Women of Web Show # 24 April 24, 2007, with guest Steve Dembo

Join Cheryl and Sharon as we interview Steve Dembo!

Sharon's Questions:

  1. What does Discovery Educator Network offer teachers?
  2. How many members in that network?
  3. Can you describe the DEN relationship with United Streaming? Is there anything like it for free or lower cost for those in a public school setting without the resources for US?
  4. Recently (yesterday?) you blogged about your thoughts on Bud the Teacher's question about identity with big orgs for teacher networking for validity (i.e. DEN, Google Academy, Yahoo) - and I thought your observations were interesting - as were the responses - could we throw that question out here and talk a bit about it? It is an interesting phenomenon and one worth exploring....

Tough Questions:

What does DEN have to offer international educators? Being in Quebec, in an isolated subgroup of a minority language, teachers in the English public and private schools do not have those kinds of opportunities available to us (DEN, Google Academy, etc.); are there plans for Discovery to go beyond the American borders? What could you offer Canadians or others?

Cheryl's questions:

1. I noticed a bio about you : Steve Dembo worked as a Kindergarten teacher for 4 years. Unfortunately, during that time someone discovered that he knew how to fix a printer. It wasn’t long after that he became the Director of Technology for the school. from Lexthink.com
It seems that this is an example of a 21st century mantra, "Be ready to re-invent yourself!"
What kinds of skills, characteristics, traits help you with the constant re-inventing?

2. Your involvement in the k12 online conference:
Mobile Learning Redefined
When I first read and listened to your presentation, I really had a hard time wrapping my brain around this type of use as an instructional tool. (Even though I spent 6 weeks becoming a webhead and saw how people worldwide are using all kinds of technology tools). However, 6 months later, I am seeing this type of instruction oromoted in the Horizon Project report, coming out in journals, and evidenced these options by watching students. Can you explain to listeners how this tool, mobile phones, wireless game stations, and blue tooth technologies are impacting this digital native?


Do you have any thoughts on bringing more people along to use web tools? Last week we had doctoral students on and they discussed their support systems and the requirements they needed for course work. Once people are nudged most seem to embrace. What else can we do to bring people along?


The Chat!

 Cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Hello Sandy and Linda, I am getting ready for the show. Be back soon. Hi MO

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: Good evening....

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: hello all, getting ready for the show.

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: Hello

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi Simon, getting ready

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: you can do a sound check in a minute, for me.

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Hey Steve

 Steve Dembo -> EdTechTalk: Evenin'!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: hi everyone

 pam -> EdTechTalk: hello

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: Greetings

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: Hi SHaron, how was Mississauga?

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Hi Simon, Mississauga was fabulous

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: nice of you to have great weather for me!

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: we do our best in the GTA!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Hi Chrissy

 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: good evening all

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: just got the stream going.

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Hi everyone

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Hi Sharon

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: Sharon, Ive been asked to present to some teachers, principals, and superintendants at my board about the Flat Planet Project

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: how wonderful!!

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: the hope is that when they see what we are doing at my school that there will be more funding for technology in the classroom

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: http://cs.wikispaces.com/CAIS-BP

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Simon - I am really excited for you! I don't have that kind of exposure at my school (although I do elsewhere, strangely enough)

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: hi folks!!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: hi Lisa!

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: howdy

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/comix.php

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: http://wiaoc.org/     this is the convergence with VAnce Stevens!

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: Sharon, could you point me to any literature on the online collaboration?  Or anything else that you think would help me convince them to promote web/tech in the classroom?

 JL -> EdTechTalk: http://webheadsinaction.org/wiaoc

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Hello to all, just getting started and glad you are here.

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: what was that site

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Hello Maria, how is vacation.

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: repeat those wows

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: here

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: Vacation is good!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: http://cs.wikispaces.com/CAIS-BP

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: http://wiaoc.org     The conference call a convergence

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: www.makebeliefscomix.com

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: a great site, free, for making your own comic strip

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Apologize? We can't keep up!

