish I could have attened all of the sessions, but family time came first.  I'll check out the recordings soon.

11:28:48 PeggyG : It was a fabulous conference though! We had over 450 people register for the online conference and every session had between 150-180 people in them!! I have posted the recording links so you can view anytime. Just log in to see them all. :-)

11:29:04 Lisa Parisi : HEllo Amanda

11:29:34 marragem : Hi everyone!

11:29:37 PeggyG : Hi Amanda! Great to see you!!

11:30:06 Sheila 2 : Hi Amanda!

11:30:12 marragem : Thanks Peggy. A public holiday here do I can stay up late!

11:30:22 PeggyG : Love those holidays!!

11:30:24 PeggyG : Hi Maria

11:30:26 marragem : Hi Sheila!

11:31:01 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Do we have a topic today, or is it just the 100 party?

11:31:02 marragem : My last long weekend for the year. The next one is the day I fly out

11:31:20 PeggyG : fly out to ISTE????

11:31:28 marragem : yes, Peggy!!!!

11:31:36 PeggyG : woo hoo!!!! Can't wait!

11:31:51 PeggyG : is your team doing the tour again this year?

11:31:53 marragem : Neither can I . 6 weeks today

11:32:25 Lisa Parisi : Hello Maureen

11:32:27 PeggyG : Hi Maureen! Great to see you!

11:32:31 Maureen : Hello all

11:32:33 marragem : There is a tour again but I'm not on it. Will meet up with them all of course in Philly

11:32:37 PeggyG : hearing you now :-)

11:33:08 marragem : Hi Maureen!

11:33:09 PeggyG : I wish you would have your Australia tour team do a presentation at ISTE Unplugged about their tour experience :-)

11:33:09 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Audio good

11:33:18 Maureen : Hi Amanda

11:33:41 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : hop hop hop

11:33:50 PeggyG : get ready to sing :-)

11:34:04 Lisa Parisi : Hello SAUL

11:34:18 PeggyG : Hi Saul! Welcome!

11:34:30 marragem : Peggy, I can speak to Tony Brandenberg and Ralph Leonard about that. A great idea. Think ISTE is planning on a study tour to Australia next year

11:34:35 PeggyG : Happy birthday Lisa!!

11:34:40 Lisa Parisi : Thanks Peggy

11:34:50 PeggyG : that would be fantastic Amanda!

11:35:05 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : hop

11:35:13 marragem : yay!!!

11:35:27 PeggyG : Reflecting is a good thing :-)

11:36:15 PeggyG : Sheila are you following the launch proceedings? Sure hope they take off soon

11:36:17 Maureen : lost audio- is it just me?

11:36:27 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : ustream audio ok here

11:36:35 Lisa Parisi : Just you, Iguess

11:36:41 PeggyG : I love that!!! Still like doing the shows after 100!! That's fantastic!

11:36:44 marragem : Peggy, we did present a panel discussion last year - comparing the US, Canada & OZ contexts but a session on the study tour makes so much sense, especially since ISTE is wanting to adipt our model

11:36:47 Sheila : Yes.

11:36:56 Sheila : for the launch.

11:37:09 marragem : I miss the show we can I can't attend much better live!

11:37:10 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : its a "responsive podcast"

11:37:20 PeggyG : great term Scott

11:37:51 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Its like teaching, lesson plans are a jumping off point, not a script

11:38:00 Lisa Parisi : Yes, Scott.

11:38:33 PeggyG : scripts and written plans help me know I have a clear plan but I rarely am able to follow them exactly

11:39:25 PeggyG : I really like the informal flow of Conversations. I like having a topic but we can stray and it's ok

11:39:48 PeggyG : Hi Miguel! Great to see you!

11:39:57 : Howdy! Thx for welcome!

11:40:29 Lisa Parisi : Hello Miguel!

11:40:37 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : link please

11:40:52 : Hola @Lisa Parisi! I read your Fbook and had to follow it.

