Live report from the Computer Using Educators Conference in Palm Springs, CA.

Computer Using Educators 2008

James Sigler from Missouri, the CUE Crew--Jose Rodriguez, Alice Mercer and Jen Wagner and their guests from California, and those from "all over the world" in the text chat joined us. Lots of fun.

Check back for EdTechBrainstorm.2008.03.13 when we'll reconvene for further reflections on CUE.

NOTE: Giving up the rich-text editor/Word (it's a long story ;-) formatting fight.Will post chat transcript--or @least links--as comment. Also, stay tuned for EdTechBrainstorm.2008.03.06.p2 when Matt Montagne joins us to talk about the Earth Day 2008 Webcastathon


Thanks Doug for being such a gracious host. The Bloggers Cafe was rocking! Catch you for the recap on the next Brainstorm. Jose Rodriguez; It's Elementary

Thank you for graciously sharing your show with us (and letting us go over time). It was fantastic, and you did a great job with it.

Jose and Alice (and JDub), My pleasure. Great to have you and your guests on from Palm Springs. Look forward to reconvening on Thursday night.