My students (seventh-graders) and I (an English teacher) are using this year.

This online tool gives each of my students a personal web-space where they can post assignments, collaborate on projects, and communicate through email. It also allows me to increase the frequency and depth of feedback, both from peers and from the teacher (myself).

In addition, we are finding that the Internet is an excellent motivational tool for student publishing that widens the audience to a population of more than one (potentially encompassing not only the entire student body, but also classrooms around the world).

Mainly, I am interested in connecting with other classrooms or classroom teachers that have experience with or would like experience with One of our biggest challenges is getting consistent computer access so that students can make use of this tool.

Ideally, could be used an interdisciplinary tool that would truly break down the barriers between content area instruction and help students and teachers create a more wholistic learning environment. If you have an suggestions, online writing materials and/or projects, or advice concerning this tool, I am eager to begin collecting information that could be used to encourage the entire school staff to utilize