Women of Web # 54 December 11, 2007

Join Jen, Sharon, Cheryl and Kathy in a great interview with Elana Langer, from the OLPC, MIT program. 


 20:48:04  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello Room!!

 20:49:04  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: Hey all

 20:49:21  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Welcome to you all

 20:49:36  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: get comfy

 20:49:53  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Get your tea or if Durff is here Coffee

 20:49:56  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: I have my sprite zero

 20:51:28  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: welcome to Karly, mj, PeggyG:-), CathyE<JL,

 20:52:48  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: can you hear?

 20:53:45  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Hi all-great to see you

 20:53:51  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: welcome and you can listen at EdtechtalkA we are streaming

 20:53:58  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Peggy good to see you!

 20:54:11  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: You too Cheryl!

 20:54:21  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: test

 20:54:38  sharonp  EdTechTalk: Hi everyone ! Will be a GREAT show tonight

 20:55:44  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: welcome Dgoodman

 20:55:54  dgoodman  EdTechTalk: hello everyone

 20:56:02  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello DGoodman

 20:56:15  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hello Karen

 20:57:04  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hi Pam

 20:57:15  shoemap  EdTechTalk: hi cheryl

 20:57:27  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Great to have you back!!

 20:57:43  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Yes, Peg, good to be back

 20:58:20  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: 2 min. to show time

 20:58:26  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: There's even bad weather in Phoenix if you can believe that.:)

 20:58:36  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: really, in Phoenix

 20:58:45  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: evening Alice

 20:59:05  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Hey Cheryl!

 20:59:07  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: we do podcast the show and get the chat up on the web by Thurs.

 20:59:09  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Yes, cold and rainy--may get down to 39 degrees tonight. :-) We're spoiled.

 20:59:17  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: brr, cold and wet

 21:00:40  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Dean Sharesky, right?

 21:00:51  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: PeggyG -- yes

 21:00:51  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Oh yes Clarence

 21:01:03  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Clarence had the place where everyone wanted to move to

 21:01:16  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: That's right :-)

 21:01:21  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Welcome EVERYONE

 21:01:32  derrallg  EdTechTalk: Hi Jen

 21:01:33  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: I started to type names one at a time and then you all joined at once  :)

 21:01:56  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: http://www.geogebra.org/cms

 21:02:00  CathyN (SC)  EdTechTalk: feeling olive green today

 21:02:16  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Please remember to use @ when talking specificially TO ONE PERSON

 21:02:25  sharonbets  EdTechTalk: oh shoot - my mic isn't working.  Maybe I'll just stay in the chat room and listen tomorrow

 21:02:31  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: and also CHOOSE A COLOR -- far left on your tool bar

 21:02:37  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: http://www.markmakers.org/default.aspx

 21:02:44  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Teachers and students can make their own applets with Geogebra.

 21:02:52  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: http://twentyfivedays.wordpress.com/

 21:02:55  sharonp  EdTechTalk: welcome to Vinnie!

 21:03:08  sharonp  EdTechTalk: nice to see you! Great you can join us!

 21:03:19  CathyN (SC)  EdTechTalk: @Jen sounds like SC

 21:03:21  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: HI all

 21:03:24  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: @speters thanks, sharon. feeling a bit disconnected

 21:03:33  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Love the new edtech look

 21:03:40  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: http://hourchallenge.com/

 21:03:40  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: http://www.guessthegift.com/

 21:03:46  CathyN (SC)  EdTechTalk: 80 degrees today folks--people on the beach sunbathing on Dec 11

 21:03:49  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: random act of kindness

 21:03:57  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Along the lines of Jen's post look at the markmakers web site

 21:04:04  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: I love 25days, what a great idea

 21:04:15  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks Alice

 21:05:15  CathyN (SC)  EdTechTalk: someone form church sent me the rice/vocab site today--she is not an educator LOL

 21:05:16  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Please DON'T go to GuessTheGift just yet -- it will distract you from this great discussion about to happen!!  :)

 21:05:19  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McgheKrupxc 9 year old reviews the OLPC XO laptop

 21:05:26  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: oh yes, the RICE SITE is cool tool

 21:05:51  CathyN (SC)  EdTechTalk: going a shade more olive

 21:06:33  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi Indianabob

 21:06:36  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/

 21:06:40  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Sharon's WOW

 21:06:40  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: shoot... was going to have two of my students do a video review of the OLPC when it comes in...but that is OK. 

 21:06:53  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: Cathy E, olive suits you

 21:06:55  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: welcome ryanb and sjt

 21:06:59  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello Ryan and Bob and SJT

 21:07:04  sjt  EdTechTalk: ...evening...

