Women of Web 2.0 Show #40

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Welcome to the #40th show for Women of Web 2.0. While Sharon and Cheryl held down the fort, we were missing Vicki, who was down with a huge headache, and Jen who happened to be working late. We had great guests who helped us through the show. You will enjoy all the comments and the chat as well.

Here is the agenda

Our Guest(s)
Guest: Miguel Guhlin http://www.mguhlin.net
Guest: Barbara Barreda http://dare-to-dream--classroom-technology.blogspot.com/
Guest: Scott McLeod http://scottmcleod.typepad.com/dangerouslyirrelevant/2007/01/gone_fischin.html
Guest: Chris Lehmann http://www.practicaltheory.org/serendipity/


WOW2 Order:
Jen http://www.epals.com/askepals/

Sharon takes us into conversation

Comments & Questions:(from Jen)
#1 -- What tech tool or tech skill do you want your teachers to know that you find is most important to you!!
#2 -- What incentives or perks do you give to your teachers who use the tools of tech?
#3 -- What kind of relationship do you have with your IT staff? Do you have expectations, concerns, requirements??
#4 -- Do you offer any kind of mentoring or peer-teaching opportunities?
#5 -- What is the most important statement you want your teachers to hear you say about their teaching? (with or without tech)

other items:

Sharon's Questions:

  1. What special vision do you carry with you into the new year as a leader for your school/district?(for yourself? for your staff? for your students?)
  2. As we have all had the opportunity to regroup and refresh over the summer after a year of explosion of web 2.0 tools, is there a "killer app" that you are particularly excited about for the new academic year?
  3. What kind of professional development activities are you encouraging your staff to undertake this year.

The Chat:

20:47:04 Lori A -> EdTechTalk: brb

20:47:44 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: no audio yet, still getting ready

20:47:49 lori a -> EdTechTalk: np

20:47:58 lori a -> EdTechTalk: just checking headphones and will wait

20:48:18 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: Channel Cheryl?

20:48:30 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: this always throws me a little

20:54:28 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: eTT A

20:54:43 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: thanks

20:55:05 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: hello janice, is there sound yet

20:55:18 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: i hear it

20:55:34 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: okay

20:56:16 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Hi folks... just dealing with some last minute tech issues

20:57:49 janices -> EdTechTalk: Hello everyone

20:57:57 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: Hey Janice

20:58:03 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Chat is where it's at!

20:58:19 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: he is such a poet, but he don't know it.....

20:58:20 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: someone send a twitter

20:58:22 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: So, what really tough questions can we ask Scott and Chris?

20:58:35 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: Be nice, Miguel.

20:58:39 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: but his feet show it... they are longfellows!!! (yuk yuk)

20:58:58 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: all our guests here but Chris

20:59:04 lori a -> EdTechTalk: is there sound yet?

20:59:07 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Barbara should go first!

20:59:12 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: but where?

20:59:16 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: Lori its on ETT A

20:59:35 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Hi all

20:59:38 lori a -> EdTechTalk: hmm not coming through my headphones

20:59:42 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: Hey Carolyn Foote

21:00:30 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: okay, welcome all

21:00:33 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: Hey Barbara --my skype friend form BLC

21:00:43 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Hello. Hm, can't see any of the icons for the media players

21:00:48 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: anyone else having that problem?

21:01:15 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hello David!

21:01:19 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I have Twitter for real

21:01:20 lori a -> EdTechTalk: not playing on itunes

21:01:22 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: It was great- I did not kill it :)

21:01:23 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: http://edtechtalk.com/listen directs you to another site in the box

21:01:24 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Hello Cheryl

21:01:29 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Melinda, I loved your last podcast with Kindergarten and your new show

21:01:31 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Cathy!

21:01:45 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Hey! thanks Cheryl

21:01:54 LisaParisi -> EdTechTalk: twitter.com is working for me

21:01:58 SusanEttenheim -> EdTechTalk: hi cheryl and all!

21:02:02 DianeH -> EdTechTalk: Hmmmm? there are no icons to click on for the audio stream.

21:02:16 janices -> EdTechTalk: try http://worldbridges.net/listen

21:02:18 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: http://edtechtalk.com/listen box sends you to a differnt site

21:02:30 lori a -> EdTechTalk: all working now

21:03:01 SusanEttenheim -> EdTechTalk: you sound great tonight!

21:03:42 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: susan, loved your Teachers teaching teachers shows the past 2 weeks.

21:04:00 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Ok, good, now I can hear!

21:04:06 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Hi David Jakes!

21:04:14 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Hi Joyce!

21:04:23 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: evening David J

21:04:24 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: epals.com

21:04:25 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Hey Miguel Guhlin, see you in Austin!

21:04:28 janices -> EdTechTalk: Yes, hi David, District6 here

21:04:28 SusanEttenheim -> EdTechTalk: thanks cheryl

21:04:30 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: hi everyone!

21:04:32 SusanEttenheim -> EdTechTalk: have to finish the last one

21:04:33 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Hey Cathy

21:04:38 SusanEttenheim -> EdTechTalk: hi joyce

21:04:38 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: carolyn!

21:04:39 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Hey Janice

21:04:39 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: I'm in Austin!

21:04:47 DianeH -> EdTechTalk: Hi everybody!

21:04:48 lori a -> EdTechTalk: Hi fellow IL people David and vinnie

21:04:57 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: Im in SC

21:05:01 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Carolyn, join David,Wes, and David W and I in Austin Nov 4th!

21:05:10 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Vinnie, how is the beginning of your year?

21:05:11 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: for TechLearning's TechForum

21:05:13 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: for Tech Forum? I went last year, it was great!

21:05:13 DianeH -> EdTechTalk: I'm in Ontario, Canada

21:05:21 DianeH -> EdTechTalk: Hi CathyN

21:05:21 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Hey Lori and Vinnie

21:05:27 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Wes is keynoting...I need someone to pass the tomatoes! <grin>

21:05:30 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: tetesaclaques.tv

21:05:35 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: "cool" literally Dianne

21:05:39 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Sounds good Miguel

21:05:52 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: OOps "Diane"

21:05:55 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: We can tell a story about the tomatoes afterwards, David!

21:06:30 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: I can provide salsa?

21:06:43 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Hey Cathy N

21:06:50 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: Hey Melinda

21:07:07 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: my french classes can use this?

21:07:32 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I bet you could Joyce, it would engage them

21:07:44 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: cool!

21:08:12 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: great WOW

21:08:14 DianeH -> EdTechTalk: tres amusant!

21:08:15 vinnie v -> EdTechTalk: Hey there guys. I am really multitasking, doing student account maintainence and listening the the Chicago Cubs game

21:08:31 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: go CUBS!

21:08:32 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Cubs losing yet, Vinnie

21:08:35 lori a -> EdTechTalk: I have Cubs game on too

21:08:37 janices -> EdTechTalk: A true multitasker

21:08:39 lori a -> EdTechTalk: no score

21:08:55 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: is this a cult of the amateur debate?

