Women of Web Show # 26, May 8, 2007

Join Jen, Vicki, Sharon and Cheryl as we chat with Cristin Frodella from Google. Learn about the new and exciting things happening with Google Educators. Also, you will be amazed at Dr. Cheri Toledo's class of doctoral students who had their final in the chat room. Over 43 participated in the chat room and 20 of them belonged to Cheri's class. It was a blast. The Women of Web 2.0 gave out A's for class participation.

Here is the chat. Please don't rely on the chat for the links, go to the wiki for Women of Web. I take out the time stamps in the chat, so some numbers may possibily be removed from a URL.

:"dea",Hello, I am not hearing any audio"
""dea",Hi, Larry"
""Larry.Carlton",Hi dea"
""becky",hi larry & dea!"
"Larry.Carlton",I can't hear anything, I'm assuming they haven't started  yet"
:"JenniferW",Dea -- not for about  more minutes"
:"JenniferW",maybe "
:"Larry.Carlton",thank you"
:"sharonp",so we are between things?"
:"JenniferW",HMMmmmm-- not sure"
:"JenniferW",I forget that their might be OTHER shows  :)"
:"Larry.Carlton",hi becky"
:"mizmercer",any google docs, wikis, etc. or pre-reading for this show?"
:"JenniferW",Hello CheriT"
:"JenniferW",MizMercer --"
:"Larry.Carlton",hi Dr. Toledo"
:"JenniferW",wanna see my new webpage??"
:"JenniferW",that might keep you busy -- :)"
:"CheriT",Hi  Jen"
:"JenniferW",CheriT -- we need to chat soon."
:"JenniferW",I am sorry I was out the night of your chat"
:"CheriT",yes - it's been crazy"
:"JenniferW",I have read GREAT things"
:"CheriT",we're having fun!"
:"mizmercer",are you suggesting that I need something to do, lol?"
:"Larry.Carlton",Jennifer your webpage looks great, I'd like to share it with my teachers"
:"dea",I'm back. Having some problems on my end"
:"mizmercer",Your webpages always look great Jennifer"
:"JenniferW",Larry -- you may"
:"sharonp",hmmmm Cheryl has disappeared"
:"JenniferW",I worked ALL day on Sunday"
:"dea",Tried to see your webpage, and lost this page. What was the url, again"
:"JenniferW",I will try to find the NEW Technospud page look for you in a bit"
:"sharonp",I see Jeff is lurking in the background... is Cheryl having skype probs?? or connection probs??"
:"JenniferW",Cheryl is here"
:"CheriT",is there sound yet?"
:"JenniferW",just not in the chat room"
:"dea",I don't think anyone has audio??"
:"JenniferW",not yet -- soon, we promise"
:"mizmercer",Hey, who's the girl in the pic on front page? very cute, and future teacher looking"
:"sharonp",yay all is well"
:"CheriT",jen, can you put up your new URL?"
:"sharonp",HI Cristin - great to have you here!"
:"sharonp",Hi Patrick"
:"patrick berube",hello sharon!"
:"patrick berube",Thank you for the invitation"
:"sharonp",hey it is going to be a great night"
:"jeff",audio sounds good"
:"cristin",I can see cheryl"
:"sharonp",thanks Jeff"
:"patrick berube",You bet, Is this tool compatible with mac"
:"sharonp",should be"
:"sharonp",Cheryl is a mac user"
:"sharonp",so is Jen W"
:"patrick berube",great! :) "
:"cheryloakes wow",Hello to all, just getting things set"
:"cheryloakes wow",I am a mac user"
:"cristin",me too"
:"cheryloakes wow",yeah cristin"
:"patrick berube",Hi mac friends"
:"cheryloakes wow",hi maria"
:"Larry.Carlton",hi dawn"
:"cheryloakes wow",Hello to all in the room, Dr. Cheri T and her students, welcome!!"
:"Maria",Hello Cheryl and all"
:"patrick berube",hello "
:"JenniferW",I am a PC and Mac user"
:"dea",Hi Colleen"
:"Larry.Carlton",hi colleen"
:"CheriT",Hello ISU doc students!"
:"cheryloakes wow",hello Colleen, Larry, anyone else yet? I wrote about you in my blog today, techlearning.com"
:"colleen",Hi Dea and Larry"
:"colleen",I can't wait to read it!"
:"becky",hello everybody!"
:"dawnpaulson",Hi all! I am having trouble getting sound"
:"cheryloakes wow",oh, read it later not now."
:"cheryloakes wow",Hello John"
:"CheriT",Cheryl - so cool - thanks for the marketing plug :-)"
:"John Pederson",evening!"
:"dea",I don't think we have audio, yet."
:"CheriT",Yea! So Cal"
:"sharonp",Hi John!"
:"cheryloakes wow",audio is on chanel a"
:"colleen",I can hear talking now!"
:"mizmercer",Make me sick! I wish I got sent to Santa Barbara for work!"
:"mizmercer",Oh, Santa Monica"
:"mizmercer",Hey either way"
:"cheryloakes wow",i like that the other Lisa, great!"
:"LML (the other Lisa)",LOL good!"
:"sharonp",okay folks, pose your questions!"
:"jgarton",Hello! Can't wait for tonight's show."
:"CheriT",Yea! It's their final exam."
:"cheryloakes wow",I like this a final exam, I will help with any answers!!!"
::"Larry.Carlton",open book"
::"becky",what book?"
::"colleen",Oh, I hope I pass::o :o "
::"cheryloakes wow",here we go!"
::"mizmercer",I've heard about starting dummy email accounts for students that are linked to my email using a -name????"
::"CheriT",really, what book?"
::"mizmercer",Or is that too prosaic?"
::"patrick berube",sharon, how do we manage to talk"
::"LML (the other Lisa)",I second miz's question"
::"mizmercer",Two lisas, to jennifers, heck if Alice Barr gets here, it'll be two alices"
::"CheriT",a little louder"
::"becky",better, but still softer than the rest"
::"Larry.Carlton",hi kathy and mayuko"
::"Kathy Clesson",HI!"
