Women of Web # 43 September 25, 2007

Women of Web # 43 September 25, 2007

Join Cheryl, Jen, Sharon and Bud Hunt, alias, Bud the Teacher as we question, chat, lose Bud for a little bit, ask hard questions, ask easy questions and giggle. We missed Vicki who was not feeling well. Enjoy the show and the chat, see you next week! Thanks to Everyday Jones and their Podsafe music, All I Said.

You can find the agenda at Women of Web 2.0.

Chat! from Wow2 September 25, 2007

19:52:20 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: good night

19:56:16 DanitaR EdTechTalk: am I in the right place for the wow 2 for Tuesday night?

19:57:10 lori a EdTechTalk: I think so

19:57:14 lori a EdTechTalk: we are early

19:57:58 DanitaR EdTechTalk: hope I can stay awake until then :p

20:45:17 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello, getting ready, be here soon

20:48:16 lori a EdTechTalk: OK , just doing other tasks while I wait

20:48:17 lori a EdTechTalk: thanks

20:49:52 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: getting ready still ,

20:50:15 lori a EdTechTalk: hi Cathy

20:50:22 cathynelson EdTechTalk: hey

20:50:27 cathynelson EdTechTalk: channel?

20:50:45 lori a EdTechTalk: don't think they are ready yet for audio

20:51:00 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: no audio yet. still working on it

20:51:15 lori a EdTechTalk: how are you Cathy N?

20:51:16 cathynelson EdTechTalk: okay--waiting ateiently...

20:51:21 sharonp EdTechTalk: Hi all

20:51:27 cathynelson EdTechTalk: TIRED--very long day

20:51:36 cathynelson EdTechTalk: had to stay until 7:30pm

20:51:38 lori a EdTechTalk: no more MAP for me yeah!

20:51:48 cathynelson EdTechTalk: me either cla-clap

20:51:57 lori a EdTechTalk: how many do you test, cathy N?

20:52:05 cathynelson EdTechTalk: 650

20:52:23 cathynelson EdTechTalk: bt the duty is shared somewhat

20:52:26 lori a EdTechTalk: we test 930 math and literature

20:52:40 cathynelson EdTechTalk: But b/c i have the most flex schedule, I ususally do the most

20:52:47 lori a EdTechTalk: two labs/two proctors and an assistant that floats

20:52:52 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: HELLO ROOM

20:52:52 cathynelson EdTechTalk: 930 all by yourself? whoooo

20:53:01 cathynelson EdTechTalk: hey Jen

20:53:03 lori a EdTechTalk: two labs - two proctors

20:53:09 lori a EdTechTalk: I do half

20:53:17 cathynelson EdTechTalk: it takes us a full 3 weeks

20:53:22 lori a EdTechTalk: us too

20:53:23 cathynelson EdTechTalk: thats ridiculous

20:53:28 lori a EdTechTalk: tomorrow is last day for makeups

20:53:31 Cathy E EdTechTalk: Hello everybody

20:53:35 cathynelson EdTechTalk: i am going to make majoe suggestions

20:53:50 lori a EdTechTalk: NWEA gives a test window

20:53:52 cathynelson EdTechTalk: guess we should choose colors

20:54:00 lori a EdTechTalk: I'm a teal color

20:54:02 cathynelson EdTechTalk: this is my first time testing

20:54:10 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: oh, cathy why 7:30, NWEA?

20:54:10 cathynelson EdTechTalk: i learned what NOT to do

20:54:26 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: I was there till 7:30 last night downloading tests for primary

20:54:30 cathynelson EdTechTalk: no--we had a spaghettie supper and PTO followed by a PSAT workshop

20:54:42 lori a EdTechTalk: Measures of Academic Progress test

20:54:43 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: oh, we need a wiki for what not to do NWEA

20:54:58 cathynelson EdTechTalk: true

20:55:08 guest478 EdTechTalk: greetings.

20:55:14 lori a EdTechTalk: we don't seem to have many choices in my district

20:55:15 Cathy E EdTechTalk: and people think educators work from 7:30 - 3:00

20:55:16 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: ola

20:55:23 lori a EdTechTalk: for NWEA

20:55:24 cathynelson EdTechTalk: trying out purple

20:55:25 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Hi All

20:55:28 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hello to all in the chat, audio is coming soon

20:55:35 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: edtechtalk A

20:55:51 lori a EdTechTalk: I don't do the uploading for NWEA - we have a data information tech who does that

20:56:22 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: I just download tests, and upload, we have a data person who inputs all the stuff, I am not that precise

20:56:47 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Here is the link to our wiki -- http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/20070925

20:56:48 cathynelson EdTechTalk: i don't uload either, but I think could streamline the rocess so there are not so many makeups--which i had to do single handedly

20:56:51 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi ijohn, janice, lori, cathy, guest 478, Daniata

20:56:52 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Hey iJohn!!!

20:56:56 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: evening!

20:57:00 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Cathye,

20:57:10 lori a EdTechTalk: we bring the makeups in while we are testing other classes

20:57:17 lori a EdTechTalk: call them down and pull them

20:57:22 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: 3 minutes

20:57:33 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: how is the stream?

20:57:34 lori a EdTechTalk: we have 9 left to makeup tomorrow if they are not sick and in school

20:57:35 cathynelson EdTechTalk: see there's a novel use of free and open computers during testing!

20:57:37 sharonp EdTechTalk: welcome all

20:57:40 lori a EdTechTalk: not hearing anything

20:57:47 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: give it 30 sec

20:57:50 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: please check in 10 seconds

20:58:35 lori a EdTechTalk: audio isn't streaming I don't think

20:58:44 cathynelson EdTechTalk: yes it is

20:58:47 lori a EdTechTalk: hmm

20:58:49 lori a EdTechTalk: need link

20:58:51 Cathy E EdTechTalk: stream sounds great

20:58:51 lori a EdTechTalk: not working

20:58:51 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: I just heard it on edtechtalk a

20:59:01 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks for checking

20:59:18 guest478 EdTechTalk: i hears a stream

20:59:31 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: A is working for me

20:59:33 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks guest 478, can I shorten this to 478

20:59:45 lori a EdTechTalk: OK why am I not getting audio

20:59:48 janicestearns EdTechTalk: not streaming for me

20:59:52 lori a EdTechTalk: http://edtechtalk.com/listen

20:59:57 lori a EdTechTalk: is this the wrong link?

21:00:04 cathynelson EdTechTalk: i am getting it for nce Im okay

21:00:11 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: are you in firefox,? go to worldbridges and click on edtechtalk a

21:00:14 guest478 EdTechTalk: that's a great question

21:00:14 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: I clicked on the link under the chat

21:00:15 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Hi Everyone

21:00:21 guest478 EdTechTalk: clarence fish!

21:00:25 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: hello

21:00:28 cathynelson EdTechTalk: left classroom 11 years ago to work in library

21:00:38 CheriT EdTechTalk: hello all

21:00:45 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Hi all!

21:00:51 CheriT EdTechTalk: 8:00

21:00:54 guest478 EdTechTalk: 10:00

21:00:56 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Oh, clicked on the wrong one. Use Edtech talk A, not worldbridges A :)

21:01:02 sharonp EdTechTalk: oh dear, didn't know we were streaming when I made the dyslexic goof!!

21:01:06 CheriT EdTechTalk: Hi janice

21:01:08 CheriT EdTechTalk: Hi alice

21:01:23 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Hi Cheri T

21:01:28 cathynelson EdTechTalk: how can I boost sound on a mac? I've used my f5

21:01:42 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: HELLO ROOM!!!

21:01:48 CheriT EdTechTalk: Hey Jen

21:01:49 cathynelson EdTechTalk: HI

21:01:51 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: choose your COLOR for the night -- lower left of the toolbar

21:01:58 alicebarr EdTechTalk: :)) Fun to drAW!

21:01:59 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: I choose PURPLE

21:02:00 lori a EdTechTalk: ok not working still

21:02:08 lori a EdTechTalk: is there something else I can do?

21:02:11 CheriT EdTechTalk: I choose teal

21:02:12 cathynelson EdTechTalk: im a drkr purple

21:02:19 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Use Edtech talk a,not worldbridges a

21:02:24 jen_moy EdTechTalk: i'm light purple

21:02:27 jen_moy EdTechTalk: :)

21:02:33 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: im green

21:02:34 guest478 EdTechTalk: macbook :P

21:02:37 CheriT EdTechTalk: Hi iJohn

21:02:42 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: evening!

