Webcast Help Request

Things went fairly smooth on our inaugural EdTechTalk K12 webcast on Thursday. There are a few things I could use: I created a program but that does not transfer into the creating audio upload nor entering an event on the schedule. Is there a standard or process to get the webcast audio into the feed? Thank you

I am appreciative of the changes of the schedule and streaming. Thank you. It's great to be included in the ETT family of shows, but how does the RSS feeds work and can ETTK12 get their own feed under the "subscribe to specific shows"? I also see that we didn't get into the raw audio archive. What do I need to know to help that happen? We were streaming at 59 min after the hour. Jeff Flynn Ann Arbor, MI skype - gratefulalways

Congrats again on a great pilot episode Jeff. The EdTechTalk Fairy has set up your RSS feed and added it to the subscription page at: http://edtechtalk.com/subscription_options ETT K-12 has also been added to the Raw Stream Archive schedule. The reason show #1 didn't appear is that it appears you streamed to Worldbridges A instead of ETT A. As a result the raw stream audio got posted to: http://streamarchives.net/node/97 Stream Access info (for webcasters) is at http://edtechtalk.com/info Cheers, JL