::"Vicki Davis",Hi y'all!"
::"Durff",Hi Vicki"
::"cheryloakes wow",http://www.keotag.com"
::"mayuko_san",Hi, Larry."
::"Kathy Clesson",:D :D :D "
::"mizmercer",oh great, now two lisas, two jennifers, and two alices"
::"jgarton",Hi Vicki! Just watched your Skype how-to video at Google videos."
::"cheryloakes wow",that is my wow of the week and the huge WELCOME to Dr. Cheri Toledo and her class in the chat room. They are working on their final tonight."
::"Durff",and a partridge in a pear tree...."
::"Vicki Davis",Hi Jgarton!"
::"Vicki Davis",Skype is so very incredible!"
::"Vicki Davis",Awesome chat room tonight.  Where is everyone from tonight?"
::"sroseman",gorgeous day"
::"patrick berube",sharon, do I need to be on skype too"
::"Vicki Davis",Oh, we love LARRY!"
::"techguy",the oc"
::"jgarton",just tried out talkandwrite in skype"
::"Simon",Good evening all"
::"patrick berube",Congratulation sharon"
::"patrick berube",Welcome on board Shaaron"
::"sharonp",thanks Patrick!"
::"colleen",Good idea, Dr. Toledo!"
::"cheryloakes wow",YOu are so lucky Sharon and they are so lucky to have you!!!"
::"cheryloakes wow",Women of WEB . has  members, yeah"
::"Durff",that's a good idea...i think i will do that"
::"sharonp",HI Simon - was checking out the FlatPlanet wiki projects of your students"
::"Larry.Carlton",thank you for the kind words"
::"cheryloakes wow",anytime Larry"
::"CheriT",Larry skyped into my undergrad class today and answered their questions about becoming teachers"
::"Simon",Hi Sharon, excellent, btw, my presentation was a big success"
::"mizmercer",What is coming of age for?"
::"Vicki Davis",WEre is everyone from -- type it in the Chat -- Vicki - Camilla, GA"
::"Vicki Davis",Coming of age is a free online book -- Coming of Age  is available and you can get it but it is being updated."
::"mizmercer",Alice Mercer - Sacramento, CA"
::"sharonp",FANTASTIC Simon - so pleased for you!"
::"jschumacher",Julie, Normal, IL"
::"justin",Justin--Normal, IL"
::"cheryloakes wow",coakes-wells, ME"
::"Simon",Milton, ON"
::"colleen",Colleen-Downs, IL"
::"becky",becky, peoria, IL"
::"SandyB",Sandy B - Cumming, Georgia"
::"sharonp",SharonP = Montréal, QC Canada"
::"CheriT",Cheri - normal, IL"
::"Karen D",Karen D, Bloomington, IL"
::"sroseman",I am a big fan of that Canadian site"
::"jgarton",Willard MO USA"
::"John Pederson",John - Platteville, Wisconsin!"
::"mayuko_san",Mayuko- Bloomington, IL"
::"JenniferW",Corona, CA"
::"mizmercer",I WANT THAT LINK!"
::"LML (the other Lisa)",LML (Lisa) -- Oceanside CA"
::"dawnpaulson",Dawnpaulson Mattoon,Illinois"
::"Simon",Sharon, they loved the the \"Introducing the Book\" video, it was a big hit!"
::"Kathy Clesson",Kathy, Heyworth, IL"
::"vincej",VinceJ -Sherbrooke Quebec"
::"JenniferW",what Link MizMercer??"
::"mizmercer",for inspired learning."
::"mizmercer",I'm just getting a kitchen design firm"
::"sharonp",thanks Jen!"
::"JenMad",JenM: Hoboken, NJ"
::"mizmercer",thank you!"
::"Larry.Carlton",Knoxville, IL"
::"sharonp",oh I checked out airset and it really looked awesome"
::"sharonp",I like the fact it seems so multifunctional"
::"JenniferW", in the chatroom -- WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO"
::"dea",Dea--Alpha, IL"
::"jgarton",Yes, airset I can't wait to use it more, thanks to vicki once again"
::"Karen D",What is Cheryl's blog site?  She said she blogged about us today!"
::"Durff",that was you I heard?"
::"opmorri",Hi Olivia has logged in"
::"cheryloakes wow",my blog is techlearning.com/blog"
::"Karen D",Thanks!"
::"cheryloakes wow",you are all about my blog post if you are in Dr. Cheri's class"
::"CheriT",Karen - http://www.techlearning.com/blog/"
::"Vicki Davis",http://www.airset.com"
::"Durff",is that who all these wonderful people are?"
::"Durff",hi graham"
::"sharonp",Hi Graham! Welcome!"
::"cheryloakes wow",The  women of web are skyping tonight and Cristin Frodella is being pulled into the skype with her phone. Skype allows us to call lang lines and drag that in to the skype conference. Just an FYI"
::"sharonp",Good grief, what time is it Graham in Adelaide!??"
::"Vicki Davis",Hey Karen and Karen."
::"grahamwegner",I'm multitasking at a conference."
::"Vicki Davis",Has everyone posted where they are from in the chat?"
::"Karen Janowski",Hey, Vicki!"
::"sharonp",can't believe you made it Graham!"
::"cheryloakes wow",Hi Graham, glad you are multi taksing with us."
::"Vicki Davis",Hey Karen!"
::"JenniferW",can you do a !!!! if you are in Cheri Toledo's class??"
::"sroseman",Sue from  Ottawa, Ontario"
::"Durff",hi sue"
::"Karen Janowski",Karen from Boston"
::"grahamwegner",I'm just in the chat room so can't listen in without ignoring Jay McTighe."
::"sharonp",Hi Chris"
::"cheryloakes wow",Chris glad you are here"
::"Vicki Davis",Hi Chris!"
::"grahamwegner",G'day, everyone."
::"Karen D",!!!!"
::"charbeck\", hi busy soccer bball day"
::"charbeck\",Hi graham"
::"Simon",G'Day Graham, I enjoy your blog"
::"sharonp",Hi Kathy"
::"grahamwegner",It's . am Melbourne time."