21:02:50 lori a EdTechTalk: http://www.edtechtalk.com/listen says not streaming

21:03:03 janicestearns EdTechTalk: but it is streaming anyway

21:03:10 Bud EdTechTalk: hi, room

21:03:12 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: yeah, having troubles getting the stream here too

21:03:16 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Hi Bud

21:03:18 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: hi bud

21:03:18 guest478 EdTechTalk: umm... it does say it's streaming

21:03:25 lori a EdTechTalk: OK - now I have it

21:03:26 lori a EdTechTalk: thanks

21:03:26 guest478 EdTechTalk: 10 listeners

21:03:30 cathynelson EdTechTalk: i have it

21:03:48 sharonp EdTechTalk: http://www.wiziq.com/Sign_In.aspx

21:03:49 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: what browser are you in? ijohn and janice

21:03:52 cathynelson EdTechTalk: imissed wiziq

21:03:59 cathynelson EdTechTalk: wise IQ

21:04:03 guest478 EdTechTalk: wiz iq

21:04:04 janicestearns EdTechTalk: I have it now. Firefox and itunes

21:04:05 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: try itunes or real player or windows media

21:04:09 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: sorry, fixed now

21:04:14 guest478 EdTechTalk: wiz iq

21:04:19 guest478 EdTechTalk: wiz iq

21:04:20 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: oh 13 listeners

21:04:24 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: (i had to go to edtechtalk, not worldbridges)

21:04:37 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: oh, thanks john, it is different each show

21:04:55 sharonp EdTechTalk: http://www.slideshare.net/teachandlearn/classrooms-as-third-places

21:04:58 lori a EdTechTalk: yes I got it now too - but it says not streaming so it was confusing

21:05:24 lori a EdTechTalk: so many choices online collaboration

21:05:27 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Hello everyone!

21:05:49 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: http://www.onelook.com/

21:05:54 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: cheryl's wow's www.sketchfu.com, http://www.maine.gov/mlte

21:05:58 cathynelson EdTechTalk: Hello Karen

21:06:02 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Hi Karen

21:06:14 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Hi, Cathy and Colleen!

21:06:19 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: remember that the show will be a podcast and chat later this week.

21:06:55 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Who can tell me how to get the audio?

21:06:59 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: http://drapestakes.blogspot.com/

21:07:04 guest478 EdTechTalk: i can.

21:07:04 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi djakes, tjtech, colleen, Karen!!!

21:07:14 guest478 EdTechTalk: pam : what platform?

21:07:15 djakes EdTechTalk: hey cheryl

21:07:16 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: oh, hi Pam

21:07:22 guest478 EdTechTalk: pam : mac, PC ?

21:07:24 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: XP

21:07:48 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hi dgoodman and jen moy, missed you, CheriT, hi, hi

21:07:49 guest478 EdTechTalk: right click on one of the buttons under the EdTechTalk A thingy under the chatroom

21:08:04 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Hi, Cheryl!

21:08:11 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: will try - thx

21:08:12 djakes EdTechTalk: I don't, after thinking about that, I think that is ok...

21:08:20 cathynelson EdTechTalk: i cannot hear good tonight--can I increase teh volume on my mac other than f5

21:08:28 CheriT EdTechTalk: Hi cheryl

21:08:32 tjtech EdTechTalk: no sound

21:08:34 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Hi CathyNelson

21:08:36 djakes EdTechTalk: because the lag time in schools is about 2 years, so even though lag time is 9 months

21:08:38 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl

21:08:41 djakes EdTechTalk: wait a minute!

21:08:42 cathynelson EdTechTalk: HI Jen

21:08:50 djakes EdTechTalk: For us yes, what about most teachers, no way...

21:08:58 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: David, that is true! some schools are still learning how to cut and paste!

21:09:06 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: tjtech, do you have sound? what platform

21:09:08 guest478 EdTechTalk: cut an what?

21:09:13 tjtech EdTechTalk: mac

21:09:17 CheriT EdTechTalk: don't confuse them with copy and paste

21:09:18 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Still no luck here

21:09:24 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: oops typo!

21:09:25 janicestearns EdTechTalk: I agree. I'm teaching a beginning web 2.0 tool class. They are blown away

21:09:34 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: tj, what browser?

21:09:35 djakes EdTechTalk: They are still doing Powerpoint presentations at NECC!

21:09:39 cathynelson EdTechTalk: we are offering a prof dev course on moddle for the first time in our district

21:09:41 tjtech EdTechTalk: firefox

21:09:47 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: say it ain't so, Djakes

21:09:52 guest478 EdTechTalk: they're still doing powerpoint EVERYWHERE

21:09:53 tjtech EdTechTalk: link says no stream

21:10:04 cathynelson EdTechTalk: pptless

21:10:11 janicestearns EdTechTalk: It says no stream, but it really is streaming

21:10:24 guest478 EdTechTalk: yay bud!

21:10:33 lori a EdTechTalk: click edtalk a even though it says no stream

21:10:35 lori a EdTechTalk: it works

21:10:48 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: DJAkes -- but I am bringing my PowerPoints on my iPod -- is that OKAY?? :)

21:11:03 djakes EdTechTalk: thats because Jennifer Wagner rocks

21:11:09 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi kristin

21:11:13 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/20070925

21:11:14 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Finally can hear you all! Shouldn't be burning a CD at the same time of WOW chat

21:11:15 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Hey, Kristin!

21:11:18 cathynelson EdTechTalk: as long as the lesson is baout transferring the ppt to and from the ipod

21:11:22 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: But it is PowerPoint :)

21:11:33 djakes EdTechTalk: welcome in durff

21:11:36 CheriT EdTechTalk: But powered up PPT

21:11:40 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: powerpoint is great as an assistive tech tool so it's not all bad

21:11:41 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: FYI the listen page doesn't show that you are streaming

21:11:42 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hi durff

21:11:44 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Hi Durff

21:11:50 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: I just chose a and got in

21:11:52 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Can't wait to see if it works

21:11:52 cathynelson EdTechTalk: cotent then must be graphically a dig story all alone !

21:12:00 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: And if you have ???? for BUD -- please post them here

21:12:03 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: @ kristin, just click on the itnes or real player even though it says that

21:12:16 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Hey Colleen -- !!! I looked for you last night in SL

21:12:22 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks kristin

21:12:23 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: that is what I did

21:12:28 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: I need your help with a script

21:12:29 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: collaboration outside of classroom walls

21:12:29 djakes EdTechTalk: good luck Bud

21:12:32 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Home very late last night...sorry

21:12:46 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: won't be really active in chat this eve as I am TRYING to do research while listening :)

21:12:47 lori a EdTechTalk: Jen - I came back into SL after you twitted but you were already gone

21:12:48 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: No worries -- just wandered all alone in SL. (sighs)

21:12:53 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Kristin did you get to hear Dave Warlick last night?

21:13:10 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Send me the script and what you need done.

21:13:12 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @Kristin - research about what?

21:13:38 cathynelson EdTechTalk: frustrating to find out things after the fact--my hay job is getting in the way!

21:13:46 cathynelson EdTechTalk: day job

21:14:02 CheriT EdTechTalk: i was wondering what a hay job was cathy :-)

21:14:07 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Hay job sounds interesting, however

21:14:17 cathynelson EdTechTalk: still struggling to see, but getting better daily

21:14:19 CheriT EdTechTalk: I was almost jealous *)

21:14:21 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Yeah -- I hear it all the time -- Hey Jen -- Hey You -- LOL

21:14:31 djakes EdTechTalk: 21st Century Skills is the new Engaged Learning

21:14:39 cathynelson EdTechTalk: rudder

21:14:42 ColleenK EdTechTalk: LOL

21:15:11 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hi fceblog!!

21:15:16 cathynelson EdTechTalk: im on info overload lately

21:15:20 sharonp EdTechTalk: HI Claudia

21:15:28 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Is the organization really important with the new search on the mac

21:15:31 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Cathy, me too!

21:15:32 fceblog EdTechTalk: hello! Still trying to get the audio

21:15:36 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: cathy, every so often, have to take a step back and reflect

21:15:53 cathynelson EdTechTalk: yes--i guess its what im doing

21:16:02 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: fceblog, I had luck by right clicking on the real player link

21:16:05 cathynelson EdTechTalk: wiziq got right by me

21:16:11 djakes EdTechTalk: we need to stop talking about integrating technology; technology should be integral

21:16:29 cathynelson EdTechTalk: its about teaching

21:16:30 Durff EdTechTalk: yes!

21:16:32 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @djakes, yes Jeff U blogged about that

21:16:38 lori a EdTechTalk: I like what Wes says - technology should be embedded

21:16:38 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Its about learning

21:16:43 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: teaching and learning, best practice, engagement

21:16:48 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: sigh how about CONTEMPORARY LITERACY

21:16:51 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: universal design for learning

21:16:51 lori a EdTechTalk: or was it Jeff

21:16:55 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: tech is only a SMALL PIECE

21:16:57 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: it should seem like a seemless effort

21:16:59 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Embedding vs integrating...great point

21:16:59 lori a EdTechTalk: sorry not Wes - read too many blogs

21:17:00 cathynelson EdTechTalk: i like it kristin

21:17:04 djakes EdTechTalk: I would suggest that we focus on network literacy, not technological literacy

21:17:25 djakes EdTechTalk: theres that i word again

21:17:27 cathynelson EdTechTalk: yep--if they could just experience it ina network of learners

21:17:31 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Great suggestion, David. Or just literacy

21:17:35 lori a EdTechTalk: digital citizenship

21:17:53 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: i know of one district where it's written into the teacher contract that computer lab time is teacher planning time1

21:17:54 cathynelson EdTechTalk: yes been talking about legally getting music this week...

