Women of Web 2.0, March 20, 2007 The SuperAdministrator Show

Join Jen, Vicki and Cheryl as we chat with Miguel Guhlin, Scott MacLeod, Pete Reilly and Doug Johnson. Sharon Peters is on vacation in Costa Rica but shares her Wows of the week via email before she headed out to the rainforest. She is really enjoying Wikieconomics.

Cheryl opened the show with the wrong date for EST, but was correct for Terry Freedman's time zone! Then Skype dropped Doug and when she went to drag him back to the conversation, SKPYE crashed. All in one evening. By the end of the show Cheryl was in an echo chamber again. Only to find out that Nicecast had jumped settings and instead of recording one mic, was picking up multiple inputs. So, hopefully by tomorrow all the settings will check out.

Enjoy the great administrators who are behind the scenes and encouraging the use of Web 2.0 tools. The bottom line I will keep listening to teachers and students and will make day to day evaluations. One size does not fit all!

Thanks to all 28 people in the chat room, all the folks on SKPYE and all of you who download this podcast. There is great stuff! Over and out. Cheryl

Links for the show!

  Chat, read on!

20:23:27 pete reilly ->  hi anyone here for wow2 show?
20:29:16 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Hi Chris, just warming things up
20:31:36 pete reilly ->  hi i'm here for the WOW2 show
20:32:20 charbeck ->  Hi cheryl putting kids to bed.  Be back soon.
20:39:32 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Pete are you going to have us skype you in?
20:41:26 pete reilly ->  hi guys, i'm technically challenged here
20:41:40 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Hello Room!!!
20:41:47 pete reilly ->  hey
20:43:05 cheryloakes wow2 ->  hey pete skype name
20:43:21 pete reilly ->  pete reilly
20:44:19 Vicki Davis ->  Hello everyone!
20:44:46 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/03202007
20:44:51 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Link to tonights Wiki
20:45:19 pete reilly ->   my skype name is peter6
20:46:32 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  pete -- we need to know your skype -- we have two options
20:46:52 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Hello Scott
20:47:17 charbeck ->  cheryl are you streaming yet?
20:47:19 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Hello again Scott
20:47:20 ScottMcLeod ->  I'm here. Now what?
20:47:21 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  NOT YET
20:47:26 cheryloakes wow2 ->  scott I don't see youon my list
20:47:26 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Scott -- we need to skype you
20:47:31 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  skype name??
20:47:41 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  or phone # ????
20:48:05 ScottMcLeod ->  dr.scott.mcleod
20:48:36 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Sorry -- Hellp Dr. McLeou
20:48:40 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  McLeod
20:48:49 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Scott -- and Pete
20:49:00 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  we need you to accept Cheryl's invite from Skype
20:49:06 charbeck ->  lol
20:49:19 ScottMcLeod ->  I haven't received an invite from Cheryl. I'd surely accept it.
20:49:38 pete reilly ->  me too!!
20:50:32 pete reilly ->  i've got miguel on my skype list
20:51:28 ScottMcLeod ->  Pete, thanks for joining us on short notice. Glad to have you aboard.
20:52:19 pete reilly ->  hi scott
20:53:33 Doug ->  Hi all
20:53:42 charbeck ->  good evening
20:53:42 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Hello all -- and welcome to our CHAT
20:54:01 charbeck ->  Is the wiki up Jen?
20:54:06 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Yes ---
20:54:08 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  http://edtechtalk.com/chat
20:54:09 Cindy P ->  Hi all!  Mind if I join you tonight?
20:54:11 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  oops wrong link
20:54:15 Vicki Davis ->  Come on in Cindy!
20:54:18 Vicki Davis ->  Hey lisa!
20:54:23 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/03202007
20:54:23 Vicki Davis ->  Hello Chris!
20:54:35 charbeck ->  Hi Vicki
20:54:40 Cindy P ->  Thanks!  Cathy E told me about this
20:54:48 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  welcome Cindy
20:54:57 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Cathy is gonna be on next week -- I believe
20:55:17 Durff ->  Skype link?
20:55:26 Vicki Davis ->  We're working to pull everything in!
20:55:47 charbeck ->  300 seconds and counting.  Go cheryl go!!
20:56:19 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Yes, Cathy is on next week!!!!
20:56:23 Durff ->  hi vickie!
20:56:24 Vicki Davis ->  No pressure, Chris!
20:56:26 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  and Carter Harkins of Innertoob
20:56:43 Durff ->  Sound?
20:56:51 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  not yet
20:57:00 Durff ->  ok
20:57:01 charbeck ->  It is nice to be on this side of the chat this week.  You are all so excellent on your side.  This is such a great show.  Your guests are in for a treat.
20:57:21 Vicki Davis ->  Hey, Beth K is this my buddy Beth Kanter or another Beth K?
20:57:27 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  grins -- we still have 3 minutes to go
20:57:27 charbeck ->  I got a joost update this week !!!!!
20:57:38 charbeck ->  180 seconds
20:57:39 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  so - we shall be with you momentarily
20:57:40 Beth K ->  This is Beth Knittle
20:57:46 Vicki Davis ->  Oh, hello!
20:57:59 Beth K ->  Hello
20:58:08 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  http://www.schooldatatutorials.org/
20:58:24 Doug ->  Hey Beth, and all those who have joined since I last said "hello"
20:58:52 alicebarr ->  Hi all. If you have a chance check ot a sliver a moon with Venus above!
20:59:15 Doug ->  not dark here yet, but I'll have a look, thanks for the tip!
20:59:32 Vicki Davis ->  Are we live?
20:59:37 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Sand Box A
20:59:38 cheryloakes wow2 ->  sandbox A all, whw
20:59:44 charbeck ->  not yet vicki
20:59:51 Vicki Davis ->  Ok, try A.
21:00:03 Durff ->  not there yet
21:00:06 Vicki Davis ->  We're so excited!