11:40:53 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : ok...ty

11:41:03 PeggyG : @Miguel We just finished hosting our first ever virtual conference yesterday and I set it all up on Moodle. You might enjoy checking it out. You have to register to access everything but it's all free :-)

11:41:08 : Wait, what r you talking about? I missed it since my audio wasn't on.

11:41:20 : Congrats!!

11:41:33 : Oh, Dallas is horrible.

11:41:51 Stephanie Sandifer : Congrats on the 100th show!  What an accomplishment! :-)

11:41:52 PeggyG : such devastating news!!

11:42:04 : Sorry, didn't mean to bring you down but important to share.

11:42:05 PeggyG : Hi Stephanie!! So glad you could join us!

11:42:11 : Hug

11:42:13 Stephanie Sandifer : Hi Peggy!

11:42:16 : hug time

11:42:42 : Hi @Stephanie!

11:42:51 PeggyG : you are a terrific team!!!

11:42:55 Stephanie Sandifer : Hi Miguel!

11:43:23 PeggyG : Sheila is such a calm person!!! Good for all of us!

11:43:44 PeggyG : maybe reflection really is all about "self-revealing" :-)

11:43:49 Maureen : Thanks for the link to AZtea Peggy. Was in NH.. again... yesterday- missed DEN and AZ

11:43:52 Sheila : Ah but you don't ever see me!

11:44:51 Lisa Parisi : I hate working off a script.

11:45:01 Lisa Parisi : I do much better with talking on the fly.

11:45:10 PeggyG : The entire conference day was fantastic with outstanding presentations! Having Angela Maiers and Steve Farber kick off the day about Passion-Driven Leadership and Learning was incredible and the closing panel wrapped it all up and gave us our challenge to move forward. It was a great day!

11:45:59 PeggyG : I love the name "conversations" because it suggests interaction and ongoing dialogue.

11:46:17 Sheila 2 : How many of you out there have tried webcasting at some point?

11:46:54 marragem : I haven't but it's something that a couple of us at QSITE are looking at doing

11:47:08 PeggyG : by webcasting do you mean the way you are doing it? or anything online like Elluminate webinars?

11:47:17 Stephanie Sandifer : I've done it sporadically -- I don't find it easy to plan or to produce on a regular basis -- so I am so impressed with the team behind EdTechTalk :-)

11:47:52 PeggyG : I always enjoyed the blogtalkradio shows that Liz Kolb did but I think she has taken a "leave" from them for awhile.

11:48:13 PeggyG : you don't have to manage the streaming with blogtalkradio :-)

11:48:16 : Amen @Stephanie.

11:48:39 Sheila 2 : @Stephanie - I find it hard to do all the multitasking.

11:48:54 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I've played around with ustream, livestream, qik....  but nothing serious. I was drawn to video..... I'm a visual learner.

11:48:56 Stephanie Sandifer : @Sheila Yes -- me too

11:48:56 PeggyG : some people actually graduated from the WebCastAcademy :-)

11:49:07 MariaK : @Stephanie - If I can do it, then you can too. I'm so random!!

11:49:10 PeggyG : me too Scott--lots of exploring and playing around

11:49:14 Maureen : A few years back I started the webcast academy- but was on dialup and it was just so hard to get going on it. Would still like to learn more about how it's done.

11:49:20 Stephanie Sandifer : @Maria LOL!

11:49:22 Sheila 2 : @Scott - I enjoy the visual too.

11:49:50 PeggyG : @Maureen--all of the resources are still available to learn how to do it on the webcastacademy site but they don't manage it as a "class" now

11:50:15 Sheila 2 : Wow! Dial-up! Maureen that was a ways back!

11:50:18 Maureen : THx Peggy... Time is such an issue for me at this point.

11:50:20 PeggyG :

11:50:28 PeggyG : I know what you mean Maureen!

11:50:35 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Lots of rural folks still on dial-up or satellite.

11:50:44 PeggyG : so true Scott

11:50:55 Maureen : @Sheila- not so far back here in the sticks. I got broadband last year or the year before. Tried satellite for a bit- expensive and not reliable

11:51:08 PeggyG : I went through the academy several times but never graduated

11:51:23 Sheila 2 : There seems to be more interest in again.

