Your Web 2.0 Toolkit

Although i know many of you are irritated by the term 'web 2.0', like podcasting, it's what we've got. So, what's in your toolbag? That's the question for tonights edtechtalk, and that's the question we're looking for people to work on in the forums this week!
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I like Youtube. is an exciting tool to incorporate into curriculums. It is an important resource for instructional video. Using in classroom as instructional tool can reinforce the subject content into students’ memory and fosters them to be more involved and excited. Asking students to create their own videos and post them into the Youtube site is an easy process to do. Actually, the process of creating video clips by students and sharing them with their peers empowers students’ critical thinking, increases their cognition development, and involves them in collaboration learning environment.
One of the features I like in is the possibility of connecting the video clips with other websites such as blogs and personal web pages.


I do so agree. Youtube is blocked for many good reasons in most k12schools and there are some good converters out there. Students can also create and post elsewhere using the same process as youtube. They also get an embed code, allowing them to post their creations on their own blogs or wikis. Kids love to show off their work to family and friends! The critical thinking, analysis, and collaboration involved in also ignited during gaming. Most schools frown on gaming.

Things have been picking up speed in my lab with the introduction of two new tools: Blogging and Social Bookmarking.

Although both of these take some time to get into, it has create a certain level of "connectivity" between the students and the global online community. For myself as an educator, blogging has opened up many new ideas and sites that can be implemented in my classroom. While the social bookmarking tool allows kids to continue their online research at home.

If you are new to this whole Web 2.0 thing (as I have only been peeking in for about 2 months now!) Start with these sites:

1 - Create your own blog and get connected right away!

2 - Create a webpage for your class, great for kids who are absent!

3 - Amazing online research tool! And a social book-marking site.

4 - Google Reader For tracking blogs and websites, makes keeping up with all those posts not so daunting.

Good luck!