21:08:59 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: ah, our french teacher's been looking for some interesting stuff! cool.

21:09:00 SusanEttenheim -> EdTechTalk: that's great - I'm going to show it to our French teacher tomorrow!

21:09:17 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: me too! I am writing the email as we "speak" susan

21:09:24 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: amateur cubby fans? No such thing

21:09:26 lori a -> EdTechTalk: oops dodgers have a run

21:09:36 janices -> EdTechTalk: Go Dodgers

21:09:38 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: http://tinyurl.com/2psscf

21:09:41 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Hi vicky!

21:10:10 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Miguel's role is to harass me

21:10:13 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Hi Miguel!

21:10:22 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Hi Scott!

21:10:23 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Go ISU Cyclones

21:10:35 vinnie v -> EdTechTalk: cubs are down 1-0. are the white sox even playing anymore?

21:10:46 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: @vinnie, nice

21:10:57 janices -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jen

21:11:06 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: A true administrator

21:11:07 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jennifer :)

21:11:08 LisaParisi -> EdTechTalk: hi jen

21:11:09 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: jen are you on skype

21:11:17 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Just now

21:11:20 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: but I don't have headphones

21:11:25 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: Hi jen

21:11:39 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Hey

21:11:50 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Hi vicky!

21:11:59 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: Hi everyone ... took me a while to get sound.

21:12:10 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Glad you made it!

21:12:17 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: it's like the oscars ;)

21:13:37 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: David, everyone has to have a thorn...David W has Gary, Tom H, and Stephen, and you've got me! Be grateful! ;->

21:13:44 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I am heading home

21:13:49 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: see you all in 30 minutes

21:13:51 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: I'm Catholic, does that count?

21:13:55 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: hehe

21:14:06 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: @Miguel. Laughing, wouldn't have it any other way...

21:14:18 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: WaiT -- it is 6:15 -- I will stay here and listen

21:14:25 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Hi Linda!

21:14:31 Linda -> EdTechTalk: HI!

21:14:43 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Barb, you bear our cross <grin>

21:15:20 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: any questions for our guests?

21:15:23 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Barbara: sorry I missed you on Skype, would be glad to talk with your staff about digital storytelling.

21:15:29 janices -> EdTechTalk: Barbara dares to dream.

21:15:31 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Scott needs to answer that question.

21:15:38 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: sheesh

21:16:12 SusanEttenheim -> EdTechTalk: hubby home.. have to go have dinner "date" look forward to the podcast!

21:16:23 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: thanks for stoping sue

21:16:41 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Scott's blog is great.

21:16:55 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: Thanks David

21:16:56 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: this is hysteical -- I can't hear

21:16:58 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: thanks for the kind words!

21:17:01 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: OH now I can

21:17:04 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: okay -- this is great

21:17:12 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: You're welcome!

21:17:28 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: <Carolyn Foote here

21:17:55 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: sadness -- they are laughing without me :)

21:18:11 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: aww

21:18:19 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: we miss you too Jen, but take care of the chat:-)

21:18:52 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: be our rudder--keep us going in the right direction

21:18:53 lori a -> EdTechTalk: Cubs and dodger tied

21:19:26 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: I really like this point--how reading can illuminate your thinking

21:19:44 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: absolutely and then the reflections and conversations

21:19:50 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: CURRENT things ... contemporary thoughts

21:19:50 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: reading blogs also extends your boundaries of what education can and should be

21:19:53 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: do administrators have time to read?

21:20:03 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: They have to make the time

21:20:13 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: It's mission-critical.

21:20:16 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: If we don't make the time...

21:20:17 janices -> EdTechTalk: They are required to read in our district

21:20:19 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Ours started a book study

21:20:22 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: And they should be writing the blogs for teachers to read

21:20:23 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: no we don't have time to read but we make time toread

21:20:39 janices -> EdTechTalk: To get them to read outside of the required reading, aka blogs, is the key

21:20:41 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: for some, maybe we need to sneak into their offices and set their rss feeds up to get them started

21:20:44 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: We can help by sending our administrators good articles from blogs

21:20:54 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Have them begin with LeaderTalk

21:20:56 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: lol..joyce, we set up a pageflakes feed for our admins and committees

21:20:57 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: amen janice

21:20:59 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: it's not just blogs, though

21:21:11 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: David, thanks for the www.leadertalk.org. shout-out!

21:21:12 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Preach on, Barb!

21:21:13 janices -> EdTechTalk: Agreed, Scott

21:21:20 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: cool. i was thinking about that. I will try that tomorrow too!

21:21:21 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: I almost ONLY read blogs right now because they come right to me in my RSS

21:21:22 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Oops

21:21:30 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Sent that to every admin on Blog Day

21:21:33 janices -> EdTechTalk: Leader talk is a great blog for administrators

21:21:43 janices -> EdTechTalk: What a great idea, David

21:21:47 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: You build on their strength?

21:21:51 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Leader Talk is excellent--gives admin. a taste of diff. blogs

21:21:59 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: OHHH David Jakes is here???? :)

21:22:02 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: and diff persp

21:22:04 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: You find what they're excited about and encourage them to share it?

21:22:08 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Hey Jen

21:22:13 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Hey David

21:22:26 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Passion is a prerequisite for living

21:22:29 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: i emailed my princ about leadertalk last week

21:22:35 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: love passionate administrators

21:22:36 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: blogged it too

21:22:41 Linda -> EdTechTalk: You have to find the root of their personal passion.

21:22:43 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: that was a wake-up ring


21:22:45 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Sharing your excitement may help them get more revved up about it

21:22:55 janices -> EdTechTalk: I've emailed them before, but getting them to read and subscribe is the struggle

21:23:00 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: We had to read the Passonaite Teacher for Staff dev

21:23:02 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I am not sure if I should be boycotting David Jakes - not sure he ever posted my comment on his blog...

21:23:04 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Jason has entered the room

21:23:08 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Run

21:23:10 Jason Hando -> EdTechTalk: Hi all

21:23:10 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: We read Whole New Mind.

21:23:11 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: ;->

21:23:12 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Can you be an effective technology leader without being knowledgeable about technology

21:23:16 Jason Hando -> EdTechTalk: was tricky finding this stream and chat

21:23:19 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Oh mo Jason is here! Everyone is going to go crazy over him

21:23:22 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: David, yes!

21:23:22 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I believe with Barbara that we all have strengths -- but I believe we also can learn something new -- even if it is out of our comfort zone

21:23:30 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Leadership is about empowering others

21:23:38 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: great point, Miguel

21:23:41 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: Sharing conversations of vision breeds passion.

21:23:47 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: what was that Sharon, sorry I missed it...embarrassed

21:23:53 Jason Hando -> EdTechTalk: do people here subscribe to leadertalk blog?