11:51:27 MariaK : @Peggy - Never graduated either...who knew?

11:51:39 Sheila 2 : I'm graduating WCA after Durff!

11:51:40 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : teathering and smarphones are helping bridge some of the dgital gap

11:51:46 PeggyG : It would be great to see it activate again so we have a support group

11:51:57 PeggyG : too funny Sheila!

11:52:12 Lisa Parisi : Connnecting is incredibly valuable.

11:52:28 PeggyG : I remember that too Sheila--hoping the name will come to me

11:52:37 Lisa Parisi : We need to always try to make new connections because you never know when those connections will help in the classroom or with your learning.

11:53:19 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : (or find a job)

11:53:38 Lisa Parisi : Hopefully all of your networking will help with that, Scott.

11:54:06 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I hope so.  My connections are growing by leaps and bounds,

11:54:10 PeggyG : Lee was such a fantastic leader who shared so much with everyone

11:54:36 : Wow, hard to believe Lee has been gone so long.

11:54:52 Lisa Parisi : It is.  But I still think about her from time to time.

11:54:53 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I never got to hear Lee live, but listened to some of the recorded shows.  Hard not to like a banjo player :-)

11:55:11 Sheila 2 : Hey JL!

11:55:13 Lisa Parisi : Hello JL>  Welcome to our 100th show.

11:55:15 PeggyG : Hi JL!!

11:55:21 Sheila 2 : It's been a while!

11:55:22 PeggyG : So glad you could join our party

11:55:22 JL : I'm still expecting a 'Hey I figured out how to tweet from here' message from Lee

11:55:43 JL : Howdy all

11:55:53 JL : Had to stop by for the 100th anniversary show

11:56:01 Lisa Parisi : HEllo Colleen!

11:56:21 colleenk : Hey, everyone! Congratulations to Conversations!!

11:56:26 Maureen : Hey Colleen, Looking forward to seeing you again at ISTE this year

11:56:47 JL : btw, Lisa Parisi webcaster portfolio:

11:56:51 colleenk : I can't wait to go. Haven't seen anyone in ages.

11:56:52 Lisa Parisi : Colleen, you're going to ISTE?  Yay!

11:57:08 Lisa Parisi : OMG JL.  I don't think we want to promote that.

11:57:11 PeggyG : cool link JL

11:57:12 colleenk : Absolutely...and I'm even presenting.

11:57:20 Lisa Parisi : Great!  Me too.

11:57:33 Sheila 2 : Great Colleen!

11:57:33 PeggyG : We should have an EdTechTalk meetup at ISTE!!

11:57:36 JL : and Remembering Lee

11:57:41 colleenk : Will be a fantastic time.

11:57:48 Lisa Parisi : Let's do a show from there.  Done that before.  It was fun.

11:57:57 PeggyG : maybe we should create a ribbon to add to all of the others that we can wear at ISTE :-)

11:58:01 colleenk : Will you be there, Peggy and Sheila?

11:58:04 Sheila 2 : thanks for the links, JL.

11:58:06 PeggyG : Yes!!!!

11:58:14 Sheila 2 : Yes, I'm going to ISTE11.

11:58:21 PeggyG : We could do an ISTE Unplugged session and also stream it on ETT

11:58:24 colleenk : Awesome...I can hardly wait.

11:58:43 PeggyG : Sheila and I submitted a proposal to share Earthcast but it didn't get accepted

11:58:50 Lisa Parisi : :(

11:59:07 : it's so amazing and 90% of teachers (i made that stat up) don't know about it!

11:59:33 Lisa Parisi : Is that the trend now?  Make up your own statistics? LOL

11:59:33 colleenk : Sorry about that. I don't know how these things get decided.

12:00:09 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : We techies are still the odd mutation.  Evolution will take some time. 

12:00:14 : how are you reaching out more organizationally or is PLNing a solitary learner reaching out?

12:00:24 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Si usted está buscando el podcast en español y el chat, por favorseleccione Puentesalmundo de la lista de las habitaciones de la derecha.