21:00:32 cheryloakes wow2 ->  please check in 30 sec
21:00:53 jl ->  sandbox a is coming in
21:00:57 alicebarr ->  You sound great!
21:01:27 charbeck ->  I hear you cheryl in the sand box.  and the rest
21:01:34 Doug ->  yes, have it here too
21:01:46 jl ->  Sandbox A Listen Links: http://worldbridges.net:8004/listen.pls
21:01:47 charbeck ->  you are echoing cheryl
21:01:53 jl ->  http://worldbridges.net/stream3.ram
21:02:00 jl ->  http://worldbridges.net/stream3.asx
21:02:43 cheryloakes wow2 ->  www.famundo.com
21:03:11 SusanEttenheim ->  hi everyone
21:03:24 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  sandbox A
21:03:38 SusanEttenheim ->  wow great turnout!
21:03:41 charbeck ->  20 in the chat.  welcome all
21:03:44 cheryloakes wow2 ->  susan, thanks for coming I am good in
21:03:49 cheryloakes wow2 ->  a sandbox
21:03:53 cheryloakes wow2 ->  thanks for coming
21:04:14 Doug ->  http://worldbridges.net:8004/listen.pls http://worldbridges.net/stream3.ram http://worldbridges.net/stream1.asx
21:04:25 Vicki Davis ->  Hey, Karen.
21:04:36 Cindy P ->  Hi Cathy!
21:04:49 Karen Janowski ->  Hi, Vicki!
21:04:54 CathyE ->  So glad to see ya Cindy
21:05:33 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  http://groups.google.com/group/EggRoll2007?hl=en
21:05:40 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  that is the EggRoll2007 google group
21:06:13 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  http://www.technospudprojects.com/Projects/stpat2007/results2007.htm
21:06:19 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  that is the St. Patrick's Day Project
21:07:03 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  hmmm --- we seem to have a revolving door tonight
21:07:27 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  21 guests in our chat -- wooo hooo
21:08:02 Karen Janowski ->  Thrilled to be here with Scott McLeod and Miguel!
21:08:07 Vicki Davis ->  We have some great guests!
21:08:32 cheryloakes wow2 ->  I am intimidated and very excited too. Thanks for sticking with us all of you in the chat.
21:08:43 cheryloakes wow2 ->  IF you have questions please type them and we will try to get them in.
21:08:45 Beth K ->  I read many of your blogs, it is nice to put a voice with the writing
21:08:46 Karen Janowski ->  Scott, you are doing amazing things with your blogs -  I love Leader Talk and DI
21:09:00 Durff ->  Hi Miguel!
21:09:15 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  any questions -- please type them here -- and I willl pass them on
21:09:21 Diane Hammond ->  I'm having difficulty connecting to the audio.
21:09:27 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/03202007
21:09:30 Simon ->  Good evening all
21:09:31 Vicki Davis ->  We're on Sandbox A.
21:09:33 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Dianne -- try sandbox a
21:09:34 charbeck ->  sandbox a
21:09:44 Vicki Davis ->  Hello, Simon, glad you could make some time away form the show.
21:10:03 Doug ->  this link for audio http://worldbridges.net:8004/listen.pls
21:10:12 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  thanks DOUG
21:10:23 Doug ->  welcome
21:10:25 cheryloakes wow2 ->  lots of help is a good thing
21:10:30 Vicki Davis ->  http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com/
21:10:48 Diane Hammond ->  Ok, I've got audio...thanks!
21:10:54 charbeck ->  Around the corner is a must read daily....many times daily the way that Miguel Writes!!
21:10:57 jl ->  I'm also simulcasting on ETT A & B
21:11:39 cheryloakes wow2 ->  thanks jeff my angel
21:12:02 charbeck ->  World bridges is here for this network of learners.  Thanks Jeff
21:15:02 Lisa M Lane ->  ain't that the truth
21:15:36 charbeck ->  bad audio pete
21:16:35 SusanEttenheim ->  homework calls- will listen to the show by podcast!
21:16:39 andy ->  HOw do you know if you can be heard?
21:16:58 Vicki Davis ->  We're fixing it.  Skype gremlins are here again.
21:17:26 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Thanks Miguel
21:17:45 Durff ->  Porch collapsed? Oh my
21:17:54 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  we might need to resurrect it
21:17:57 MGuhlin.net ->  joke
21:18:00 charbeck ->  metaphorical
21:18:03 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  hmmm ---
21:18:24 pete reilly ->  how bad was the audio?
21:18:30 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  I liked it
21:18:34 Karen Janowski ->  pete, very garbled
21:18:36 andy ->  we could hear you Pete.
21:18:44 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  reminded me of Mr. Limpid???  the Don Knott's movie
21:18:45 Karen Janowski ->  you were underwater
21:18:53 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Limpett???
21:19:03 pete reilly ->  blub...
21:19:26 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Pete we had to have very astute listening
21:19:35 cheryloakes wow2 ->  it is okay
21:19:39 charbeck ->  focus
21:19:41 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  it was okay though -- not the worse we have had
21:20:05 cheryloakes wow2 ->   i was in an echo chamber for 2 weeks, yikes
21:20:40 charbeck ->  We all must not forget that this work can be done at home.  the benifits of blogs and wiki's is that the classroom never sleeps.  YOu also get parents on board
21:20:50 charbeck ->  Kids will do the work at home.
21:21:05 charbeck ->  Usually on beter machines than we can offer
21:21:07 cheryloakes wow2 ->  right on chris, kids love to learn
21:21:12 Carol ->  Pete - I was proud of you - this is CArol
21:23:19 Karen Janowski ->  are people skyping, too?
21:23:21 Beth K ->  I had a prinicpal back when I was teaching as Seoul foreign school.  He used to always as what do you need and how can I help?  It was terrific to have ssuch support.
21:23:25 Karen Janowski ->  I don't want to miss anything!
21:23:39 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  I set kathy Shields up to skype with a K class today -- a project
21:23:43 Michael_Richards ->  How important is it that the administrator model the risk taking their teachers go through when adopting "new" technologies?