21:23:57 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: sigh to David Jakes

21:24:04 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: That blag? no way!

21:24:12 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I belive it was about chatcasting

21:24:12 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: will find it, so sorry

21:24:18 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: i do jason

21:24:19 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Yes I subscribe and post toleadertalk

21:24:30 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I tried not to take it personally (tease)

21:24:35 janices -> EdTechTalk: I do

21:24:36 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: Chat participants, how is tech leadership different than leadership generally?

21:24:37 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: CHime in...

21:24:43 Linda -> EdTechTalk: I do Jason.

21:24:44 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: thinking

21:24:48 janices -> EdTechTalk: subscribe to leadertalk that is

21:24:51 Jason Hando -> EdTechTalk: very cool stuff - mmiller (sorry, is that Melinda? Mary or Mark?)

21:25:03 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Willing to experiment or support experimentation?

21:25:15 Jason Hando -> EdTechTalk: http://www.leadertalk.org is address

21:25:17 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Is reading leadership different than tech leadership? Is Math leadership different than tech leadership

21:25:28 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: It's Melinda Hello Jason

21:25:31 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: i think leadertalk is very diverse

21:25:34 janices -> EdTechTalk: Great point, Cheryl

21:25:37 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: For some reason holding a mouse freaks teachers more than holding a piece of chalk

21:25:44 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and there should NOT be a difiference

21:25:45 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Diversity is very good on Leadertalk

21:25:48 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: thanks janices, i feel like I am learning all the time

21:25:50 Jason Hando -> EdTechTalk: Hi Melinda - apologies for not know your name

21:25:56 janices -> EdTechTalk: Me too

21:26:00 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: resilience

21:26:04 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: lol

21:26:22 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: except for many teachers -- the piece of chalk has almost never let them down

21:26:26 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Welcome Karen!

21:26:27 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: No apologies necessary! I just love all the fuss over you when you enter the chat room

21:26:29 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: where a computer sometimes just doesn't work

21:26:30 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Hi Karen

21:26:51 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: Hi, everyone! Hey Miguel and Carolyn!

21:26:52 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: melinda, that rush when you enter the chat is something, there is no way to sneak in

21:26:55 Jason Hando -> EdTechTalk: rotfl - yeah right Melinda, getting a complex though ;-)

21:26:56 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Rephrase the question? How does a leader who supports technology do it?

21:26:57 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: ok remembered

21:27:02 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: hello Karen Jan, great to see you

21:27:04 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: a non fear of technology. Understand that tech changes often and flexibility to change with it.

21:27:19 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: And to take a staff with them

21:27:20 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: A tech leader uses teachnology to connect, collaborate, empower the people

21:27:22 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: What does that leader do differently to be effective?

21:27:22 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: Hi, Cheryl!

21:27:23 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: they are responsible for

21:27:28 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and they need to have a GREAT SUPPORT BACKUP!!!

21:27:29 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: I'm sure I missed some great stuff

21:27:34 janices -> EdTechTalk: Literacy includes so many things, collaboration...

21:27:38 lori a -> EdTechTalk: and a budget

21:27:44 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: i agree--we have to connect what tech might do with what keeps our leaders up at night

21:27:44 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Yes, part of the leadership involved is making the team work

21:27:49 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: if leader sub to lt, they at least read bnlogs--use tech in auth mnner

21:28:04 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: model for teachers

21:28:05 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: If the support part doesn't work, teachers get frustrated.

21:28:07 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: You guys are way too much fun in here on Tuesday nights:):):):)

21:28:09 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: So leader has a big role in that.

21:28:25 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I think -- it has a great deal to do with tools. But tools does not just mean TECH

21:28:28 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: thanks, Melinda, it is due to the great audience participation we have

21:28:30 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: I think tech leadership means somewhat requiring more from teachers than sending their kids to the computer lab as tech

21:28:33 Linda -> EdTechTalk: I think that a leader who supports technology is open to finding new ideas, new, experimenting, being flexible, encouraging inovation.

21:28:40 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: But it takes overall leadership skills before they can do that

21:28:42 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Support the same way a Math teacher who became a principal supports reading when her expertise is math

21:28:53 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Good points Linda

21:28:55 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Good linda, I am with you

21:28:56 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: yes melinda

21:29:14 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: I think an administrator has an amazing ability to set the tone for teachers

21:29:17 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: as invitational

21:29:21 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: innovative

21:29:27 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: OOOHHH colors

21:29:30 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: open, flexible

21:29:31 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: remember to choose your colors

21:29:35 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: just as we should have awareness of arts --creativity

21:29:38 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: bottom left icon on your toolbar

21:29:44 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: http://www.dangerouslyirrelevant.org/2007/07/professional-de.html

21:29:56 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: professional devt. for leaders

21:30:06 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Scott

21:30:13 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: scott you are in my admin folder

21:30:23 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: change week wrap-up

21:30:26 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: http://www.dangerouslyirrelevant.org/2007/06/change_week_wra.html

21:30:27 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: a are u Melinda

21:30:32 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Scott, I bookmarked it for later

21:30:48 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Tech can enhance and engage students but it doesn't necessarily need to be one more thing todo.

21:30:52 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: modeling, modeling, modeling is what we want to do for our students too!

21:30:55 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: gauntlet thrown

21:31:06 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: in 20 seconds you are going to hear something great from Barbara!

21:31:07 Linda -> EdTechTalk: Ah modeling...just the chat I had with my administrator today.

21:31:08 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Ithink all of youo are in my RSS I am blog addict

21:31:10 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: everyone should be doing this

21:31:12 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: what an awesome idea

21:31:19 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: scribing opens up to the world. People will see what you are doing in class. This is scary for some people

21:31:21 janices -> EdTechTalk: I love that idea. Thanks for sharing, Barbara!

21:31:23 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: could someone summarize scribing

21:31:33 Jason Hando -> EdTechTalk: Stephen Downes says that teaching is demonstrating and modelling and learning is practicing and reflecting

21:31:33 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: transparency is key

21:31:35 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: live blogging sort of

21:31:36 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: scribing -- writing down what is being said

21:31:46 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: on a blog or wiki

21:31:47 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: SD is a wise man

21:31:51 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: or google doc

21:31:54 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: Barb is it done with a skypcaht or what tool???

21:31:54 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: VEry cool idea

21:31:59 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: blog

21:32:08 janices -> EdTechTalk: Down with paper charts!

21:32:13 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: ohhhh -- writing --- or is it typing :)

21:32:19 Jason Hando -> EdTechTalk: A wise Canadian Sharon!!

21:32:20 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: and large postit charts

21:32:20 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: but risktaking is key for our leaders

21:32:22 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: down with posters on poster board

21:32:28 Linda -> EdTechTalk: As a previous coach, my principal said that she did not always feel that the teachers really understood different strategies even when they were modeled.

21:32:29 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: its private for now but it will go public

21:32:32 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Miguel, having different "class" members write posts of what the group did?

