Women of Web 2.0 Show # 68

Join the Women of Web 2.0 as we interview Danah Boyd about the history of social networks. Lucy Gray gets into the fray with her great perspective. The chat contains so much rich discussion! Again, it was a great evening. The google form was a hit! Click here to see the active data collection. Answer the questions first!


 13:28:46  soufian_cool Webcast Academy: [b]salur a tout les gentes ici

 20:44:33  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: getting ready

 20:45:39  misst2 EdTechTalk: hello

 20:46:51  misst2 EdTechTalk: hey Jen thanks for help with Goggle Earth still working

 20:49:53  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello, working behind the scenes

 20:51:01  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: good evening

 20:51:06  jbailey EdTechTalk: Hello

 20:51:16  jbailey EdTechTalk: What's tonight's topic?

 20:51:19  Anne Lemieux EdTechTalk: hello

 20:51:22  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: has it started yet?

 20:51:25  jbailey EdTechTalk: Not yet

 20:51:30  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: when?

 20:51:44  Anne Lemieux EdTechTalk: 7min

 20:52:19  jbailey EdTechTalk: where are people from?

 20:52:39  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: I believe  Danah Boyd will be interviewed on social networks and k12

 20:52:43  misst2 EdTechTalk: savannah, ga

 20:52:45  Anne Lemieux EdTechTalk: South Carolina

 20:52:48  jbailey EdTechTalk: Maine

 20:52:59  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: S?£o Paulo, Brazil

 20:53:10  chericem EdTechTalk: Michigan

 20:53:25  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Hello Room!!!!

 20:53:34  shaun fletcher EdTechTalk: Richibucto, NewBrunswick Canada

 20:53:38  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: Hello Jennifer

 20:53:39  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Maine

 20:53:41  JenWagner EdTechTalk: I am from SoCalifornia

 20:53:43  emapey EdTechTalk: Hi all

 20:54:00  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello all , just about ready....

 20:54:11  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: Hello Cheryl

 20:54:16  emapey EdTechTalk: Uruguay, South America

 20:54:17  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hi bee

 20:54:35  jbailey EdTechTalk: Hey Harold!

 20:54:47  Ann-NJTechTeacher EdTechTalk: Hi all. I'm here from New Jersey until the family is ready for game night.

 20:54:54  jbailey EdTechTalk: Hey Harold!

 20:55:09  hshawjr EdTechTalk: Hi

 20:55:33  hshawjr EdTechTalk: Having finger typing difficulties tonite

 20:55:35  jbailey EdTechTalk: @ jshawjr It's Jeff from Wicked Decent Learning... reading your blog

 20:55:59  jbailey EdTechTalk: @jshawjr looks like your learning a lot from your class

 20:56:15  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hey Jeff B, good to see you here

 20:56:19  hshawjr EdTechTalk: Hi Jeff - yeah it is a great class David is a good instructor

 20:56:24  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hello Bee,

 20:56:30  jbailey EdTechTalk: I don't know if I can stay long but I'll try

 20:56:56  jbailey EdTechTalk: @hshawjr I thought about taking that class but didn't have time

 20:56:58  hshawjr EdTechTalk: I like your podcasts!!!! Getting better every week

 20:57:08  jbailey EdTechTalk: Thanks Harold

 20:57:19  hshawjr EdTechTalk: I killed my UOPX class i was too stressed to do both plus work

 20:57:20  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: welcome to all, we are ready

 20:57:44  jbailey EdTechTalk: @hshawjr we're always looking for topics if you've got a suggestion drop us a line

 20:57:47  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hello Lucygray, one of our guests!

 20:58:06  LucyGray EdTechTalk: Hi Everyone

 20:58:07  hshawjr EdTechTalk: I will, diggo seemed to be hot topic on cr2.0 and twitter

 20:58:20  LucyGray EdTechTalk: :?

 20:58:23  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello SarahS

 20:58:39  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Okay, before I start the show, trying to say hi before it is way to o busy

 20:59:02  Sarah S EdTechTalk: Hey there! UMA on break this week - I get to listen live!

 20:59:20  hshawjr EdTechTalk: Hi Sarah

 20:59:29  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi alice, ann, anne, BEE, cathywo, chericem, cindyp Diane H Durff, emapey, hshawhr, JEFFB, Misst2, Sarah Shaun, tekkieteacher and zephoria

 20:59:42  Diane H EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl

 20:59:46  sharonp EdTechTalk: Hi folks

 20:59:49  jbailey EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl

 20:59:51  Ann-NJTechTeacher EdTechTalk: Wow that was a big hello cheryl!

 20:59:57  Sarah S EdTechTalk: So funny reading tweets about all of us listening to the Diigo CR2.0 session earlier

 20:59:58  misst2 EdTechTalk: Good evening Cheryl

 20:59:59  chericem EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl.

 21:00:03  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Hi All!

 21:00:13  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: is there any sound on?

 21:00:16  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hi colleenK, lorna

 21:00:22  Anne Lemieux EdTechTalk: Hello to all!!! Any SC present

 21:00:23  lorna EdTechTalk: hi all

 21:00:25  tekkieteacher EdTechTalk: hi there

 21:00:26  ColleenK EdTechTalk: Hi Everyone!

 21:00:26  misst2 EdTechTalk: should i be hearing sound

 21:00:29  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Bee, look for Edtechtalk A channel

 21:00:38  chericem EdTechTalk: Misst - Yes, you should.

 21:00:39  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: how is the sound

 21:00:40  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: not streaming it says

 21:00:43  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Did you click the live button on the right.

 21:00:49  ColleenK EdTechTalk: Sound is good.