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: thanks

 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: spresent rocks

 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: spresent.com

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Steve Dembo is our guest tonight.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Hey Dembo!!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Stody?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Stidgy

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Stodgy

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I'll get it right sometime

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: thanks again Chris

 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: thats what networks and friends are for

 pams -> EdTechTalk: I finally got the audio!

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Hello Chrissy from NZ, glad you are here. Hello Miguel too

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Moi aussi

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Dembo is famous AND wears that labcoat

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: audio is on channel a

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl - thanks for leaving a message on the voice thread!  It's so cool isn't it?

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: love voice thread

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: My students think its great

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Please open up, my school is not on unitedstreaming

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: good point alice

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: that was one of my questions

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: EVERYONE including steve has been VERY friendly, and helpful,

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy - sorry I missed your show tonight

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: cathy, what is your show called, time, day etc.

 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Making Connections Tuesdays @ : est

 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: I had audio issues tonight

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Steve, is there still a discovery teacher application that involves posting projects?

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: great title for a show. are the audios somewhere

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: FF is the mdel most teachers are comfortable with

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: yippee!

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: free time..what's that

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I spent  hours with about  teachers getting them on edublogs today.

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: cool alice

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: BUT it was for prof dev time, lol

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: SOme came not needing hours!

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Teachers are starting to see the value

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: very nice alicem

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: How did it go alice?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: AWFUL, lol

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: oh dear

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Slow day on edublog, slow day on network.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: we had that problem too

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: murphy's law

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Very slow day on edublog. we had the same experience

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: we are on blogmeister

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: SO they go to sign up. No confirming email, finally I figure out that the school email they used was sending email to spam filter.

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: So we will remeet next week.

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Oh dear!

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: alice that happened to us in the summer too. with edublogger

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: you are determined i see

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Steve is letting others doing training...

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: It seems to have it's moments

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Non us teacher.

 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Steve- we have United Streaming for our district- we love it!

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi Alex

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Steve should talk about the trainings on WebEx that he has open to all...

 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: yes we do!!

 pams -> EdTechTalk: DEN is great

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Yes, good, just what I was going to say.

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Steve: I hope you will have more is there a calendar?

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: The last one with Doug Johnson was great!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Steve is so generous.

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: a calendar would be great

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: discoveryeducation.typepad.com?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I wish I could have heard. I'm on PDT and they ran at  p.m., when I'm still teaching.

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: How can NZ do these programmes?

 Jeanne -> EdTechTalk: Hello everybody!

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jeanne, welcome

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I listened to one during spring break.

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Hi John!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: On google earth, I IMMEDIATELY incoprorated it into my new unit on western expansion.

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: evening!

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Hello John,welcome

 Jeanne -> EdTechTalk: What's the topic for tonight? 

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Thank you!!

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: We subscribe to the blog

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: The topic is Discovery Educator Steve Dembo.

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: how do i conquer the world?  (for dembo)

 Jeanne -> EdTechTalk: Thanks, Cheryl!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: good question

 Jeanne -> EdTechTalk: Our school is a member of Discovery Schools

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Well, you know, they won't disappear during the next dot.bomb.

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: hey John, your question is duly noted

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: I read that, Sharon! Amazing

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: we will await his answer with bated breath....

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I like being associated with all of you, lol

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: we like having you around alice - your wisdom might wear off on us

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: Here is the story on Joshua Bell

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: Making Connections Tuesdays @ : est

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Or something else?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: no, wisdom

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: thanks sue....

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: oops

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: one moment

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: :o)  true

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Connections are difficult, e.g. classroom. ning discussion?

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I agree alicemercer, hard to have some of these conversations on ning

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: recent discussion? did I miss sth?

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: http://kansascity.com//story/.html

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Well, it's new...

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I digress...

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: thx sue.... I could probably find the link I read... just a sec

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I looked two hours ago...