::"sendkathy",Hi, I made it!"
::"Vicki Davis",Awesome room tonight!"
::"Vicki Davis",Hey Graham!"
::"sroseman",google is a recognized verb"
::"grahamwegner",Thanks, Simon. G'day  Chris (and everyone else)."
::"Vicki Davis",http://www.twittervision.com"
::"mizmercer",No, its the chat room"
::"LML (the other Lisa)",try Safari"
::"Durff",looks to me like WOW. has hit the big time!"
::"dea",I'm having trouble with cut and paste, too"
::"sharonp",love twittervision  - great visual"
::"LML (the other Lisa)",it helps to put the chat in a separate window too"
::"cheryloakes wow",On my macbook, I can't copy and paste links."
::"mizmercer",I can't copy and paste into this chat with IE, or Firefox on XP either"
::"Vicki Davis",http://www.googlelittrips.org/"
::"jgarton",I can't copy and paste in Firefox/WINXP"
::"Vicki Davis",Super cool."
::"becky",Love the websites!"
::"JenniferW",thanks everyone who !!!!! from Cheri's Class"
::"jeff",have you tried ctrl-c , ctrl-v ?"
::"cheryloakes wow",Hm, sounds like a chat room issue on all platforms then, ???"
::"JenniferW",if you are a FIRST TIME -- WOW Listener tonight -- "
::"sharonp",way cool"
::"JenniferW",and you }}}}}} "
::"JenniferW",can you }}}}}"
:"jgarton",Tried keyboard shortcuts and they don't work either FF/XP"
:"sroseman", try dragging the link or URL if you are using a Mac and Safari"
:"sharonp",very cool - a collaborative project opportunity"
:"dea",Shortcut keys are working for me.Thanks for the reminder."
:"cheryloakes wow",OH, susan I never tried that."
:"JenniferW",we used Google Earth for the St. Patrick's Day Project"
:"cheryloakes wow",http://www.keotag.com/"
:"JenniferW",and also the Great Egg Roll"
:"cheryloakes wow",it worked!"
:"mizmercer",Yeah, you have to put the link in word, or another wp, and drag and drop it into chat text "
:"cheryloakes wow",Let's add some color to the chat"
:"JenniferW",I agree"
::"John Pederson",http://climate.engin.umich.edu/TornadoPATHS"
::"mizmercer",There was a GREAT webinair from DEN that was on googleearth."
::"becky",How can you all talk, listen, chat and everything at once?"
::"John Pederson",used that with some kids the other day"
::"mizmercer",I'm starting a project with my students planning a cross-country trip."
::"JenniferW",we are MULTITASKERS"
::"mizmercer",I will be trying to add overlays to a googlemap"
::"sharonp",Good idea, Cheryl"
::"sroseman",I am still on Tappedin"
:"JenniferW",the little pallette on the toolbar -- LEFT -- "
::"techguy",tapped in is great"
::"JenniferW",that is your color"
::"mizmercer",We looked at the Lewis and Clark map to start our unit"
::"techguy",google earth is great, but our school computers are too old to run it"
::"Vicki Davis",Soo Soo cool lit trips!"
::"cheryloakes wow",I was able to drag my URL to the chat, and it worked on my mac"
::"sharonp",As an English teacher, I think it rocks!"
::"Vicki Davis",Hey, if you're from Dr. Toledo's class give a shout!"
::"mizmercer",Yeah, you have to drag and drop cheryl"
::"colleen",Green for google earth"
::"jgarton",google earth uses too much bandwidth to have many users on one network using it simulatenously-a main concern at our schools"
::"cheryloakes wow",good idea colleen"
::"karla konieczki",Hello Vicki"
::"techguy",@jgarton: yep.....same issue here"
::"colleen",it didn't work:( "
::"Vicki Davis", in the chat room!"
::"Vicki Davis",Wow!"
::"KarenJanowski",I LOVE Google Docs"
::"cheryloakes wow",that is record,  yikes, I mean "
::"JenniferW",In an interview with John Battelle at the Web . Expo today, the Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced that a presentation application that is part of the Google Docs and Spreadsheets is forthcoming, completing the basic \"Office\" suite."
::"cheryloakes wow",WOW "
::"KarenJanowski",When it Google \"powerpoint\" coming out?"
::"jgarton",does anybody have any suggestions about how they use it without taxing the network?"
::"Vicki Davis",It meaning Google earth?"
::"sharonp",or google docs?"
::"jgarton",Yes, Google earth."
::"cheryloakes wow",We will ask the questions jgarton"
::"Vicki Davis",What is the throughput of Google earth -- is it found online?"
::"LML (the other Lisa)",Zoho works well for office apps"
::"Vicki Davis",Yes, we can ask it."
::"JulieS",Karen D- do you have any suggestions for using Google Earth in Health -related classes?"
::"Vicki Davis",I like Google Docs."
::"Vicki Davis",I used to use WRitely."
::"sharonp",I love love love google docs"
::"Karen D",I will have to think!!"
::"jgarton",Thanks so much. My network guys allow the site, but don't want me doing any workshops on it, yet."
::"Vicki Davis",Julie and I write our articles on it and it refreshes with both of us in."
::"cheryloakes wow",I use google docs and spreadsheets with my tech team at work, we share adding things to the information we collect"
::"Vicki Davis",jgarton -- I think it is a must use for geography teachers."
::"JenniferW",i LOVED the option to be able to change my presentations ANYWHERE -- at any conference --- ON any computer"
::"Vicki Davis",So, just have several places that it MUST be used."
::"sharonp",yes, multiple users can use google docs at once, right Vince?
::"JenniferW",especially -- if I forget my computer-- or it goes down"
::"Vicki Davis",If bandwidth is a concern."
::"Vicki Davis",YES!  multiple users in Google docs and it refreshes."
::"Vicki Davis",It just doesn't save edits like a wiki."
::"Vicki Davis",Or save discussions."
::"cheryloakes wow",Hello Kathy C."