21:18:05 djakes EdTechTalk: as long as we promote integrating technology, it will be seen as something extra teachers must do

21:18:12 cathynelson EdTechTalk: kids want to be blissfully ignorant on that issue

21:18:14 lori a EdTechTalk: did you check out the sites I sent you Cathy?

21:18:20 janicestearns EdTechTalk: We just ignore it in my district

21:18:30 cathynelson EdTechTalk: i don't think i got them Lori...

21:18:35 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Yes, dj

21:18:35 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: really janice

21:18:42 lori a EdTechTalk: the isafe Whats the download assembly is pretty good

21:18:49 lori a EdTechTalk: they were on twitter

21:18:52 guest478 EdTechTalk: hee hee... i love a good clinton joke

21:18:53 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: In Michigan everyone is assessing their own way, and most are testing with a paper/pencil test. Uggh!

21:19:04 cathynelson EdTechTalk: ill be sure to look it up--send again cathyjonelson@gmail....

21:19:13 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Yes. They take a paper test of basic computer literacy skills to exit hs.

21:19:17 lori a EdTechTalk: will do that now

21:19:29 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: oh, that is scary janice

21:19:30 Durff EdTechTalk: test?

21:19:31 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: anyone else have hard time following chat and audio? is it just me?

21:19:42 guest478 EdTechTalk: you get used to it

21:19:43 djakes EdTechTalk: @karen, doing fine on my end

21:19:43 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: my brain doesn't work well that way!

21:19:43 Durff EdTechTalk: who gives tests anymore>

21:19:48 ColleenK EdTechTalk: I ignore one or the other..can't do both

21:19:49 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Karen, I do!! I listen to the show 3 times, and read chat later.

21:20:10 fceblog EdTechTalk: @Karen audio perfect- Using Real Player now.

21:20:14 janicestearns EdTechTalk: :) I always hear new things on the second listen, without the chat

21:20:24 cathynelson EdTechTalk: Karen the last few weeks i could only find it by clicking on the audio link right at the bottom of the chat window--then clicking play in iTunes

21:20:31 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: mee tooo!:-)

21:20:32 djakes EdTechTalk: thats typical

21:20:34 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @fce - no i mean i can't mulitask well audio Plus chat!

21:20:47 Durff EdTechTalk: darth vader

21:20:49 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: is there a backup of this chat somewhere after its over

21:20:54 djakes EdTechTalk: Do they have a choice, Bud?

21:20:55 fceblog EdTechTalk: @Karen I see

21:21:13 fceblog EdTechTalk: @dgoodman yes

21:21:17 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: plus the red sox game is on

21:21:18 Durff EdTechTalk: yes dgoodman

21:21:19 cathynelson EdTechTalk: yes ther will be a post on ETT wioth the chat later

21:21:21 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: yes, the show has a podcast and chat at www.edtechtalk.com/womenofweb2

21:21:23 lori a EdTechTalk: cathy - sent you links to resource

21:21:26 djakes EdTechTalk: We do, but they are optional, so that means they are meaningless

21:21:29 Durff EdTechTalk: chat logs are posted

21:21:36 cathynelson EdTechTalk: thanks--im zoomed in on chat to see and read

21:21:44 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: great

21:21:51 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: optional, I would not like my dentist to have optional standards.

21:21:52 lori a EdTechTalk: we are revamping our literacy curriculum

21:21:55 cathynelson EdTechTalk: eye surgery healing month 2 of six just began

21:22:08 cathynelson EdTechTalk: but i read w/o glasses

21:22:12 janicestearns EdTechTalk: optional is the key word. We don't even use the NETS standards. They aren't considered "official"

21:22:16 cathynelson EdTechTalk: or rather they are no help either

21:22:21 lori a EdTechTalk: it's a combination of old NETS and information power standards

21:22:21 ColleenK EdTechTalk: @cathy...long process

21:22:31 cathynelson EdTechTalk: so im discovering

21:22:36 Durff EdTechTalk: darth go home

21:23:04 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @cheryl - good point, do we go to a dentist or doctor who isn't using the latest tech? Why do we allow educators not to use latest methods?

21:23:28 cathynelson EdTechTalk: our ELA standards call for using blogs and wikis in the coming udate in SC

21:23:29 Durff EdTechTalk: unions

21:23:30 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: why do parents allow teachers to get less than stellar technology standards?

21:23:39 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: cathyn, great!

21:23:48 sharonp EdTechTalk: in the Quebec Education Program - word, sound and image have their own specific codes, conventions and grammar

21:23:49 CheriT EdTechTalk: because they don't know any differetnly

21:23:51 cathynelson EdTechTalk: most of them are illiterate tech wise too

21:23:52 Durff EdTechTalk: union cheryl

21:23:58 Cathy E EdTechTalk: @cheryl- most of the parents don't know

21:23:59 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: my mom is having cervical spine surgery tomorrow, very serious, her doctor better be the best and use the latest, most up to date methods!

21:24:03 CheriT EdTechTalk: where would parents learn about technology applications to educatino?

21:24:14 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: maybe you better check Karen:-)

21:24:27 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: @cheri, parent workshops?

21:24:35 SandyB EdTechTalk: I find parents prefer the traditional way they learned

21:24:35 cathynelson EdTechTalk: my worksho tonight was about getting students in the SAT Online Course

21:24:41 CheriT EdTechTalk: by whom? how do we make sure they show up?

21:24:46 lori a EdTechTalk: I saw that test - Microsoft people made it

21:24:48 cathynelson EdTechTalk: they no nothing better

21:24:57 CheriT EdTechTalk: just like most teachers, parents expect their kids to be taught as they were taught

21:24:59 guest478 EdTechTalk: for people having a problem with the chatroom: you can click the third button from the right... and then stretch the chatroom over the WHOLE page. makes it much easier to follow

21:25:12 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: @cheri, we need to do this in our community at band concerts and football games.

21:25:23 cathynelson EdTechTalk: but when they have a good teacher who seamlessly uses the tools, they will be less than satisfied after

21:25:31 Durff EdTechTalk: guest478 is back!

21:25:33 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks agent 478!

21:25:34 cathynelson EdTechTalk: think of Jason in AUdstralia???

21:25:35 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: any ???? for Bud???

21:25:42 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Not sure about that about parents - the their jobs include latest technology

21:25:49 CheriT EdTechTalk: Cheryl that's a great idea - how about at open house?

21:25:56 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: My district used Moodle for a 8th grade SS unit. It was great! Lots of work and planning, but worth it.

21:26:04 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: sure, open house

21:26:05 Durff EdTechTalk: so where do we go from here?

21:26:29 SandyB EdTechTalk: They like the technology but are more interested in high test scores

21:27:03 guest478 EdTechTalk: question for bud: how do we balance the need for training with the imbalance between the degree of investment, or to be fair, free time, between different teachers?

21:27:07 CheriT EdTechTalk: Sandy,just like most teachers, parents expect their kids to be taught as they were taught

21:27:17 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: i'm offering PD in my town and not one English or Soc teacher signed up!

21:27:19 guest478 EdTechTalk: he's off my skype too!

21:27:32 CheriT EdTechTalk: now that was weird - same post again

21:27:45 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: what does that say?

21:28:05 Durff EdTechTalk: yeah off ,u skype too

21:28:14 CheriT EdTechTalk: what I wanted to say, Sandy, is that everyone has been led to believe that testing is the only way to prove kids have learned

21:28:18 Durff EdTechTalk: i wonder what is up?

21:28:22 djakes EdTechTalk: Cubs Lose!

21:28:34 CheriT EdTechTalk: it's going to take another 10 years to undo that belief

21:28:36 Durff EdTechTalk: oh no!

21:28:42 guest478 EdTechTalk: I would fail the terminology test

21:28:47 janicestearns EdTechTalk: #djakes. Shucks

21:28:54 djakes EdTechTalk: I love it

21:28:55 cathynelson EdTechTalk: so would kids

21:28:56 guest478 EdTechTalk: i still don't know what mailmerge is

21:29:00 SandyB EdTechTalk: how unfortunate-the focus is on the score

21:29:06 Durff EdTechTalk: lol dave

21:29:08 lori a EdTechTalk: djakes - be a Chicago fan

21:29:14 alicebarr EdTechTalk: I wish we could still do the NeCrel test, that was pretty good in it's day

21:29:17 lori a EdTechTalk: I like both the Cubs and Sox

21:29:20 guest478 EdTechTalk: have never used a 'macro'

21:29:22 cathynelson EdTechTalk: ask what asocial network is you get a blank state--ask what myspace is, and you get a comlete exlanation from students

21:29:29 cathynelson EdTechTalk: stare

21:29:37 Durff EdTechTalk: hi brian

21:29:39 guest478 EdTechTalk: but i do feel like i know something about tech use in the classroom

21:29:47 briangrenier EdTechTalk: hello everyone

21:29:49 Durff EdTechTalk: really?