 21:07:10  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: oh, colleen, do u use geogebra?

 21:07:21  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: MjMonty -- do it too -- we love to see everyone's ideas

 21:07:22  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Sharon's site is also downloadable from iTunes

 21:07:23  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi Steve! good to see you

 21:07:25  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Welcome Steve!!

 21:07:37  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi LisaP,

 21:07:39  stevesoko  EdTechTalk: hI ALL

 21:07:42  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: my my the listener list is growing

 21:07:45  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7116881.stm#2

 21:07:48  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: welcome sroseman, emapey too

 21:07:50  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: @Cheryl Yes, there are some examples on the math wiki (not by me)

 21:07:52  ryanbretag  EdTechTalk: Hi All

 21:08:00  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: it is a great program

 21:08:00  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: http://twit.tv/124

 21:08:04  CathyN (SC)  EdTechTalk: we are loyal if nothing else! #kathy

 21:08:14  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: also a great comparison of the OLPC and the Intel version on BBC technology

 21:08:15  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: has anyone received their OLPC yet??

 21:08:17  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: @Cheryl Very powerful

 21:08:19  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello VJansen

 21:08:19  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: SharonBetts, hi this cold night

 21:08:28  sroseman  EdTechTalk: love twit

 21:08:30  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: http://laptopmag.com/Features/OLPC-XO-We-Gave-1-Got-1-to-Africa.htm

 21:08:30  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: I haven't received my OLPC yet

 21:08:31  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: OLPC started shipping today

 21:08:32  vjansen  EdTechTalk: hi there

 21:08:35  stevesoko  EdTechTalk: @jen twit/124 was great discussion

 21:08:37  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Vince:-)

 21:08:47  vjansen  EdTechTalk: hi cheryl

 21:08:49  sharonp  EdTechTalk: woot! they started shipping today!

 21:08:52  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi Vinnie, how is your family???

 21:08:57  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: @aliceba....excellent!  Can't wait

 21:09:03  sharonbets  EdTechTalk: @cheryloakes hey - we got snow.  My sound is not working and I thought I would stay, but it is hard without the ears.  Guess I will just do some work for tomororw - bye all

 21:09:20  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: bye sharon, get lots of snow

 21:09:21  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello Sus

 21:09:24  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Susan

 21:09:36  sroseman  EdTechTalk: lots of snow here

 21:09:46  derrallg  EdTechTalk: I have eight new windows in Firefox open:)

 21:09:54  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: have you been skiing yet sroseman?

 21:10:07  sroseman  EdTechTalk: today, Cheryl

 21:10:07  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: good luck keeping track derrallg

 21:10:19  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: good for you skiing, did you ski a run for me?

 21:10:35  sroseman  EdTechTalk: yes, thought of you

 21:10:36  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: If you have questions about the XO or Elana -- please type them here

 21:10:39  shoemap  EdTechTalk: @derrall what are you up to with 8 windows?

 21:10:44  sroseman  EdTechTalk: glad I was not working today

 21:10:57  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Elana works more with the education initiative rather than the making or distribution of XO

 21:11:00  derrallg  EdTechTalk: @shoemap all the links they've dropped in

 21:11:26  shoemap  EdTechTalk: @derrallg I thought you were preparing for tomorrow's interncast!

 21:11:29  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello JuWolf43

 21:11:31  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello Judi!

 21:11:35  CathyN (SC)  EdTechTalk: my connection SLOW--culd be all the open windows and tabs

 21:12:02  JuWolf43  EdTechTalk: Hi Jen - Just was able to get here!

 21:12:04  derrallg  EdTechTalk: @shoemap I am what more could I ask for inspiration

 21:12:22  shoemap  EdTechTalk: :D

 21:12:40  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Again, Seymour is getting his message to continue around the globe.

 21:12:51  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: looking forward to ordering my olpc after christmas, when i can afford it

 21:12:58  dgoodman  EdTechTalk: Cathy N-where in SC

 21:13:40  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Vinnie, I"ll send photos to FlickR

 21:14:03  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: I'm really interested in how classrooms are using the XO--are they connecting to the internet wirelessly in the school?

 21:14:11  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: Is python the language used to write apps for the OLPC??

 21:14:16  derrallg  EdTechTalk: Did anyone see the statement about olpc being constructivist versus the asus, etc.

 21:14:31  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: are there open source programming opportunities for writing apps for the OLPC?

 21:14:33  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: No, can yo u find the link for that@derrallg?

