Has anyone used "Wink" before?

I just downloaded the 2.0 verseion, but have not had a chance to play with it.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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Although this reply is more than 6 months following the post, I like Wink enough to give it a plug.

Wink is a screen capture tool that you can use like camstudio, recording the audio as you capture a set part of your screen. You can also take snapshots a frame at a time. Output is a tidy flash file easily insertable into a web page. Wink is great for short tech tutorials, it is more effective to answer tech questions with a Wink video than a text answer. It serves its purpose even if the audio sounds a little “tinny”.

When finished with the capturing, Wink allows you to put in buttons to stop the presentation or insert labels into the video.

I use Wink for web casts in which screen captured PowerPoint slides are accompanied by a history lecture. The Wink editing function allows you to input audio files into screen shots, so I record lectures in short “chapters” with Audacity and then load them into the appropriate slides. 40 minutes of World War One lecture, complete with image and text PowerPoint slides comes in at about 20 mb.

Wink has a short learning curve, a few minutes clicking around and you’re set. It takes far more time to develop a presentation voice and style for effective lecturing in this format. I have resorted to scripting which makes for a better presentation though takes an incredible amount of time to produce.

I have used it for a long time. It is very easy to create demos with it. Math POTD at K12 Math Problem of the Day -- The site created with Drupal.

For more interactive screencasting, I actually use Camtasia Studio 5. Camtasia Studio 6 came out just rescently which has new improvements such as HD quality web video. Check out their site at

Wink is nice. Here I would like to recomend is another slide based screencasting tool DemoCreator, which is an easy-to-use application to make software tutorials. What it impresses me is it allows users to add music, narration, annotations, images, interactivities and even animations to enhance and make the software demo more animated and interactive. If you would like to put bubbles with text to explain things in your recording, that would be helpful. Demo like this may interest you.