21:23:44 cheryloakes wow2 ->  karen, skype is the guests tonight
21:23:47 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Kindergartners -- are skyping
21:24:03 charbeck ->  great audio now
21:24:03 Karen Janowski ->  Thanks, CHeryl, I keep hearing the skype beep
21:24:21 alicemercer ->  I'm getting help from other administrators. Because I'm in a large district, there are lots of layers
21:24:42 andy ->  Trust is perhaps the most important thing in any organization.
21:24:47 alicemercer ->  I had a great tech support guys and he would tell them to unblock stuff for me.
21:24:51 Beth K ->  We are experimenting with skype now in our district, to offer just in time support for teachers embarking on new projects.
21:25:28 cheryloakes wow2 ->  i think it was me beeping, thanks for telling me
21:25:38 pete reilly ->  was the audio any better?
21:25:39 Vicki Davis ->  Skype is such a great tool! We use it so much!
21:25:45 andy ->  MUch better Pete.
21:25:48 charbeck ->  great audio pete
21:25:55 Karen Janowski ->  Any suggestions for school board members (I'm running for school committee in my town and the election is in two weeks - no one uses blogs, wikis, google docs, or podcasts other than me)
21:25:56 DS ->  audio is great now Pete
21:25:57 PatR ->  Michael - It is crucial that administrators walk the walk...otherwise how can they expect teachers to buy into the extra time it takes to get all this started...there is always some learning curve with a new technique
21:26:07 cheryloakes wow2 ->  yes audio is better, i think we are maxed with 7 people in skype
21:26:26 alicemercer ->  Fine hear on EdTech A
21:26:33 alicemercer ->  here
21:26:39 DS ->  got the goggles on Cheryl?:)
21:26:46 charbeck ->  Karen show them what you can do with the technology. All the possibilities... how the world is now at your fingertips
21:26:49 cheryloakes wow2 ->  yes thanks doug, I almost forgot
21:27:12 Carol ->  School board could use blog or podcast for such things as building project promotion - or ask the community for feedback
21:27:15 Karen Janowski ->  Char, unfortunately i have such a passion that it scares other educators
21:27:17 pete reilly ->  consistency & clarity
21:27:44 charbeck ->  ah if they could just take a first step
21:27:51 alicemercer ->  I'm trying to convince school to use blog as "web site" because you can update it so much more easily.
21:28:05 Karen Janowski ->  what motivates me ALWAYS is that I'm a special educator who works with struggling students. Web 2.0 is a great equalizer on many levels
21:28:12 MGuhlin.net ->  That's a wise approach, Alice!
21:28:15 charbeck ->  yep
21:28:33 Lisa M Lane ->  I find I can talk and talk, but until I *show* them, they can't get on board.
21:28:42 andy ->  Do you think that eventually web is going to phase out and be completely replaced by blogs?
21:28:43 alicemercer ->  I think when it's easier to update, you wil updaate more often.
21:28:56 Karen Janowski ->  One thing I notice is that the administration would rather spend money than use web 2.0 tools that are free.
21:29:05 DS ->  great point Karen. I'd like to hear what all think about the place of tech, especially for "marginalized" learner populations.
21:29:05 alicemercer ->  Hmm, andy, I wonder?
21:29:12 andy ->  If they don't spend the money they lose it
21:29:26 alicemercer ->  If the Andy depends on the interface/layout.
21:29:29 Beth K ->  I introduce both blogs and wikis as easy to edit web pages, that don't require special web editing prgrams
21:29:29 Karen Janowski ->  andy, as a taxpayer, that's ok
21:29:31 charbeck ->  I am going to collaberate with other teachers in my building and other teachers around the world and show them the potential.  Once they see it i think they will be on board
21:29:45 MGuhlin.net ->  Karen, you're right...i have the same issue with FOSS
21:29:48 MGuhlin.net ->  and advocating that
21:29:56 Karen Janowski ->  what is FOSS, MIguel
21:29:59 cheryloakes wow2 ->  karen it is hard to show web 2.0 compared to something that comes in the package.
21:30:29 Michael_Richards ->  Free Open Source Software
21:30:30 alicemercer ->  There are some awesome layouts on Word Press, some that are more like "magazines" than blogs in format
21:30:40 Karen Janowski ->  thanks, miguel!
21:31:29 alicemercer ->  I think that was full option science
21:31:38 cheryloakes wow2 ->  I tried to get doug and lost the conrfernce
21:31:43 cheryloakes wow2 ->  hang on I'll get them back
21:31:55 pete reilly ->  we're gone
21:32:22 Durff ->  what happened?
21:32:28 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  we shall be right back
21:32:37 charbeck ->  ohh the lag I love it Go cheryl go
21:33:03 KarenJanowski ->  that didn't sound good!
21:33:05 andy ->  I"m still here.
21:33:10 andy ->  Anyone else.
21:33:11 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  keeps us humble
21:33:15 cheryloakes wow2 ->  we are back
21:33:15 Michael_Richards ->  now we're in the void of the Matrix
21:33:18 Carol ->  Me too
21:33:25 MGuhlin.net ->  Free Open Source Software -
21:33:26 KarenJanowski ->  i hear someone frantically typing
21:33:32 andy ->  Somone is typing. I think.
21:33:39 andy ->  Karen, you beat me to it.
21:33:42 Durff ->  I hear talking
21:33:48 cheryloakes wow2 ->  MIchael is this a Maine thing?
21:33:50 charbeck ->  folks until you have attemped what cheryl does every tuesday you can not appreciate the hard work that goes into being the audio boss of skype.
21:34:05 charbeck ->  Thanks cheryl.  go you are live
21:34:12 andy ->  This is the first time that I've done this.
21:34:16 cheryloakes wow2 ->  me, i am the frantic one
21:34:17 Durff ->  I still need to learn how.....
