It's Elementary #5, Oodles of Moodle.

It was another great show with James Gates of Tipline - Gates? Computer Tips taking us through Moodle, and it's features. Jim was excited and passionate about this subject as you'll be able to tell from the show audio.

Jim started with a slideshare on Moodle in the classroom:

  1. He then talked us through the slides which highlighted the features in a moodle.
  2. It's a great walled garden system that has a number of modules that you can pick and choose from.
  3. There is even a great basic wiki, and word list/glossary builder feature.
  4. There is a free moodle services available at

Our Diigo links for this show include some school sites using moodle. Many have guest sign-in that will let you look at pages without editing privileges.

Please join us on September 24th, 2007 for a discussion of social networks in Education with John Pederson.

Chat Log Below


JoseR Hi Folks
JoseR The third time was a charmer. I was blocked by firewall
JimGates you forgot to hail the firewall gods
JoseR Doing that now.
Durff (Our diigo)
AliceMercer Audio links will not work here, go to:
AliceMercer For stream
JimGates is that the fertenbaugh that *I* know?
mfertenbaugh Yes, it is.
JimGates Well hello there!!! welcome!
mfertenbaugh Thanks! I saw your post about this in your blog, so I figured I'd
listen in.
JimGates michelle are you hearing the streaming audio?
mfertenbaugh Yeah, I can hear the audio.
JimGates very good!!
AliceMercer For audio. Links here will not work!
JimGates charlene - where are you from?
Charlene C I'm from Lincolnshire, IL
Charlene C Stevenson High School :-)
JimGates very good
Charlene C Found out from Durff
Charlene C :D
Charlene C yes, Chausis
Charlene C perfect pronounciation!!
Charlene C Thanks for the invite Durff. I can only stay for a little. (Biding
time until the rain lets up so I can go home.)
JoseR We are starting in a few minutes. Charlene Do you have audio?
Charlene C Yes... I have the audio, thanks
JoseR Great
Charlene C I'm just starting Moodle in our district.
AliceMercer Welcome everybody
Durff can everyone hear?
mfertenbaugh Yes
JoseR Ok we are on our way.
AliceMercer Anyone for Free?
JoseR You can text questions here. We will also have Q/A sessions at the of our
JoseR end
Durff for $5
JoseR Hi mjantzi
JoseR oops be right back I hope
Durff Hi
JoseR Hi Kraemer
Kraemer Hi!
Durff (Gates
JoseR Link to slideshare is on Right corner on top also
Durff hi
maria welcome back
Durff hi all
Cathy E Hi- Lisa, long time no see
Durff hi
lori A hi
JoseR Hi Cathy and Lori, good to have you here.
maria Hi Cathy
Durff i heard you cath last night
Lori A hi again
Lori A is there sound?
Durff yes
Lori A OK keep trying sound and then get kicked out
Lori A OK have sound now
Durff hi!
JoseR You can text questions here.
Lori A can I have the slide link please
JoseR We will bring them to Jim.
Charlene C Are the writing prompts part of a Forum discussion?
Durff listen at that link
JoseR It's on top right corner on top
JoseR Slideshare link on right hand corner on top
Charlene C Is there RSS built into the Podcast ?
Lori A I must be blind
Lori A thanks
courosa says not streaming, am i missing something?
Durff yes charlene there is
courosa or did i miss it
courosa ?
JoseR use worldbridges link to listen
Durff no it's on the other one
Kristin @ courosa
Kristin I had trouble too
Charlene C no, can my teacher created podcast provide an RSS subscription?
Durff everyone have sound?
courosa got it now Kristen, thanks!
courosa that's kristIn
Durff :)
Charlene C the chat is archived too?
AliceMerccer Charlene, you should be able to syndicate your podcast, where is it
Durff this one charlene?
Charlene C Alice, I was wondering about the ability to post it into moodle and
then have others subscribe to it
Charlene C @Durff... in Moodle, chats are archived
Durff here yes too
Charlene C thanks Jim, I'm still on an older version of Moodle... we hope to
upgrade soon
courosa Well, there are some RSS feeds in Moodle ... but I just use Moodle to
link to other created content that CAN be subscribed too.
courosa to
courosa You can also add your own RSS feeds ... custom feeds.
courosa So you could create a podcast list in Google Reader, add it to Moodle,
and have students subscribe to it from there.
Durff hi ann
courosa I have a question ... have been trying to have students create rich
profiles, with pics, profile information, something closer to what you would
find with Facebook, ELGG or other social networks. However, I am not finding
anything like this. Any third party apps or capabilities for this?
JoseR ME
Kristin It REALLY is the best part of planning etc... in a wii
Charlene C I love wikis!!
Charlene C I agree that discussion in wikis in important!
Durff hi karen
karen janowski hi, lisa! is there audio?