 21:14:39  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: MJMonty -- I will ask

 21:14:53  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: If so, what an authentic opportunity for students to write code

 21:15:01  shoemap  EdTechTalk: I've tested the Classmate

 21:15:01  derrallg  EdTechTalk: I'll look in my browser history...

 21:15:02  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Welcome Garfield

 21:15:03  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: welcome Garfield

 21:15:09  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks derrallg

 21:15:10  Garfield  EdTechTalk: Thanks!

 21:15:27  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: and get involved in an open source community in an authentic way...

 21:15:48  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: mjmonty, you are right, it will give kids lots of purpose

 21:15:59  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: will schools be able to buy olpc after the special time? this is something that i am interesting in finding out before we commit to this as a potential solution

 21:16:11  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: I shall ask VINNIE

 21:16:24  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Kathy Shields might answer, she is purchasing some for her school, or is trying

 21:16:57  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: eshool news carried a stroy about birmingham purchasing for the entire city for a price tag of $3m

 21:17:14  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: @Vinnie Birmingham Alabama just contracted to but them

 21:17:29  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: whole idea of OLPC is so, so big...imagine what the world will be like when kids can connecti w/kids in all corners of the world...it will promote and develop a better understanding of people and cultures...

 21:17:30  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: we have parents who are willing to pilot, but i am skeptical because i want to test to see exactly how this will function in our environment. call me a skeptic, but i have been burned in the past

 21:17:44  CathyN (SC)  EdTechTalk: we cal it a blonde moment

 21:17:46  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Just a second, Vinnie -- I shall make sure they get your question   :)

 21:18:01  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: yes cathyn, we all have them, mine are senior now:-)

 21:18:09  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: @jenwagner thanks. I will be patient

 21:18:21  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: grins -- I know you shall be.  And prayers always fro your family!!

 21:18:23  emapey  EdTechTalk: Hey, I live in Uruguay!!!

 21:18:27  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Durff did you bring coffee?

 21:18:33  Durff  EdTechTalk: quick everyone distract them!

 21:18:37  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Welcome Lisa and Cyndi

 21:18:45  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Emapey, maybe you will be able to give us a report on their use!

 21:18:55  Durff  EdTechTalk: coffee in the kitchen cheryl

 21:19:07  Durff  EdTechTalk: thanks Jen

 21:19:09  stevesoko  EdTechTalk: Negroponte is talking about having Widows run on XO -http://tinyurl.com/yah7d8

 21:19:11  emapey  EdTechTalk: I hope so

 21:19:12  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: also looking at eee pc, same price point. looking for best solution

 21:19:15  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: it is a LINUX system  ---

 21:19:21  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: what is the eee pc??

 21:19:27  Durff  EdTechTalk: widows?

 21:19:36  Durff  EdTechTalk: is he killing 'em off?

 21:19:39  stevesoko  EdTechTalk: sorry windows

 21:19:49  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: eee pc is a 399 linux based laptop from a Taiwanese company

 21:19:59  Durff  EdTechTalk: it sounded better without the n

 21:20:06  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hi arthus, welcome

 21:20:19  Durff  EdTechTalk: gotta get the coffee - blame cheryl

 21:20:23  arthus  EdTechTalk: hi

 21:20:28  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: eee pc -very small keyboard...touch to get both hands on home row...small screen

 21:20:38  arthus  EdTechTalk: sorry about our downtime today... working that out

 21:20:40  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: The eepc sounded amazing but it's such a small keyboard. :-)

 21:20:41  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: wireless???

 21:20:48  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: is it bigger than a cell phone, iphone keyboard?

 21:20:55  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Yes wireless

 21:20:59  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: is it the 7" monitor one that Clarence Fisher is testing out??

 21:21:12  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Welcome LindaN

 21:21:15  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: welcome linda n

 21:21:28  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: @jenwagner...yes on c fisher answer

 21:21:36  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Hi Everyone!

 21:21:40  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: now -- so that is an eee pc -- thanks

 21:21:57  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: eee pc has pretty good battery life

 21:22:23  Garfield  EdTechTalk: JenWagner, This is my first time here. Is this the normal amount of traffic on the chat...I'm impressed!

 21:22:32  sharonp  EdTechTalk: No fair! Jen is counting how many times I say the word "pedagogy"!

 21:22:34  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Garfield -- honestly -- right now, it is a bit flow

 21:22:43  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: i had an 8th grade girl take it arond with her for three days...wasn't on the whole time, but she didn't need to recharge

 21:22:45  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Welcome Wendy!!