 21:00:50  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: it really is stream

 21:00:53  chericem EdTechTalk: Did you click on the audio button in the upper r-h corner of the screen?

 21:00:53  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Can anyone hear anything?

 21:00:57  chericem EdTechTalk: I can.

 21:01:02  jbailey EdTechTalk: I can hear it

 21:01:03  Anne Lemieux EdTechTalk: I dont have sound either

 21:01:04  shoemap EdTechTalk: Stream works great

 21:01:05  JenWagner EdTechTalk: I think we DO have sound

 21:01:07  chericem EdTechTalk: Open iTunes and then click the black button to get the sound.

 21:01:07  lorna EdTechTalk: Hi jeannine

 21:01:08  sendkathy EdTechTalk: I made it in the nick of time!

 21:01:12  sendkathy EdTechTalk: Sounds great

 21:01:16  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Click on Channel A and you can hear us.

 21:01:17  cathywo EdTechTalk: @Bee, click the button that looks like a speaker

 21:01:18  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Pam -- do you want to tell everyone how you got sound

 21:01:20  Ann-NJTechTeacher EdTechTalk: Even if it says it's not streaming cick EdTechTalk-A

 21:01:22  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Yo steve!

 21:01:24  JenWagner EdTechTalk: STEVE hargadon -- hello to yoU!!!

 21:01:31  JenWagner EdTechTalk: and hello to EVERYONE

 21:01:34  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: I'm on a Mac

 21:01:42  Steve Hargadon EdTechTalk: Hi, Jen!

 21:01:44  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: ok..can hear you now

 21:01:45  sendkathy EdTechTalk: I hear sound

 21:01:45  cathywo EdTechTalk: Sound is fine

 21:01:47  shoemap EdTechTalk: I am using IE, and just clicked the play button

 21:01:48  Ann-NJTechTeacher EdTechTalk: There is sound.

 21:01:52  lorna EdTechTalk: you are loud and clear

 21:01:53  Durff EdTechTalk: audio is good

 21:01:57  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Sound is fine!

 21:02:01  Steve Hargadon EdTechTalk: Hi, danah!

 21:02:07  Durff EdTechTalk: you called her me, jen

 21:02:10  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: 22:03 in Brazil

 21:02:20  shoemap EdTechTalk: If you use iTunes, you can click on the black speaker icon

 21:02:22  Durff EdTechTalk: stream is good

 21:02:32  JenWagner EdTechTalk: OHMYGOSH -- we have a live FORM for tonight.

 21:02:35  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: sounds nice and clear

 21:02:35  JenWagner EdTechTalk: How cool is that.

 21:02:36  Durff EdTechTalk: that's late Bee

 21:02:41  JenWagner EdTechTalk: LOL -- I called her Lisa??  :)

 21:02:43  sendkathy EdTechTalk: What Jen?

 21:02:47  sharonp EdTechTalk: http://williamkamkwamba.typepad.com/williamkamkwamba/2008/03/bringing-an...

 21:02:52  JenWagner EdTechTalk: the form link is coming!!!!

 21:02:54  Durff EdTechTalk: you did Jen

 21:02:55  Anne Lemieux EdTechTalk: got some sound now thanks

 21:03:01  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Hi everyone

 21:03:08  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Our delicious is WOW2.0   and our link tonight is WOW220080325

 21:03:09  jbailey EdTechTalk: Google Form is AWESOME

 21:03:12  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pINXxNj3XUkDLX4cGH3wIfA&emai...

 21:03:23  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: please go and answer the survey questions

 21:03:50  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello julia, anny, kmulford, PEGGYG ,

 21:04:25  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello ffoxworth, pam,

 21:04:26  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Ohhhh please fill out our form

 21:04:37  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello Joyce valenza

 21:04:46  shoemap EdTechTalk: plz give link again

 21:04:50  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: please fill out this form, then try your own.

 21:04:55  ffoxworth EdTechTalk: what form?

 21:05:08  JenWagner EdTechTalk: http://www.sqooltools.com/

 21:05:11  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pINXxNj3XUkDLX4cGH3wIfA&emai...

 21:05:18  jbailey EdTechTalk: I can't grab the link for the form from the chat box...

 21:05:19  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: the spreadsheet link

 21:05:35  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Jeff, you might click on it and get bumped out of the chat

 21:05:43  shaun fletcher EdTechTalk: where should i be clicking to get audio

 21:05:45  lorna EdTechTalk: hi Rodd

 21:05:48  joycevalenza EdTechTalk: hi all!

 21:06:01  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Please clic k on ETTA channel, choose itune, realplayer, window media

 21:06:18  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hi chriswherley, lorna

 21:06:21  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Who ever suggested Sylvia Martinez -- YES, she has agreed to be on our show!!!

 21:06:35  Rodd Lucier EdTechTalk: Hi all....

 21:06:38  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Welcome to the ENTIRE ROOM!!!

 21:06:38  PeggyG EdTechTalk: That was me :-)

 21:06:49  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Smiles to you Peggy!!

 21:06:50  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks Peggy

 21:06:56  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Sylvia will be on early SUMMER

 21:07:08  chriswherley EdTechTalk: hello all

 21:07:30  kmulford EdTechTalk: Hello from Chicagoland!

 21:07:36  Ann-NJTechTeacher EdTechTalk: Game times starting at home. Good night all.

 21:07:37  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Smiles -- we did have KONRAD on -- in fact, he is our LONGEST show so far -- we went 2 hours with Konrad

 21:08:02  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Diigo is new to me but very exciting potential-so glad we don't have to give up del.icio.us to use it!