12:00:27 : @Lisa Parisi Yes, I live in Texas. 8->

12:01:05 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I preload it b4 every show

12:01:10 PeggyG : good thing about ISTE is that we're surrounded by people (educators) who are all advocates and enthusiastic users of tech

12:01:34 : @Scott impressive!..uh, "muy impresivo"

12:01:46 : or should that be muy impresionante?

12:02:05 Sheila 2 : I still use the webcastacademy megachat skype chat for help.

12:02:13 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : no credit for me..... google translate [u]lol

12:02:23 PeggyG : google is a wonderful thing :-) Scott is our faithful rescuer when someone enters from Puentesalmundo and is in the wrong room

12:03:11 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : ETT was the 'gateway drug' that lead me to twitter and plurk

12:03:13 Stephanie Sandifer : Yes -- re: Twitter...

12:03:34 PeggyG : Maria--was the early email program you used FredMail with Global Schoolnet? That was what we were using in the early 1980s

12:03:45 Stephanie Sandifer : I thought of that last night for some odd reason... how lucky I was to score @ssandifer on Twitter... couldn't do that now!

12:03:57 PeggyG : so true Stephanie!

12:04:29 Stephanie Sandifer : But as my Twitter netwokr has grown I have found that I don't use it in the same way or as often as I did when we all first started

12:04:35 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : There is a button "OTBO" (on twitter before Oprah)

12:04:43 Maureen : It can be... but people like Peggy bridge the gap to newbies

12:05:15 Lisa Parisi : Me, neither, Stephanie.

12:05:18 PeggyG : just the name "blogger's cafe" can make people feel estranged if they are not a blogger. I remember feeling that way the first time I was it. But someone took me under their wing and I loved it

12:05:23 Stephanie Sandifer : I think some of the Twitter workshops and sessions are hellpful for newbies

12:05:31 : I still remember the thrill when I met THE Lisa Parisi, or Peggy George, or Bud Hunt, etc. It's awesome. Can PLN building be institutionalized?

12:05:36 PeggyG : I agree Stephanie

12:05:38 Lisa Parisi : LOL

12:05:54 Sheila 2 : I remember those feelings too.

12:06:02 Maureen : @stephanie- for me it was people who reach out... Peggy and Cheryl Oakes, Alice Barr, etc were just so welcoming and kind

12:06:11 William Vegazo Muro -> puentesalmundo: buen dia amigos

12:06:12 PeggyG : I felt the same way Miguel (about you)! Remember our interview with Maggie Tsai re Diigo? How long ago was that??

12:06:15 colleenk : @PeggyG That's a good point about the name. Most teachers aren't blogging.

12:06:42 JL : lurker support

12:06:56 PeggyG : edubloggercon

12:07:05 JL : I remember - I was so sweaty - in Boston

12:07:06 Stephanie Sandifer : @Maureen Yes -- that's an important part as well -- the welcoming behaviors

12:07:31 PeggyG : isn't it funny how you recognize someone's voice when you have never met them before--just because of webcasts/podcasts!!

12:07:37 : @PeggyG Yes...Diigo feels old. Like these twittering, blogging experiences help us live more in the time we have. Does that experience of PLNing make you feel older or younger? Weary of many experiences or enlivened?

12:07:55 : ;->

12:08:16 : We are all star-struck with people we've learned so much from before meeting F2F.

12:08:16 JL : It is strange speaking to you all without a headset

12:08:27 Lisa Parisi : Peggy, I have had people turn around when they hear me and ask if I am Lisa.

12:08:29 PeggyG : I'm still living that experience Miguel!! It will never get old! I just shared Diigo yesterday in our Virtual Smackdown and there are still tons of people who have never heard of it

12:08:36 PeggyG : Exactly Lisa!!

12:08:50 Lisa Parisi : Yes, JL>  It is.

12:09:36 : @PeggyG yes, I know. Not that Diigo is old itself, but that the experience of sharing the same tools again and again ages? Not sure if that's accurate.

12:09:44 : Like that "don't need the small talk."