21:32:37 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: in this case, teachers

21:32:43 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: good idea to take it public

21:32:57 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: i discussed risk with my new principal today. She's ready to play with me

21:33:07 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: yes miguel...a synthesis of the class/PD meeting

21:33:09 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: More than modeling...maybe it's not only modeling, but letting them "do"

21:33:11 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: model 21 century shills---podcasts!

21:33:21 janices -> EdTechTalk: and blogs and wikis

21:33:25 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Exciting Joyce

21:33:31 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: I subscribe to enough to listen to soemthing diff on the way 2 and from school everyday of the week!

21:33:32 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: there is so much going on in here, is there a better tool for us to use to collaborate?

21:33:33 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: meaningful, effective communication

21:33:36 Linda -> EdTechTalk: I thought that perhaps that any modeling still needs reflection, debriefing, metacognitive analysis to flesh out what you were hoping the teachers would discover...

21:33:41 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: Oh Cathy that reminds me I need to send you my new podcast

21:33:52 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: great

21:33:54 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: learning to learn

21:34:01 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: Linda good point

21:34:04 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: nice, miguel

21:34:14 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: right..the whole idea of educators as learners

21:34:18 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: seems obvious but like a huge shift

21:34:22 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Real life problem situations -- YES!!!!!

21:34:36 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: 21st C learning shows kids that the world is not that large any more. You can collaberate anytime anywhere

21:34:37 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: our state dept liaison for lib programs uses a blog ad googledocs to dessiminate info

21:34:42 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I want my students to learn how to use the TOOLS in a way that they WILL use the tools!!

21:34:48 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Wahoo- Making connections :)

21:34:52 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: cathyn, that is great

21:34:56 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: Can "problem solving" be scaled up to everyday curricula?

21:34:59 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I like what Miguel has to say about using teh Internet to communicate - it is not just about the productivity tools anymore

21:35:20 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: should be, Scott

21:35:21 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Scott ---- isn't it????

21:35:27 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Scott, problem solving always seems like the add on, not the integral part of learning

21:35:29 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: grins -- it is in my lesson plans

21:35:39 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: not for everyone, Jen

21:35:44 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: really????

21:35:45 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: Most of the time, it's more of an event than regular practice?

21:36:00 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: right, scott, an event that kids look forward to

21:36:06 susanvg -> EdTechTalk: Quebec program focuses on problem solving - but that doesn't mean all educators are doing that

21:36:19 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: problem solving involves [b]context[/b] so give kids a problem to solve with context and it will further engrained in their minds. deeper understanding

21:36:21 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Miguel is really making me think about the new Quebec Education Program

21:36:21 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: hmmmm -- this is really perplexing me

21:36:45 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: help me problem solve this dilemna :)

21:36:45 janices -> EdTechTalk: A director is talking to me about the collaborative tools. He's tired of the "culture of dependency".

21:36:56 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: culture of dependency, great term

21:36:58 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: oh meee toooo

21:37:02 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: anice ..amen!

21:37:07 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: good point

21:37:12 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: what does that mean - culture of dependency??

21:37:14 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: anice=janice

21:37:25 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: we're landsmen of sorts

21:37:26 janices -> EdTechTalk: No self directed learning

21:37:26 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: tell me what I need to know

21:37:38 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: oh, okay

21:37:40 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: streamlined PD

21:37:40 susanvg -> EdTechTalk: teacher is god - student is sponge

21:37:48 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: sharonp - i see it all the time in a different context - assign a paraprofessional to our students with special needs instead of let them use tech tools

21:37:50 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: ahh, and those connections can sustain you..

21:38:03 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: okay, now I see.... thanks

21:38:04 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: it keeps me ahppy

21:38:05 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Who is talking right now about collaborating? and being isolated in their school?

21:38:15 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: I think some of us who like web 2.0 have jobs like that

21:38:17 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Cheryl was talking

21:38:19 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: David, exactly, those connections get me through my week.

21:38:22 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: where we are the only "one" of that job at our campus

21:38:28 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: so you need the professional collaboration

21:38:29 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: to grow

21:38:33 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and those connections also get me thorugh each day, Cheryl

21:38:35 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: why don't we have local connections like that?

21:38:38 janices -> EdTechTalk: Great point, Cheryl

21:38:40 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: thats right Carolyn

21:38:44 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: im a singleton

21:38:50 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: good question , David.

21:38:52 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: only one like me in my school

21:38:58 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: right, Cathy.

21:39:04 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: it's also learning how to manage that constant collaboration - can be overwhelming!

21:39:06 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: principals are also the only ones in their school

21:39:07 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: DavidJakes -- I do have local connections --- -but not in the amount of the online connections

21:39:08 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: i think we need to discover the killer app for each of the people we touch

21:39:13 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: CathyN, that is because you are YOU.

21:39:15 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: my team is special area teachers--i call us the singletons

21:39:16 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: so they probably get this sense of needing help as well.

21:39:21 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I have 5 - 10 local friends, I have 200 online buds

21:39:23 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: @DavidJakes - bec we are the early adopters?

21:39:24 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Only one like me in my school too- that is why I love you guys

21:39:24 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: and thats the power of the network, to connect with those who have the same interests and learn from them, extend yourself in a way that can't happen otherwise

21:39:29 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: You have to have a leader in your school ... to bring others in

21:39:30 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: good point singletons, like that

21:39:45 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: yes--you giuys speak my language and feed my brain

21:39:45 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I meet with my local friends every 8 weeks

21:39:51 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and would be lost without them

21:39:54 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: Leading by example ... offering suggestions

21:39:55 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: singletons another WOW word?

21:39:57 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: we are an ethnic community that needs to integrate to better succeed

21:39:59 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: @sharonp: thats true, now its time to amplify this to bring more in

21:40:02 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I meet with my Twitter/blogs/wikis friends DAILY

21:40:04 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: we distit lib people meet once a nineweeks

21:40:09 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: I think so many adults think that blogs, social networks are just for kids, I showed a friend and she's excited now.

21:40:16 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: It takes time to get involved. It takes commitment to get involved. With everything else teachers have to do it takes a powerful salesperson to get them involved. I always say baby steps. Once most take the first baby steps they get hooked and want more.

21:40:17 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: yes, well, we are working on that!

21:40:28 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: we talk funny too

21:40:29 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: yes, Charbeck.

21:40:29 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: Relating to classroom teachers' needs ... offering helps (tools)

21:40:32 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: which is why i ask friends to lurk at first

21:40:40 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: who's fault is that?

21:40:40 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: right on, Chris!

21:40:43 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: The baby steps are true. It's easy to feel like you have to do everything all at once.

21:40:44 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: But I guess I'm thinking, an English teacher can talk to the teacher next door.

21:40:51 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: While I may not have any other librarian nearby to talk to.

21:41:00 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: or only one.

21:41:05 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: You just call my name . . .