 21:22:50  sharonp  EdTechTalk: slow. not flow

 21:22:52  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: @ Garfield, this is as normal as it gets. JUmp in

 21:22:52  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: 3 days???

 21:22:58  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi Wendy.

 21:23:15  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Please remember to choose a color -- FAR LEFT ICON

 21:23:19  Garfield  EdTechTalk: I'm just trying to learn from you guys.

 21:23:29  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: and please use the @ sign to talk directly to ONE person!!

 21:23:31  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: thank you!!

 21:23:31  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: As long as you share with us too:-)

 21:23:36  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: K

 21:23:41  shoemap  EdTechTalk: laptop battery dead-forgot cord. bye all

 21:23:48  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: bye pam

 21:24:05  Wendy  EdTechTalk: Hi everyone.  First time on.  Saw something about OLPC on Twitter.

 21:24:12  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Welcome Wendy

 21:24:19  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: Hi Wendy

 21:24:22  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Welcome Wendy!

 21:24:23  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: are you connected to the AUDIO chat too?

 21:24:34  Garfield  EdTechTalk: Yes

 21:24:35  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: olpclearningproject at youtube from Elana

 21:24:37  stevesoko  EdTechTalk: Welcome Wendy

 21:24:56  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASUS_Eee_PC

 21:25:02  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Thanks Peggy!!!

 21:25:03  derrallg  EdTechTalk: @cheryl It was Miguel Guhlin just a brief mention no other details

 21:25:07  Wendy  EdTechTalk: Ok - now I can hear,too.

 21:25:16  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: OLPC countries/areas might be able to leapfrog what we do with Instructional tech here in the US

 21:25:17  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks derrallg, will go and check later

 21:25:41  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: they might be able to go right into constructivist type methods with the devices

 21:25:54  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: that is what I ws thinkin mj!

 21:26:25  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: might be able to avoid some of the traditional challenges we all deal with

 21:26:51  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: and don't have to worry about all sorts of hefty client software installations...

 21:27:05  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: right we have some experience deploying 1-1 here in maine, but 7,000 at a time

 21:27:28  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: how will these by supported??

 21:27:40  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: will patches and support be available via website??

 21:27:49  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: great questions

 21:28:22  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: I wonder if any research based studys will follow and track the programs incertain schools

 21:28:37  stevesoko  EdTechTalk: TWIT/124 has different opinion on what the roll out numbers mean

 21:29:16  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi Kern! welcome

 21:29:18  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Welcome Kern!!

 21:29:29  Kern  EdTechTalk: Hi all

 21:29:45  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: @mjmonty but they may lack the teacher to guide the process. although, the US may have the same problem

 21:30:14  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: but don't you think the kids with the laptops in hand could turn this around? they will lead and transform

 21:30:41  Garfield  EdTechTalk: Are the laptops preloaded with content...or use the internet

 21:30:50  Durff  EdTechTalk: i think they need guides

 21:31:09  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: @cheryl  yes, in terms of operations and technical know how...no in terms of info gathering, sifting, culling, ethics, etc...

 21:31:22  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk:  garfield, they have open source software and internet

 21:31:32  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hi scott

 21:31:36  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: but even here, if we were to give students laptops without guidance, they may be able to do some things, but we as teacher can guide and mentor students

 21:31:37  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Hey Scott!!

 21:31:47  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: MJ, yes, that is why it will be different.

 21:31:48  sharonp  EdTechTalk: good question, Garfield - we need to get to what comes loaded on the XO

 21:31:51  Garfield  EdTechTalk: Do you know if they are looking for more content?

 21:31:54  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: Hey Cheryl, Jen Durff, et al

 21:32:06  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: good question, will ask

 21:32:17  stevesoko  EdTechTalk: children have knowledge, usually not wisdom

 21:32:18  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: @VV I hear you on the guidance...

 21:32:25  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: guess I ran durff off, have that effect on women sometimes, sorry

 21:32:37  Garfield  EdTechTalk: I run a web site that has millions of dollars of software they could use.

 21:32:41  Durff  EdTechTalk: gonna say hey scott and got kicked out

 21:32:47  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: @stevesoko Nice simple way to say it...

 21:32:57  Durff  EdTechTalk: try harder scott

 21:33:15  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Play first is always essential

 21:33:21  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Gets you comfortble

 21:33:26  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: always:D

 21:33:36  Durff  EdTechTalk: how about play 100% of the time?

 21:33:38  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: absolutely Linda N, playing, in the free mode.