12:10:04 PeggyG : we really have no idea how our involvement in things like twitter, FB and our PLNs are affecting others! The things you post faithfully on Moodle Mayhem are incredibly helpful to me Miguel and I always share them with someone else

12:10:34 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Maybe that would be a good icebreaker activity at f-2-f meetings.  A round table with a hub where everyone could plug in their headsets and talk :)

12:10:36 JL : indeed - but big hugs to you all

12:10:38 Stephanie Sandifer : @Peggy That is so true!

12:10:41 PeggyG : even though a tool might be old to me (shared many times) it's the questions from people who have never heard of it that keep the conversation alive

12:10:45 JL : and congrat on the 100th

12:10:51 Sheila 2 : @scott :)

12:10:53 : @Scott haha

12:10:54 PeggyG : good night Jeff

12:11:02 Sheila 2 : NIght Jeff!

12:11:03 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Thanks for stopping in JL

12:11:05 JL : just a click away

12:11:30 JL : great to reconnect again

12:11:32 : @PeggyG thanks for the affirmation. We are changed by each other's smallest contributions, perhaps more than the ones we value.

12:11:39 Sheila 2 : @JL comforting to know!

12:11:49 Sheila 2 : a click away - believe me!

12:11:51 Stephanie Sandifer : @Peggy at every conference I attend (even ISTE and TCEA) I am reminded that there are a ton of educators in attendance who have no clue what these tools are or how we are using them to learn, connect, create, etc.

12:12:11 MariaK : Thank you Jeff.

12:12:25 PeggyG : I am still amazed every day (just as I was when I first learned about the internet) is that so many people are willing to share and support and help others learn for FREE online--I love it!!!

12:12:50 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I'm still told that in my undergrad classes.

12:13:16 PeggyG : exactly Stephanie!! we tend to forget that. That's why I like to help with the Playgrounds at ISTE. Last year I got someone started and up/running with Twitter right on the spot. :-)

12:13:56 Stephanie Sandifer : @Peggy :-) 

12:13:57 MariaK : can't talk - tears in eyes and i'm choked up!

12:14:13 PeggyG : It's so exciting to help someone who has never heard of something and see them take off.

12:15:20 Sheila 2 : I agree PeggyG

12:15:46 PeggyG : in our virtual conference yesterday there were many people who had not hear of Skype and certainly had not thought about using it in their classrooms with their students. Great aha moments!!

12:16:29 Sheila 2 : Still hard to get teachers at my school to venture forward. I guess I imtimidate unintentionally.

12:16:43 Lisa Parisi : I deal with that all the time, Sheila.

12:16:51 Maureen : @Peggy Are people using facetime now to connect? My 6th graders use it at home all the time.

12:17:15 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : ... the best one so far...

12:17:50 Stephanie Sandifer : @Sheila Remember the tech adoption model -- like a bell curve... a few will jump on board immediately (that's us) and about half might come on board with enough support and exposure, but a large number will take much longer to explore and use this stuff -- even with support...

12:18:03 JL : Hard to step away, but Monday morning is rapidly approaching. Conversations is awesome, always has been (since episode#1: ) 

12:18:10 JL : 'night from Busan

12:18:17 Sheila 2 : Thanks Jeff!

12:18:23 MariaK : Good ight jeff. thanks for the visit.

12:18:24 PeggyG : Yesterday in our keynote presentation by Angela Maiers and Steve Farber, Steve challenged us to identify a project called "Greater Than Yourself" (GTY)-goal is to select someone to give a boost and some support. "The greatest leaders make others greater than themselves."

12:18:55 MariaK : Love that idea Peggy.

12:18:56 PeggyG : I'm not hearing about people using Facetime that much yet

12:19:10 PeggyG :

12:19:14 MariaK : thanks

12:19:23 Maureen : @peggy I haven't either... just from the kids.

12:20:25 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Facetime is cool, but skype is platform agnostic.  Newest version of skype is rumored to work on apple and android devices with from facing cameras

12:20:46 PeggyG : entire schools are adopting the concept of GTY projects and students are selecting their own project by identifying people they want to support (private selection)--similar to pay it forward

12:20:50 Maureen : @Maria... I'm still waiting for our sunshine... (although today is beautiful)

12:21:09 PeggyG : it is beautiful in Phoenix today!!