 21:08:05  JenWagner EdTechTalk: http://panwapa.com/\

 21:08:10  JenWagner EdTechTalk: http://panwapa.com/

 21:08:14  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Thanks for filling out the survey. Here is the link again

 21:08:16  sharonp EdTechTalk: we have to have Konrad back on - he has defended his dissertation about blogging iwth his middle students

 21:08:26  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pINXxNj3XUkDLX4cGH3wIfA

 21:08:33  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi Karenjan

 21:08:42  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Oh, Stevesoko is here!!

 21:08:58  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Our Tag for Delicious tonight is wow2_20080325      our account is WOW2.0

 21:09:04  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi Rodd

 21:09:10  stevesoko EdTechTalk: Stevesoko should be working on grant but could not resist

 21:09:17  JenWagner EdTechTalk: http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080325

 21:09:28  KarenJan EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl - filled out the survey

 21:09:30  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi Suz, welcome

 21:09:45  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Thanks for filling out the survey, it is fun watching it grow.

 21:10:00  kmulford EdTechTalk: Hello to Steve Hargadon, KBeil, LucyGray!

 21:10:19  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Hi Steve H. welcome

 21:10:30  KarenJan EdTechTalk: Steve Hargadon - you did a great job with the chat with Maggie earlier today

 21:10:38  Rodd Lucier EdTechTalk: I keep getting bumped out when I try to access the audio streams... Not sure where I should be clicking....

 21:10:39  sendkathy EdTechTalk: jen can you drop the form link again please?

 21:10:43  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hi to cindy p, sine, maureen and kathy shields

 21:10:51  sendkathy EdTechTalk: hey cheryl!

 21:11:11  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Rodd,what are you using, Firefox? try real player if itunes isn't working

 21:11:13  sine EdTechTalk: Hello!

 21:11:18  KarenJan EdTechTalk: has anyone tried Buzzwords? - flash based collaborative document - cool look and feel

 21:11:33  sharonp EdTechTalk: have tried Karen

 21:11:37  cindy p EdTechTalk: Hi all!

 21:11:40  sharonp EdTechTalk: when it first came out

 21:11:43  KarenJan EdTechTalk: @sharonp - what do you think?

 21:11:50  sharonp EdTechTalk: think it has improved even more

 21:11:58  sharonp EdTechTalk: I did blog about it.... let me check

 21:11:59  Rodd Lucier EdTechTalk: Camino... but I can try Firefox.. what should I open in iTunes?  Edtechtalk?

 21:12:16  sine EdTechTalk: Good luck, Danah!

 21:12:35  JenWagner EdTechTalk: http://edcommunity.apple.com/ali/story.php?itemID=14684    From Lucy

 21:13:10  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Rodd, firefox and itunes works for me.

 21:13:13  shaun fletcher EdTechTalk: Rod,I had to open a second tab in FF and open the audio link for real player

 21:13:14  sharonp EdTechTalk: buzzwords http://www.mtl-peters.net/blog/?s=buzzword&submit=Search

 21:13:35  Rodd Lucier EdTechTalk: Opening firefox...

 21:13:37  joycevalenza EdTechTalk: wonder which town?

 21:13:39  shoemap EdTechTalk: @Rodd if you click on the iTunes icon, iTunes will prompt you to open the file, then you can hear it

 21:13:40  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Shaun, thanks for helping! This is an open source show and community, we all try and help.:-)

 21:13:53  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: wvshaha, welcome

 21:13:56  sendkathy EdTechTalk: @Cheryl, do you have the FORMS link?

 21:13:59  JenWagner EdTechTalk: YOu need to hit REFRESH to reshow all the data --

 21:14:02  JenWagner EdTechTalk: this is SOOO COOL

 21:14:06  sharonp EdTechTalk: I loved Danah's visual graph of social networks!

 21:14:11  JenWagner EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pINXxNj3XUkDLX4cGH3wIfA&emai...

 21:14:14  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: spreadsheet link coming again, please fill out the survey

 21:14:16  sendkathy EdTechTalk: thx

 21:14:24  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pINXxNj3XUkDLX4cGH3wIfA&emai...

 21:14:31  JenWagner EdTechTalk: CHOOSE YOUR COLOR PLEASE -- Far left LINK on the bottom toolbar

 21:14:31  wvsasha EdTechTalk: hello!

 21:14:39  sharonp EdTechTalk: I have a few of Danah"s research articles from 2004-05 if anyone wants to see her stuff

 21:14:54  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Going GREEN

 21:14:55  chericem EdTechTalk: @KarenJan - I've tried Buzzword.  Loved it.  SLICK interface.  I'm trying to decide whether I like it better than Google docs or not.

 21:15:02  sharonp EdTechTalk: going GREEN too

 21:15:05  lorna EdTechTalk: greener

 21:15:09  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: welcome jerry

 21:15:16  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Ohhh -- lots of GREEN tonight

 21:15:22  jerry EdTechTalk: huh...not very web 2.0 ish...the chat doesn't work in Firefox...?

 21:15:34  lorna EdTechTalk: now2 purple

 21:15:38  sharonp EdTechTalk: yes, Jerry.. it should

 21:15:45  Rodd EdTechTalk: iTunes audio not cooperating on Firefox either... Hearing plenty of '

 21:15:53  JenWagner EdTechTalk: 45 in chat room

 21:15:53  Rodd EdTechTalk: Welcome" chants.

 21:15:56  sharonp EdTechTalk: how stragnge

 21:16:01  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Jerry, we find, that for some browsers, some nights the chat works better in something else.

 21:16:27  Maureen EdTechTalk: chat works in firefox- 3- listening with real player

 21:16:38  Rodd EdTechTalk: I'll try opening the PC side...