 21:33:45  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: however olpc children may be able mentor students via communication which may help them overcome their teachers for whom this will be foriegn

 21:33:53  dgoodman  EdTechTalk: I think we forget sometimes how important play is for kids and even ourselves

 21:33:58  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: good plan Vinnie

 21:34:10  derrallg  EdTechTalk: Has anyone set up a virtual olpc to see the interface?

 21:34:11  Durff  EdTechTalk: they need to play safely

 21:34:29  Linda N  EdTechTalk: @Durff - great point

 21:34:32  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: but they will have to find people who have time and are willing to mentor. I know my plate is full

 21:34:38  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Garfield do you have your URL of your website

 21:34:50  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: http://www.laptop.org/en/laptop/start/

 21:34:51  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: http://www.laptop.org/en/laptop/start

 21:34:53  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: True Durff, saw another bad example on CNN site earlier, let me get the link

 21:35:00  Garfield  EdTechTalk: www.professorgarfield.org and sparktop.org

 21:35:08  Kern  EdTechTalk: @vinnie would be a great project for more students - those who already have some tech

 21:36:01  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: what will the ebook capabilities be like??

 21:36:21  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: I can't wait to get  my XO,

 21:36:28  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: @kern absolutely. for us, with a service component, this would be a great project, meaningful and authentic for them to give to the greater good

 21:36:33  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Student tech teams? Leadership and service opportunities

 21:36:35  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: "Young women drink, party, post" - http://www.cnn.com/2007/HEALTH/12/10/face.book/index.html

 21:36:46  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: they are excellent and the resolution is great.  I also found an ebook demo on youtube

 21:36:51  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Software_components

 21:37:05  Kern  EdTechTalk: @vinnie Tech Sherpas ;)

 21:37:33  sharonp  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:37:42  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Logo? Haven't seen that for a while.

 21:37:47  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: saw some dudes playing Doom on it via a youtube...

 21:37:52  sharonp  EdTechTalk: tech sherpas.... love it!

 21:38:16  Kern  EdTechTalk: we use that term for our student tech helpers (of the teachers)

 21:38:18  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Kern will be with us in January and will talk about his tech sherpas, right Kern?

 21:38:18  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: i would love to get my hands on a few to have students create new open source programs for xo

 21:38:28  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: that would be sweet

 21:38:50  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: tech sherpas in small Texas town - http://www.kltv.com/Global/story.asp?S=7431860

 21:38:52  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: @VV  I think it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage students in an authentic open source effort

 21:39:18  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: but have to get the funding and my hands on one to test

 21:39:34  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: I'm concerned about the black market for these devices

 21:39:37  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: vinnie, come visit when I get mine:-)

 21:39:51  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: there are some bad dudes on the planet

 21:39:55  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Welcome back, Ken

 21:39:59  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello Lisa!!

 21:40:03  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa!

 21:40:07  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hi lisa again

 21:40:13  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Hello Ladies

 21:40:15  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: only if the snow is good. would love to get some eastern skiing in. been way too long

 21:40:29  Kern  EdTechTalk: @cheryl I want to check it out :)

 21:40:33  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: sure t hing, the skiing has been great this past month

 21:40:38  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Ahh ski talk.  Vinnie I won't do eastern skiing anymore

 21:40:50  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: unless it rains hot water)-0

 21:41:32  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: @lisaparisi why not? last time i did, too icy compared to western skiing

 21:41:40  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: that's why

 21:41:54  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: cold, icy, bare...compared to utah or colorado

 21:41:58  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: we have great snowmaking now, the technology has so improved

 21:42:01  Durff  EdTechTalk: Scott - we have kids like that - one now works for a video production company while finishing his senior year - the other is my ustream techie for a faculty member this spring

 21:42:11  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: cheryl i tried last year again.

 21:42:19  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: they  make SNOW in Maine -- how disappointing is that!!!  :)

 21:42:33  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: totally blew my delusion  :)

 21:42:35  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Global warming happens everywhere

 21:42:35  Durff  EdTechTalk: ok that IS sad

 21:42:45  Kern  EdTechTalk: @Durff are you ustreaming any student content?

 21:42:55  Durff  EdTechTalk: not this week

 21:43:04  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: snow means money, don't have to wait until Dec. to ski, start in Nov.

 21:43:06  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: what's this little voice comment box on the side of the edtech page?

 21:43:19  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Lisa -- it is a AUDIBLE chat you can leave for them

 21:43:32  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: very cool

 21:43:38  Durff  EdTechTalk: we could try to break it parisi

 21:43:40  Kern  EdTechTalk: @durff we started ustreaming a student run tech help show

 21:43:48  Durff  EdTechTalk: cool

 21:43:50  Garfield  EdTechTalk: Is there a email address for your guest?

