Teaching & Learning Leader of the Year

I am nominating Jeff Lebow as Technology & Learning Leader of the Year.
Even though Jeff Lebow does not meet the specific criteria, I consider him someone who:

inspires, encourages, empowers, and give wings to others' dreams. . . . Technology & Learning's 2007 Leader of the Year Program is once again honoring K–12 administrators, technology coordinators, and teachers who use technology in innovative ways to help teachers teach and help students learn.

I consider him a major forces that has shaped the online learning in the Ann Arbor Michigan Public Schools. In this changing world of technology, leadership is changing and don't look the same as in the past. The inpact of Jeff on k-12 education has been significant and worthy of recognition. If you believe that Jeff Lebow has fits the above criteria in your building or district I would encourage you to nominate him yourself or send me a letter of recommendation at [email protected] or skype it to Gratefulalways.

I have started the application stating:

Jeff Lebow is a classic example of the new breed of technology leader, who through online collaboration, modeling and the generous gift of time and money, exhibits the best that our new technology tools possess. There is no greater testimony to the ISTE’s NETS Refreshed, than his work with Worldbridges, EdTechTalk. Youthvoices, and Webheads.

While a part time college Instructor and a businessman, Jeff has been the primary leader, web master, and facilitator. I recognized that this nomination is unorthodox, but am convinced that there many be no district leader who has provided more support and had greater impact with active online learning projects than Jeff. These web activities involve students and teachers from literally from all around the world.

While Jeff Lebow has had significant impact on dozens of students at South New Hampshire University, he has also had significant impact on over 1500 students and over 500 educators from literally around the world. His masterful webcasting has lifted a new level of conversation and collaboration of educators around the world through webcastathons that have gone on for 24 hours with facilitators sharing and handing off to other educators. The archived examples of this great body of work is available in the iTunes store and at the web sites for those who wish to revisited or find a anew the insights and explorations of online learning.

I will be submitting the application on the evening of Wenesdday, September 19.
Jeff Flynn, Ann Arbor, MI.