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: I can relate Steve, I can't believe I've been asked to present to teachers/senior admin about what I am doing in my classroom!

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Have people tried YackPack for conversations?

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: AliceBarr, what do you mean that its hard to have these discussions on Ning?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: congrats, Simon

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Yack pack

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: thanks

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: yes

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: YackPack is very good

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article////AR.html?referrer...

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: incredibly well written article too

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: i yacked with jody hayes today

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: we use it at our school

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I put it on my blog

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: That's great Maria & Durff

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I'm still figuring out about ning, but I've made some great connections though, I never would have. I'm too new, and not "known" so I've found others there. And here. If I was still just posting comments on

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: the prinicipal's daughter loved it

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I think it's a little hard to follow the conversations on Ning because so much is going on all the time. Perhaps it is me and my inexperience with social networking, I'm not sure

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: We have it on our wikispace

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: The big blogs, I'd be lost

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: for a collaborative project with Malaysia

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: no alice

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: I put yackpack on my classroom blog but haven't been called yet

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for sharing. Do you have a blog, AliceBarr?

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: has yackpack improved its quality then?

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: :)

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: You have to invite Maria - we'll call you!

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: invite us

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: It's working well for us Sharon

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: And I have a blog, but MY blog, as opposed to my class blog, is not getting heavy traffic.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: it is somewhat disconnected, alice

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Agree with Steve on this. School's create their own irrelevant reality.

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: good to hear, Chrissy - what is the advantage over skype?

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: I linked my blog from my Moodle class, but didn't assign anything

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: It is , I assume that was to Alice b, but I agree

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: You can record a message, chat a message or speak live

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: ohhhh

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Miguel: I have a few that I use for class purposes. Mine is in progress and will be up soon http://alicebarr.edublogs.org or http://yhsstaff.edublogs.org

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Good when time difference is a problem

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: yackpack is liked a walkietalkie

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Skype keeps a log of the text chats

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: good point chrissy

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Thanks, AliceBarr...you should write about your ning experience and share that. just a suggestion.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I'm learning RSS because of Horizon Project

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Students really like leaving a message and hearing a message

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I feel like I reach more people here, and on classroom . than on my blog.

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Miguel Good suggestion!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: The talk here helps to clarify.

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Why AliceMercer?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Oh, maybe they don't like my politics? I don't know? I connect a lot more through commenting.

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I get some comments, but not a lot on my blog, whereas here, I'm having a conversation.

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: Blogs really are mostly presentation, unless the conversation is integrated.

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: great question about mobile computing devices

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: I like the idea of having the discussion in its own column, instead of responses to posts.

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: my students raised that very question today

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Hmm...blogs are less about conversation more about presentation

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I leave comments on student's blogs just cause

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: You have to have an audience, and while I and my husband think I'm fascinating, others haven't

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: kids love it

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: discovered me yet, lol

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Cheyl, what are some of the journal you like?

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: what's your blog address AliceMercer?

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: how can cell phones be used to promote education...

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: My students have each other and me to prompt the conversation along.

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I agree Miguel. I have been using blogs more as a log

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: oh, you are fascinating, alice

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: htp://www.techlearning.com/blog///a_problem_with_blogs.php

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: well I like tech learning.com, :-),  I like TIE, eschoolnews, education world

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: http://mizmercer.edublogs.org, You already link to my class site http://nicholasfifth.edublogs.org

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: my kids converse on their blogs

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: interesting viewpoint, Miguel - more about presentation than conversation....

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Okay, phones could REALLY bridge the digital divide.

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Poor people, and people of color have much more penetration into cell phones than computers

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Ok, I get eschool news and ed world I will look into techlearning

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Edutopia too

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: ahhh, there' a bug in here! spring has spring!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: yes, Lisa, I would say that my own kids do that too - they are using their facebook and myspace more as an asynchronous chat room

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Durff - my students & I have just started looking at your blog as a model

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Soon cell phones will be coputers!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: sprung

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: computers

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Conversation is with yourself <smile>

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: cell phones already are computers

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: my blog?