 21:16:39  JenWagner EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pINXxNj3XUkDLX4cGH3wIfA&emai...   Please fill out our survey for tonight

 21:16:41  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hi ryan, hockeymom,

 21:16:54  misst2 EdTechTalk: I'm using firefox and itunes

 21:16:55  wvsasha EdTechTalk: good grief! I think i'm getting this figured out though...

 21:17:05  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: good job sasha

 21:17:10  lorna EdTechTalk: @Rodd use real player

 21:17:22  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: see Rodd, lots of help.

 21:17:38  ffoxworth EdTechTalk: I just got real player to work.

 21:17:41  KBeil EdTechTalk: I'm using Firefox and iTunes on a Mac....coming through great.

 21:17:44  sharonp EdTechTalk: I admit that FF occasionally does not work, so I have to go to Safari

 21:17:46  cindy p EdTechTalk: has anyone tried Flock?

 21:17:58  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks kbeil! me too, mac and flock

 21:17:59  jerry EdTechTalk: @ cindy p - I LOVE Flock!

 21:18:00  chericem EdTechTalk: @cindy p - I have.

 21:18:11  Durff EdTechTalk: is Flock easy?

 21:18:13  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: but I go in the chat in firefox

 21:18:22  wvsasha EdTechTalk: i like FF - looked at Flock though

 21:18:30  cindy p EdTechTalk: Just getting started with it

 21:18:34  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: ldeisley, hello

 21:18:49  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Does anyone have the link for Dana's interview about MySpace and teens? I saw that video and it was great!

 21:18:55  WillyB EdTechTalk: Flock is fun...not sure if I'll replace FF w/ it though

 21:18:58  ldeisley EdTechTalk: hello all

 21:19:01  chericem EdTechTalk: @Durff - I found it easy to use.

 21:19:03  JenWagner EdTechTalk: 48 in chatroom

 21:19:06  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: welcome willyb

 21:19:10  wvsasha EdTechTalk: Willy - what are pros and cons of Flock?

 21:19:11  Durff EdTechTalk: i just need another browser

 21:19:14  cindy p EdTechTalk: @willyb - same here

 21:19:18  Durff EdTechTalk: i only have one

 21:19:25  Rodd Lucier EdTechTalk: installing java on PC side...

 21:19:31  hshawjr EdTechTalk: Just started using flock, basically a Firefox for social networking

 21:19:33  cindy p EdTechTalk: it's a little cumbersome

 21:19:33  ffoxworth EdTechTalk: I'm having trouble getting to the survey...can't get there by clicking on link and when I try to copy and paste, edtechtalk URL is what pastes.  Weird!

 21:19:43  Durff EdTechTalk: so if ustreaming and one browser crashes....

 21:20:00  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: To all in the chat room, this live show will be a podcast by Thur., the chat will be posted at edtechtalk.com/womenofweb2.0

 21:20:05  WillyB EdTechTalk: Flock integrates social media (Youtube, Twitter, Blogs, etc.) into the browser, which is nice

 21:20:13  Durff EdTechTalk: i can't get delicious bookmarks to sync

 21:20:23  Durff EdTechTalk: Ff

 21:20:34  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: ffoxworth, if I click on the li nk, I get bumped out of the chat, mayb e save it for later

 21:20:51  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pINXxNj3XUkDLX4cGH3wIfA

 21:21:11  lorna EdTechTalk: I love the survey

 21:21:13  Durff EdTechTalk: choc cake in kitchen calling my name...

 21:21:22  chericem EdTechTalk: I have Diigo and del.icio.us accounts.  It took more than 8 hours for Diigo to import my bookmarks from del.icio.us.  Did I hear her right that you can now sync them back and forth?  If so, anyone know how?

 21:21:24  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Durff, I will have mine with coffee and cream

 21:21:32  LucyGray EdTechTalk: I think there's a disconnect between academics and classroom practioners. Danah's attitude is refresh

 21:21:53  chericem EdTechTalk: Yes, a huge disconnect.

 21:21:59  LucyGray EdTechTalk: Chericem, they are using del.icio.us 's api which apparently causes the delay

 21:22:07  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: people always affect the environment they are researching...you cannot isolate yourself from it

 21:22:20  lorna EdTechTalk: Rodd can u hear yet?

 21:22:34  chericem EdTechTalk: @LucyGray - I see.  So is there a way to do it through Diigo?

 21:22:42  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Lorna, thanks for keeping track and checking on Rodd.

 21:22:55  shaun fletcher EdTechTalk: Hello Hanwell NB from richibucto NB!

 21:23:02  Rodd on PC EdTechTalk: not yet, but now on the PC side... The audio at the itunes logo at the bottom of hte chat is not working...

 21:23:12  Rodd on PC EdTechTalk: Is there another icon I should be trying?

 21:23:19  sendkathy EdTechTalk: Danah's blog url?

 21:23:24  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Rodd, you get the medal for perseverance

 21:23:33  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello svanabel, welcome

 21:23:34  lorna EdTechTalk: rodd link is on the right side of the page not in chat window

 21:23:40  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Just a second Kathy

 21:23:42  JenWagner EdTechTalk: let me grab it

 21:23:48  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/

 21:23:49  ryanbretag EdTechTalk: @chericem you could export your delicious bookmarks, add those to your browser, and do a local import into Diigo

 21:23:49  tekkieteacher EdTechTalk: http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/

 21:23:52  sendkathy EdTechTalk: thx

 21:23:54  Rodd on PC EdTechTalk: I tried the real player and audio but no luck..

 21:23:57  shaun fletcher EdTechTalk: @chericem I figured it wasn't working after a few seconds.  Maybe I'll leave it running overnight

 21:24:10  shoemap EdTechTalk: @Rodd is your computer audio on mute?

