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Instructional Design Live is based around Instructional Design related topics and is opportunity for Instructional Designers and professionals engaged in similar work to discuss effective online teaching and learning practices.

Instructional-Design-Live#14 2010-4-16 Cognitive Presence in a Community of Inquiry

Part II of a discussion of the Community of Inquiry framework. Jennifer Maddrell leads us in a consideration of what it means to create 'cognitive' presence in online courses.


phases of practical inquiry

Jennifer Maddrell leads a discussion of another key aspect of online teaching and learning--developing cognitive presence in online courses. In addition to discussing the definition of cognitive presence, we consider how it can be facilitated, and the challenges that students face when the instructors emphasize collaboration without adequate supports.

Instructional-Design-Live #13: Social Presence in Online Courses

Jennifer Maddrell leads off a three part series on the Community of Inquiry framework. The CoI framework addresses the need for the elements of social presence, cognitive presence and teaching presence to be present in order for a learning experience to be successful. In the first show, key definitions of social presence are highlighted and we discuss the practical activities that enhance social presence in online courses. Sessions are also available for viewing in a web-conferencing format. 

community of inquiry image

According to Garrison (2009), Social presence is “the ability of participants to identify with the community (e.g., course of study), communicate purposefully in a trusting environment, and develop inter-personal relationships by way of projecting their individual personalities.”

Defining, creating and maintaining social presence in online courses is the focus of this week's show and is part of a three-part series that considers the Community of Inquiry framework.

Instructional-Design-Live#12 2010-4-2 Michael Power on Designing Effective Blended Online Courses with Faculty

Of great interest to Instructional Designers in academic settings are models that promote the engagement of faculty in redesigning their face-to-face courses into powerful online learning experiences for students. In this episode, Michael Power of the University of Laval, Québec discusses a prototype for working with faculty that can make the process manageable while still addressing key instructional design goals such as tying the learning outcomes of the course to the assessments and activities. Michael provides a number of visuals to help illustrate key aspects of this faculty support and instructional design process. If you're looking for further information on his model, you may wish to refer to A Designer’s Log and the recent article on Blended Online Learning in JOLT.

This Week, Michael Power of the University of Laval, Québec joined us to discuss the prototype that he developed to engage faculty in the development and delivery of effective blended online learning courses. in addition to discussing how he developed his prototype, Mike address the following key areas: 

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Instructional-Design-Live #11 Online Problem Based Learning with Maggi Savin Baden

This week, we were joined by Maggi Savin Baden, professor of Higher Education Research at Coventry University in the UK. She has been investigating problem based learning for a number of years and is currently pursuing research into applications within Second Life.

Topics include:

Instructional-Design-Live #10 Investigating Community and Interaction in Online Courses

This week, Jennifer Maddrell discusses the focus for her dissertation work: the Community of Inquiry framework: Her primary research question focusses on whether there is a relationship between learner's perceptions of "community" and actual learning outcomes as identified by grades, papers, tests, etc. The discussion took a very practical turn as we sought to identify particular strategies that may be used by instructors to develop community within online courses.


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