21:34:33 Michael_Richards ->  I'm thinking TimeWarner is cutting down on the bandwidth.  I'm finding the same frustrations with my staff in using skype
21:34:55 Durff ->  they must want $$$
21:34:57 Beth K ->  Miguel - I now have our network admin. reading your blog and looking into FOSS, he has a linux desktop up and running and experimenting.
21:35:11 andy ->  I can only hear one voice.
21:35:13 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  LOL -- not frantic typing Karen -- just hard  :)  tis me
21:35:33 KarenJanowski ->  Jennifer, where did everyone go?
21:35:39 Vicki Davis ->  Can you not hear?
21:35:41 Michael_Richards ->  What type of challenges would "Web3D
21:35:45 Durff ->  hi vivkie!
21:35:45 andy ->  I can't hear a thing.
21:35:49 Michael_Richards ->  present to administrators?
21:35:52 Durff ->  vickie
21:35:53 MGuhlin.net ->  Awesome Beth K!
21:35:58 Vicki Davis ->  Are you on channel A?
21:35:59 KarenJanowski ->  vicki, can you hear them?
21:36:09 MGuhlin.net ->  Check the wiki at http://www.mguhlin.net/wiki and look at Download a la Mode
21:36:11 andy ->  I don't remember what I'm on.
21:36:15 Vicki Davis ->  Yes, but can we hear from anyone else?  Can anyone hear everything?
21:36:19 CathyE ->  Can only hear Cheryl
21:36:22 DS ->  I'm listening on Sandbox A
21:36:24 DS ->  http://worldbridges.net:8004/listen.pls
21:36:31 Vicki Davis ->  DS can you hear everyone?
21:36:34 DS ->  yes
21:36:35 KarenJanowski ->  oh, now we can hear you vicki
21:36:37 CathyE ->  got it nwo
21:36:38 Durff ->  I'm on Sandbox A
21:36:39 PatR ->  admins want FREE and good PR for the school
21:36:41 DS ->  just on stream now for all
21:36:45 Diane Hammond ->  I can hear everyone now
21:36:46 DS ->  back in businesss!
21:36:49 Vicki Davis ->  We had a moment of problem.
21:37:03 Durff ->  and you overcame!
21:37:08 DS ->  indeed
21:37:13 Beth K ->  Miguel I ws at your wiki today after you commented on one of my posts, found many cool links, Thanks!
21:37:15 DS ->  well done, once again
21:37:17 cheryloakes wow2 ->  free skype small price to pay
21:37:20 jl ->  Excellent modeling of overcoming tech hurdles, Team WoWser
21:37:26 KarenJanowski ->  Hi, Beth Knittle!
21:37:34 cheryloakes wow2 ->  thanks for my back up team, breathe
21:37:44 Beth K ->  Hi karen,
21:38:41 MGuhlin.net ->  Nifty! So nice to "meet you" Beth Knittle!
21:38:47 charbeck ->  way to go cheryl and team
21:38:50 ScottMcLeod ->  Hi Alice, glad to see you could join us!
21:38:55 Beth K ->  Nice to meet you too
21:38:59 alicemercer ->  Alice M. or Alice B?
21:39:08 cheryloakes wow2 ->  thanks chris you are the back up
21:39:13 ScottMcLeod ->  Alice M - you just joined us!
21:39:31 alicemercer ->  So Scott, basically, it's all about the test scores? That's the point to make to my admin?
21:39:46 alicemercer ->  Yep. Hellish traffic going x-town, I digress
21:40:21 Beth K ->  Alice, I always try to think it is all about authentic learning
21:40:36 alicemercer ->  Yeah, I do, but what will my principal think?
21:41:00 ScottMcLeod ->  Alice, I didn't say that. You can't cite me for that proposition!
21:41:05 Beth K ->  I try to appeal to the idealist in them
21:41:07 charbeck ->  create a blog/wiki that showcases students work.  I did student led conferences electronically.
21:41:17 alicemercer ->  Who was talking about test scores then?
21:41:18 charbeck ->  vicki you have an echo and you are loud
21:41:32 pete reilly ->  hone the message to a fine point
21:41:44 pete reilly ->  simple simple
21:42:05 alicemercer ->  Yeah, I'm a master at that now (eyes roll).
21:42:17 PatR ->  some content filters allow you to individualize URLs and some cannot be unblocked individually
21:42:35 KarenJanowski ->  What has been the most effective method for creating change?
21:42:46 alicemercer ->  Our filters can unblock individuals.
21:42:48 cheryloakes wow2 ->  little changes with small groups
21:42:55 cheryloakes wow2 ->  any questions for our guests?
21:43:01 KarenJanowski ->  Cheryl, do u see a ripple effect?
21:43:02 ScottMcLeod ->  Doug was recognizing that admins are under a LOT of pressure to raise test cors
21:43:05 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  we have something called the 1 hour rule
21:43:07 alicemercer ->  I sent some to scott.
21:43:10 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  we use websense
21:43:19 PatR ->  mine can be unblocked, but i know of other schools who have no choices...it's on the list or not..that's it
21:43:21 alicemercer ->  Doug, sorry Scott, I won't attribute hime to you.
21:43:23 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  and they have an option -- on some sites -- to open for 1 hour quota
21:43:25 dl ->  we use websense as well...
21:43:27 Beth K ->  karen - one person at a time... I believe margaret mead had a quote about that but it escapes me now
21:43:33 pete reilly ->  best change initiator is creating a great narrative
21:43:44 ScottMcLeod ->  Alice, since you're here, you can throw them in as desired.   :)
21:43:55 alicemercer ->  Scott, what are the arguments for tech in class wihtout flat world arguments/
21:44:01 alicemercer ->  Sorry typo laden that was...
21:44:03 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Hi Cheri, good to see you here
21:44:09 pete reilly ->  the stories we tell are very importent
21:44:12 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  28 in the chat
21:44:12 KarenJanowski ->  Beth, I understand that, but as a parent who happens to be an educator, I'm very impatient - i want my own kids to benefit!
21:44:17 cheri toledo ->  Hi everyone
21:44:18 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  almot our BIGGEST amount
21:44:23 dl ->  sweet
21:44:42 alicemercer ->  I'm not surprised.