::"JenniferW",Remember -- there is a  second delay in chat --"
::"dawn",Google docs are good for political science classes too."
::"KarenJanowski",Will Presently have the interactivity that is built into PowerPoint?"
::"Vicki Davis",Docs or Earth?"
::"sharonp",I like the comments functions"
::"JenniferW",it is funny to ready your ??? knowing that Cristin is answering the ??? you are asking"
::"Durff",the only thing that bugs me about Google docs is that i can't click on hyperlinks unless i go to the preview mode, which when quickly changing classrooms, is a real time waster"
::"mizmercer",If you are curious about Google Earth for educators: http://discoveryeducation.typepad.com/media_matters///google_earth_we_.h...
::"techguy",how do we convince our IT guys not to block google search, images, and picassa?"
::"techguy",the filtering is draconian"
::"Vicki Davis",I think if you hold down ctrl that the links work."
::"Durff",i will try that tonight\"
::"Vicki Davis",I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure. -- How is that for a political answer!"
::"sharonp",hey techguy, I am with you"
::"Durff",wonderful, for whom do you work?"
::"techguy",@sharon: thanks! it's frustrating isn't it?"
::"sharonp",ugh, yes"
::"KarenJanowski",I think every teacher must tell their students about Google Docs especially if they assign group projects"
::"sharonp",yes, Karen, I agree"
::"mizmercer",I'm trying to use Zoho, and I've used google sheet, and both hitch up and slow, and don't have the full formatting of a spreadsheet."
::"techguy",there is such a disconnect beteen the way kids use tech and the ways we are \"allowed\" to use it in the classroom"
::"cheryloakes wow",hello Valentine, welcome"
::"JenniferW",Karen -- especially when kids have various software options"
::"JenniferW",Yes -- MizMercer -- "
::"pruffing",is there anyway around having to have a gmail account to use these applications? thinking of elem students"
::"vincej",its about control"
::"JenniferW",I have found that to be true too"
::"Durff",amen vicki"
::"sharonp",yes, I have this struggle too, fortunately I have a pretty good IT director who does listen tome"
::"mizmercer",Thank you pruffing, yes"
::"Durff",one set for everything"
::"KarenJanowski",way too much going on in here tonight!"
::"sharonp",yes pruffing , my next question"
::"becky",Yes, I agree... the filters at schools are so frustrating"
::"sendkathy",I would like to know if there will be a schedule coming out with Google Educator Sessions around the country.  I'm in Atlanta and I like to plan ahead!"
::"Vicki Davis",Oh, karen it is May -- we're all hyper, huh?"
::"JenniferW",Kathy -- She will get to that soon"
::"jgarton",setting up student accounts for those without emails: I would like options to do with this
::"KarenJanowski",Vicki, lol"
::"LML (the other Lisa)",I want a session like this for every application I use! :-)"
::"JenniferW",I promise!!!"
::"Durff",share that schedule if you find it kathy"
::"techguy",anything going on with GTA @ NECC?"
::"sendkathy",good question"
::"JenniferW",Tech Guy"
::"Durff",LML is the real Lisa, not the other one"
::"JenniferW",YES -- they will be presenting TWO SESSIONS"
::"cristin",we will be holdign sessions on our tools in our booht at NECC"
::"LML (the other Lisa)",:D Very funny, Durff, you are the original!"
::"sendkathy",two workshops or regular free sessions?"
::"JenniferW",They are going to have an area BIG AREA"
::"Durff",thank you"
::"cristin",in our \"teaching theatre\""
::"JenniferW",like the APPLE AREA"
::"Vicki Davis",WE're keeping a list of all of these questions!"
::"techguy",cool. are there workshop sections too?"
::"cristin",free workshops"
::"Vicki Davis",Tech Guy yours is on the list too!"
::"becky",I've been working on getting a collaborative tool for my school, too"
::"JenniferW",Sorry -- I am confused with Tapped IN"
::"cristin",taught by our Google Certified Teachers"
::"JenniferW",THEY ARE having  sessions"
::"Vicki Davis",I'm getting whiplash!"
::"jgarton",Oh yes. My hardware guys told me yesterday they will probably start blocking gmail. :{ "
::"dea",Showing my ignorance, not a problem for me, I didn't know Google had all of these products"
::"cristin",that stinks"
::"cristin",sorry to hear that"
::"mizmercer",Okay, this is KEY in elementary. Last I heard I CANNOT sign my kids up for email."
::"JenniferW",No worries DEA"
::"pruffing",yes, please find a way...we NEED it"
::"JenniferW",that is why we are bringing it up"
::"Vicki Davis",GMAIL!?  BLOCKING GMAIL?"
::"Durff",talk about speed reading"
::"LML (the other Lisa)",hard to believe they are limiting email!"
::"Vicki Davis",jgarton -- that is nutso -- it has the best filter and you can send hugely large files."
::"grahamwegner",Could I ask via this chat _ what will Google Educators do for countries outside of North America?"
::"jgarton",Yes, blocking gmail website. So sad."
::"sendkathy",Special educator gmail accounts?"
::"becky",Our students cannot access e-mail, either"
::"Vicki Davis",I'm switching our school to hosting."
::"Vicki Davis",by gmail."
::"mizmercer",They tried to block gmail in my district, and the high school teachers said, HEY we signed them up for those accounts"
::"LML (the other Lisa)",no email? how can you do ANYTHING without email????"
::"Vicki Davis",It is insane What the blocking is."
::"grahamwegner",If that fits the discussion..."
::"jgarton",Too many holes they tell me, security."
::"sroseman",Jennifer, David will have a face to face session with a group of attendees at NECC ..and jeff will be virtually coordinating from his end at Tappedin, JenW"
::"mizmercer",I  don't want my kids with email, because I have kids who can't keep track of their house keys, so I don't think they could keep track of their email logins."