12:21:33 Stephanie Sandifer : GTY sounds great -- we need much more of that across the board at all levels

12:22:16 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I wonder if GTY could be scaled for students.  I like it better than "bucket filling"

12:22:19 PeggyG : I agree!! Their presentation was so inspiring--all related to passion and Steve represents the business perspective and Angela the education perspective.

12:22:34 PeggyG : It is being used with students Scott. I like it better too.

12:23:09 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I'll have to do some reading

12:23:18 PeggyG : Steve has published a book called "Greater Than Yourself"

12:23:59 marragem : I lost you.

12:24:10 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) :

12:24:39 marragem : Yes, anyone is welcome to Bloggers Cafe. Kids who are experts are helping the newbies set up theirs

12:24:48 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : If there is no time for blogging, that means there is no time for reflection in that classroom. 

12:25:11 Sheila 2 : And reflection is key.

12:25:12 PeggyG : Some great videos about the GTY projects on this site (one specifically about education)

12:25:13 marragem : I'm bringing in Year 1's and Preps (Kinders) this term

12:25:18 Maureen : @Scott- that's a sad, but true statement for many classrooms

12:25:36 Stephanie Sandifer : I need to log off and fix lunch for the kids... this has been fun -- congrats again on the 100th show!!!  See you all later on Twitter/FB/blogs/etc. :-)

12:25:48 PeggyG : there are many ways to reflect though--some teachers are starting to use audio to encourage students to reflect

12:25:49 Lisa Parisi : Thanks for coming Stephanie.

12:25:56 PeggyG : thanks Stephanie!!!

12:26:01 PeggyG : see you at ISTE

12:26:05 Sheila 2 : Thank Stephanie! Have a great day.

12:26:24 : Whomever is speaking, we all feel that way. at least, I one is perfect. that's why the community is so important.

12:26:31 Lisa Parisi : That was Maria.

12:26:42 : Sorry...had to take a phone call.

12:26:46 PeggyG : you are such great examples for blogging! That encourages other teachers to try!

12:26:51 MariaK : maybe we'll meet someday Miguel

12:26:53 PeggyG : welcome back Miguel

12:27:05 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : @peggy  True. Some do journals or portfolios, but these often turn into scrapbooks instead of reflections

12:27:11 PeggyG : that was Amanda

12:27:30 marragem : argh! lost me again!

12:27:48 PeggyG : I love the concept that Peter Reynolds introduced  -ish!! Don't have to be perfect--just do it and make it your best

12:28:15 : you mean, "just do it and make it your best over time?" 8->

12:28:22 : recursive process

12:28:24 PeggyG : excellent point Scott! I think they really need to be taught how to reflect

12:28:36 PeggyG : for sure Miguel!!! over time

12:28:45 PeggyG : the more we do it the better we get at it

12:29:54 William Vegazo Muro -> puentesalmundo: Saludos Saúl

12:29:58 PeggyG : so many teachers think they need to be an expert to do something with their kids and use it as an excuse to keep from doing it...

12:30:08 : Gasp, you're in violation of so many policies Lisa!

12:30:24 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Yes Lisa, but we did the same thing with word processors, online dictionaries, and many other tech gadgets.  Eventually the novelty wears off and we see it as just a tool.

12:30:25 PeggyG : :-)

12:30:42 : do you use your own wireless connection? Like Clear ?

12:30:44 marragem : I only use my class skype acc when I'm overseas

12:31:42 : Ah. Lucky you. It's about culture you're in. Should you bloom where you are planted or move to where you will bloom? ;->

12:31:44 Sheila 2 : I have two school accounts (for webcasting stations) but use my personal skype contact list.

12:31:50 PeggyG : why is that Amanda? only use it overseas?

12:31:59 Lisa Parisi : I have bloomed where I was planted. 

12:32:05 PeggyG : oh Miguel!!! what a great question!!!!!

12:32:21 PeggyG : I wish McTeach were in the room to hear that question!