21:44:42 pete reilly ->  yes karen me too
21:44:44 PatR ->  i am either lucky or a sitting duck...but my administrator lets me control the filter...people come to me if they want something unblocked
21:44:50 andy ->  Who is speaking now?
21:44:55 cheryloakes wow2 ->  Hi Vinnie
21:44:57 KarenJanowski ->  so, how do you handle that Pete?
21:45:04 MGuhlin.net ->  it's Miguel on a rant
21:45:07 MGuhlin.net ->  ;->
21:45:09 DS ->  lol
21:45:43 alicemercer ->  We had kids get into a photo site based on the the search word "pink' In google. I'll leave the results to your imagination.
21:45:47 Beth K ->  Karen I have a  MS and ES student.  I feel the same right now it comes from home for the most part but my daugters school is heading in the right direction but never fast enough for mom
21:46:01 Lisa M Lane ->  It was great!!!!
21:46:09 alicemercer ->  And the admin seem to want that to be prevented from ever happening.
21:46:15 charbeck ->  nicely put Miguel
21:46:16 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Great chat tonight guys
21:46:17 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  and gals
21:46:23 alicemercer ->  And tech said, Not possible.
21:46:30 KarenJanowski ->  Beth, I have two in HS.  Very frustrating - we have SmartBoards in every classroom, most are just being used as whiteboards
21:47:14 PatR ->  in a k-8 school I would rather set up controlled wikis, blogs, etc. to allow for collaboration than expose them to something I have no control over....you can do collaboration on places other than myspace
21:47:15 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  I am getting 2 smart pads (??) next week to try out
21:47:21 KarenJanowski ->  What's so hard for me is I provide PD for Smartboard implementation!
21:47:37 charbeck ->  Using blogs and wikis bring the home in to the school.  Parents will see what there kids do.  That will sway the argument
21:47:39 MGuhlin.net ->  creating the walled garden, Pat?
21:47:50 PatR ->  perhaps
21:47:50 Lisa M Lane ->  This has similarities to discussions over what books go in school libraries.
21:48:03 PatR ->  k-8...Catholic school
21:48:03 MGuhlin.net ->  I agree with your approach
21:48:06 alicemercer ->  And I'm not sure I want it all unblocked?
21:48:17 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  WOWOWOWOW -- I want to bring you all into skype
21:48:22 KarenJanowski ->  Char - do you think the parents are the problem?
21:48:50 Beth K ->  Karen - we are just getting SB in my district but interstingly all the training comes from the Math dept and teachers using the SB.  Seems more effective then us from the tech dept comming in
21:49:14 pete reilly ->  dateline predator stories hype the problem
21:49:26 KarenJanowski ->  Beth, we'll have to talk!
21:49:29 Michael_Richards ->  Unfortunately too many administrators equate lack of filtration to Julie Amero
21:49:39 charbeck ->  No I see them as uninfromed about their students use os social networks.  There are many good things about blogs and wikis other than myspace and facebook.  I have success because kids do work at home and their parents see what they are doing
21:49:56 andy ->  Until administrators get it we're going to be tinkering around the edges.
21:49:58 pete reilly ->  150 predators prosecuted in westchester over 10 years
21:50:06 Beth K ->  karen email me and maybe we can talk via skyp some time
21:50:12 ScottMcLeod ->  WHAT ANDY SAID!
21:50:18 KarenJanowski ->  sounds good, Beth!
21:50:46 dl ->  admin is too divided between whether they are an instructional leader or a prison warden...
21:50:51 PatR ->  there is so much that we have access to now that allows a fairly controlled environment...but still allowing students to share and collaborate...why not offer the safest option
21:50:59 alicemercer ->  Scott: so pick your fights? give them concrete.
21:51:00 ScottMcLeod ->  dl, interesting observation...
21:51:08 andy ->  Is anybody familiar with Tony Alvarado?
21:51:15 cheryloakes wow2 ->  not me,
21:51:29 ScottMcLeod ->  concrete?
21:51:43 alicemercer ->  Exmamples, not shoes
21:51:56 pete reilly ->  15 eee
21:52:03 Beth K ->  Char - we are having some modeling of discussion forums in moodle with kids as young as second grade - this is a "walled garden" but it gets kids and parents use to and comfortable to these new tools
21:52:20 charbeck ->  sounds great
21:52:54 alicemercer ->  Scott, I missed andy's last bit, someone walked in, you know, I'll listen to it after? Sorry. Joy of conf call at home.
21:53:10 cheryloakes wow2 ->  we need more facilatators not administrators or teachers manning the walls
21:53:14 dl ->  we have students lacking the necessary 21st century skills to be successful in HS (I teach MS) and next year my admin is pushing unpopular strict dress code.  He thinks that greater control of kids will lead to a more conducive learning environment.
21:53:35 charbeck ->  hmmm
21:53:40 KarenJanowski ->  My high school kids complain about the arbitrary rules
21:53:50 PatR ->  enthusiasm and engagement...that is conducive to learning
21:53:56 cheryloakes wow2 ->  sounds like he/she is trying to maintain control of what little is left to 'control'
21:53:58 Beth K ->  dl- heading back to the 19th century and not jumping into the 21st
21:54:02 dl ->  engaging students is key, pushing kids to conform in an over standardized world is not what I see as productive
21:54:05 ScottMcLeod ->  speaking of admins' over-zealous control... http://www.schoolhousegate.org/2007/03/green_eggs_ham_.html
21:54:08 pete reilly ->  we need to give kids back their education
21:54:18 alicemercer ->  My kids did up a list of inalienable rights of children. They talked about being able to wear whatever they like to school.
21:54:25 pete reilly ->  we've taken it from them
21:54:43 andy ->  What word?
21:54:53 ScottMcLeod ->  they're not getting hit with a leather strap - did they ever have it for us to take it from them?
21:54:55 cheryloakes wow2 ->  yes pete, but will the kids accept this for long?
