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 EdTechTalkWebcaster Info

Stream Access  

EdTechTalk Icecast 

Port: 8000 

(choose mp3 stream, not ogg)


EdTechTalk A (Shoutcast)
Port: 8002

Puentes al Mundo (Shoutcast)
Port: 8004 

Chat Logs

New Drupal based chat (Jan. 2012).  When logged in with 'editor' permissions, click manage this chat at the bottom of the chat window and then 'archive this chat'.  You'll see the entire chat history there. Copy the portion you want and then 'unarchive chat'. 

Old Chat (Addon) Daily logs of all chat activity are  emailed to [email protected] around 3amEST every day. This is a communal email address that all webcasters can access. (reversed standard ETT password '4T.....T') Chat Logs are automatically labeled 'chat logs' and skip the inbox.
These are saved as basic text files. You can use find and replace to get rid of extra text (i.e. date, [message]. and Edtechtalk:) We're working on a way to provide immediate access to daily logs.

Audio Specifications

Bitrate: 64kbs
Sample rate: 22 or 44khz (required by the flash player and by some mp3 players)
File names:  ShowCodeEpisode#-yyyy-mm-dd.mp3 (i.e. EdTechTalk75-2006-12-18.mp3 , Teachers38-2007-01-31.mp3)
ID3 Tags: Include at least Show Title, License, URL
Max filesize is 48MB which should be enough for about 100 minutes.
Streaming: If possible stream hi bitrate (64kbs) to EdTechTalk A, and lo bitrate (24kbs) to EdTechTalk B.  If bandwidth is limited, only stream to EdTechTalk A.

Changing Live Interface (edtechtalk.com/live)
Go to: 

http://edtechtalk.com/admin/build/path-redirect  and click 'Edit' for 'live'


Change to the appropriate node


Current studio nodes (as of Oct. 2011)

Simple Drupal chat with stream links on the side: /chat or /node/5062
Original AddOn ChatInterface: node/14
Conversations Studio: node/5025
Generic ETT Livestream: node/4995
TTT Studio: node/4996
Ustream Studio: node/3731
Wowza Studio: /node-5047

Posting Specifications

Event Calendar - To post events on the ETT Google Calendar, either log in to the ETT Gmail (Edtechtalk/4E.......)  and add the event from there, or make sure the ETT calendar has been shared with your personal gmail account and post from there.   Post events in your local time (as long as the time zone setting in your google account is accurate)  [email protected] settings are currently set to US Eastern Time.

Show recordings can be posted as an audio node (create content/ audio).  Body of post can include show name & #, date,  descriptive blurb, and/or  chat log.   To determine with the teaser ends on the front page, go to html mode by clicking the 'toggle html source' icon above and enter <!--break-->

Listings for conferences (online or otherwise) can be posted by clicking 'create content / Conference / Event .  For now, these will not appear on the calendar, but will be listed at http://edtechtalk.com/conferences.  Webcasts that may be part of a conference will need to be posted separately as an EdTechTalk Webcast. 

Live Video

http://ustream.tv/  or http://livestream.com/
ID: edtechtalk
Password: 4E.......

USTREAM API: xrjxx2py8eegua7wtfy659j4
Registered to: edtechtalk, standard password
API Info: http://developer.ustream.tv

Video Uploads
ID edtechtalk
Password: 4E.......

ID: edtechtalk
Password: 4E....... 

Twitter / Pownce

Webcasters can use the Edtechtalk Twitter (andor Pownce) account to announce shows or other special events.
ID: edtechtalk , Password 4E......

ETT Show Host Group Chat
a skype group chat that can be used to send out 'emergency' pleas for assistance. You can bookmark the chat and access later doing what's shown in the screenshots below.

The standard ID and password for other online services are 'edtechtalk' / '4E......m'. The alternate password used on some sites is '4T...E..".