 21:24:15  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: force field analysis

 21:24:17  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Rodd, how about windows media

 21:24:23  lorna EdTechTalk: my thoughts too Rodd

 21:24:39  Rodd on PC EdTechTalk: Trying one more time, that may do it...

 21:24:42  lorna EdTechTalk: the volume

 21:24:45  JenWagner EdTechTalk: http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/

 21:24:47  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Blog Link

 21:24:48  svanabel EdTechTalk: HI!

 21:24:59  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: welcome jmes, jeannine, bmuench

 21:25:18  sendkathy EdTechTalk: Apophenia is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. The term was coined in 1958 by Klaus Conrad, who ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apophenia

 21:25:38  Durff EdTechTalk: i hate email

 21:25:40  JenWagner EdTechTalk: WOW, Kathy -- WOW

 21:25:47  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Kathy, nice job.

 21:26:01  sendkathy EdTechTalk: well I found that word on the tab for danah's blog!

 21:26:07  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: oh, hello to the virtual teacher, welcome

 21:26:08  JenWagner EdTechTalk: LOLOL

 21:26:19  sendkathy EdTechTalk: didn't know what it meant

 21:26:30  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks for looking it up, kathy

 21:26:31  chericem EdTechTalk: @ryanbretag @shaun fletcher- Thx.  Most of my community is on del.icio.us, but I like the functionality of Diigo, so I'd like to have the accounts sync up.  I have close to 4,000 bookmarks on del.icio.us though, so I want some way to sync them up on a daily basis that doesn't take a long time.

 21:26:31  The Virtual Teacher EdTechTalk: Thanks

 21:26:51  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: It will post automatically from diigo to delicious

 21:26:55  JenWagner EdTechTalk: I  think we have 50 in the chatroom -- but wondering if Rodd and Rodd L and Rodd on PC are the same??

 21:27:06  ryanbretag EdTechTalk: @chericem if you post bookmarks to Diigo, they'll automatically go into Delicious

 21:27:11  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: it is okay, we can double count him tonight!

 21:27:27  sujokat EdTechTalk: hi folks just got here i love holidays i can hear all these!

 21:27:39  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: welcome and yeah sujokat

 21:27:40  JenWagner EdTechTalk: @chericem -- I like my links SOOOO much better in DIIGO -- for some reason, they are easier for me to navigate than on Delicious.....but I don't have 4,000

 21:27:46  LucyGray EdTechTalk: @chericem You have to configure the settings under Tools for this

 21:27:47  sendkathy EdTechTalk: spring break?

 21:27:47  chericem EdTechTalk: @Vicki Davis - Do I have to change something in my settings to make that happen?

 21:28:04  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Go into your settings and set it up.  I can give you more later.

 21:28:05  ryanbretag EdTechTalk: @chericem go to Tools and click Save Elsewhere in Diigo. Nothing to change in Delicious

 21:28:11  JenWagner EdTechTalk: and I am rally likiing LISTS in Diigo

 21:28:21  sujokat EdTechTalk: no we have two weeks here it is autumn

 21:28:23  KBeil EdTechTalk: I agree, email has gotten way out of hand.....spent today sorting through several hundred after a busy week and being out of town this weekend.

 21:28:25  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: the common spaces are disappearing

 21:28:26  sendkathy EdTechTalk: rally rally daaaling?

 21:28:27  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pINXxNj3XUkDLX4cGH3wIfA

 21:28:37  LindaNitsche EdTechTalk: I'm also liking Lists

 21:28:44  sharonp EdTechTalk: Wow, interesting points about fear

 21:28:45  JenWagner EdTechTalk: REALLY!!!

 21:28:46  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: This is our survey in google forms, live transparent data collection

 21:28:51  ryanbretag EdTechTalk: @JenWagner I agree... the aesthetic value of Diigo had me at hello :-)

 21:29:06  chericem EdTechTalk: Thanks all!

 21:29:08  LindaNitsche EdTechTalk: I just need some time to get my bookmarks organized!

 21:29:09  JenWagner EdTechTalk: @ryanbretag -- you were the tipping point for DIIGO today

 21:29:14  ColleenK EdTechTalk: @ryanbretag LOL

 21:29:24  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: myspace or shopping malls

 21:30:02  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: It is amazing how America lives in fear

 21:30:02  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Has anyone written a blog post about managing/balancing all of your social networks?

 21:30:21  chericem EdTechTalk: @JenWagner @ryanbretag Yeah, aesthetics are becoming increasingly important to me as I navigate info. overload.

 21:30:23  ffoxworth EdTechTalk: I've been a Diigo fan for a couple of years.  To me it's a much more functional tool than delicious.

 21:30:26  JenWagner EdTechTalk: @LindaNitsche -- Yep, using your tags with Delicious or Diigo really takes time -- but once you do it -- it will make your links even more accessible AND managble

 21:30:41  WillyB EdTechTalk: @Bee Dieu We're a bunch of scaredy cats... :-)

 21:31:00  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: That is amazing public schools in US are more fearful with collaborating.