 21:43:50  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: i'm sure durff that we'd manage

 21:43:57  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: @Durff - Great stuff! We are not there yet with our administration, but we started using DimDim with a homebound student and they talked about that in their planning meeting this morning. Minds are opening.

 21:44:01  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Yes, Garfield --- let me grab it

 21:44:04  Kern  EdTechTalk: it's been fun

 21:44:05  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: XO as ebook reader: 

 21:44:05  Durff  EdTechTalk: we will maybe ustream a class

 21:44:19  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello epickens

 21:44:26  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: [email protected]

 21:44:30  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: there you go Garfield

 21:44:40  Garfield  EdTechTalk: Thanks a bunch!

 21:44:46  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: couldn't paste that link...do search for ebook reader on XO on youtube-kind of neat

 21:44:58  Durff  EdTechTalk: Scott - is it public?

 21:45:24  Durff  EdTechTalk: wait, who was that?

 21:45:38  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Request from Elana:  please send me your stories so i can post them!

 21:45:41  Durff  EdTechTalk: ah kern

 21:45:47  Kern  EdTechTalk: oh, yeah it is

 21:45:52  Durff  EdTechTalk: you're all typing too fast

 21:46:01  Durff  EdTechTalk: so name?

 21:46:17  Kern  EdTechTalk: Tuesday's at 3:30 EST http://www.nokomiswarriorbroadcasting.com

 21:46:22  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Remember you can DETACH your chatroom to make more text available -- 3rd button from the RIGHT

 21:46:32  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: welcome epickens, sorry I missed you coming in

 21:46:34  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: are we expecting students in other countries to adapt to english, or are they in the local languages?

 21:46:55  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: http://www.youtube.com/OLPCLearningProject

 21:46:58  Durff  EdTechTalk: ooo we let out at 3:20 - maybe an after school club

 21:47:00  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: http://www.youtube.com/olpclearningproject

 21:47:01  sharonp  EdTechTalk: the keyboards are available in a number of different languages

 21:47:09  epickens  EdTechTalk: Thanks. This is my first visit!

 21:47:12  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: @JenWagner - we recorded the last of our Seuss podcast today - kids singing diffendoofer song. Should be ready later this week. Going to make video of entire process to give DVD to school board members in January for appreciation month. Intermediate school principal is ecstatic to be able to look so good to the board. Thanks to you and the Seuss project.

 21:47:20  Kern  EdTechTalk: @durff still getting the format down, but  I'd love to have you!!!

 21:47:21  sharonp  EdTechTalk: French, Arabic for starters

 21:47:21  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Welcome epickens!

 21:47:28  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: OHHHH, Scott -- Thanks so much!!

 21:47:31  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Welcome really epickens, you snuck in, we try to make sure we see you.

 21:47:37  Durff  EdTechTalk: i think it would be fun

 21:47:49  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: are you listening to the audio as wellas keeping up with chat?

 21:48:03  Durff  EdTechTalk: next tues i\i'm mtg with the ustream teacher

 21:48:03  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: @Durff- right now we invite only the student, administrator, the IT, and me. I am screencasting a few sessions for documentation, but we can invite up to 500 into the class.

 21:48:05  Kern  EdTechTalk: @durff we've had grandparents from far away watching - too coo

 21:48:05  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: We did a PowerPoint at my school -- teachers first time -- she did well.  Ready to move to PhotoStory 3 in 2008

 21:48:29  Durff  EdTechTalk: password protected?

 21:48:30  epickens  EdTechTalk: Yes, I am listening to the chat and reading the text, so I am catching up.

 21:48:47  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: If there are students who want to develop apps for this, where should they start??

 21:49:01  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: the podcast and chat will be available on Thurs. at www.edtechtalk.com

 21:49:14  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi Dr

 21:49:18  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Dr Cheri, hello:-)

 21:49:26  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Hi Cheri -- are you in CA??

 21:49:27  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Hey Durff adn Cheryl - just got home

 21:49:35  CheriT  EdTechTalk: not yet - we're leaving tomorrow

 21:49:41  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: clapping

 21:49:50  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Jen - we'll be in So Cal beginning 12/18

 21:50:03  CheriT  EdTechTalk: who is talking?

 21:50:05  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: cheri are you movingg?

 21:50:08  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Elana -- OLPC

 21:50:14  CheriT  EdTechTalk: thanks

 21:50:27  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: @Durff - yes.  There is a key which is a password. If you are ever interested in attending one, I will check with the teacher and invite you in. The science teacher does the best job of bringing the homebound student into the work by moving the laptop and webcam from station to station with a group of students. Really cool stuff.