21:29:51 lori a EdTechTalk: YIke! teachers MUST be in the lab and co plan

21:29:52 brian w EdTechTalk: I want the teachers in the class.....

21:29:52 DanitaR EdTechTalk: hi room

21:29:55 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Hi, brian!

21:29:56 cathynelson EdTechTalk: prof dev on collaboration

21:30:02 DanitaR EdTechTalk: me, too brian w

21:30:03 lori a EdTechTalk: I want them with me and plan in advance

21:30:03 SandyB EdTechTalk: we broke apart the labs and put them in the classrooms

21:30:03 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: I thought it was interesting though that when our kids did a collaborative wiki project, their test scores were HIGHER on the final for the unit that the kids collaborated and taught than what the teacher devlivered

21:30:17 dgoodman_1958 EdTechTalk: i think many teachers are not comfortable using technology and that keeps them from using it with the kids

21:30:18 guest478 EdTechTalk: down with united streaming!!!

21:30:20 djakes EdTechTalk: hey look, kevin walter

21:30:24 alicebarr EdTechTalk: THe problem is that etchnology is still SEPERATE

21:30:28 kwalter EdTechTalk: hello room

21:30:28 fceblog EdTechTalk: I see Bud back in Skype

21:30:35 guest478 EdTechTalk: down with united streaming!!!

21:30:38 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Is that you, Kim?

21:30:44 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: use the assignment builder

21:30:49 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: use the quiz builder

21:30:50 DanitaR EdTechTalk: I liked United Streaming when I taught 7th grade science

21:30:53 briangrenier EdTechTalk: need a favor djakes

21:30:54 lori a EdTechTalk: Discovery streaming has great clips to help to pre learning

21:30:56 djakes EdTechTalk: @kristin. Absolutely

21:30:58 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: yeah, he returned.

21:31:05 djakes EdTechTalk: @brian. Go.

21:31:05 cathynelson EdTechTalk: the name changed

21:31:09 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: have the kids download editable content to create their own content

21:31:13 lori a EdTechTalk: I have the teachers look at the segments not the full movies

21:31:17 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello susan

21:31:17 briangrenier EdTechTalk: fire Rex Grossman

21:31:17 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: and post on teacher tube

21:31:20 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: is United streaming worth the annual fee? are there other free alternatives?

21:31:23 cathynelson EdTechTalk: discory streaming not united streaming

21:31:25 CheriT EdTechTalk: Jen - you're rededucating

21:31:32 CheriT EdTechTalk: or re-educating

21:31:33 djakes EdTechTalk: he's been replaced, Griese starts next week

21:31:39 janicestearns EdTechTalk: The difference between teachers delivering content and students creating content.

21:31:43 Durff EdTechTalk: hi bud!

21:31:46 djakes EdTechTalk: @karen. Well worth it

21:31:50 lori a EdTechTalk: yes, united streaming has changed to discovery streamin

21:31:54 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @djakes, whay?

21:31:57 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: @karenjan especially with your population and used properly well worth it

21:31:58 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: why?

21:32:13 djakes EdTechTalk: the cost is minimal for the potential impact

21:32:14 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Well -- we have certainly gotten our money's worth

21:32:16 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: so much for being inactive in chat and doing my work :P

21:32:18 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: and it has beenonly 2 months

21:32:21 guest478 EdTechTalk: @djakes tough... I believe that the seahawks are actually the one's paying grossman

21:32:28 cathynelson EdTechTalk: clis are small and mageable and perfoect for f2f

21:32:32 cathynelson EdTechTalk: clis

21:32:36 cathynelson EdTechTalk: clips

21:32:36 djakes EdTechTalk: hey vinnie

21:32:39 Durff EdTechTalk: hi vinnie

21:32:56 Durff EdTechTalk: stop chasing bud away!

21:32:59 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @djakes, jen, kristin, good to know, sometimes I think we can get everything for free!

21:33:04 cathynelson EdTechTalk: some content is editable so kids can make their own videos or content--use their creativity

21:33:14 lori a EdTechTalk: discovery streaming - very good resources

21:33:19 lori a EdTechTalk: and teacher's guides

21:33:21 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: SkypePenalty‚Ñ¢

21:33:22 lori a EdTechTalk: and lesson plans

21:33:30 alicebarr EdTechTalk: :p

21:33:33 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Hi, john!

21:33:34 Cathy E EdTechTalk: I don't see a difference in the subject area- as far as teaching using tech

21:33:36 DanitaR EdTechTalk: @lori a yes it is - our teachers love it

21:33:36 djakes EdTechTalk: Hey look, ijohnpederson

21:33:36 Durff EdTechTalk: we don't have it

21:33:41 guest478 EdTechTalk: bad chatroom!!!

21:33:42 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: :0

21:33:42 lori a EdTechTalk: and interactive atlas with the atlas movies

21:33:43 Durff EdTechTalk: ijohn!

21:33:49 Durff EdTechTalk: hi there

21:33:52 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: He's BACK

21:33:53 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: A music teacher in my district snagged a unitedstreaming video, muted the audio, and had students add their own music about birds in MovieMaker. Cool!

21:33:58 Cathy E EdTechTalk: math teachers can be just as good/bad as english/LA

21:34:05 djakes EdTechTalk: @pam, nice idea

21:34:10 DanitaR EdTechTalk: good idea Pam Shoemaker

21:34:10 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: We used discovery streaming with autistic support kids...showed them a clip on simple machines, stripped audio and then the kids had to describe what was happening and build their own machines

21:34:10 lori a EdTechTalk: yes - use the clips to have them create

21:34:17 sharonp EdTechTalk: I haven't laughed this much during a show! So unprofessional !

21:34:25 guest478 EdTechTalk: THIS IS NOT A SHORT QUESTION

21:34:33 lori a EdTechTalk: we use the clips for kids for pre learning

21:34:37 Durff EdTechTalk: truly

21:34:40 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @kristin, cool application

21:34:46 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: @Kristen, great idea!

21:34:48 janicestearns EdTechTalk: That's funny, Cheryl

21:34:49 sroseman EdTechTalk: chuckle

21:34:52 sharonp EdTechTalk: thanks, guest 478

21:34:58 janicestearns EdTechTalk: I have enough trouble just listening

21:35:00 guest478 EdTechTalk: yes... you're welcome

21:35:04 CheriT EdTechTalk: I do that without trying to record a podcast

21:35:05 djakes EdTechTalk: some of our teachers keep their videos in a usb drive around their neck

21:35:08 cathynelson EdTechTalk: have done it too focusing on listening to a podcast before

21:35:14 djakes EdTechTalk: never be to far from your data

21:35:15 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: where's vicki tonight?

21:35:19 cathynelson EdTechTalk: i called it a blode moment

21:35:23 lori a EdTechTalk: I put them on my flash drive, burn them on CDs too

21:35:23 sroseman EdTechTalk: Colorado..where

21:35:26 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: is anyone else losing audio?

21:35:29 jen_moy EdTechTalk: vicki's sick

21:35:35 jen_moy EdTechTalk: i lost it earlier for a while

21:35:36 Durff EdTechTalk: the guiest is being cryptic again

21:35:37 DanitaR EdTechTalk: we have a dedicated server for the videos

21:35:42 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: ohhh, sorry to hear vicki is sick

21:35:42 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Vicki is not feeling well

21:35:44 guest478 EdTechTalk: which one?

21:35:49 Durff EdTechTalk: you

21:35:55 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @kristin audio is working for me

21:36:00 jen_moy EdTechTalk: when i lost audio, had to shut down the stream, and reopen

21:36:02 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Yes, we are missing her terribly.

21:36:02 CheriT EdTechTalk: hi vince

21:36:07 djakes EdTechTalk: absolutely!!!!

21:36:08 alicebarr EdTechTalk: NO they're NOT!

21:36:11 briangrenier EdTechTalk: While the vids are great...especially the clips, I see UnitedStreaming being underutilized in my district...I would love to see more teachers using Assignment Builder and Quiz Builder.

21:36:12 cathynelson EdTechTalk: mine seem to be

21:36:13 Durff EdTechTalk: yes!

21:36:20 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Good Point Bud!

21:36:21 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: 29 in chat

21:36:21 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi Vince and Vinnie!!!

21:36:23 Durff EdTechTalk: they are (and i am one)

21:36:24 vjansen EdTechTalk: hi cheri

21:36:35 cathynelson EdTechTalk: and they wer our rinters

21:36:35 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hi brian, just seeing new chatters

21:36:38 Durff EdTechTalk: 29!

21:36:38 Kristin Hokanson EdTechTalk: @brian I TOTALLY agree...I have too many teachers just embedding in ppt

21:36:40 guest478 EdTechTalk: Not language teachers

21:36:41 vjansen EdTechTalk: hi cheryl..

21:36:42 sroseman EdTechTalk: I am a late arrival..is that Bud Hunt

21:36:43 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Eradicate Teacher Technophobia!!