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: when you really think about it

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: as a model?

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: You have a blog Durff?

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: grin

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: yip

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: oh dear!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Anyway, Miguel you don't have to read my blog, (now I sound pathetic) but I like ning (eventhough it's chaotic) because I'm seeing new folks I never did before.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: oh Miguel - I have

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: The unknown, the newbies, etc.

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: AliceMercer, Steve Hargadon will be glad to read your blog. We've been having a polite disagreement on this.

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I saw, grin!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I'm a stirrer

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: polite?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Now you know.

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk:  I can see why you like http://techlearning.com/ Cheryl!  You're on the home page!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: since when?

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Ban cell phones...read Dean Shareski on this recently

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: anyone try Jott yet?

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: that is why I had the smile kathy.

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Yeah, I have a kid in my class (fifth grade) with a cell and no computer.

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: ahh lol

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: a tool for cell phones

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Steve Dembo , Vicki DAvis, Miguel G. are all on techlearning

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: But what to do with them? web content?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: a cell IS a computer

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: I'm not anymore

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: I'm out-classed!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: because?

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: intimidated by Cheryl!

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Similar to jott is http://gabcast.com/

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: no way, is that true?

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Miguel you got me going on blogging when I was on sabbatical

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: yep

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: ;)

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: which video are you referencing?

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: link?

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: pay attention video

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Karl Fisch video

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: http://www.speedofcreativity.org////and-so-it-begins-olpc-deployment/

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: k

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: It is such a small screen

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: That's my concern...

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: the buttons are too small

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: on a  cell phone

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: It's a pretty cool device though. WE have one at school!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: for kids especially

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I can barely text on my cell

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I am embarrassed to say

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: me tpp

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: soooo small

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: the Toronto District School Board officially banned cell phones this weeek

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Hard call on cell phone

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: You do what Maine did!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I am not surprised

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: ours don't yet, even if I buy them

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: we are pretty tough on cell phones at my school

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: We've had "mob" fights with cell phones, and "safety" issues seem to trump all.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: iPods are banned too

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Also, not all cells are web capable, or folks may not subscribe.

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: the policy is against all electronic devices

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: we have that too Sharon

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: my phone was free and I can acess

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i'm cheap

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Yeah, but don't you have to subscribe?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i get the lowest pl;an

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Getting a web capable is easy,

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: Verizon is $/month but uses airtime

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: $ per month

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: but it is SO slow

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i do not sibscribe

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: to the internet

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I love google earth

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: but i can get it on the phone anyway

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Hey, there is an idea.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: if i can, i'm sure the natives can

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Okay, I'm getting convinced.

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: Have you heard of twitter

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: tweets!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: don't start, I have a twitter aversion.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Jaiku is better

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: I'm twitter averse also

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Go to Jaiku

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I don't want to be "on" that much. and I"m online a lot.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: http://jaiku.com/

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: So John, I was just checking out your blog. I like the intersting images you choose to accompany you text.  I also enjoy your observations. So what is it really,fuzz?!

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: any questions from the chat room for STeve?

 sendkathy -> EdTechTalk: Did you ask him about discovery educators?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: highlights from today's webinair?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: talk about his online persona a bit

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: What wa sthe webinar today?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Sound is going in and out.

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: What are  suggestions Steve has for overcoming the network police?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Ugh, I can't do squat at my school.

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: EDUCATION!!!!!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: netwoek police

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: good name

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i can't either

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Exactky Sharon: AMKE Good choices!

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: I feel very lucky - we don't have as many issues with network police as you guys do

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: so i take my laptop

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: The network guys like to blame the blocks and filters on parental complaints

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Make Good Choices sorry

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: and go away

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: What is the concern with wireless?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: security wise?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: we have wireless

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: if steve were to conquer the world, what would be his first move?  (serious questionstion: why do you use twitter?)