 21:31:44  chriswherley EdTechTalk: @peggyg david warlick http://davidwarlick.com/2cents/archives/1394

 21:31:52  WillyB EdTechTalk: So much fear w/ the possibility of students coming into contact w/ anyone beyond the school

 21:31:56  LucyGray EdTechTalk: I totally agree with all of this

 21:32:00  sharonp EdTechTalk: regulations trumps education

 21:32:03  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: beyond their circle

 21:32:16  James.Sigler EdTechTalk: battery dying on laptop.  Have to go

 21:32:18  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: welcome Lisaharrison

 21:32:21  LucyGray EdTechTalk: We are living in an age of censorship and very few people are alarmed

 21:32:22  James.Sigler EdTechTalk: Goodnight

 21:32:24  sharonp EdTechTalk: we need to hype that U of Vermont research study more

 21:32:26  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: bye James, thanks for stoppying by

 21:32:27  kmulford EdTechTalk: YAH ryanbretag.. personal mention

 21:32:32  tekkieteacher EdTechTalk: beyond the circle in unknown and therefore beyond their control

 21:32:34  LucyGray EdTechTalk: Hey Lisa

 21:32:41  chericem EdTechTalk: @sharonp - And the policies are so often reflective of what HASN'T worked.

 21:32:49  LucyGray EdTechTalk: Exactly, Tekkie.

 21:32:57  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: remember that the live show and chat will be recorded and published Thurs. at edtechtalk.

 21:32:58  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: How do you safely use social networks? What is safely?

 21:32:59  Durff EdTechTalk: @Lucy - which one?

 21:33:04  ffoxworth EdTechTalk: American schools have so many hoops to jump through to get through firewalls, etc., that it's hard to actually get to the online places of collaboration.

 21:33:06  WillyB EdTechTalk: The phenomenon of "helicopter administration"

 21:33:12  Durff EdTechTalk: is Parisi in here?

 21:33:14  LindaNitsche EdTechTalk: It is a part of the conversation of I have with my elementary age students every day

 21:33:15  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: This past week we had over 360 downloads of last week's show.

 21:33:17  sendkathy EdTechTalk: regulation trumps education

 21:33:18  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: We do this at http://horizonproject2008.ning.com - that is ours.

 21:33:19  Steve Hargadon EdTechTalk: I heard Al Upton arguing that teaching kids to conceal their identity and age might be even more dangerous than being exposed.

 21:33:21  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: How did we learn to network?

 21:33:26  PeggyG EdTechTalk: This was the URL for the Discover video interview Danah did that I thought was so interesting - http://discovermagazine.com/videos/interview-danah-boyd

 21:33:32  svanabel EdTechTalk: Yes..danger in being ignorant to the ways of the web...must educate the kids!

 21:33:35  Durff EdTechTalk: oh i;m going back to my choc. cake

 21:33:42  sendkathy EdTechTalk: @Steve, that's so true, teaching them to lie

 21:33:54  Rodd EdTechTalk: OK, going through Safari worked... Thanks everyone

 21:33:55  chriswherley EdTechTalk: @SteveHargadon looking forward to watching recording from this afternoon on Classroom20

 21:34:04  tekkieteacher EdTechTalk: They have to know how to navigate the flat world - Friedman

 21:34:08  WillyB EdTechTalk: @Steve I agree...we're teaching them to lie about their age to keep them from lying about their age...Crazy!

 21:34:11  shoemap EdTechTalk: @Rodd yippee!

 21:34:13  Maureen EdTechTalk: Kids don't get to interact with any adults outside of school- no extended families, no nosy neighbors who keep an eye on them- never mind hanging out with other kids in unstructured environments.  It's so very different from the way I grew up.  The it takes a village quote may be cliche- but we have dismantled our villages in the US- out of fear.

 21:34:18  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Wow Rodd! finally

 21:34:20  chriswherley EdTechTalk: @rodd safari on windows didn't work

 21:34:33  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Rodd, you will be able to hear the beginning of the show in the podcast. edtechtalk.com

 21:34:50  Rodd EdTechTalk: That's how I've heard other content.. no worries...

 21:34:57  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I thought Al Tipton made a very interesting, strong case for not hiding identity and yet it isn't commonly a strategy used today

 21:35:01  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: people are afraid of other people

 21:35:07  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Great Rodd, for sticking with it.

 21:35:18  sendkathy EdTechTalk: Lie to gain access, wow that's a new value

 21:35:26  murcha EdTechTalk: hello everyone

 21:35:31  sendkathy EdTechTalk: hello

 21:35:40  svanabel EdTechTalk: hi

 21:35:49  kmulford EdTechTalk: We lie to be "unsearchable...." Yes.

 21:35:54  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: I remember lying about my age to enter a party

 21:35:55  Durff EdTechTalk: Hi Anne!

 21:36:01  ffoxworth EdTechTalk: @murcha Hi, Anne

 21:36:02  suz EdTechTalk: " An older man has tol me: "only lie when you have to."

 21:36:10  murcha EdTechTalk: @durff hello are you feeling better

 21:36:27  bmuench EdTechTalk: go lucy!

 21:36:33  murcha EdTechTalk: @ffoxworth hi and to emapey

 21:36:51  kmulford EdTechTalk: Hi LucyGray! The IL-TCE Ning ROCKS!

 21:37:00  Durff EdTechTalk: @murcha  nope

 21:37:06  jerry EdTechTalk: who is the guest tonight?

 21:37:07  Steve Hargadon EdTechTalk: There are some great classroom Ning networks.

 21:37:13  LindaNitsche EdTechTalk: Students lie for all types of reasons- but always to break through the barriers that have been erected

 21:37:14  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Danah Boyd -- @Jerry -

 21:37:16  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/

 21:37:17  WillyB EdTechTalk: @jerry danah boyd

 21:37:22  jerry EdTechTalk: thanks

 21:37:29  JenWagner EdTechTalk: my Ning is doing well -- small but we are having fun

 21:37:34  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: and other guest Lucy Gray

 21:37:52  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Which I have a problem w/ educators jumping into facebook and myspace and trying to use it there.