::"John Pederson",i have one school that blocks *all* of google...when asked \"the kids could get anywhere\""
::"LML (the other Lisa)",same old thing -- security vs freedom (our country, our schools...sheesh)"
::"becky",I'm working on changing that, but mostly we use technology for playing games, typing and testing"
::"jgarton",we have a district email system, not web-based, which I like to pull in through google
::"Durff",i'm so lucky. i'm in private school = no blocking, just no downloading by me"
::"mizmercer",we once had some bandwith issues with google earth"
::"JenniferW", in chatroom"
::"pruffing",question regarding Google Earth images.. how can we petition for updated images...the area where our school is    is in a total blur...very disappointing for projects"
::"Durff",? wow"
::"dea",I can't even get email to go through the email accounts from the actual web pages of schools to teachers or administrators, mostly running from outlook. They go to Junk or get Spammed."
::"KarenJanowski",are there some cool ways that Google calendar can be used at school?"
::"CheriT",Larry, what do they block in your district?"
::"sendkathy",a record?"
::"JulieS",Durff, I agree- I teach at the university level, and I feel lucky that not much of this is blocked."
::"CheriT",any of these?"
::"Durff",i think it must be"
::"JenniferW",you can join a group for educators -- http://groups.google.com/group/google-for-educators"
::"JenniferW",LOL -- another group -- but a good one"
::"techguy",the irony is that most the kids have a mobile phone w/web access"
::"sharonp",I like Google Calendar - have it built into my blog"
::"JenniferW",and Cristin found the Google Earth help there"
::"Durff",i find my community is afraid of it (googleearth)"
::"JenniferW",the Google Academy Teachers group"
::"karla konieczki",all outside e-mails are blocked in our districit as well."
::"sroseman",I love google maps for driving directions"
::"becky",thanks jennifer, i'll try that site from school..."
::"JenniferW",but no worries -- I will share with you"
::"cheryloakes wow",jgarton, get ready for the answer about google earth and caching"
::"becky",teachers can access e-mails, but not students"
::"Larry.Carlton",Presently have bandwidth problems - Banning e-mail"
::"mizmercer",Next year, all our students (even elementary) are going to have seperate logins"
::"LML (the other Lisa)",if all outside email is blocked, it isn't email -- doesn't it become intranet messaging instead?"
::"jgarton",thanks so much for asking my question. increase disk cache size to control bandwidth usage AWESOME I can't wait. So helpful :) :D "
::"mizmercer",instead of classwide login"
::"JenniferW",open group"
::"jeff",When will GoogleTalk support conference calls?"
::"dawn",I think much of the blocking has to do more with the programs that schools use rather than anything else"
::"sendkathy",Can we become google certified teachers online?"
::"mizmercer",good question Kathy"
::"JenniferW",Kathy -- grins -- "
::"JenniferW",I am asking that NEXT"
::"JenniferW",LOL -- don't you know that you will be there with me virtually"
::"JenniferW",YEP -- If Jen knows -- Jen Shares"
::"techguy",why do we need to be certified?"
::"sendkathy",because it makes us sound cooler!"
::"dea",I've been reading through the google docs and available help services...how could I not have known?! Can't wait to share this with my teachers."
::"Durff",btw, sound is awesomely great"
::"JenniferW",It's another great image on my website"
::"jgarton",I want to be cooler.:) "
::"JenniferW",I like images  :)"
::"sharonp",Dea, they are really awesome"
::"cheryloakes wow",thanks Durff for the sound check it helps me."
::"mizmercer",Teacher Tube is not working in edublogs unfortunately"
::"KarenJanowski",education section will be great!"
::"becky",OH, I hope the do start an education section!!!"
::"Durff",i can't enlarge the teacher tube when showing to kids, youtube has a button to enlarge to the whole screen...."
::"Vicki Davis", in chat!  WOW!"
::"pruffing",I can't afford to go anywhere for conferences and certification...I need online everything!!"
::"karla konieczki",That woudl be great to have a teacher section"
::"JenniferW",KATHY -- for you -- Google Academy INFORMATION"
::"Durff",so when do you all go on tour?"
::"JenniferW",and GRAHAM -- For you TOO!!"
::"Kathy Clesson",Where is it?"
::"JenniferW",and for everyone else  :)"
::"Simon",Are you \"juiced\" Vicki?!?!?!"
::"Vicki Davis",Why do you say that?"
::"Vicki Davis",Do I sound \"juiced\"?"
::"Kathy Clesson",online seems critical"
::"sroseman",you have to be within  minutes travelling area to attend google academy ..boo hoo"
::"Vicki Davis",Oh -- ha ha!"
::"Vicki Davis",Yes, joost is cool."
::"CheriT",Is Google Academy only for k?"
::"Durff",juice is an app"
::"Vicki Davis",Want more channels!"
::"jgarton",Hello melinda"
::"Vicki Davis",Actually, I am exhausted from sending out invites!"
::"Vicki Davis",I have about more to do!"
::"sharonp",Google Academy has to come to Quebec.... we want you here too!"
::"becky",where is google academy?"
::"Vicki Davis",So, if you want a joost invitation -- e-mail me at [email protected]"
::"Durff",i want christian music videos"
::"Simon",and Ontario!"
::"Durff",on joost"
::"sroseman",and to Ontario"
::"Vicki Davis",www.joost.com"
::"CheriT", in the chat from C&I !"
::"Vicki Davis",or open up a private chat in here."
::"Vicki Davis",So cool!"
::"cheryloakes wow",Dr. Cheri, you have a great class and get the prize for attendance! Do you all have any questions for Cristin or any of the chat participants./"
::"Larry.Carlton",Final exam is going well!"
::"colleen",Becky, let's go to the google academy!"
::"Vicki Davis",Are you going to pass, Larry? 
::"cheryloakes wow",Larry, this is a great way to have a final! A google final."
::"CheriT",Yes, Larry, I see lots of A's in your future"
::"sharonp",webinars would be cool"
::"cheryloakes wow",I see lots of A's in Larry's future, administrators!"
::"sharonp",although face to face is also very good"
::"Maria",come to Boston!"
::"Larry.Carlton",I hope so"
::"Vicki Davis",Larry needs to be in front of other administrators talking about these tools."