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Why couldn't they bring in their own laptops with wireless?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I think it's others taking advantage of it

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: subscribed to your blogs, AliceMercer and AliceBarr. thx

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: kids need a sign on to access via the school's servers

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Thank you Miguel!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Thank you, lol

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Hopefully you won't be sorry...

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I am subscribed to you Miguel

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: watch out,Miguel has a forked tongue!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: :)

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Yes agree alice mercer... However this motivates me!

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Durff, that's it, you're off my blogroll

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Gotcha!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Which of your blogs should I subscribed to Miguel?

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: darn, what's the name of your blog?

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: I only have one blog, mguhlin.net

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Miguel

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: hmm, okay

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: you wanted to be off?

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: hmm

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Durff's Clog

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: ha

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Blog

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: the majority of college instructors don't get it either

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I have class one's at blogmeister

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: I gave a web . workshop, and they said, "Oh! Now I know what I don't know!"

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: oh dear

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: We did a preso with the supe and cabinet on podcasting this morning

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: so they didn't buy into it?

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: I like that statement Lisa , I know what I don't know.

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: they learned how to use the Olympus WS-

 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: I agree with Steve!

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: I liked it too, Cheryl -- but all they'd ever heard of was MySpace

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: great job Lisa!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: and how bad it is too

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Miguel how did it go?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: not why it is successful

 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: My principal is so supportive- I am so lucky

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: it's confusing to have two Lisas here -- I should change my name

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: mine is too

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: just call me Durff

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: it's easier

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Woo hoo! Great Cheryl!

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: I'm gonna be LisaHistory next time; that's my web name anyway

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I wonder how many admin know about podcasting and blogging?

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: hi alice again

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: We have a technology continuum

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Hello

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: I just found out today the principal at my kid's school doesn't get it

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: another parent asked me to be on the tech committee

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: you get to tell him

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: Anyone know where I can find a good elem school basic website I can show them?

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: We don't have any standards to follow for technology as such - is that the same for anyone else?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Lisa, do they do automated phone system.

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: http://www.weskids.com    bob sprankle

 Charlene C. -> EdTechTalk: What about ISTE's standards?

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: yes, alicemercer, they do

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: why can't we bring Starbucks into the classroom for blogging

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: You can show mine: http://nicholasfifth.edublogs.org

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: No we don't have ISTE standards

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: shoehorn them into podcasting.

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: thanks, alicemercer, I will, but just a basic HTML site?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Suggest that they save them online.

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Not basic.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: Steve Dembo style

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: It's a blog, and EASIER than when I did HTML coding.

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: then i am not in my right mind

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: thank you steve

 pruffing -> EdTechTalk: i agree with steve about Twitter

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: LisaM Lane here is another http://yes.yarmouth.k.me.us/Pages/YSD_YESResource/index

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: *I* know that :)

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: perfect, alice, I have to start small

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: they have an awful site no one updates because the principal maintains control and knows nothing

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Blogging is easier in many ways. You can set it up as static.

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: sharon needs a twitter audience..... anyone out there??

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: lisa look at classblogmeister for lots of pages at different levels

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: i am

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: Alice, I'll use yours to show the potential!

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: I don't get twitter either

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Lisa, if they are doing robo calling, they can podcast.

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Lisa

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: :)

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: value wise that is

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: LIsa, if I get some teachers at my school started, I'll try to let you know about it.

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: true, alice, I hadn't thought of that

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: twittervision

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I think they there is much more tech penetration in phone usage

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: Sorta like the points that Steve was making about cell

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: get them where they are already using tech, and get it to the web, cause everything has some connection to it now.

 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: I keep going back to jaiku

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: I like Jaiku

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: I blogged that twitter is the text version of what I hear them do on their cell

 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: great show! Thank!

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I don't know about jaiku

 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: Thanks!!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: already?

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: I don't know anything about Jaiku either

 Janice Stearns -> EdTechTalk: Great conversation. Thanks!