 21:37:58  svanabel EdTechTalk: National writing Project Tech liaison network has a Ning...very helpful...as is the MACUL space

 21:38:05  hshawjr EdTechTalk: we lied when we were in school to do things we wanted to do

 21:38:06  bmuench EdTechTalk: @jenwagner how old are your students?

 21:38:08  sendkathy EdTechTalk: I can see how it wouldn't make sense to highjack the kids FB area in schools

 21:38:10  WillyB EdTechTalk: @Vicki I agree...

 21:38:21  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hi lisa, welcome

 21:38:23  JenWagner EdTechTalk: BMuench -- the ning is for K6 teachers

 21:38:28  sendkathy EdTechTalk: I like the idea of using ning

 21:38:29  JenWagner EdTechTalk: sorry -- not students

 21:38:39  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: I feel educators are intruding in the teens'spaces

 21:38:43  Steve Hargadon EdTechTalk: It would be fun to show danah a class using a Ning site effectively. Vicki?

 21:38:48  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: hi Cheryl!

 21:38:57  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: We've discussed it -- that is what led to this.

 21:38:57  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Welcome Lisa Lane!!!

 21:39:10  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: bee, i have my facebook to ask questions of groups of kids

 21:39:14  jerry EdTechTalk: she seems pretty into herself..

 21:39:16  LindaNitsche EdTechTalk: My students are part of Nings for literature discussion and gobal issue study

 21:39:21  emapey EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa Lane

 21:39:31  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: Hi Jen and Eduardo!

 21:39:32  JenWagner EdTechTalk: 51 in chat room --   :)

 21:39:36  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello britt

 21:39:38  Lorna EdTechTalk: WOW

 21:39:56  WillyB EdTechTalk: Good point on friending in the classroom: Let's not add to adolescent angst!

 21:40:03  sendkathy EdTechTalk: Good point, friending is a touchy subject

 21:40:08  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: I would hate to have a teacher telling me how to dance, relate to boys or what to drink or not...

 21:40:08  Britt EdTechTalk: Hi - Eduardo twittered that danah was here, so dropped in

 21:40:12  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: "friend" is not a good word for what this is

 21:40:42  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: I have never felt comfortable in TheirSpace

 21:40:48  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: Agree with you Danah

 21:40:49  WillyB EdTechTalk: @Lisa That's probably true, but it has stuck!

 21:40:51  Rodd EdTechTalk: Would youth abandon social networking if educators began using it?  Would the uniqueness of youth voices be quieted?

 21:40:52  sendkathy EdTechTalk: yeah it's their space

 21:40:57  emapey EdTechTalk: Hi Britt. She is speaking right now

 21:40:59  JenWagner EdTechTalk: welcome back RyanB

 21:40:59  Steve Hargadon EdTechTalk: I'm glad danah is drilling down on this.

 21:41:01  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: lisa i tell them it is our space

 21:41:10  WillyB EdTechTalk: @Rodd They'd find some other way to network.

 21:41:14  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: Students already have trouble going into "academia" mode to work online --- this makes it worse.

 21:41:28  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: if kids decide to contact you, good enough..you continue the conversation

 21:41:38  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: We tell studentson horizon to "friend" their team members -- they know what that means but we're messing w/ the word friend.

 21:41:39  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: if not, no pb

 21:41:45  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: welcome kern

 21:41:47  stevesoko EdTechTalk: My daughters refuse to allow me to be their friend on facebook 17 & 23

 21:41:56  jeannine EdTechTalk: Right on Vicki!!!

 21:41:56  Kern EdTechTalk: Hey Cheryl

 21:41:59  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: @Vicki, yeah it's OK as a verb, I guess

 21:42:03  Rodd EdTechTalk: @WillyB, that's what I'm thinking... If harnessed for education, would they see our use as lame?

 21:42:04  sendkathy EdTechTalk: @stevesoko mine too

 21:42:16  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: steve, one son has me as friend, and his friends are my friends, my other son, no way

 21:42:17  sendkathy EdTechTalk: I respet that

 21:42:20  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Walls f context don't exist online.

 21:42:22  sendkathy EdTechTalk: they need a private space

 21:42:30  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: we need our own places in the spaces

 21:42:46  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: personal, not private! :)

 21:42:52  stevesoko EdTechTalk: I am OK with it, it is true they need private space

 21:43:05  WillyB EdTechTalk: @Rodd I don't know if they'd see it as lame (they may very much like it), but if we invade *their* spaces, it disrupts the reason they chose to participate in those spaces in the first place

 21:43:09  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: good for you steve

 21:43:19  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello alice

 21:43:22  kmulford EdTechTalk: vicki, to "friend" IS a verb....

 21:43:29  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: couldn't we just link them to our spaces?

 21:43:37  alice mercer EdTechTalk: Are we in rooms are all together tonight?

 21:43:43  hockeymom nedra EdTechTalk: my son 19 friended me, my daughter 15 has not nor have I asked

 21:43:49  sendkathy EdTechTalk: How old are your kids Lisa?

 21:43:53  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: HOwever if it is publicly searchable -- it isn't private and parents should know what their kids have on their public pages.

 21:43:58  Rodd EdTechTalk: @WillyB... good point

 21:44:04  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello dkenney

 21:44:08  WillyB EdTechTalk: Students like SNS to get *away* from authority figures

 21:44:10  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: my students are 15-82 years old (community college)

 21:44:16  sendkathy EdTechTalk: I was much more concerned when my kids were in middle school

 21:44:20  jeannine EdTechTalk: we all have multiple personalities - the are environment specific - we have to learn what is appropriate where, and it is the same online

 21:44:48  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: so true, Danah

 21:44:49  dkenney EdTechTalk: Hello! Everyone

 21:44:52  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: (sorry, I'm counting 3 Lisas in here at least)

 21:45:04  Ryan Bretag EdTechTalk: @WillyB right on. Our students told us that specifically. They want seperate worlds: personal and scholarly. That is why they, the students, saw great value in the use of Nings

 21:45:11  sendkathy EdTechTalk: i was asking you, Lisa M Lane!