21:41:07 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: but manyar a phone call, twitter or post away

21:41:08 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: so we get why this collaboration is so helpful!

21:41:13 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: But some English teachers are still the only one at their grade level at their school

21:41:14 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: right, Cathy!

21:41:25 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: sure, NJtech, that can be true!

21:41:27 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: I say that about my own daughter- she has had the rigor- she has a 4.2 GPA- but has NO relevance

21:41:37 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hello Alex, how was your day?

21:41:46 janices -> EdTechTalk: and for your teachers, Barbara, it's more than words

21:41:49 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: FRUSTRATION hits when things are blocked

21:41:51 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: Cathy - you are fortunate - my son has checked out

21:41:52 alexr -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl, Busy...

21:41:56 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: happened today with United Streaming

21:42:01 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: You're right Vicky about the leadership

21:42:06 alexr -> EdTechTalk: But, good. How about you?

21:42:09 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: they want Technology to be 100% ALWAYS reliable

21:42:10 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: OK, here is a figure for you, are you ready?

21:42:13 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: Conversations make things relative ... to our world, to their future, to their educational and career goals. Teachers having conversations with kids.

21:42:21 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: nothing is 100% anymore

21:42:22 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: ugh, don't mention blocking right now.

21:42:24 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: im facing so many blocks in new school district GRRR

21:42:24 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I am ready

21:42:25 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: Hi all, we had that issue in my district

21:42:27 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: lol..I can't even get half my own emails.

21:42:29 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: in one of our campuses, since Friday,

21:42:31 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: same, busy, but this show is so invigorating! Tues. and WEd. night are my favorites

21:42:34 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: I had to argue the relevance of google docs!

21:42:44 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: me too Cheryl

21:42:45 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: since friday.........

21:42:46 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: there has been 4400 attempts at using proxies to bypass our filter

21:42:51 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: NO WAY

21:42:52 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: I think this is where working with administrators can make a big difference

21:42:54 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: woot!

21:42:55 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: yes way

21:42:58 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: if they understand the use of the technology

21:42:59 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: within in the campus

21:43:07 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: or from the outside??

21:43:07 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: so how can we harness that energy, David?

21:43:11 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: only one high school

21:43:14 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: and we need to publish

21:43:17 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: thats a very good question isnt it

21:43:19 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: one request at atime

21:43:19 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: david that is a lot of energy to bypass a filter

21:43:20 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: I have two administrators like Barbara. I am lucky.

21:43:22 janices -> EdTechTalk: Wow, David

21:43:27 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: We need to publish where administrators will read it.

21:43:33 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Karen, I agree let's use that energy

21:43:33 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: or speak at conferences where they are.

21:43:34 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: yes, its amazing

21:43:42 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: wowow, that truly is boggling my mind

21:43:56 janices -> EdTechTalk: What a wealth of rich resources that could be harnessed with those numbers

21:44:12 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: i can't get my blog, twitter, and web 2.0 fix until i get home

21:44:18 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: just got the data today, need to look at where they are trying to get to.

21:44:20 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: pout

21:44:22 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: We're fortunate in that we can get most web 2.0 tools...but that's because we sat down and met with our leaders

21:44:25 Linda -> EdTechTalk: Same here Cathy.

21:44:27 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: and spent a lot of time explaining last year

21:44:29 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I had to reset our filter to get skype to work

21:44:43 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: grins -- I have the POWER!!!

21:44:50 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: no fair Jen

21:44:53 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: It's about being a responsible digital citozen

21:44:55 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: We started slowly and they gradually saw the uses as we went on.

21:44:58 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: citizen

21:45:01 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: if up to me, I'd unblock everything except those required by CIPA

21:45:04 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: Power's good :D

21:45:09 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Same here, David

21:45:09 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: Scott, so true!

21:45:14 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: you ROCK David

21:45:18 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Make RESPONSIBLE chopices

21:45:22 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: is education meaningful?

21:45:25 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Those figures, David, make me ask - what is so important that they have tried to get to it?

21:45:28 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Might as well learn it in HS

21:45:28 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: @alice, absolutely

21:45:30 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: and teach classroom management; filter is not classroom management

21:45:33 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: We need to show the power of collaberation and the builti in pd that twitter and social networking brings to the table.

21:45:43 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: don't know, need to investigate further

21:45:45 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: amen Chris

21:45:53 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Filter is a way to not make it our problem

21:46:00 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: at 11 and 12 they are off and running forget the 18

21:46:12 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: The filter at my school was the number ONE complaint by both students and teachers last year

21:46:14 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: and thats getting worse

21:46:15 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: lol..and back to reality for us.

21:46:17 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: actually -- our blockages are coming down each day

21:46:18 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: we need to ask them - what did you do over your summer?

21:46:20 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: yes yes yes..... Y

21:46:26 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I just am learning what past IT had done and how

21:46:29 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: filter is blissful igoracne on tech admin's part

21:46:30 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Karen...I've been thinking that.

21:46:37 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: that is what is slowing down my ability to unblock sites

21:46:40 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: good point karen

21:46:42 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: ask, and then publish it.

21:46:47 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: video tape it, blog it.

21:46:55 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: walk through our schools, kids filed into rows of desks, listening passively to the single content source....

21:46:59 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: yes, Carolyn! how cool would that be?

21:47:01 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Sounds like change in teaching/education practice!

21:47:04 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: yes, it would!

21:47:07 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: I'm not going to survive

21:47:08 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: kids need to know how to share their world, and remix the world

21:47:11 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Vicky, what do you think?!

21:47:18 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: my son was saying today that teachers don't care what they think

21:47:19 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: david, that gives me shivers, rows listening to the same thing

21:47:19 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: absolutely, Miguel

21:47:21 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: 1950s classes today--alarming!!

21:47:30 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: be right back

21:47:41 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Karen, that's been one of my biggest realizations this summer

21:47:45 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Today our ADMIN had a breakthrough -- he literally SAID that he realized he was tempting teachers with tech (like a cookie jar) but then having a LOCK on the cookie jar when they went to use it.

21:47:47 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: we need to hear more student voices

21:47:56 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: He told me to work on fixing this ---- :)

21:47:57 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: wow, Jennifer!!!!

21:48:01 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: yes, involve our students1

21:48:03 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: Filters ... some are helpful in a lab class. Others are frustrating!

21:48:04 mmiller -> EdTechTalk: You go girl!!!

21:48:09 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I was shocked

21:48:10 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: nice job Jen

21:48:12 charbeck -> EdTechTalk: Get them to do work with these tools at home. "homework" that gets done. 21stC learning happens at home too. It is amazing what parents say when they see their kids interaciting with school this way

21:48:12 janices -> EdTechTalk: It's what most every classroom looks like. Many teachers don't like to give up control. We need to help them

21:48:12 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: but he was SOOOO right

21:48:15 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I am meeting with a student group tomorrow so thi sis great to hear about

21:48:25 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and so we ordered 10 more projectors

21:48:30 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: yeah, aliceb

21:48:33 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Look at community ala iPhone hack

21:48:39 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: give this a look

21:48:46 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Sighs -- I want an iphone :)

21:48:48 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: I showed my son Dan meyer's blog today - he wants Dan as his math teacher!

