Where do you usually listen to EdTechTalk? Comment to provide more details


Using my Mp3 player either on the bus on the way to work, or at work.

on my ipod on the train or tram. Makes you realise how noisy those darn vehicles are? Any chance you could compress and normalize the audio before it becomes a podcast?

Hi Pete,

   Thanks for the feedback. I've used compression and amplification on the last few EdTechTalk shows I've edited, but have not been normalizing. After reading up on things, I certainly will be henceforth.

   None of us are audio experts at all, and would appreciate any guidance. You can see our basic state of knowledge by checking out these screencasts at The Webcast Academy. If you have any helpful tips for us after watching those, or better yet if you could produce some screencasts (using Audacity if possible), that would be great.



two things... one. we run a very thin line between getting the show out early and producing the best quality audio. two, we're (particularly me) still aren't all that good at getting the audio perfectly normalized... got any tips? :) oh... and what size would you think is the ideal compressed size? What format?


Firstly, please don't take my previous comments as any criticism. Your podcasts are so valuable and I look forward to each one. I have fedback elsewhere on your site about this.

I don't have Audacity, but asking round my colleagues I think it offers similar audio processing functions to Peak. Compression (audio compression, not file compression) will help to level out the lows and highs and there may be a default setting for 'speech' or 'dialogue' in Audacity. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/onlinehelp-1.2/reference.html

I listen to EdTech talk on my ipod nano. I have been downloading it and listening in airports and on trips this summer.
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I travel to work by train 3 days per week and I use this time to listen to podcasts I have downloaded on iTunes to my notebook. The trip is slightly over an hour long so I get to catch up with all my favourties by the end of the week.

Pretty much anywhere - in the car, walking, doing the dishes ...