21:36:48 cathynelson EdTechTalk: wear out printers

21:36:51 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: We have the most problem with math teachers.

21:36:55 Durff EdTechTalk: yup foreign lang teachers too

21:36:56 guest478 EdTechTalk: that is bud hunt

21:37:01 djakes EdTechTalk: Our English teachers consider blogs not a valid writing environment!

21:37:02 guest478 EdTechTalk: when he can get a word in :P

21:37:05 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Pam, me too!

21:37:07 sroseman EdTechTalk: the one and only Bu

21:37:10 sroseman EdTechTalk: Bud

21:37:12 Durff EdTechTalk: and i 'facilitate' spanish

21:37:14 cathynelson EdTechTalk: if we had 1 to 1 comp i think they'd jump in

21:37:15 briangrenier EdTechTalk: okay...how do i get the audio stream....?

21:37:19 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: This is Bud the Teacher, Hunt! Yes we are so lucky to have him as a guest.

21:37:23 ColleenK EdTechTalk: @Pam@Alice What do the math teachers say about tech?

21:37:30 cathynelson EdTechTalk: bottom of chat ETTA

21:37:30 djakes EdTechTalk: @briangrenier, use the real audio stream

21:37:32 Durff EdTechTalk: brian - llisten page

21:37:34 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Brian, use the REal player under A

21:37:43 lori a EdTechTalk: my math teachers are loving mathplayground.com

21:37:46 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: I type too slow

21:37:48 ColleenK EdTechTalk: lol

21:37:58 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Colleen: They say they can't find ways to use it! They haven't met you!

21:37:59 guest478 EdTechTalk: i know i know!

21:38:04 lori a EdTechTalk: and we found some decent math clips on discovery streaming too

21:38:05 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Colleen is the author of mathplayground. com it is an incredible resources

21:38:15 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: yeah colleen!

21:38:19 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Come on guys...you're making me blush

21:38:31 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Need to check that out. Did I see it in SL?

21:38:34 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Alot of it is fear of having to think outside the box

21:38:37 lori a EdTechTalk: I can get them to use spreadsheets when they teach graphing

21:38:39 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Yes, Pam

21:38:40 cathynelson EdTechTalk: should we ask our princial to share content from last year--play some of the video teasers--which were a great brainstorm

21:38:45 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Who are you in SL?

21:38:48 sroseman EdTechTalk: Colleen..are you Kristy on SL

21:38:49 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @ colleen, it's one of those sites that all math teachers and elementary school teachers need to know about

21:38:55 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Yes, Sue

21:38:57 djakes EdTechTalk: he criticized it because he didnt think of it

21:38:59 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Pearle Schnyder. Newbie!!

21:39:07 lori a EdTechTalk: yes Pam - mathplayground building is across from the DEN

21:39:11 cathynelson EdTechTalk: @DJAKES, AND THATS HIS STYLE

21:39:11 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Colleen -- did you take your blog link off your site

21:39:12 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Haven't met you yet!

21:39:14 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Oh, the video teasers are out for k12onlineconference.org

21:39:16 Durff EdTechTalk: you think jakes?

21:39:21 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: I walked into it, I think.

21:39:22 sroseman EdTechTalk: I am Sue Aferdita

21:39:26 djakes EdTechTalk: yes

21:39:29 sroseman EdTechTalk: sexy Sue

21:39:31 guest478 EdTechTalk: I was hurt

21:39:31 ColleenK EdTechTalk: No, Jen, I moved it to the About page

21:39:31 lori a EdTechTalk: Pearle did you win at the the trivia last night?

21:39:34 djakes EdTechTalk: among other reasons...

21:39:42 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: ahhhhh --- I was showing your site to my admin today

21:39:43 cathynelson EdTechTalk: downes can be so pess about everything

21:39:44 Durff EdTechTalk: only dave was hurt

21:39:47 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Yes, I won!

21:39:49 djakes EdTechTalk: yeah, sort of

21:40:02 Durff EdTechTalk: feed jakes!

21:40:05 cathynelson EdTechTalk: IM excited too!!!

21:40:06 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Sue, we've talked a lot at TBC

21:40:14 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: feed jake - it's viral

21:40:17 sroseman EdTechTalk: yes indeed

21:40:19 Durff EdTechTalk: yup

21:40:38 briangrenier EdTechTalk: brb

21:40:43 cathynelson EdTechTalk: Slvia M sent me a flyer to give out today

21:40:47 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Now all I do in there is play Scrabble

21:40:47 Durff EdTechTalk: sooner

21:40:50 CheriT EdTechTalk: I'm requiring my students to listen and share with each other

21:40:51 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Bud's podcast from K12 last year was great.

21:40:53 lori a EdTechTalk: Pam if you need help in SL see us at the DEN

21:41:00 cathynelson EdTechTalk: yes it was

21:41:02 djakes EdTechTalk: laughing at Bud, what would Steven say!

21:41:08 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: @Lori. Thanks, will do!

21:41:11 janicestearns EdTechTalk: I did that this year. We wrote a class for our district. Approval due on Friday. Hope it passes

21:41:12 cathynelson EdTechTalk: bah humbug

21:41:15 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: good idea Cheri

21:41:17 lori a EdTechTalk: Im Lor

21:41:17 Durff EdTechTalk: anyone see the teasers?

21:41:23 cathynelson EdTechTalk: i have

21:41:29 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: TEasers are awesome!

21:41:39 cathynelson EdTechTalk: they were a great idea

21:41:43 CheriT EdTechTalk: I require them to do all types of things that are good for them lol

21:41:56 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: they should pay you double, Cheri

21:41:59 cathynelson EdTechTalk: nice quick way to romote to those who don't know about it

21:41:59 djakes EdTechTalk: thats informal learning at its best

21:42:13 djakes EdTechTalk: and structuring informal learning can make it formal...

21:42:22 lori a EdTechTalk: Shouldn't we just want to learn - why do we need credit?

21:42:27 djakes EdTechTalk: absolutely

21:42:29 cathynelson EdTechTalk: made me a bleiver a year ago

21:42:33 djakes EdTechTalk: thats whats missing, Lori

21:42:35 DanitaR EdTechTalk: that's why we're teacher lori a

21:42:36 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Money

21:42:41 Durff EdTechTalk: do we need the traditional recognition for our learning and if so then why?

21:42:46 sroseman EdTechTalk: lifelong learning

21:42:54 DanitaR EdTechTalk: good teachers WANT to learn

21:43:00 CheriT EdTechTalk: i'm learnign so much I think i should get paid more

21:43:01 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Modeling for other staff

21:43:10 cathynelson EdTechTalk: good teachers make time

21:43:13 vjansen EdTechTalk: we all need to get paid more cheri...

21:43:20 lori a EdTechTalk: Many teachers only put the effort if they get credit or go up on pay scale

21:43:33 cathynelson EdTechTalk: im always asked where ab=nd how I learn about stuff

21:43:36 DanitaR EdTechTalk: I didn't go into education for the money

21:43:37 CheriT EdTechTalk: amen vince

21:43:38 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @lori - makes me wonder why they went into teaching

21:43:38 Durff EdTechTalk: that is sad

21:43:42 cathynelson EdTechTalk: I say Im always tuning in everywhere

21:43:49 djakes EdTechTalk: Its called June July and August

21:43:53 sroseman EdTechTalk: just curious ...what do Subs get per day in your neck of the woods

21:43:59 cathynelson EdTechTalk: and every holiday and weekend

21:44:03 CheriT EdTechTalk: it's really called KIDS

21:44:08 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: 75

21:44:09 DanitaR EdTechTalk: @sroseman $75

21:44:10 Durff EdTechTalk: welcome back brian

21:44:13 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: YESSS cheri!

21:44:20 lori a EdTechTalk: I was able to get some teachers to learn how to use some tech when they were in a grad class that required them to upload to live text

21:44:21 cathynelson EdTechTalk: my sister is so jealous

21:44:25 sroseman EdTechTalk: 180$ here

21:44:27 janicestearns EdTechTalk: I think we all spend our own time learning. Others don't get that yet

21:44:30 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: This chat and podcast will be available by Friday, at Edtechtalk.com/womenofweb2

21:44:30 vjansen EdTechTalk: in our board 171 Cdn a day ( thats Canadian!!!)

21:44:38 cathynelson EdTechTalk: but i tell her i get paid 9 mos stretched over 12

21:44:42 SandyB EdTechTalk: 70 a day

21:44:52 Durff EdTechTalk: we do in PA

21:44:55 briangrenier EdTechTalk: my 3 year old son is saying hi to everyone

21:44:57 sroseman EdTechTalk: 180$ Canadian in Ontario

21:45:00 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @roseman - where is that $180/day

21:45:04 Durff EdTechTalk: hi kid of brian

21:45:08 DanitaR EdTechTalk: hi little grenier

21:45:17 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi Brian's cute 3 yr. old

21:45:21 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Hi, son of Brian!