 SandyB -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for the great input

 LisaMLane -> EdTechTalk: thanks so much! and thanks alice and alice for the help!

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: thank you for all coming tonight, what a great show!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: np

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: http://jaiku.com/

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Thanks all!

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: ta for the link durff

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: next webinar May , Discovery Educator

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: thanks Cheryl

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Topic Cheryl?

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: webinar tomorrow, podcasting

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: one for tomorrow - podcasting

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: time?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: I wish I could see it.

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: steve will get the url

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: sigh...

 pruffing -> EdTechTalk: i am signed up for tomorrow's with Jannita and podcasting

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: school night = /

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: may rd, looking at  great Star educators

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: boohoo

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: It's a public holiday for us today

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: tomorrow?

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: your tomorrow our today

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: It's Wed here

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: where are you?

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: New Zealand

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: wow

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: I'm from the future!

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: There is no average educator, lol

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: chrissy how is it on Wed.

 Steve Dembo -> EdTechTalk: If you want to cathc tomorrows webinar, you can register at  http://cs.wikispaces.com/CAIS-BP

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: yes in more ways than one

 Steve Dembo -> EdTechTalk: wait

 Steve Dembo -> EdTechTalk: that's not it!

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: It's a lovely day here - It's ANZAC day

 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: @nzchrissy- are you a teacher?

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: The webinair on google earth was stunning!

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: what is it?

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Yes I am - Year s

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: how do I post a link in the chat room

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: what is anzac

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Google cool

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: So elementary roundtable next week?

 Steve Dembo -> EdTechTalk: Try again  http://tinyurl.com/bfmvr

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: ANZAC - Australia New Zealand Air Corps

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: pretty sure it is the roundtable

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: post a link by using Word

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: celebrate the soldiers that fought for us at Gallipoli

 Durff -> EdTechTalk: paste into Word, then drag into chat room

 Simon -> EdTechTalk: I love Tuesday nights!

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: thanks and see you next Tues.

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: The air corps during WWII

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Yes WW

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: holding the eastern front for the British Empire, thankless task...

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: .am Dawn Parades

 alicemercer -> EdTechTalk: awww.

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Its cool - the younger generation turn up and are really interested in the history

 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: cool chat

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: alright, folks, we are winding down.

 pruffing -> EdTechTalk: thank you

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: So many cool links today

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=  trying to post my classroom blog

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: thanks durff!

 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Maria- when do you go back to school?

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: cathy, can't wait to listen to your podcast. I'll do that when I get off line

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: The kiddos will be back on Monday - it seems like we've been out forever

 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: good night everyone!! Great chat - thanks for sharing!

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: thanks all.

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: good night everybody

 Steve Dembo -> EdTechTalk: Is it weird that despite doing numerous podcasts and presentations, I still get nervous when interviewed?

 Steve Dembo -> EdTechTalk: heh

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: steve, you did a great job, not nervous at all

 pruffing -> EdTechTalk: thanks for the planet earth webinar today steve

 Steve Dembo -> EdTechTalk: Good, I fooled you all!  Thanks again, this was a blast!

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: off to conquer the world...

 Charlene C. -> EdTechTalk: thanks!! Great job tonite

 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Great job gals

 Steve Dembo -> EdTechTalk: @john :)

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: oh, y ou can still hear me typing. bye

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Brilliant show - again!

 JohnPederson -> EdTechTalk: ;

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: thanks all, you make the show too

 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Maria- I will email you this week- we are going to the beach on Monday

 cheryl wow -> EdTechTalk: Maria, I'll leave you a webkins message. xoxoxo

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: I have yackpack on my blog - maybe we can chat a bit when we all get back to school

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Maria we would love to chat with you

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: on yackpac

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: I just have the freebie yackpack - is that what you use for your projects

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: Yes it is

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: all free

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: do you want to try it out now?

 nzchrissy -> EdTechTalk: ok

 Maria -> EdTechTalk: i'm rather new to it and have only used it to chat with others