21:48:54 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: http://tinyurl.com/2xb9ea Progressive education in the 1940's

21:48:56 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Me too Jennifer.

21:49:08 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Please visit David Jakes wonderful link AFTER this chat :)

21:49:15 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: lol..first words from our assist. principal to me when he saw me first day of school was...did you get an iphone?

21:49:16 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: sorry Jen

21:49:19 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I don't need an ipohne -- but I want one!!!

21:49:23 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Grins -- no worries DJ

21:49:27 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: just teasing

21:49:41 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: no they dont

21:49:49 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: they teach w/ blinders on

21:49:53 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: hide their file cabinets

21:49:57 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: the commercials for the IPHONE are so ---- sooo -- good at making me feel like I am lacking something I truly need

21:49:59 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: How many of us have used the Did you Know presentation? for staff

21:50:01 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: Jen 10 projectors ..I envy your budget

21:50:02 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: when teachers see it, they freak out

21:50:04 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: and their text books

21:50:12 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: I love it!

21:50:13 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Barbara -- no, I am conservative and frugal

21:50:16 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and a good shopper

21:50:24 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: We did, CherylOakes

21:50:26 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and a very good grant writer!!

21:50:28 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: or our principal did.

21:50:32 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: so jen wheere is the best price on proj rt now?

21:50:39 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: let me in on your secret...I desperately need some projectors

21:50:39 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: yep

21:50:40 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I love watching it over again

21:50:42 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: we got ours for $479

21:50:49 Linda -> EdTechTalk: Convinced my principal just this morning to use it with the staff.

21:50:50 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: which I thought was good

21:50:52 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: whre

21:50:54 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: so why did they go into teaching?

21:50:56 janices -> EdTechTalk: Their mouths drop when they see that presentation

21:50:57 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: CDWG

21:51:01 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: yeah linda, let us know how it goes.

21:51:04 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: CDWG--my fave

21:51:05 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: isn't it about modeling lifelong learning?

21:51:06 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Scott, you're on target!!

21:51:12 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: right, janices

21:51:17 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I have found CDWG to be very accomodating --

21:51:22 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Maybe teachers want an answer, and they hear the problem?

21:51:23 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: it's not about age necessarily, friends!

21:51:25 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: is why they react that way?

21:51:27 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and underprice at times just to keep our business

21:51:28 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: yes they want that sale

21:51:30 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: So, what does Barb do to stop the "opt out" phenomenon?

21:51:35 janices -> EdTechTalk: Great point, Caroyln

21:51:37 susanvg -> EdTechTalk: I showed it recently - the teachers were receptive

21:51:46 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: Are you seeing gap with IT getting work orders complete timely?

21:51:52 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: that is great susanvg

21:51:58 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I want to know that too Miguel -- Please BARBARA -- SHARE!!

21:52:02 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: I am, Vicky! ;)

21:52:04 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: Scott, so what do we do about that?

21:52:15 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: alot of heavy lifting...i go in and teach and helppplan etc and it is not always sucessful

21:52:27 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: collaboration is key

21:52:37 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Barbara -- my admin wants to invite you to lunch!!!

21:52:41 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: whscareertech, do you mean there is a long time for IT work to be done

21:52:43 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: hm, i think i just missed a great point in the skype

21:52:45 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: it wouldnt be allowed in most other professions

21:52:48 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: collab is the buzz word in reform and educ right now

21:52:57 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: i think you need local critical mass

21:53:11 janices -> EdTechTalk: Yes, the buzz words are perfect for using tech tools

21:53:13 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: would you want surgery using 20th century methods?

21:53:15 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: outside world point--true.

21:53:17 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: organizational change takes a little time

21:53:19 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: Printers not working ... school has started and labs are ready!

21:53:23 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: I think higher ed can be worse than high school

21:53:26 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: your vanguard will be ready.

21:53:28 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: in terms of resistance

21:53:31 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I want an old 1960's car , KarenJ

21:53:31 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: but the admin want to hear more about raising test scores thanint tech

21:53:35 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: we must stop watering the rocks

21:53:36 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: yes, by making it an expectation, and hold them accountable

21:53:38 vinnie v -> EdTechTalk: in the book, Totally Wired, there is a great paragraph about what a teens life is. We used it at all opening meetings and had great conversations

21:53:41 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: okay, got it WHS

21:53:43 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: cheryl - lol

21:53:44 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: The TOP admin can make the change

21:53:59 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: Everybody passing the buck regarding IT (schedules, workload, decisions on where extra computers go.)

21:54:10 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: @joyce. My rocks teach 150 kids a day, cant give up...

21:54:22 janices -> EdTechTalk: I heard the podcast by Steve Hargadon with the author of the Totally Wired book today. Great interview

21:54:23 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Vinny, would love to share that.

21:54:24 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: if I do, I give up on kids

21:54:28 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: yes, but start on the flowers

21:54:32 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Grins, my rocks are teaching daily too!!!!

21:54:39 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I am giving them projects!!!!

21:54:43 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and projectors!!

21:54:44 vinnie v -> EdTechTalk: pocast was great too

21:54:49 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: older teachers are doing better than younger teachers in my school- they have more time at night

21:54:55 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: :-) the flowers will inspire emulation

21:54:57 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: ther is i n MY SCHOOL

21:55:08 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: who is the author to Totally Wired?

21:55:13 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: huh?

21:55:18 janices -> EdTechTalk: Yeah. THey myth about oder teachers not getting it is simply a myth.

21:55:19 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: so many teachers use their IT issue as an excuse

21:55:24 vinnie v -> EdTechTalk: anastasia goodstein

21:55:26 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I think the rocks -- when they sprout -- will be also a great example

21:55:27 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: that's a metaphor for paralysis

21:55:36 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Teachers need to know tech is not separate. It is a part of classroom materials

21:55:37 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: Yes, for one situation, that is the complaint.

21:55:51 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Right, if you want teachers to do things, has to be working

21:55:56 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: time to take away the pencil sharpeners!

21:55:57 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: they're the ones in front of the kids

21:56:01 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: why do we need to print

21:56:03 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: we installed a district moodle server but I haven't hear the first person say come on use it!

21:56:14 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: my teahers are like what is it?

21:56:18 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: not just printing, but just other things not working as well.

21:56:23 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: Part of ISTE essential conditions

21:56:25 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: yeah, cathy, it has to be comprehensive

21:56:32 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Teachers need to show initiative in learning how to plug in a printer and trouble shoot

21:56:33 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Peole tend to treat the technology like rental equipment sometimes

21:56:39 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: Getting room ready (student work for walls, schedules, etc.)