karen janowski can't seem to get it
JoseR Hi Karen we are going through slideshare now.
mfertenbaugh I haven't tried to use the wiki in Moodle, but I definitely want to
give it a shot this year.
Charlene C Great use of the glossary!
courosa That's a great idea!
Durff hi again
Charlene C Thanks Jim.. and all.. have to go home now. Looking forward to
reading the rest of the chat.
Durff bye charlene
JoseR Thanks our next show on social networking on Sept 24
JoseR Same time
JoseR We will do an official outtro for recording purposes but the show is not
JoseR We will have a rountable discussion and an open forum.
Durff jose is a new demanding man tosay
JoseR If you would like to participate live please leave your skype id here.
Durff or call the boss = jose
JoseR my skype id is coordinatortwo.
JoseR I signed up for account for globalclassroom this past weekend.
karen janowski wow, this must have been a great show with JIm - sorry i missed
most of it but can't wait for the podcast
JoseR Pretty user friendly
Durff hi ken
JoseR Hi
kpruitt hello
JoseR We are still going on
JimGates hi ken
courosa So what about Canadians? Are your neighbours to the north eligible?
kpruitt hello jim
JoseR You can also set up on your local server.
Durff (free moodles)
mfertenbaugh I don't have skype on this computer :(
JimGates :-(
karen janowski jim - thanks!!!
kpruitt is there no stream? I guess I missed out
Kristin jim can you drag me into the skypechat
Durff ken shall i call you?
AliceMerccer There is a stream
Kristin I have a quick question
kpruitt hold on
JimGates :-)
JoseR what is your skype id
mfertenbaugh If I change computers, what skype ID do I need to look for?
AliceMerccer The listen page is still broken
AliceMerccer Durff
kpruitt thank you
JimGates kristin - I think lisa is bringing you over
karen janowski can i sign up as a consultant to then teach other teachers about
Kraemer I have a little too much background noise right now for Skype, but can I
still participate in text?
mfertenbaugh I might have that problem too, so I've got the same question.
Durff coordinatortwo
Durff 7 in skype call - i can take one more
mfertenbaugh my ID is grammarrack
Durff ok
Durff you're not online
mfertenbaugh I should be.
Durff ok now
mfertenbaugh ok, I'm in now
Durff hold a minute
mfertenbaugh for some reason it isn't liking my mic
mfertenbaugh it has worked in the past
Durff hi lisa
lisaparisi hi durf
lisaparisi durff
Durff tools-options
maria greeting lisa
Durff audio
lisaparisi hi maria
Durff choose mic
Durff mfertenbaugh
Kraemer No comments in the blogs drives me crazy, so instead of blogging we use
them as portfolios for student work.
mfertenbaugh it looks like it is configured properly. i'll play around with it
for another minute, but if I can't get it to work, I'll make room for someone
Durff noone else asked
mfertenbaugh ok, then I'll keep trying
Durff :)
mfertenbaugh It's telling me that I have to have a headset.
dlangston Jim, Which activity is it that you used to set up your "Word Wall?"
Durff (Brighton Primary School)
JoseR Hi
JoseR Hi LisaP could to see you here.
JimGates diangston - the word wall itself was made with the html block
JimGates then you use a glossary or wiki to put the words in there to make the
word wall words light up
JimGates BECAUSE... glossary words and wiki words are automatically linked any
time they appear in the course
JimGates diangston - the word wall itself was made with the html block
JimGates then you use a glossary or wiki to put the words in there to make the
word wall words light up
JimGates BECAUSE... glossary words and wiki words are automatically linked any
time they appear in the course
Cathy E dreamweaver??
JimGates no!
JimGates dreamweaver in moodle?
AliceMerccer I'm supposed to teach Dreamweaver to "pay" for my laptop
AliceMerccer I'm the backup trainer for my district on dreamweaver now. Still
haven't even opened it.
AliceMerccer Are we done folks?
AliceMerccer wow, big echo/lag
AliceMerccer Thanks Jim
Kraemer Thanks Jim! It is nice to hear how other people are teaching with
Durff alice it was ken
kpruitt Ken what?
AliceMerccer Causing trouble
JoseR Thanks everyone.
kpruitt Boo
AliceMerccer Thanks everyone, including Ken
kpruitt not nice to be accused on my first day
mfertenbaugh Thanks!
AliceMerccer Refer elementary folks please!
AliceMerccer let them know we're here to help them!
JimGates bye all
Cathy E Jim- are you a drupal expert too?
JimGates not drupal - joomla
JimGates sorta the same thing
JimGates why do you ask?
Cathy E I'm working on a drupal
Cathy E wanted to pick your brain :)
JimGates for a real site or for a grad class?
JoseR Great show! Thanks Jim and everyone that joined us tonight
Cathy E For a real site (school)
JimGates cathy e - jimkathy808 in skype. catch me there
Durff thank you all and good night!