::"techguy",come to Chicago"
::"Vicki Davis",They need to listen to him!"
::"cheryloakes wow",Maria, I agree, come to Boston Google academy"
::"CheriT",Cheryl - is the Google Academy only for K? What about us lowly university faculty? :D "
::"sharonp",yes, most teachers still need ff "
::"karla konieczki",I have to say this has been the less stressed final I have ever had Larry"
::"Kathy Clesson",Normal IL"
::"JulieS",So, Dr. T, would Google Academy count for an Independent study??"
::"becky",Love to go to google academy... where is it?"
::"pruffing",speaking of webinars...is anyone being limited in school to use of skype...especially if you get Erate funding?"
::"sroseman",train the trainers and send them around North America"
::"Vicki Davis",Train me and send me on a world tour!?"
::"Larry.Carlton",Independent study great!"
::"colleen",great idea, julie!"
::"sendkathy",yes, send jen to Atlanta"
::"CheriT",Julie - I'd have to see what all is involved - will they even take us"
::"becky",Hey, I'll go too!!!"
::"mizmercer",I can't get SKYPE, Yahoo!Messenger, etc. or any chat stuff at all at work"
::"jgarton",we get erate but use skype"
::"mizmercer",I do this at home"
::"Vicki Davis",NO CHAT AT WORK?"
::"becky",me too"
::"pruffing",skype is VoIP and not eligible for Erate"
::"Vicki Davis",No skype?  Meebo? Twitter?"
::"Durff",meebo is on the web"
::"sharonp",I had to be for skype at my desk and in my classroom"
::"techguy",i can't get IM either, but the new Web Messenger from Yahoo works"
::"sharonp",I had to beg"
::"Durff",it combines all the IMs"
::"techguy",i guess the IT guys haven't blocked it yet"
::"Vicki Davis",Stone Age filtration policies abound."
::"JenniferW",LOL -- yes SEND JEN TO ATLANTA"
::"Durff",and it will get around the hounds"
::"alicebarr",durff. me?"
::"CheriT",Are there any thoughts of putting on an academy for teacher educators?"
::"Vicki Davis",Filter everything Web  but Web AD cave drawings are allowed."
::"sendkathy",will you demo things for the lower elementary as well as the upper grades?"
::"mizmercer",No, and when I did an online class on technology, most of my peers said they didn't and didn't others should email during work."
::"cheryloakes wow",There is the webheads convergence starting May  , it is online and free, you would all love this.   http://wiaoc.org     check it out"
::"becky",will google academy be at the IRA conference in Toronto next week?"
::"Durff",oh, techguy?"
::"mizmercer",You should be teaching was the attitude"
::"Durff",chat is really moving"
::"sroseman",\"Train the Trainer\""
::"Kathy Clesson",Make me a Google disciple!"
::"CheriT",Vicki, did you see George's last email? We're listed as confirmed speakers"
::"cheryloakes wow",Becky, i have  friends going to IRA, from Wells, ME."
::"Vicki Davis",Yes!  I have to book the time."
::"CheriT",me too"
::"Vicki Davis",Very exciting!"
::"dawn",Is the confrence going to be broadcast on the web."
::"jeff",Worldbridges will be simulcasting many of the WiAOC events and webcast lots of virtual 'unconference' stuff betweeen sessions"
::"cheryloakes wow",Yes, Cheri and Vicki, I saw that today, congrats!"
::"sharonp",Jeff when is the schedule going to be passed around so I can claim a spot"
::"pruffing",Jen, spread the Good News about Google"
::"cheryloakes wow",Thanks Jeff for jumping in"
::"Durff",it's out now"
::"jeff",http://webcastacademy.net/  Schedule online now"
::"jeff",grab a spot while you can"
::"JenniferW",I SHALL share about GOOGLE"
::"becky",Cheryl, will they be presenting at IRA"
::"Durff",and bring the marshmallows"
::"sroseman",How long is the Academy, Jen"
::"jeff",I want to webcast a google camp, but guess we'd get in trouble, eh?"
::"sendkathy",and chocolate"
::"Durff",probably jeff"
::"JenniferW", in chat room"
::"cheryloakes wow",not this time, but maybe you will see them. One is a multi age teacher in terested in non fiction and science literature for elementary"
::"cheryloakes wow",Becky, the other teacher is interested in the new scott forseman reading program"
::"JenniferW",I have lost sound -- sighs"
::"becky",HMMM  I am a reading Coach in Peoria... but there will be thousands attending"
::"sroseman",Is froogle google still around?"
::"cheryloakes wow",yes, Jane is a literacy coach, you will see her!"
::"mmiller",I have read about % time in The Google Story. Teachers need % time"
::"JenniferW",and someone will have to fill me in on the % thing"
::"becky",Oh!! Great!  what does Jane look like?"
::"cheryloakes wow",Becky, email me later and I'll send details.  [email protected]"
::"techguy",yackpack is a cool new audio groups tool.....has anyone else tried it?"
::"pruffing",I would LOVE % to work on creative projects"
::"jeff",froogle became 'google product search'  http://www.informationweek.com/news/showArticle.jhtml?articleID="
::"sendkathy",I just do it anyway"
::"pruffing",I set up a yackpack acct but didn't make contact with anyone yet"
::"jgarton",read about yackpack, but not tried it yet: techguy"
::"mizmercer",Anything streaming seems to be blocked at work. They are concerned about \"bandwidth\""
::"Valentine Walker",Finally, I am listening under Internet explorer and chatting in Firefox. Thanks colleen"
::"techguy",it's fantastic. we integrated it w/ our Moodle"
::"jgarton",streaming and bandwidth go together"
::"CheriT",Yea, Val"
::"mizmercer",We can go to npr.com, but can't stream"
::"cristin",yep - no more \"froogle\""
::"Valentine Walker",Talk about a tech nightmare"
::"colleen",Yeah, Vallol "
::"Durff",yackpack is cool"
::"Durff",i have one on my blog"
::"Valentine Walker",Interesting chat so far. This is truly a fast pace culture"
::"colleen",i keep trying to use the colors and the icons but i just keep mispelling everything"
::"cheryloakes wow",Valentine, you are doing  a great job keeping up."