21:56:43 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: the biggest problem I have with tech on my school is reliabity -- my biggest job is keeping the computers up and running

21:56:48 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: re: equipment not working - in small schools the full time teacher has to make time to keep the building running as well. It's hard.

21:56:54 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: True Sharon. They do it at home, but at school..they do tend to rely on support folks.

21:56:57 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: Acess was the first issue we tackled

21:57:02 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: but some things are dependent on the network staff

21:57:05 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: i m finding Jen that i am being used that way

21:57:10 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: and teachers aren't empowered to do things

21:57:11 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: YEP

21:57:13 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: and im supposed to be in lib

21:57:15 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: right, sharon, people need to be supported to try taking care of technology needs as the first attack to the problem

21:57:16 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: because they don't have access to do it.

21:57:23 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and we have 3 full time computer lab teachers who don't do anything

21:57:31 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and they are not ambassadors

21:57:35 janices -> EdTechTalk: Yikes, Jen

21:57:37 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: and with me on staff now -- it is being noticed

21:57:38 Linda -> EdTechTalk: Sharon- tech departments have to be comfortable in allowing teachers to be the problem solver

21:57:40 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: use your librarians too

21:57:43 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: im trying to talk teachers thru fixin their own

21:57:49 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: lol..they do, joyce ;)

21:57:50 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: it is fun to be a pot-stirrer at times :)

21:57:50 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: make them see they know how

21:57:50 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: Jen, why are they still there?

21:57:53 janices -> EdTechTalk: You have your battle to fight this year, Jen

21:57:57 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: lol..vicky and i are at the same school

21:57:59 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: carolynf - been there! once had technicians told me not to touch anything! It was their problem and we needed to call them .... good grief - teach me how to troubleshoot

21:58:00 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: because I have only been here 1 year so far

21:58:01 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: (whscareertech)

21:58:03 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: i know they do with you, CF!

21:58:08 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: they are now seeing what COULD be

21:58:08 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: right, Linda, tech needs to share information, not just take the problem adn solve it in the dark

21:58:32 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: but what about radical transparency for tech departments as well.

21:58:37 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: so it is a TERRIBY EXCITING PLACE to be

21:58:42 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: TERRIBLY

21:58:46 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: I had a teacher ask today when I was going to set up her computers. I kindly told her, just plug them in.

21:58:48 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: not enough money to fund more techs!!

21:58:56 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: i disagree!

21:59:09 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: we need to remember that technology is vital for our students with special needs and they are being overlooked

21:59:12 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: we have a full time tech that sits at a help phone, and nine out of ten times they take over the ws where the problem is and fix it themselves

21:59:12 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: it is a priority issue

21:59:15 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: but teachers should know how to find and addd a printer

21:59:18 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: go, Scott ;)

21:59:21 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: should be teaching all of us how to fix outr own

21:59:30 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: I agree cheryl

21:59:31 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: WHERE DID THE HOUR GO!?!?!

21:59:33 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: I agree ... but we need hardware READY TO GO daily!

21:59:34 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: we need to build capacity, not work in silos of expertise

21:59:43 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: yes good you tube video on this mentality

21:59:48 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: good for you Scott--it is a leadership issue!!

21:59:54 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: LOL -- silos of expertise -- HOW WONDERFUL AN ILLUSTRATION!!!

21:59:56 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: what's the YouTube URL?

21:59:57 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: we can't just rely on tech folks

21:59:58 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: that is GREAT

22:00:01 susanvg -> EdTechTalk: simple trouble-shooting would take less time than waiting for the tech person

22:00:06 Linda -> EdTechTalk: But, allowing techers so ablitity to fix things, also gives them a sense of empowerment and as a result greater desire to use the tecnology.

22:00:08 lori a -> EdTechTalk: Need money to replace old technology

22:00:10 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: teachers need to understand at least some of the basics

22:00:12 janices -> EdTechTalk: The elevator video?

22:00:14 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: aww shucks...just for you, JenniferW

22:00:15 whscareertech -> EdTechTalk: They're moody.

22:00:18 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: Has anybody seen the monk one on how to use a book

22:00:20 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: yes janice

22:00:22 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: I do like the empowerment part of teachers feeling comfortable.

22:00:25 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: as well.

22:00:27 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: The monk is outstanding!

22:00:38 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: That's what I meant about radical transparency.

22:00:38 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: and they will use that excuse

22:00:42 Linda -> EdTechTalk: Used the book video in introducing Moodle to the staff.

22:00:44 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Who came up with this 1 hour limit? Wow!

22:00:45 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: IN some places, technology is like the great "secret"

22:00:45 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: Stuck on the escalator is excellent

22:00:48 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: can I quote you Miguel

22:00:48 janices -> EdTechTalk: Escalalator video I mean

22:00:50 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: no one shows them how to do stuff

22:00:53 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: can you put the monk url up

22:00:55 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: or empowers them to do it.

22:00:57 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: You bet!

22:00:58 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: i promise today I JUST pushed the power into its slot

22:01:07 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: It's 9:00 pm...

22:01:08 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: voila--screen works

22:01:14 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: thanks to all!

22:01:14 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: Introducing the book: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQHX-SjgQvQ

22:01:19 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: 10 PD EDT

22:01:28 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: sounds like we are all discouraged - can we share one success that we've had so far?

22:01:30 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: this show was so great, awesome, invigorating

22:01:34 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: we encourage student assistants

22:01:43 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Thank you!

22:01:46 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: this is not to be discourging but empowering

22:01:47 janices -> EdTechTalk: I agree, Cheryl

22:01:49 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: thank you!

22:01:50 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Hey Scott is coming to Texas

22:01:52 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: We've got teachers asking us to help set up blogs, karen

22:01:53 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: October 20th

22:01:55 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Drop by!

22:01:57 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Scott, when are you coming to Texas?

22:01:58 janices -> EdTechTalk: Thanks to all of you@

22:02:00 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: this is wonderful!!!!!!

22:02:01 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: thanks!

22:02:02 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: Carolyn, great!

22:02:02 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: I'm not discouraged!

22:02:07 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I am not discouraged

22:02:12 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: you guys ENCOURAGE ME

22:02:17 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: thanks Scott, Miguel, Barbara and DAvid J for coming tonight

22:02:24 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: and Melinda too

22:02:29 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: I know - we are a great group but we go back to our schools in the morning1

22:02:31 Barbara -> EdTechTalk: Thanks everybody... what a great group of people to support our journey

22:02:32 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: good point Jennifer!

22:02:39 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: nope! I am charged!

22:02:44 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: thanks to you all

22:02:45 lori a -> EdTechTalk: I didn't say much but absorbed all that was said

22:02:46 ScottMcLeod -> EdTechTalk: As always, the chance to have fun and spout off is always appreciated! Thanks for joining us, everyone!

22:02:50 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: WHAT A NIGHT!!!!

