EdTechTalk21 #166: Minecraft in Education with Joel Levin

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EdTechTalk21 #166: Joel Levin: @MinecraftTeachr
March 14, 2012
Joel Levin @minecraftteachr
Joel Levin, creater of MineCraftedu.com  joins us to discuss MineCraft uses in Education.  If you're using MineCraft, Joel asks that you share what you are doing via blogging, twitter or joining the conversation at MineCraftedu.com.

Chat Log:

(13:21:38) alex.ragone: hello folks!
(13:25:54) fred bartels (guest-3506): Hey Alex, where is the stream?
(13:26:14) arvind (guest-3503): Still trying to get Adam connected via Skype. Give us a moment
(13:30:03) arvind (guest-3503): just started the stream
(13:33:47) alex.ragone: http://minecraftedu.com/
(13:33:53) alex.ragone: Joel Levin is our guest this week.
(13:34:07) alex.ragone: Hi Fred!
(13:34:27) alex.ragone: Minecraft = legos on the computer.
(13:35:14) alex.ragone: Here's the presentation that Joel did at NYCIST in February: 

(13:36:51) alex.ragone: 300 schools -- 10K Students in minecraftedu.com
(13:37:52) William Stites (guest-3509): If all school was like a game my kids would be at the top of the class
(13:38:01) alex.ragone: Hello Bill!
(13:38:24) William Stites (guest-3509): Howdy...
(13:38:26) Fred Bartels (guest-3506): Stream still not working here.
(13:38:52) alex.ragone: really? try http://edtechtalk.com
(13:39:57) William Stites (guest-3509): I like the idea of looking at this from a problem based learning approach
(13:40:02) Fred (guest-3506): Got it. THanks Alex.
(13:40:22) alex.ragone: Happy to help, Fred.
(13:40:41) William Stites (guest-3509): Al Doyle talked about it in the context of teaching research too...
(13:46:39) alex.ragone: minecraftedu.com
(13:46:42) alex.ragone: Start there.
(13:46:56) alex.ragone: minecraftteacher.net
(13:47:43) alex.ragone: youtube.com/minecraftteachr
(13:55:36) Fred (guest-3506): Interesting information! Thanks Alex.
(13:55:44) alex.ragone: Thanks, Fred!