 21:50:32  VinnieVrotny  EdTechTalk: got to get going. thanks for the conversation

 21:50:33  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Kathy Shields is asking ???  and Sharon too

 21:50:40  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Vinnie -- take care!!

 21:50:45  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: bye vinnie, sing happy songs:-0

 21:50:48  Kern  EdTechTalk: see ya Vinnie

 21:51:06  Durff  EdTechTalk: so what kind of mic?

 21:51:26  Durff  EdTechTalk: we are probably leaning to desktop mic

 21:51:36  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: built into the logitech webcam and picks up VERY well

 21:52:02  Durff  EdTechTalk: ah...we have external ones

 21:53:20  Durff  EdTechTalk: i suggested the camcorder (has mic)

 21:53:35  Durff  EdTechTalk: teacher wants to go with webcam

 21:53:54  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: we just bought snowball mics...they are quite nice and durable.

 21:53:55  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: hmmm, not thought of that. The logitech is a good one, link to follow...

 21:54:09  Durff  EdTechTalk: you are rich mjmonty

 21:54:12  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: mj did you get the big snowball or the mini?

 21:54:29  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Heading to bed.  Goodnight all.

 21:54:35  Durff  EdTechTalk: nite

 21:55:01  sendkathy  EdTechTalk: nite!

 21:55:08  derrallg  EdTechTalk: I like the snowball but it is more fragile than a dynamic mic

 21:55:48  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: @durff - http://www.cdwg.com/shop/products/default.aspx?EDC=1010966 got much better price than shown, though.

 21:56:12  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: it is fragile, geez, I carry mine around all the time in a bag

 21:56:13  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: haven't tried snoball mic yet, need to get one. Any suggestions?

 21:56:31  derrallg  EdTechTalk: it is a condenser mic

 21:56:49  derrallg  EdTechTalk: that's what makes it more fragile if you drop

 21:57:05  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: oh, i guess I'll wrap it up, thanks,

 21:57:15  Durff  EdTechTalk: nice scott - i have a cheap logitech for $40

 21:57:40  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: I bought the DYNEX Camera -- 2 for $19 at Best Buy

 21:57:54  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: it is very flexible with a long cord, adjustable angles, adjusts for lighting, etc.

 21:58:14  derrallg  EdTechTalk: @cheryl but thats why the sound is so good

 21:58:31  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: it is good sound, derrallg

 21:58:33  Durff  EdTechTalk: the snowball is THE mic

 21:58:51  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: ahhh -- I bought -- take that back -- my work bought me the Logitech usb mic

 21:59:08  epickens  EdTechTalk: How much is the snowball?

 21:59:20  Durff  EdTechTalk: my work bought me...nada

 21:59:37  Kern  EdTechTalk: @durff :D

 21:59:38  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hi rmom352, welcome, we are finishing up

 21:59:46  Durff  EdTechTalk: mucho moola epickens

 21:59:57  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: i paid 89.00 for mine

 21:59:59  derrallg  EdTechTalk: @epickens yes, as durff says

 22:00:14  derrallg  EdTechTalk: that's a good price

 22:00:20  Durff  EdTechTalk: cheryl that is a good deal

 22:00:30  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: not sure if it has come down. there is also a baby snowball coming soon, if it isn't already out.

 22:00:41  derrallg  EdTechTalk: but is it stil made in Latvia?

 22:00:47  Kern  EdTechTalk: the snowball's USB right?

 22:00:53  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: @Durff, you need my IT then. He loves that I push the envelope and make people uncomfortable with the innovative ideas. Lucky me.

 22:00:55  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: yes it is Kern,

 22:00:55  derrallg  EdTechTalk: @kern yes

 22:00:58  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: USB mic

 22:01:01  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: snowball is USB

 22:01:08  Kern  EdTechTalk: thx

 22:01:25  Durff  EdTechTalk: yes scott you ARE lucky

 22:01:34  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Can't wait to browse the XO wiki :-) Thanks Elana!

 22:01:35  Durff  EdTechTalk: my it hates me

 22:01:50  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: THANKS EVERYONE!!!

 22:01:54  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: had one of those to begin with - she didn't last

 22:01:54  Linda N  EdTechTalk: @Durff No way!

 22:02:03  Kern  EdTechTalk: @durff they fear change

 22:02:04  stevesoko  EdTechTalk: Thank you Elana

 22:02:06  Durff  EdTechTalk: yes way linda

 22:02:07  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: Thanks WOW ladies!

