EdTechTalk Management Structure

How can EdTechTalk develop a management structure that
   a) distributes the workload of keeping the site and community functioning
   b) avoids long-term dependency on any individual or group
    c) maintains EdTechTalkyness

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Smiling now? Edtechtalkiness - isn't it with an 'i' not a 'y'? I think the 'C' word is a necessity - committees..... we all hate them, but they work. I think we need to delineate committee names & major functions....we already started with comment moderation...Cheryl is in charge of that one. What other functions need to be accomplished?

A first step is to go through membership list and identify active members.  An active member can be defined as regular participants in producing content (audio or text on forums, listening to shows (live or downloading podcasts, and chatting on edtechtalk.  I am not sure how easy this task is. But, I do know that it takes more than just asking for help.  Personal contacts and a nudge here and there go a long way.  We should definitely look into a structure that elects a council and working committees.  Once we have a structure the work can be rotated in quarter or semi-annual cycles.  The "board" would be elected for a fixed term and re-election can be optional.