21:45:21 CheriT EdTechTalk: Hi Brian's son

21:45:23 cathynelson EdTechTalk: hello little brian

21:45:24 djakes EdTechTalk: Hey Baby Grenier, your daddy rocks

21:45:31 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: is he listening?brian

21:45:33 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: He is cute. I've seen a pic of him

21:45:35 briangrenier EdTechTalk: yes

21:45:44 djakes EdTechTalk: He must look like his mom

21:45:52 sroseman EdTechTalk: Ontario

21:45:54 Durff EdTechTalk: hi jeff

21:45:54 briangrenier EdTechTalk: thank god jakes

21:46:12 sroseman EdTechTalk: where are you vjansen

21:46:13 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: I saw the priceless video

21:46:29 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: nice job

21:46:35 vjansen EdTechTalk: in Sherbrooke quebec...

21:46:41 guest478 EdTechTalk: Big Boss Man

21:46:53 Durff EdTechTalk: how manyh in chat room now?

21:46:55 cathynelson EdTechTalk: IT boo hiss just kidding

21:47:07 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: durff quick count!

21:47:13 cathynelson EdTechTalk: IT does not mean the same everywhere

21:47:14 sroseman EdTechTalk: 32

21:47:19 djakes EdTechTalk: 32

21:47:26 Durff EdTechTalk: wow!

21:47:27 DanitaR EdTechTalk: how many students Bud?

21:47:43 sroseman EdTechTalk: I taught kinders this past week

21:47:47 cathynelson EdTechTalk: Resnick memories

21:48:16 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks for counting

21:48:32 cathynelson EdTechTalk: that is my IT Jen

21:48:42 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: what are the big "non-tech" prof dev topics these days?

21:48:54 DanitaR EdTechTalk: rigor and relevance in my district

21:48:57 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Differentiated Instruction

21:49:00 SandyB EdTechTalk: differentiation

21:49:01 cathynelson EdTechTalk: I am the one to help teachers see the way the tools can enhance learning

21:49:10 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: differentiation has to include tech

21:49:13 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: for us best written answers and brain instruction

21:49:14 lori a EdTechTalk: raising test scores :(

21:49:17 cathynelson EdTechTalk: IT is fix it only

21:49:18 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Yes karen!

21:49:20 janicestearns EdTechTalk: college prepared and career ready. That's our motto. :)

21:49:33 briangrenier EdTechTalk: marzano

21:49:36 DanitaR EdTechTalk: how many students Bud?

21:49:37 lori a EdTechTalk: data driven decision making

21:49:44 lori a EdTechTalk: we did marzano last year

21:49:51 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: what is marzano?

21:49:56 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: we did marzano too

21:49:58 janicestearns EdTechTalk: We pick a new ed guru each year

21:50:04 DanitaR EdTechTalk: I have 4 schools and about 2500 kids

21:50:07 lori a EdTechTalk: he has 8 steps for improving instruction

21:50:12 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: thanks!

21:50:19 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Did you see Marzano's Instructional Strategies with Technology Book

21:50:24 djakes EdTechTalk: Marzano's most important work is probably his metaanalysis on what works in schools

21:50:28 djakes EdTechTalk: and in classrooms

21:50:29 lori a EdTechTalk: yes I brought that to my admin

21:50:33 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello guest 304, can I call you 304

21:50:33 cathynelson EdTechTalk: our hs in my area have 1500-2500; there are three of them

21:50:36 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: do you recommend him?

21:50:38 tjtech EdTechTalk: Everything Bud is sharing is ringing too true. I do the same thing for a district with 32 schools. I am the only one.

21:50:40 lori a EdTechTalk: and they didn't do much with it

21:50:53 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Yikes, tj!

21:50:57 lori a EdTechTalk: oh sorry 9 strategies not 8

21:50:58 JL EdTechTalk: Sharon, have you plugged this weekend's events yet? Tune in to the Living Archives video studio ( http://vre.upei.ca/la/video_studio ) or edtechtalk and worldbridges.net to see Sharon Live from PEI. Details ot be posted in ETT and send out via ETT newsletter tomorrow.

21:51:03 DanitaR EdTechTalk: we have 6 ITF for 19 schools

21:51:08 djakes EdTechTalk: @karen. absolutely, check out ASCD, they offer a new book about aligning what works in classrooms with technology

21:51:14 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks Jeff, we shall plug

21:51:18 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: thanks djakes!

21:51:21 cathynelson EdTechTalk: if you are it, you are being thrown under the truck daily, budump

21:51:30 sharonp EdTechTalk: uh, thanks, Jeff - I think!

21:51:48 cathynelson EdTechTalk: don't pull a jakes

21:51:56 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: i get all the ASCD books from the local library

21:52:00 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: or a pederson

21:52:01 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Bud, do you mean you couldn't bite your tongue?

21:52:04 briangrenier EdTechTalk: @djakes flyfishing in 48 hours

21:52:10 djakes EdTechTalk: @cathy what does that mean?

21:52:16 cathynelson EdTechTalk: could be las vegas

21:52:19 djakes EdTechTalk: @brian. rub it in

21:52:23 briangrenier EdTechTalk: okay

21:52:25 djakes EdTechTalk: oh, ok

21:52:31 cathynelson EdTechTalk: u take breaks that i envy

21:52:39 DanitaR EdTechTalk: We have an 8th grade computer test - I am responsible for preparing the 8th graders

21:52:41 djakes EdTechTalk: you wanted to go didnt you!

21:52:46 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: jakes: you, bud, i, vegas, all december

21:52:49 cathynelson EdTechTalk: yes

21:52:50 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: djakes just lives a wonderful life -- doesn't he??

21:52:54 djakes EdTechTalk: tell me where, ijohn

21:53:07 djakes EdTechTalk: EdubloggerCon Las Vegas

21:53:16 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @djakes, great idea

21:53:16 cathynelson EdTechTalk: fun

21:53:21 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Never been to Vegas...

21:53:23 DanitaR EdTechTalk: woohoo Viva Las Vegas

21:53:25 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: I think we need a CRUISE too

21:53:29 cathynelson EdTechTalk: wheres the jakes rudder

21:53:32 lori a EdTechTalk: Wow - if you have lots of computers in the classroom you can do a lot

21:53:33 DanitaR EdTechTalk: amen Jennifer W

21:53:35 Durff EdTechTalk: Vegas was boring

21:53:37 sharonp EdTechTalk: will the Blogger's Cafe have a slot machine? ;-)

21:53:41 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: danita, do you have labs or laptops?

21:53:45 DanitaR EdTechTalk: both

21:53:50 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: LOL -- don't make me giggle

21:54:00 djakes EdTechTalk: Jakes as Rudder in Vegas = trouble

21:54:02 Durff EdTechTalk: giggle giggle

21:54:05 DanitaR EdTechTalk: we have 4 labs per middle school and wireless carts

21:54:17 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: a busy job

21:54:18 cathynelson EdTechTalk: the lack of access to labs (even tho we have 3 and a library full) is my eng teachers excuse

21:54:19 lori a EdTechTalk: we have 7 - 8 year old computers that we put OSX on

21:54:21 Durff EdTechTalk: hi kwalter

21:54:28 kwalter EdTechTalk: hello

21:54:33 lori a EdTechTalk: can be frustrating

21:54:38 kwalter EdTechTalk: I'm a student in djakes' district

21:54:38 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Kim, that you?

21:54:44 DanitaR EdTechTalk: ugh Lori A

21:54:45 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Can be very frustrating

21:54:45 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Guess not.

21:54:54 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @kwalter - welcome!

21:54:55 djakes EdTechTalk: welcome in K Walter, one of our students

21:54:58 Durff EdTechTalk: is he paying you to be here?

21:55:03 DanitaR EdTechTalk: we try to do a 4 to 5 year rotation of computers

21:55:05 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: I wondered too Durff

21:55:08 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: kwalter, does he do a good job? does he have student voices on committees?

21:55:09 djakes EdTechTalk: KW, pay no attention to Durff

21:55:14 cathynelson EdTechTalk: Chris Craft has a room full of oensource Linux? computers networked

21:55:16 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: what is he like in Real Life??

21:55:20 Durff EdTechTalk: or feed jakes

21:55:24 djakes EdTechTalk: Laughing

21:55:31 kwalter EdTechTalk: djakes is....an interesting person.

21:55:33 lori a EdTechTalk: we just went for the blue ribbon assessment and interviewers told our admin - how can you be an blue ribbon school with all that old technology

21:55:44 lori a EdTechTalk: might make the school board have a light bulb go off

21:55:47 djakes EdTechTalk: thanks kwalter

21:55:49 Durff EdTechTalk: to say the least kwalters

21:55:49 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: kwaiter -- wowow -- he owes you big for that one!!! You could have said so many other things

21:55:51 cathynelson EdTechTalk: haha see what they know

21:55:52 alicebarr EdTechTalk: @loriA You're kidding???