 22:02:11  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: The WOW are movers and shakers!

 22:02:17  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Thanks for the great chat room

 22:02:18  stevesoko  EdTechTalk: Thanks WoW

 22:02:24  Linda N  EdTechTalk: @Durff Your it fears your knowledge

 22:02:25  Durff  EdTechTalk: no Kern it is plain hate

 22:02:26  derrallg  EdTechTalk: thanks WOW

 22:02:34  epickens  EdTechTalk: Thanks

 22:02:35  Kern  EdTechTalk: @durff :D

 22:02:43  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: http://wildcatnews.wikispaces.com/Latest+Episode

 22:02:49  Kern  EdTechTalk: @durff as long as the kids like you

 22:02:51  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: It would be great to have Elana back after her trip!

 22:02:55  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: students using the snowball for their news show!!

 22:03:02  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Thanks all!

 22:03:03  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: great show

 22:03:16  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: E-mail address again?

 22:03:19  mjmonty  EdTechTalk: chow everyone

 22:03:24  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: @Durff - create a blog dedicated to him/her, stir the pot ;)

 22:03:27  Wendy  EdTechTalk: ditto on the email address

 22:03:37  Durff  EdTechTalk: invited one of those fellow learners

 22:03:39  Wendy  EdTechTalk: Thank you so much

 22:03:42  Kern  EdTechTalk: Great chat allllll!

 22:04:15  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Thanks for the great chat room!!

 22:04:23  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: NECC would be a great time/place to webcast with her again! Much larger local crowd there!

 22:04:42  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Night!

 22:04:45  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Absolutely, NECC will rock with webcasting!

 22:04:49  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Night all

 22:04:54  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: Good night all from Texas!

 22:05:14  derrallg  EdTechTalk: Good night

 22:05:19  Scott S. Floyd  EdTechTalk: The host of NECC 2008! The hot host, but the host none the less.

 22:05:40  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Thanks Everyone

 22:05:48  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: ANy news on the keynotes for NECC yet??

 22:06:02  Durff  EdTechTalk: i vote for you Jen

 22:06:06  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: It would be wonderful if Elana would blog while she is on her trip!

 22:06:11  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: LOL -- ahhh no

 22:06:17  Durff  EdTechTalk: ahh yes

 22:06:19  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: but I have heard they are sending out NOTICES

 22:06:26  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: and wondered if anyone heard anything

 22:06:26  Durff  EdTechTalk: you could call me up

 22:06:57  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: guess not

 22:07:11  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: wrapping up.

 22:07:23  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Lisa -- I would pass you the microphone anytime

 22:07:32  sroseman  EdTechTalk: hubby went to MIT

 22:07:44  Durff  EdTechTalk: no jen - just Skype me

 22:07:55  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: ahhhh -- so Techie

 22:07:56  Durff  EdTechTalk: but not if it's Warlick

 22:08:13  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: I would Ustream you

 22:08:20  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: from the other side of the room  :)

 22:08:36  Durff  EdTechTalk: i believe you would

 22:08:43  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: stream is closing in 1 min. Night

 22:09:03  CheriT  EdTechTalk: night all - thanks for a great few minutes

 22:09:07  Durff  EdTechTalk: gotta a 7th grader on Skype vying for and losing my attention

 22:09:18  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: nite all, see you next week

 22:09:37  CheriT  EdTechTalk: @Jen - of course you would ... you Ustreamed your apartment ... it was great! Nice place

 22:09:38  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Great show again! See you next week.

 22:09:50  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: bye Peggy, see you next week

 22:09:51  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Thanks - it is so nice to clean a clean place

 22:10:02  CheriT  EdTechTalk: big difference

 22:10:13  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: lets see how long it stays that clean  :)

 22:10:18  CheriT  EdTechTalk: right

 22:10:30  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: night all

 22:10:35  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: Good night room

 22:10:37  CheriT  EdTechTalk: night

 22:10:38  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: and thanks again

 22:10:40  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: See you next week

 22:10:45  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST

 22:10:51  CheriT  EdTechTalk: next week from CA :-)

 22:10:52  Durff  EdTechTalk: i gotta dump this 7th grader and go to sleep = nite!

 22:10:59  sroseman  EdTechTalk: Thanks Jen for popping in

 22:11:03  sroseman  EdTechTalk: to Tappedin

 22:11:08  JenWagner  EdTechTalk: very welcome

 22:11:27  sroseman  EdTechTalk: a number of students were there just to meet course requirements