21:55:02 charbeck ->  i saw it too.
21:55:04 KarenJanowski ->  in my quest to run for school comm.  i met with two focus groups of high school kids - great opportunity!
21:55:12 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Scott -- that admin needs to smile more  -- sighs
21:55:14 dl ->  I often tell people that there are 800 students at school and 80 adults, control is a farce... what we need to do is to get them to go along with what we think is productive
21:55:26 pete reilly ->  they don't want it because we've tamed them
21:55:41 alicemercer ->  I saw Zefferelli in Jr high!
21:55:52 ScottMcLeod ->  then we wonder why they're passive citizens, non-questioning, passive voters, etc.
21:56:20 charbeck ->  kids are seeing it we need to educate them about what they are seeing
21:56:24 dl ->  exactly
21:56:26 KarenJanowski ->  Scott, I saw it first hand with the focus groups of HS kids - very compliant and accepting of their teachers!  I was amazed
21:56:40 cheryloakes wow2 ->  I like that release control to youth.
21:56:50 pete reilly ->  we've taken the wolves of learning and made them house dogs
21:56:51 dl ->  I try to 'untame' them, make them question and think... it is not easy to get 13 year olds to thin k, but the results are unreal
21:57:13 MGuhlin.net ->  Pete, that was great
21:57:14 KarenJanowski ->  they see that school and out of school lives are totally separate and distinct
21:57:24 pete reilly ->  di the system works against you
21:57:43 MGuhlin.net ->  rage at the dying of the light
21:57:48 dl ->  of course it does... it's a system of bureaucracy
21:58:04 DS ->  great point re control--the kids get it
21:58:22 KarenJanowski ->  Web 2.0 allows us as educators to model lifelong learning!
21:58:24 DS ->  that's why the dialog is so important--they're gonna be immersed either way, so...
21:58:27 dl ->  but, it makes it all kinds of fun trying to swim up stream powered by the opinionated middle schoolers
21:58:31 andy ->  People are afraid of releasing control.  It doesn't matter what position they are in.
21:58:38 ScottMcLeod ->  http://www.dangerouslyirrelevant.org/2006/09/if_you_took_awa.html
21:58:47 Lisa M Lane ->  We are still in the industrial model of education, but the technology is post-modern.
21:59:06 charbeck ->  it is too easy to teach frpm the text book and have a chapter done a week.  doing collaberative projects are hard work and the payoffs are huge but teachers and adults have to work hard..... they won
21:59:13 charbeck ->  't be irrelevant though
21:59:19 Beth K ->  Pete- I have been mulling over you recent blog post educations hidden meaning - I have been writing a response some time I'll finish and post, it like this chat has me thinking
21:59:49 alicemercer ->  http://nicholasfifth.edublogs.org/2007/03/18/language-arts-links-for-319... fifth graders on rights of kids
22:00:12 pete reilly ->  i like this chat too
22:00:21 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  EXCELLENT night -- EVERYONE
22:00:39 andy ->  THis is the first time I've been part of something like this.  It's really neat.
22:00:42 MGuhlin.net ->  Thanks for sharing, Alice!
22:00:51 MGuhlin.net ->  I'm subscribing to you
22:00:54 cheryloakes wow2 ->  thanks for coming andy, come again
22:01:03 andy ->  Cheryl, when does this occur?
22:01:09 pete reilly ->  scott nice meesage to close on
22:01:13 charbeck ->  every tuesday
22:01:21 cheryloakes wow2 ->  every tues evening 9 pm est
22:01:27 ScottMcLeod ->  thanks, pete - a smoother finish than my beginning!
22:01:27 charbeck ->  they have guests booked up to 2009
22:01:33 dl ->  so I am about to board a plane in Phoenix... it has been lovely... see you next Tuesday (I hope)
22:01:37 ScottMcLeod ->  bye dl
22:01:38 andy ->  Great.  I'll plan on it. 
22:01:46 dl ->  bye
22:02:03 PatR ->  great, Pet
22:02:05 PatR ->  e
22:02:09 Durff ->  Are we already irrelevant?
22:02:19 cheryloakes wow2 ->  yes we are lisa
22:02:22 alicemercer ->  I'm not.
22:02:23 Durff ->  I think the kids think so
22:02:24 charbeck ->  Dangerously!!!!
22:02:26 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Iam not
22:02:31 alicemercer ->  My kids need someone to guiede them on this journey
22:02:34 ScottMcLeod ->  98% of districts say they're about lifelong learning - it's time to put some teeth into those mission / vision statements
22:02:35 pete reilly ->  yes doug midwestern sensible talk
22:02:36 CathyE ->  WELL SAID!!
22:02:38 Durff ->  I know I am
22:02:39 Beth K ->  A very good event - thanks everyone!
22:02:40 ScottMcLeod ->  we don't model lifelong learning ourselves as educators
22:02:43 PatR ->  have you seen the video made by Kristen Hokansen on http://theconnectedclassroom.wikispaces.com/
22:02:46 KarenJanowski ->  Scott, absolutely agreee!
22:02:52 DS ->  it all comes back to the trust that was mentioned by someone earlier
22:03:05 cheryloakes wow2 ->  we are modeling life long learning now, and "
22:03:09 cheryloakes wow2 ->  afterschool learning
22:03:15 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Cathy E -- you are in North Carolina???
22:03:17 cheryloakes wow2 ->  that we are not having to pay for
22:03:20 KarenJanowski ->  Scott, and the kids realize it and see the hypocrisy!
22:03:31 CathyE ->  yes- NC
22:03:31 alicemercer ->  Yeah. I've convince my co-workers to go to a blog training I'm going to run.