12:32:32 Lisa Parisi : I started in a school that I couldn't work in.  I was too young, insecure, and naive to change it.

12:32:42 Maureen : Got to get back to work outside. Congratulations on your 100th show!

12:32:45 Lisa Parisi : So I moved to Herricks and have grown myself within the district.

12:32:46 PeggyG : sometimes you really need to move where you will bloom to save your own soul!

12:32:56 marragem : Peggy - like Lisa said, all my contacts are in my acc, so just easier. The class acc allows the kids to skype me, or Maria/Kathy while I'm out of the country

12:32:58 Lisa Parisi : I change policy because of what I do int he classrom.

12:33:11 PeggyG : aha-thanks Amanda

12:33:31 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Wow... an hour gone already

12:33:38 Lisa Parisi : Miguel, I really would love to talk more about that question.  Maybe another show?  Would you like to join us to talk about it?

12:34:02 PeggyG : that would be a great conversation topic Lisa!!

12:34:15 Lisa Parisi : Isn't it a great topic?

12:34:37 PeggyG : it's perfect-ish :-)

12:34:37 Lisa Parisi : I'm adding it to our wiki so I don't forget it.

12:34:38 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Yes!  Makes me think about the job search process.

12:35:03 marragem : it is a great topic. We have a song we sing by that title - won;t get it out of my head now LOL

12:35:09 PeggyG : directly connected to that Scott but a bit harder when you aren't in your own classroom yet

12:35:21 PeggyG : sing it Amanda!!!

12:35:36 marragem : maybe at ISTE, Peggy!

12:35:44 PeggyG : all right!!!! yes!!

12:35:49 marragem : oh, I forgot about that, Maria!

12:36:13 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : My student teaching placements are in virry different schools... one public, one private... One filtered, one open, .. one urban, one rural.  Should be a blast

12:36:24 marragem : they signed in as me and not as the Gems

12:36:31 PeggyG : that's a great story Maria!

12:37:01 PeggyG : I'm so glad you're getting such diverse experiences in your student teaching Scott. That's a great thing!

12:37:08 marragem : they were so excited gto skype the 3 of us together

12:37:34 PeggyG : yes!! school is a great place for them to learn these skills!!

12:37:48 PeggyG : what's wrong with that Sheila?

12:37:56 Lisa Parisi : Miguel, can you come join us next week for a conversation about blooming?

12:38:25 Sheila 2 : Don't know how to spell it! ;)

12:38:31 PeggyG : Sheila's students did a great job with the earthcast broadcast and it's very easy to see the guidance Sheila has given them about their online presence

12:38:32 : @Lisa Parisi , it's a fun question to consider...

12:38:40 : go for it!

12:38:45 : but without me

12:38:46 marragem : I'll have to take an afternoon nap so I can join in next week

12:39:07 : i want to participate as a learner not as a talker. let's me listen better

12:39:12 : hehe

12:39:23 PeggyG : you can be both Miguel :-)

12:39:40 :

12:39:46 PeggyG : ask McTeach to join you too

12:39:53 : Thanks to all! Had fun!

12:40:03 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : is easy to bloom when surrounded by "fertilizer"

12:40:09 colleenk : Hi, Maria!! I enjoyed the LOST reference earlier (time travel)

12:40:26 PeggyG : it's great to be here celebrating with you on your 100th show!!!! Thanks for such a great show!

12:40:33 marragem : thanks for bringning me in.

12:40:36 Lisa Parisi :

12:40:37 PeggyG : now that's funny Scott!!!

12:40:46 Sheila 2 : It is so much better with you all here! Thank you!

12:40:49 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : lol

12:40:50 MariaK : Hi colleen - hoping to connect. i think of you often. I miss you and I miss LOST!

12:41:00 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Happy 100!

12:41:03 colleenk : I will see you at ISTE for sure.

12:41:05 marragem : Great conversation! Congratulations on your 100th show!

12:41:09 Lisa Parisi : Thanks for coming.

12:41:10 PeggyG : thanks everyone!!


This week we celebrated our 100th Episode.  We talked about how we got started and moved right into a conversation about being connected as educators.  It was great fun!