21:55:55 kwalter EdTechTalk: @cheryl: no student voice on committees that i'm aware of

21:56:05 lori a EdTechTalk: nope

21:56:07 djakes EdTechTalk: we have no committees

21:56:09 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @lori - which blue ribbon assessment - the one from the federal government or south carolina?

21:56:11 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: we need a POST SHOW

21:56:11 cathynelson EdTechTalk: im amazed at how schools can get blue ribon with TERRIBLE library rograms

21:56:14 Durff EdTechTalk: he MUST be paying

21:56:14 lori a EdTechTalk: school board kept saying no to new hardware

21:56:18 guest478 EdTechTalk: information barely exists

21:56:19 DanitaR EdTechTalk: the ITF's have just been given the "power" to unblock sites for teachers

21:56:24 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: I am going to get students this year help our teachers with laptops. I messaged them at facebook and 3 responded

21:56:27 djakes EdTechTalk: but thats a good idea, what do u think, k walter

21:56:37 Durff EdTechTalk: barely or everywhere?

21:56:45 kwalter EdTechTalk: students on committees? very good idea

21:56:49 djakes EdTechTalk: @jwagner, have 3 submissions into CUE

21:57:04 djakes EdTechTalk: @kwalter. I agree, we need to pursue that

21:57:07 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Ok, djakes, let's see what gets students first? my meeting is 10/2/07

21:57:12 Durff EdTechTalk: i'm trying to get student tech teams - admin is resistant

21:57:21 DanitaR EdTechTalk: why Durff?

21:57:25 djakes EdTechTalk: Mine is tomorrow

21:57:27 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Awesome, David. Looking forward to seeing you in California

21:57:28 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: Diane Hammond -- NEXT WEEK

21:57:29 Durff EdTechTalk: thredatened

21:57:34 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: David Jakes in TWO WEEKS!!! WOO HOO

21:57:36 tjtech EdTechTalk: I struggle with equity in technolgy among schools/classrooms knowing many computers are virtual paperweights.

21:57:41 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: come back for that one kwaiter!!

21:57:46 Durff EdTechTalk: the intelligence of kids threatens their degrees

21:57:47 kwalter EdTechTalk: will do

21:57:48 briangrenier EdTechTalk: @Durff have you heard of SWAT

21:57:56 DanitaR EdTechTalk: tjtech - those teachers should lose their computers

21:57:59 Durff EdTechTalk: as in swat team?

21:58:05 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: in 3 WEEKS -- David Warlick!!!

21:58:06 cathynelson EdTechTalk: and their 1950s teaching style

21:58:20 Durff EdTechTalk: do tell brian

21:58:23 lori a EdTechTalk: I had a SWAT program

21:58:25 DanitaR EdTechTalk: teachers need more time to "play" with the new technology

21:58:32 lori a EdTechTalk: Student who assist technology

21:58:32 briangrenier EdTechTalk: Students Working to Advance Technology

21:58:38 Durff EdTechTalk: cool

21:58:40 Cathy E EdTechTalk: Ohhh- David Warlick- my hero :)

21:58:42 Durff EdTechTalk: i had not

21:58:44 cathynelson EdTechTalk: i recently read about a teacher who got all the desks out of the room, and made students PROVE they needed them

21:58:55 briangrenier EdTechTalk: we a encouraging these teams at all our campuses

21:59:08 briangrenier EdTechTalk: http://www.swatweb.net/

21:59:11 DanitaR EdTechTalk: would love to have more kid input on tech plans

21:59:36 briangrenier EdTechTalk: agreed DanitaR

21:59:45 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Thanks for the link.

21:59:54 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: great link - thanks for it

21:59:59 briangrenier EdTechTalk: de nada

22:00:00 cathynelson EdTechTalk: ahhh must go--gnight friends

22:00:00 janicestearns EdTechTalk: to the national writers project

22:00:03 djakes EdTechTalk: @janicesterns. see you in Palm Springs?

22:00:07 lori a EdTechTalk: night cathy n

22:00:08 tjtech EdTechTalk: I agree somewhat but hate that the fact that their students are left out to the engaging lessons that should not be a choice.

22:00:10 briangrenier EdTechTalk: good night cathy

22:00:16 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Danita R we have a student tech team in Student gov

22:00:23 janicestearns EdTechTalk: FOr sure. My favorite place to go

22:00:26 DanitaR EdTechTalk: love that idea alice

22:00:33 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: IS DAVID JAKES going to CUE??

22:00:36 CheriT EdTechTalk: Brian Grenier - I'm in Illinois, where is SWAT?

22:00:37 kwalter EdTechTalk: student gov't at our school is a joke

22:00:38 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Yep

22:00:40 guest478 EdTechTalk: WOOHOO

22:00:46 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: cool -- happy dance!!!

22:00:47 briangrenier EdTechTalk: I'm in Texas...it's here

22:00:48 djakes EdTechTalk: Yes, 3 submissions

22:00:52 lori a EdTechTalk: they were at IETC one year I think

22:00:52 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: kwalter how did you find us?

22:00:56 djakes EdTechTalk: It should

22:00:56 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: me -- 2 submissions

22:00:57 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: glad you are here

22:00:58 kwalter EdTechTalk: djakes

22:01:02 briangrenier EdTechTalk: a program you can register for

22:01:03 CheriT EdTechTalk: oh, where's Illinois institute of tech?

22:01:04 kwalter EdTechTalk: skyped me a link

22:01:07 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: great, come back

22:01:22 djakes EdTechTalk: @Cheri. South side

22:01:32 CheriT EdTechTalk: ok, thanks

22:01:33 JL EdTechTalk: Likewise Sharon

22:01:36 vjansen EdTechTalk: me too

22:01:39 JL EdTechTalk: high fives to all :)

22:01:42 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @kw - what do teachers need to know from the student's perspective about using technology?

22:01:58 DanitaR EdTechTalk: being on the short side, I normally low five :D

22:01:59 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Thank you as ALWAYS!

22:02:05 djakes EdTechTalk: Outstanding job, Bud!

22:02:08 briangrenier EdTechTalk: I'm so disappointed I came in so late

22:02:10 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: again -- another great show -- THANKS SO MUCH!!!

22:02:17 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Great webcast as always

22:02:24 vjansen EdTechTalk: great work Bud..

22:02:30 kwalter EdTechTalk: @karen: well students like to be doing things, not just watching

22:02:32 janicestearns EdTechTalk: I can't believe an hour has passed

22:02:35 fceblog EdTechTalk: Thank you all. Thank you Bud

22:02:35 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: alwlays look forward to this

22:02:36 SandyB EdTechTalk: motivating as always

22:02:40 briangrenier EdTechTalk: good night from little Grenier

22:02:45 DanitaR EdTechTalk: Thanks all - always learn so much from all

22:02:49 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: this time goes so fast!

22:02:51 janicestearns EdTechTalk: THanks for answering that , kwalter

22:02:52 sroseman EdTechTalk: inspiring chat

22:02:52 vvrotny EdTechTalk: good night all

22:02:55 ColleenK EdTechTalk: Thanks everyone...a very enjoyable hour

22:02:59 fceblog EdTechTalk: good night Little Grenier!

22:03:00 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: Anything else, KW?

22:03:05 lori a EdTechTalk: always interesting

22:03:20 kwalter EdTechTalk: quite a bit, will blog on it...

22:03:25 Bud EdTechTalk: thanks, room

22:03:27 vjansen EdTechTalk: me too Bud

22:03:28 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: what's your blog link?

22:03:33 Bud EdTechTalk: I'm sorry I missed so much of the chat

22:03:34 kwalter EdTechTalk: http://kevinwalter.org

22:03:35 vjansen EdTechTalk: she did on the video

22:03:37 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: sharon...no lipstick...

22:03:39 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: thanks!

22:03:41 kwalter EdTechTalk: you commented a few weeks back ;)

22:03:45 djakes EdTechTalk: Hey be sure to check out KWalters blog

22:03:50 Bud EdTechTalk: you're all too kind

22:03:55 kwalter EdTechTalk: (just the education category)

22:03:59 djakes EdTechTalk: most of the learning will be in the Blogging Cafe anyway

22:04:14 djakes EdTechTalk: Absolutely!!!

22:04:17 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: random presentations ++++

22:04:20 Bud EdTechTalk: i'll be at necc - perhaps I'll stake out a hallway and give an impromptu presentation

22:04:21 Durff EdTechTalk: yes!

22:04:37 briangrenier EdTechTalk: I sure miss this kind of conversation

22:04:42 DanitaR EdTechTalk: I'm excited about K-12 coming up!

22:04:43 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: (i turned down a pre-conference co-present invite today)

22:04:44 djakes EdTechTalk: @ijohn. Want to make reservations?

22:04:46 CheriT EdTechTalk: bye all - see you next week

22:04:51 Durff EdTechTalk: and skype durff into NECC

22:05:05 lori a EdTechTalk: I'm going to NECC I hope next year

22:05:10 kwalter EdTechTalk: same here

22:05:10 janicestearns EdTechTalk: Gotta go Hope to see you all next week, if I get off work on time.