22:03:34 cheryloakes wow2 ->  this is the best staff development for me
22:03:37 Durff ->  yes, I showed connected classroom to all my classes and some that are not my classes
22:03:38 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  thanks
22:03:39 ScottMcLeod ->  KJ, absolutely. It's more of "do as I say, not as I do"
22:03:41 pete reilly ->  me too
22:03:52 pete reilly ->  can't mandate this
22:03:57 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  I learn every day -- something new
22:04:13 pete reilly ->  this is our love of learning
22:04:18 alicemercer ->  My kids help me see new things all teh time
22:04:25 KarenJanowski ->  Jenn - absolutely - sometimes I feel like my head will explode!
22:04:25 Vicki Davis ->  This is an absolutely incredible show!
22:04:39 pete reilly ->  they're really great teachers
22:04:40 charbeck ->  As Warlick has said"student need to be amplifiers not mirror"  Let them mash up their education and make it relevant
22:04:50 cheryloakes wow2 ->  It is a great chat room too! good stuff happening here
22:04:52 Durff ->  I wish all our admins heard thiws
22:04:57 alicemercer ->  I showed my co-workers, LOOK PEOPLE FROM JAPAN are looking at my kids work! They're excited.
22:05:01 KarenJanowski ->  vicki, you've been very quiettonight!
22:05:07 cheryloakes wow2 ->  podcast available tomorrow nite
22:05:19 Vicki Davis ->  Oh, really!  I've been taking notes!
22:05:23 cheryloakes wow2 ->  we have great guests speaking tonight I am in awe
22:05:24 alicemercer ->  I know I'm not perfect.
22:05:29 charbeck ->  Those skype beeps are vicki talking behind the scenes
22:05:40 Durff ->  he-he!
22:05:44 DS ->  that's funny
22:05:54 charbeck ->  its true
22:05:55 pete reilly ->  miguel good job
22:06:08 KarenJanowski ->  this has been a wonderful show - my husband and kids have been walking in and out of the room and they are impressed that this is possible!
22:06:27 charbeck ->  thanks for chattng karen
22:06:37 Vicki Davis ->  This is a great show tonight -- I'm going to have to look back on the chat end of things.
22:06:40 Beth K ->  My son was listening with me but now is curled up next to me asleep
22:06:52 cheryloakes wow2 ->  oh sweet beth, such a great visual
22:07:00 charbeck ->  septermber 10th 2009
22:07:00 KarenJanowski ->  now they've moved on to Youtube....
22:07:20 MGuhlin.net ->  Thanks Pete!
22:07:35 DS ->  wonderful show, kudos to all
22:07:37 alicemercer ->  Yes, please come back
22:08:12 KarenJanowski ->  pete, what's the name of your blog?
22:08:20 pete reilly ->  you've been really generous -miguel,scott&doug ...i appreciate it
22:08:31 Vicki Davis ->  This is great!
22:08:34 pete reilly ->  ed tech journeys
22:08:39 KarenJanowski ->  thanks
22:08:48 pete reilly ->  http://preilly.wordpress.com
22:08:55 KarenJanowski ->  i will add it to my subscriptions
22:08:58 ScottMcLeod ->  www.dangerouslyirrelevant.org
22:09:02 ScottMcLeod ->  not that you asked...
22:09:05 pete reilly ->  thank you
22:09:09 charbeck ->  cheryl the smartboard software is messing with your mike
22:09:09 KarenJanowski ->  Scott, i'm already addicted to yours!
22:09:12 charbeck ->  mic
22:09:13 andy ->  pass-ed.com/blogger.html
22:09:14 KarenJanowski ->  and Leadertalk.org
22:09:33 ScottMcLeod ->  Yes, and LeaderTalk.org and schoolhousegate.org and castleconversations.org
22:09:34 andy ->  Again not that you asked, Ialso have a daily newsletter on current events that I eamil.
22:09:49 pete reilly ->  shameless
22:09:49 Vicki Davis ->  We're interviewing Miguel's son!
22:09:56 KarenJanowski ->  THANK YOU everyone!
22:10:03 ScottMcLeod ->  absolutely. I'm on a mission to make change, Pete!
22:10:03 pete reilly ->  scott i mean
22:10:11 pete reilly ->  good man
22:10:12 Vicki Davis ->  This has been a great conversation!
22:10:17 cheryloakes wow2 ->  chris, new computer no smartboard software. I think it is so many in skype, it was good for about 20 min, then gets slogging.
22:10:18 charbeck ->  smooth intro miguel
22:10:30 alicemercer ->  So much for quiet unassuming midwesterners, Scott.
22:10:40 Beth K ->  Thanks again every one!
22:10:46 cheryloakes wow2 ->  this is all good though.
22:10:47 ScottMcLeod ->  I'm a transplanted East Coaster (D.C. suburbs)
22:10:52 Beth K ->  Hi Edward
22:10:55 andy ->  This is very cool.
22:11:02 Vicki Davis ->  He's just as cute as he can be!
22:11:09 Vicki Davis ->  Listen to how much he knows!
22:11:11 pete reilly ->  these are the kids we have to teach
22:11:16 andy ->  Hi Edward.
22:11:19 alicemercer ->  Explains much Scott.
22:11:24 pete reilly ->  skyping to the country about computer games
22:11:25 PatR ->  the class of 2020?
22:11:30 pete reilly ->  good luck teachers
22:12:00 alicemercer ->  I use Leroy when I need a kid's voice on my podcast.
22:12:04 Beth K ->  For my kids I use the term "pen  name"
22:12:15 Lisa M Lane ->  what is the game he's talking about? sounds fun
22:12:25 pete reilly ->  halo??
22:12:34 charbeck ->  Go edward go   But now I have to go.  Thanks everyone for a great chat and listen tonight.  I'll be in Sedona next week.  I will tune in then
22:12:36 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  Generals
22:12:41 cheryloakes wow2 ->  bye chris
22:12:46 KarenJanowski ->  goodnight all!
22:12:49 charbeck ->  Thanks chery.
22:12:53 charbeck ->  l
22:13:04 andy ->  Pete. it's only the most popular game on (I forgot the nae of the system, but I bought one recently)
22:13:30 pete reilly ->  my son is a Wii addict
22:13:36 andy ->  I think it's Nintendo 360
22:13:38 alicemercer ->  Are the games interesting that he plays at school?