::"Valentine Walker",thanks"
::"cheryloakes wow",colleen, we don't worry about that"
::"JenniferW",this is a GREAT CHAT"
::"JenniferW",thanks everyone so much"
::"techguy",i heard the creator of yackpack (he's another stanford wiz) talk...he's a teacher educator so he knows what it's like in the classroom"
::"JenniferW",last  minutes -- ANY QUESTIONS"
::"Larry.Carlton",Colleen, keep typing. dont worry about it"
::"sendkathy",intrinsic motivation"
::"mizmercer",pool time, see ya next week"
::"jgarton",I will spend some time checking out yakpak, if an educator developed it."
::"sharonp",questioning is a sign of critical thinking"
::"pruffing",mine wasn't answered...updates of satellite images on google earth?"
::"Kathy Clesson",Pool time??"
::"JenniferW",I shall ask that"
::"Durff",it's on my blog"
::"Durff",all are welcome to yack"
::"colleen",good-i hope it won't impact my grade!"
::"Larry.Carlton", Students should question everything. they need to take control of their studies"
::"CheriT",what grade?"
::"Durff",yes they do"
::"sroseman",heard some chatter about googleearth and SecondLife"
::"cristin",agree larry"
::"Durff",but will they"
::"karla konieczki",your right Larry students do need to learn to question"
::"Durff",googleearth is SL?"
::"becky",yes, larry... but will we label that as disrespect?"
::"colleen",Larry, that attitude scares a lot of teachers, especially secondary ed"
::"Vicki Davis",Yes, learning to question is important."
::"Kathy Clesson",The Google Effect .... I like that!"
::"JulieS",Larry, and by questioning everything- it's not questioning \"what do we need to know for the test?\" That's my least favorite question!"
::"Vicki Davis",One can question with respect."
::"karla konieczki",I think they will Durff if they are given the opportunity"
::"Larry.Carlton",  No its leadership"
::"Vicki Davis",Backtalk is sarcasm without respect -- big difference."
::"Vicki Davis",Questioning is part of being an effective citizen of life."
::"JenniferW",GOOGLE EARTH ???? being answered NOW"
::"pruffing",GE...Google Earth...brings good things to light"
::"pruffing",or is it life?"
::"becky",Vicki, i agree, not sure all teachers would"
::"Vicki Davis",The good teachers I know appreciate questioning."
::"Larry.Carlton", Amen"
::"JenniferW",where would we find those overlays??"
::"Vicki Davis",of course there are some limits (like questions must be relevant)"
::"Vicki Davis",some kids try to get off track as a delay tactic."
::"sharonp",I like questions and hope I am a teacher that listens to the questions"
::"techguy",nothing wrong with questioning, it depends on the context"
::"JenniferW",LEFT HAND SIDE -- Under Layers"
::"Vicki Davis",However relevant questions with meaning are important."
::"techguy",not what you say, it's how you say it, right?"
::"Vicki Davis",Questioning is harder than answering very often."
::"JenniferW",and does Google have a SECOND LIFE???"
::"Vicki Davis",I teach socratically so we live questions."
::"CheriT",My house is not on GE - it's been here about  / years"
::"Vicki Davis",AND I LOVE IT when they pose the questions to me."
::"Simon",Is there a way to hide the notes (not sure what they're called) on Google Earth?"
::"Vicki Davis",to teach me -- and we all say \"Ah ha!\"  and I say wow when they teach me!"
::"becky",vicki, i'd love to be in your class!"
::"Valentine Walker",My students like to google earth so I incorporated it an urbanization project in an environmental science project. Some were very interested in this."
::"techguy",yep. love to see that cognitive bandiwidth "
::"pruffing",you can turn off stuff in the layers section"
::"Kathy Clesson",There be monsters ..."
::"dea",Once kids learn how to question, they come up with wonderments beyond what I often would have asked."
::"LML (the other Lisa)",as easy as making a what file?"
::"cheryloakes wow",i like that cognitive bandwidth"
::"sharonp",cognitive bandwidth.... love that term"
::"Kathy Clesson",sweet!"
::"jgarton",cognitive bandwith, how many blog posts about that tomorrow?"
::"sendkathy",the medici effect (book) has some interesting things to say about unexpected innovation."
::"mmiller",You need to have a WOW . term wiki with all these neat terms everyone comes up with on Tuesdays!"
::"Durff",oh the wrinkles"
::"Larry.Carlton",good idea"
::"becky",Oh, yes... kids can really pose some great questions.  I think some teachers are afraid they won't have the answers."
::"Kathy Clesson",I second the motion!"
::"cheryloakes wow",that is a great idea mmiller, we have had some great vocabulary come out of these chats"
::"cheryloakes wow",Dr. Cheri
::"Kathy Clesson",Educator Island??"
::"dawnpaulson",I agree Becky. I teach presevice teachers and they are worried about not having the answers"
::"CheriT",just Cheri"
::"cheryloakes wow",I would love your final to include as many of your students leaving a comment on the techlearning blog"
::"Vicki Davis",Any quick questions!"
::"Kathy Clesson",You can get google alerts"
::"Vicki Davis",This time has literally SPUN by!"
::"Kathy Clesson",for podcasts"
::"Kathy Clesson",I get them"
::"CheriT",did everyone see cheryl's comment?"
::"sendkathy",what was it?"
::"Durff",is there google training in SL?"
::"JenniferW",nope -- I missed it"
::"CheriT",go to the techlearning blog and leave a comment ... of course, I have no power over you now"
::"becky",Vicki, I think I'll still be spinning tomorrow!!!"
::"jgarton",whirlwind chat. Had a ball. Thanks so much."
::"sharonp",wow, did  a whole hour just pass by??"
