This week I talk with Arthus about his thoughts on some online and web-based tools and how they might be used in K-12 education.

We discuss Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps and Gmail and issues related to access and use of these tools in Arthus' experience as a high-school student.


Hi - I listened to the exchange with Arthus and have to say I found the tone a bit condescending, as though Arthus already knows everything he needs to know. Hmmm. Now anyone who has been teaching for a while, has likely encountered many forms of student atitudes toward learning. Perhaps, the hardest to overcome, is the "smugness of youth" which can be a great barrier to open-minded thinking. Being able to use tech tools, widgets, devices, etc etc etc does not substitute for the experiential process of learning and developing, conversing with others of varied experiences, processing ideas from many points of view, and trying to insert oneself into the shoes of others. I hope Arthus will be able to build learning foundations to continue his growth, and not let the mastery of a few current concepts stand in as wisdom.