22:02:58 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: agreed

22:03:10 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: It's just one teacher at a time and every step forward is a good one in my building. Not discouraging, just takes so long.

22:03:11 David Jakes -> EdTechTalk: Good night, everyone

22:03:14 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: ok, gotta run..heading to skype chat for k12 online!

22:03:17 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Night everyone!

22:03:17 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Goodnight!

22:03:23 janices -> EdTechTalk: Goodnight!

22:03:25 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: Thank you!

22:03:27 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: great night!

22:03:41 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: Jens job

22:03:53 Linda -> EdTechTalk: Thanks and good night!

22:04:00 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: night all

22:04:00 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: Good night all!

22:04:03 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: 30 folks in chat

22:04:31 CathyNelson -> EdTechTalk: greaT SHOWS OIN THE HORIZON TOO!

22:04:32 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: thanks for joining us tonight, great show, chat and conversations

22:04:40 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: HOW FAR we have all come!!!!

22:04:41 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: absolutely

22:04:42 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: thanks all!

22:04:46 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: this was a great time - but we shared many realities

22:05:11 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: true, Karen.

22:05:20 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: reality is part of the deal ;)

22:05:40 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: i feel urgency because my youngest son is a senior in HS

22:05:44 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: but I wish we had gotten time to talk about how leaders can help with problems

22:05:57 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: of IT depts.

22:06:04 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: I understand Karen.

22:06:24 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: and carolyn, the media specialists are nothing like you!

22:06:31 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: mine already graduated..wish all these changes had happened beforehand

22:06:58 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: well, I do believe things are changing Karen. Good luck!

22:07:03 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: did you read Stephen Downes response to Gary's post?

22:07:07 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I have not yet

22:07:11 carolynf -> EdTechTalk: gotta run..bye!

22:07:14 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: is it a good read??

22:07:16 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Hey CarolyN

22:07:19 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: by Carolyn

22:07:20 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: very good read

22:07:22 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: worth reading it all

22:07:23 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: okay

22:08:01 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: Is it better to use old methods that aren't effective either?

22:08:19 njtechteacher (ann) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for another great show. Good night.

22:08:26 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: who determines effectiveness??

22:08:29 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: Night NJ

22:08:42 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: not being obstinant - -just wondering

22:08:45 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: HEY COLLEENK

22:09:15 ColleenK -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jen : )

22:09:15 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: thanks for coming, come back

22:09:17 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: Jen, effectiveness = student engagement and excitement for learning

22:09:20 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: next week weebly

22:09:28 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: weebly founders

22:09:35 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: WEEBLY!!! Woo Hoo

22:09:48 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: hmmmm Karen -- but would it be the same ---???

22:09:49 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: i keep losing the audio

22:10:09 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: each class has a different opportunity for engagement and learning

22:10:26 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: grins -- not arguing -- you are making me ponder this

22:11:11 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: when i read the criticisms of web 2.0, i think, but do we use the older methods that haven't been proven effective either

22:11:14 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: oh, no losing audio? clsoing down

22:11:28 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: where is the research that says textbooks are effective?

22:11:29 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: yes

22:11:35 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: I agree

22:12:10 JenniferW -> EdTechTalk: we never had anyone say ''' Ohhh look at the research proven on this chalkboard tool"

22:12:12 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: where is the research that says "sage on the stage" is effective, open brain, pour in knowledge?

22:12:29 ColleenK -> EdTechTalk: Great show tonight. Off to read Stager blog. Thanks!

22:13:13 vinnie v -> EdTechTalk: good night all. a great conversation

22:13:21 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: we are losing this generation and it worries me

22:13:48 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: we're not losing this generation

22:13:55 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: They've found themselves

22:13:58 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: We have yet to do so

22:14:07 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: goodnight folks! thanks!

22:14:09 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: thanks, MIguel, that is right!

22:14:11 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: did they find themselves on youtube??

22:14:14 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: for all the fish!

22:14:27 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: sylvia?

22:14:34 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: genyes sylvia?

22:14:40 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: can't wait to have a real conversation with you someday Miguel1

22:14:42 sylvia -> EdTechTalk: hey

22:14:47 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: this is REAL

22:14:51 sylvia -> EdTechTalk: yeah

22:14:57 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: f2f

22:15:16 KarenJanowski -> EdTechTalk: genyes is doing exciting stuff!

22:15:27 MGuhlin.net -> EdTechTalk: skype video? :D

22:15:31 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I am off to get my much needed beauty sleep - great chat tonight folks!

22:15:34 sylvia -> EdTechTalk: yeah!

22:15:51 sylvia -> EdTechTalk: guess i'm late!



I linked to this discussion from Miguel's blog, interested to read about teachers troubleshooting the equipment in their rooms. I encourage all of you to assume that all of the teachers who listen to your discussions and read your blogs work in districts like mine. In my medium sized district I have the same user permissions as my students. However, I do have access to the teacher drive which is rarely used by teachers. I am not allowed to download anything, can't move equipment (even the mouse from right to left of the computer as it is zip tied down), stop a print job, and access to Youtube, Skype, Google docs...all are blocked.

 Most teachers I know do not want to rely on a library media specialist or wait for an overworked network services fellow to come and clear the print queue or download a free program like PhotoStory. We want to be empowered and trusted to fix minor hardware problems and have access to the software and Web 2.0 tools we think will support our instruction. I don't want to sound discouraging but the time has passed for sugar coating the current situation.

Sadly, labeling teachers as "rocks" or "moody" does little to improve the use of new technologies and discourages teachers from joining discussions. It also continues to create a divide between teachers and library media specialists. It would be interesting to listen to a conversation or read a chat that included teachers who have waded into the shallow end of the pool, willing to take the first of many lessons that will enable them to swim.

My personal take on the situation is that I can't wait for my district or my library media specialist to support technology integration in my school. In the past I have written grants that changed my classroom. This year, again with the help of grants and encouragement from my principal, I am intent on building a small learning community within my school that will change the way technology is being used building wide.

I am working with two veteran teachers who some might have considered rocks before this year. In the first two weeks of school they have used their new projectors, document cameras, and tablet computers to support science and math instruction. We have no timeline and there are no fixed plans or goals, yet they are experimenting with their new toys and couldn't be happier. By years end they will have come right up the leading edge because they have significant experience with content and curriculum; which makes using technology nothing harder than learning what their new tools can do and what buttons to push to make it work. I am captivated by the passion with which they teach math and science; the high tech tools they choose to use seem to disappear as soon as they begin to teach.

Our small group of three should grow by years end, not because of any mandate or push from above, but because of the excitement that surrounds the lessons that are being enhanced with technology. The whole process is open and invitational. Which brings me back to empowering and trusting teachers. Invite them to your discussions, provide them with the tools they need, and trust them to troubleshoot; you may be surprised by what your moody rocks can do. It might be nice to invite the IT guys too; perhaps when they see what teachers want to and can do they may be more willing to ease up on the controls!