::"colleen",good, i still have to do my last blogpost"
::"JenniferW",OH -- yes I posted to it"
::"cristin",no google training SL"
::"CheriT",Cheryl, you got one"
::"Durff",it's called \"flow\""
::"Kathy Clesson",THANK YOU"
::"cheryloakes wow",thanks to you all"
::"CheriT",wow that went quick"
::"SandyB",Thanks for another great dialogue"
::"Larry.Carlton",thank you"
::"techguy",thanks! see you in atlanta"
::"dawnpaulson",Once again an interesting evening!"
::"colleen",Thank you"
::"sendkathy",Thanks for taking our questions"
::"sharonp",Hi Miguel!"
::"karla konieczki",Thank you for a great show.  Thanks for having us."
::"cheryloakes wow",Thanks to all Dr. C's class and hope you do well on the final! You get an A from ME, and the other women of Web. ."
::"JenMad",nite all!"
::"CheriT",News: I just found out yesterday that my article \"Digital Culture: Immigrants and Tourists Responding to the Natives’ Drumbeat\" will be published in June at http://www.isetl.org/ijtlhe/forthcoming.cfm?v=&i="
::"becky",thanks for a great chat!!!"
::"Durff",Excellent outtro!"
::"techguy",congrats cheri"
::"sendkathy",come back!"
::"CheriT",it was really quick"
::"opmorri",Thanks! see you later"
::"cheryloakes wow",congrats, Cheri!!"
::"Kathy Clesson",Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
::"justin",great info everyone"
::"becky",Dr T.. That's great!!!"
::"colleen",Congrats, Dr. T!"
::"dea",Thanks for all the learning. I'll leave a comment after reflection...another sign of critical thinking
::"dawnpaulson",Congratulations Dr. T!"
::"CheriT",thanks eveyrone"
::"cheryloakes wow",Thanks to Cristin"
::"Simon",is Google a noun or a verb?"
::"CheriT", was my best class ever! "
::"becky",Yes, I need time to reflect, too"
::"Durff",SL trainings?"
::"becky",Aw, I bet you say that to all your classes, Dr T!!!"
::"dawn",Dr. toledo can we continue to listen in after this semester?"
::"CheriT",aw, shucks"
::"cheryloakes wow",May , conference in SL for educators."
::"KarenJanowski",who will be at NECC?"
::"JenniferW",I will"
::"techguy",i will"
::"CheriT",of course, dawn"
::"sharonp",a conference in SL for educators"
::"Maria",I will"
::"SandyB",I will - they need volunteers if you know of anyone willing"
::"CheriT",me too"
::"cheryloakes wow",You are all welcome to listen each tuesday night , come back. We may take a break in the month of July...."
::"techguy",should be interesting"
::"CheriT",who's techguy?"
::"Durff",the techgiys?"
::"becky",YESS!! A's all around :D "
::"cheryloakes wow",I agree Becky A's."
::"JulieS",Thanks- see you online this summer Dr. T!"
::"CheriT",see you then"
::"sroseman",quit and restrat..then you can copy and paste or try dragging"
::"Larry.Carlton",Dr. T see you in the fall."
::"sroseman",  oops http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_(verb)"
::"CheriT",have a good summer Larry"
::"becky",I'll be back, too.  This is great stuff!!"
::"sroseman",can't copy and paste"
::"CheriT",we've opened ourselves to a whole new world"
::"becky",Have a great summer everybody!  "
::"CheriT",you too Becky"
::"JenniferW",night everyone"
::"becky",thanks!  "
::"colleen",Bye everyone, its been great learning with you all"
::"Durff",oh yea"
::"CheriT",bye colleen"
::"cheryloakes wow",bye all, it has been great!"
::"Karen D",Yes we have, with your guidance Dr. T!  Thanks everyone!"
::"Durff",Celeste is home from the hosp"
::"sendkathy",night all, love being part of these sessions"
::"KarenJanowski",fun night!"
::"techguy",i'm gunna blog about this on my blog..thanks"
::"KarenJanowski",was this the largest crowd yet?"
::"techguy",good event"
::"becky",Bye.. wish me luck on my comps & dissertation this summer"
::"cheryloakes wow",please do blog about this it was awesome"
::"dawnpaulson",Bye all it has been great! Have a great summer!"
::"techguy",community of practice"
::"cheryloakes wow",good luck on comps, finals and end of your year"
::"techguy",good stuff"
::"dawnpaulson",Good luck Becky!"
::"Larry.Carlton", Becky, good luck!!"
::"mmiller",Thanks again."
::"CheriT",you'll do great becky"
::"CheriT",great job everyone"
::"sroseman",busy night"
::"mayuko_san",Bye.  Everyone. Truely fun class.  See you Friday, Dr. T."
::"sroseman",do you guys ever sleep"
::"KarenJanowski",go to bed"
::"CheriT",yes, mayuko ... on to the next project"
::"Durff",you all need your sleep"
::"Vicki Davis",You stay up late too?"
::"Vicki Davis",Sue!"
::"cheryloakes wow",goodnight all"
::"Vicki Davis",We will!  You all are awesome!  This was so much fun!"
::"Durff",night "
::"Vicki Davis",We enjoyed tonight!  WOW!"
::"techguy",i teach online at pepperdine. we never sleep. lol"
::"sroseman",good night"
::"Vicki Davis",I went to Georgia Tech -- we didn't sleep there either!"
::"pruffing",thanks ...good night"
::"Vicki Davis",Tech Guy -- I think I owe you a joost but will probably do it early tomorrow!"
::"techguy",i'm looking at Georgia tech phd program"
::"Durff",no one sleeps in collegeg"
::"opmorri",Bye!!!! Thanks Dr. T"
::"patrick berube",thanks sharon for the invitaiton"
::"Vicki Davis",Oh really -- Go jackets!"
::"CheriT",bye olivia"
::"sroseman",pepperdine ..tappedin"
::"techguy",thanks....but i have been joosting"
::"techguy",yep that's the one"
::"techguy",we love TI"
::"CheriT",night all"
::"Vicki Davis",Adieu!"
::"MGuhlin.net",anything exciting going on here?"
***PS from Cheryl, Miguel, you were just a little late, you can hear the podcast here! 

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