22:13:41 KarenJanowski ->  Pete, my son is too!
22:13:41 alicemercer ->  Or lame?
22:13:57 ScottMcLeod ->  The worst thing students can say about homework is that it is too hard. The worst thing they can say about a video game is that it is too easy.
22:14:04 andy ->  Wiis are very cool.  My girlfriend's sons want one.  But, I haven't broken yet.
22:14:04 PatR ->  ah...the vocabulary development!!!
22:14:06 alicemercer ->  Yeah
22:14:24 alicemercer ->  I must have the only 8 yo without a gameboy
22:14:34 alicemercer ->  or game sysem
22:14:41 DS ->  there's that trust again!
22:14:51 andy ->  Alice, I'm jealous.  I'm so sick of the kids playing the games all the time.
22:14:56 Durff ->  hello!
22:14:57 alicemercer ->  It's not trust for me
22:15:16 alicemercer ->  I have other considerations with my son.
22:15:20 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  I just bought a Wii --
22:15:25 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  big time consumer
22:15:26 andy ->  Didn't David Warlick write something about this a few months ago?
22:15:33 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  but also good exercise -- really
22:15:39 alicemercer ->  H estill plays online games that are on Cartoon network, etc.
22:15:40 MGuhlin.net ->  yes he did
22:15:41 Durff ->  hi Edward!
22:15:51 pete reilly ->  Wii has potential to be a useful learning tool
22:15:56 pete reilly ->  connections to the internet
22:16:01 pete reilly ->  nice interface
22:16:16 PatR ->  activities at school (game type) should be self-leveling so as not to complete frustrate a slower user, but not to hold back the child who can do more
22:16:25 Vicki Davis ->  exactly Pat!
22:16:38 alicemercer ->  Ours are all test prepish
22:16:55 alicemercer ->  They have to finish "lesson" and "test" to play game
22:17:02 andy ->  Did anybody see Edutopia this month?  There's a decent article on gaming in the classroom, as it relates to simulation.
22:17:10 Beth K ->  My sone is into webkins and world of war craft - quite a difference in genera but he loves them.  In world of war craft he leads groups, created and maintains a guild collaborates and playse with people world wide and he is 10.
22:17:14 Lisa M Lane ->  History games teach strategy, not history.
22:17:35 Vicki Davis ->  Wow! Beth.
22:17:41 Vicki Davis ->  do yo monitor his chat!
22:17:45 Vicki Davis ->  you.
22:17:47 PatR ->  my granddaughter...eeek did I say that....is into webkins, but i never paid much attention...maybe i should
22:17:49 alicemercer ->  I don't know if playing MMPORGs would work with Lee?
22:17:59 pete reilly ->  Goodnight...all and thanks
22:18:03 alicemercer ->  night
22:18:05 andy ->  Bye Pete.
22:18:10 PatR ->  thanks, Pete
22:18:13 Lisa M Lane ->  They just did a study of brain surgeons, and the good ones played certain video games.
22:18:14 Beth K ->  yep - actually dad does my husband, daughter and son often play together
22:18:22 alicemercer ->  I used TIM with a class once. I'm considering it again.
22:18:50 Lisa M Lane ->  Yes, it's strategy.
22:18:53 Vicki Davis ->  We'll wrap up in a moment.
22:18:56 Vicki Davis ->  Thank you so much!
22:19:48 Vicki Davis ->  Great show!
22:19:55 Vicki Davis ->  Thank you so much!
22:20:03 Beth K ->  Speaking of my son, I need to move him from the couch and get him off to bed.  good night all and thanks
22:20:19 andy ->  Good night Beth.
22:20:24 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  good night all
22:20:27 JenniferW -- WOW2 ->  WOW -- what a night
22:20:33 MGuhlin.net ->  goodnight folks thanks!
22:20:45 andy ->  Goodnight everybody.
22:20:50 PatR ->  excellent...thank you very much...good night
22:20:51 cheryloakes wow2 ->  great show, thanks all
22:20:54 Durff ->  Sound gone, good night
22:21:02 Durff ->  good work Edward!
22:21:15 ScottMcLeod ->  we're putting people to sleep - must be time to sign off!
22:21:19 cheri toledo ->  good night all - no more sound
22:22:27 Cindy P ->  Great show tonight!  Thanks for letting me join in.
22:23:39 CathyE ->  Cindy- I want you to meet Doug S- from Victoria, Canada
22:23:52 CathyE ->  Doug, Cindy is my friend from 2 counties over
22:23:53 DS ->  Hi Cindy!
22:24:04 Cindy P ->  Hi Doug!
22:24:18 DS ->  great, good to meet you Cindy
22:24:42 Cindy P ->  This is really an awesome group
22:24:57 CathyE ->  Cindy, so glad you came- Can't wait to see you in Second Life!
22:25:19 DS ->  it really is--the WOW2.0 have a marvelous show that seems to outdo itself every week
22:25:36 Cindy P ->  Cathy, can't wait to here you next week
22:26:05 CathyE ->  It will be terrible to follow those guys tonight
22:26:11 Cindy P ->  I'm trying to catch up on previous shows there's so much to learn
22:26:37 DS ->  Cathy, you'll be fine
22:26:43 Cindy P ->  But you'll do a wonderful job...as usual
22:26:43 DS ->  Look forward to next week's show
22:27:08 DS ->  Cindy, I'm Cosmo Commons in Second Life
22:27:15 CathyE ->  Ya'll are funny
22:27:16 DS ->  Cathy, great to see you and the rest o
22:27:23 CathyE ->  night
22:27:28 CathyE ->  Have to slee[
22:27:35 CathyE ->  sleep
22:27:37 DS ->  the crew tonight, look forward to next wk's show
22:27:40 DS ->  take care all
22:27:40 Cindy P ->  I've just gotten sign up and still on Orientation Island.  I'm Misstizzy Winkler
22:27:54 Cindy P ->  night all

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