22:05:11 lori a EdTechTalk: but not proposing

22:05:19 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: sure will durff

22:05:22 Durff EdTechTalk: Educon20?

22:05:24 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: @jakes wife would keeeel me

22:05:27 djakes EdTechTalk: Bud: its good

22:05:29 Durff EdTechTalk: PETE-C?

22:05:39 djakes EdTechTalk: @ijohn-no wife, I'm single

22:05:51 Durff EdTechTalk: thank you cheryl

22:05:54 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: ijohn, do you want to do a random presentation with me, brian too?

22:05:59 djakes EdTechTalk: I get to do whatever I want, whenever

22:06:09 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: i vote for that david

22:06:22 briangrenier EdTechTalk: let's talk...what kind of random preso?

22:06:25 lori a EdTechTalk: IL-TCE proposals due OCT 1st anyone want to come to IL in FEB?

22:06:27 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: i'll gladly be in random presentations, i'm just scared about getting tied down in a pre-conference thing that conflicts with edubloggercom

22:06:46 djakes EdTechTalk: thats too good to pass up

22:06:47 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: we can decide at necc, see what is not on the program and offer it?

22:06:56 DanitaR EdTechTalk: I put my cheat sheets on my wiki - leecountyschools.wikispaces.com

22:06:59 Durff EdTechTalk: conferences just scre me period

22:07:01 djakes EdTechTalk: I think we should do more presentations at the Blogger Cafe

22:07:06 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: heck yeah! fill in the gaps in the hallways

22:07:09 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: ;)

22:07:12 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Camtasia videos are graat

22:07:15 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: yes, at or near blogger cafe

22:07:24 briangrenier EdTechTalk: sounds good....definately going to make it, but I think I'll drive this year after my Atlanta fiasco

22:07:29 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: that way no pressure to come up with a plan now

22:07:39 djakes EdTechTalk: I think that has tremendous potential, white board with times, and people fill in what they have a passion for, and present

22:07:49 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: perfect

22:07:54 alicebarr EdTechTalk: twitter a session!

22:07:56 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: @djakes, great idea

22:08:08 DanitaR EdTechTalk: Alice B - good idea

22:08:09 djakes EdTechTalk: People not there can skype in and present

22:08:12 Durff EdTechTalk: backchanneling is were it is at

22:08:23 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: backchanneling is a must

22:08:25 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Exactly Durff!

22:08:30 Durff EdTechTalk: :)

22:08:32 vjansen EdTechTalk: and we were in your backseat!

22:08:40 djakes EdTechTalk: Backchanneling and then chatcast

22:08:47 Durff EdTechTalk: what were you doing htere?

22:08:49 sroseman EdTechTalk: Please define backchanneling

22:08:59 Durff EdTechTalk: misbehaving

22:08:59 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: or in the edtechspirit, use as many tools as you can to capacity to see ifyou can break things

22:09:07 Durff EdTechTalk: passing notes in class

22:09:08 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Like that cheryl

22:09:14 briangrenier EdTechTalk: I have a Texas Social Studies Conference coming up...can't focus on it right now (did I mention to djakes that I'll be flyfishing on Thursday)

22:09:15 djakes EdTechTalk: using Skype or some other chat client to have a discussion among presentation members

22:09:26 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: off topic - anyone know the college Full Sail?

22:09:29 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: sounds good to me, you are on!

22:09:41 kwalter EdTechTalk: karen: in FL, right?

22:09:48 djakes EdTechTalk: the transcript of that is then posted into a blog and its called a chatcast

22:09:49 sroseman EdTechTalk: Do you live near Snowmass

22:09:57 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: yes! do you know it kevin? my son is interested in going there

22:10:04 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: all the kids + normal

22:10:13 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: sun, but 6 feet of snow?

22:10:17 Durff EdTechTalk: hi kristian

22:10:21 kristinhokanson EdTechTalk: sigh lousy network

22:10:32 kristinhokanson EdTechTalk: @loria did you get my message

22:10:32 Durff EdTechTalk: panera again?

22:10:39 djakes EdTechTalk: catch everyone next week, thanks everyone

22:10:40 tjtech EdTechTalk: What is Bud's podcast?

22:10:42 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: ok, this is way too much fun but I have to go

22:10:48 KarenJanowski EdTechTalk: good night all!

22:10:48 sroseman EdTechTalk: I love "Snowmass"

22:10:49 briangrenier EdTechTalk: see ya jakes

22:10:55 djakes EdTechTalk: later BG

22:11:06 kwalter EdTechTalk: suppose i should go too, collect my paycheck from jakes

22:11:07 Bud EdTechTalk: budtheteacher.com

22:11:08 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: budtheteacher.com

22:11:18 tjtech EdTechTalk: thank you

22:11:20 Durff EdTechTalk: yes kwalters

22:11:28 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: http://budtheteacher.typepad.com/

22:11:40 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks for joining us all, we are winding down.

22:11:53 Durff EdTechTalk: oo 10:11 - see you at the pole tomorrow - bye all

22:12:03 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: see you at the POLE Lisa

22:12:07 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: ijohnpederson

22:12:09 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: :)

22:12:10 briangrenier EdTechTalk: good night all...have to give my son a bath...HE NEEDS IT!

22:12:29 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: have fun baby greiner

22:12:30 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Bud, what is your last name?

22:12:34 Bud EdTechTalk: HUnt

22:12:41 DanitaR EdTechTalk: Theteacher

22:12:48 Bud EdTechTalk: no thanks, danita

22:12:49 DanitaR EdTechTalk: :p

22:12:59 Bud EdTechTalk: lol

22:13:13 DanitaR EdTechTalk: at least your kids don't call you The Gaggle lady

22:13:25 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: or a Technospud :)

22:13:35 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks for showing up tonight and missing the great PBS War from Kevin Burns

22:13:53 DanitaR EdTechTalk: sshhhhh, hubby doesn't know PBS War is on

22:13:55 sroseman EdTechTalk: gave up "House" to listen here

22:14:05 DanitaR EdTechTalk: recorded House

22:14:07 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: house is on in 2 hours

22:14:27 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: i loved the posts too

22:14:37 sroseman EdTechTalk: It is past 10 o'clock here

22:14:42 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: WAR was soo good, I learned a lot

22:14:59 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: crafty and I are playing..

22:15:29 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: TwitterPenalty‚Ñ¢

22:15:35 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: lol

22:15:40 alicebarr EdTechTalk: iJohn Twitter REF

22:16:09 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: sweet JW

22:16:19 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: lol

22:16:39 alicebarr EdTechTalk: It's all called by John!

22:16:40 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: it's the ijohnpederson Home Game‚Ñ¢

22:16:50 alicebarr EdTechTalk: Buy your copy today!

22:16:52 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi Dianne, just winding down

22:17:06 Dianne EdTechTalk: Darn I missed it!

22:17:14 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi Chris, how is the k12 going?

22:17:24 DanitaR EdTechTalk: Twitter is my secret obsession ;)

22:17:26 charbeck EdTechTalk: aarrggggg procrastinating

22:17:26 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Dianne you can hear the podcast by Thurs. it is a great one

22:17:27 Dianne EdTechTalk: Hello everyone anyways!

22:17:33 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: come one chris

22:17:42 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: look at the teasers that will motivate you

22:17:54 charbeck EdTechTalk: Putting a wiki together to house all my "stuff"

22:18:04 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: good organization!

22:18:13 charbeck EdTechTalk: Oh I look at the teasers all right. That is what makes me panic

22:18:25 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: no panic, let it motivate you

22:18:30 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: I'm a twitter loser - only in the 20s

22:18:34 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Dianne don't go away

22:18:47 Dianne EdTechTalk: Im here :)

22:18:52 Dianne EdTechTalk: is the audio still on or no?

22:18:59 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: just chatting

22:19:13 charbeck EdTechTalk: nice colour jen

22:19:45 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: audio going bye bye

22:19:48 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: thanks

22:19:51 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: and the show is OVER

22:19:58 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: wow -- what a nice chat

22:20:02 Bud EdTechTalk: thanks again, everybody

22:20:07 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: what a nice guy!!!

22:20:08 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: great show thanks again

22:20:09 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: TwitterPenalty‚Ñ¢, EdTechTalk, Intellectualizing Twitter

22:20:14 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: iJohn

22:20:15 tjtech EdTechTalk: thank you

22:20:18 Bud EdTechTalk: dangit

22:20:19 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: when you are you coming ON

22:20:19 cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: run awa y

22:20:23 DanitaR EdTechTalk: thanks all!

22:20:26 Bud EdTechTalk: wanted points and now I'm in the box.

22:20:31 Pam Shoemaker EdTechTalk: Bye all

22:20:32 ijohnpederson EdTechTalk: lol

22:20:32 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: ijohn???? we want you on our show!!!!!

22:20:39 Bud EdTechTalk: take care everybody

22:20:43 kristinhokanson EdTechTalk: @durff bootcamp at the Holiday in Harrisburg

22:20:44 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: night

22:20:46 JenniferWagner EdTechTalk: and POOF