 21:45:17  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: whew, good

 21:45:34  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: welcome kimmy

 21:45:47  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: I think it's good for them to have an opportunity to create a separate academic persona.

 21:45:52  alice mercer EdTechTalk: Hmm, but even with private it's not really, because whoever they share pics/writing with can "publish" it

 21:45:55  dkenney EdTechTalk: @ hockeymom nedra: My 20 year old and her friends have friended me in Myspace and Facebook...My 15 year old is very private. I have her sister check to make sure she is being appropriate

 21:46:02  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: It makes them think about what it means to have an academic persona.

 21:46:16  Rodd EdTechTalk: 17 Magazine is an apt comparison....

 21:46:19  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: that is a good way dkenney

 21:46:24  alice mercer EdTechTalk: Yeah, I have a problem with 10-12 yos at my school being on MySpace. One girl is public and saying she is 18 yo

 21:46:30  Steve Hargadon EdTechTalk: I could listen to danah for hours...  and I have... :)

 21:46:38  sendkathy EdTechTalk: @Lisa M Lane, would it help you to be able to send messages to students throught the FB network?  I just wonder how it would help you to have access.

 21:46:50  kimmy EdTechTalk: who is talking

 21:46:50  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: steve, i will be listening to this as a podcast to soak it all in

 21:46:59  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: danah

 21:47:00  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Any questions from the ROOM???

 21:47:04  Durff EdTechTalk: Ours are doing Webkinz or that BarbieGirl stuff

 21:47:04  Kern EdTechTalk: I read a great quote if "MySpace is Bart, then Facebook is Lisa."

 21:47:10  sendkathy EdTechTalk: so Danah, where are the college students going?

 21:47:13  Steve Hargadon EdTechTalk: She has a TON of good material online, and lots of mp3s to listen to.

 21:47:14  WillyB EdTechTalk: Didn't think of FB opening up as erasing a right of passage...makes sense.

 21:47:15  LucyGray EdTechTalk: I had no idea about the text messaging

 21:47:15  kimmy EdTechTalk: sorry Danah who

 21:47:16  Kern EdTechTalk: Bebo

 21:47:24  Steve Hargadon EdTechTalk: danah boyd

 21:47:25  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: @sendkathy I am not comfortable pestering them in their space.

 21:47:39  hockeymom nedra EdTechTalk: @dkenney I think my son would let me know if she did anything wrong or take care of it himself, he's very protective of her, or my neices-college grads- that are my friends and hers would let me know as well

 21:47:41  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Vinnie, thanks for stopping by.

 21:47:44  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Welcome Vinne

 21:47:48  kmulford EdTechTalk: It makes ME think about what it means to have an academic persona... and then also another life, like as a mom, or as a person with some obscure hobby...

 21:47:54  Rodd EdTechTalk: Any thoughts on the use of Facebook et al, for sharing of scholastic works... i.e., studying, cheating?

 21:48:11  chericem EdTechTalk: @kmulford - I also wonder about the fragmentation, though.

 21:48:20  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: Cheating can = collaborative learning, involves a change in point of view.

 21:48:34  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Rodd and Kathy -- I have dropped your questions into the chat room

 21:48:38  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Skype Room

 21:48:42  sendkathy EdTechTalk: I have noticed the phenomenon Danah is talking about, my son cleaned up his FB.  He just uses it to maintain a profile.

 21:48:42  VinnieVrotny EdTechTalk: Thanks all. Sorry that I am so late

 21:48:49  LucyGray EdTechTalk: Rodd, you know there's a course at Stanford on FB?

 21:48:50  alice mercer EdTechTalk: Who is ag. studying with others?

 21:48:57  LucyGray EdTechTalk: You can join their group on FEB

 21:49:00  JenWagner EdTechTalk: alice -- sorry -- AG???

 21:49:00  kimmy EdTechTalk: sorry is this the danah http://www.danah.org/

 21:49:02  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: My students say that myspace is for music and facebook is for friends.

 21:49:05  LucyGray EdTechTalk: er FB

 21:49:07  alice mercer EdTechTalk: Against

 21:49:08  Rodd EdTechTalk: Wondering in context of Ryerson Univ. story in recent weeks...

 21:49:09  stevesoko EdTechTalk: The personal vs public vs academic vs job personas adn expression has resonated with many peopl in this room in past convo

 21:49:10  JenWagner EdTechTalk: thanks

 21:49:19  JenWagner EdTechTalk: so that ???? is not for Danah??  :)

 21:49:20  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: "resumeified" is an interesting term

 21:49:21  alice mercer EdTechTalk: Rodd: Well you're right, lol

 21:49:24  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: It's especially effective if they *think* they're cheating.

 21:49:26  Rodd EdTechTalk: Hey I was in Montreal last week...

 21:49:30  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Great chat room tonight

 21:49:31  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello clairehertz and welcome CheriT

 21:49:37  JenWagner EdTechTalk: ANY LAST QUESTIONS FOR DANAH??

 21:49:44  alice mercer EdTechTalk: My Space is BIG with my upper grade students 9-12 yo

 21:49:45  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: This is amazing!

 21:49:46  WillyB EdTechTalk: danah's a great guest!

 21:49:49  jeannine EdTechTalk: ? so we should let them have a personal space, but they are public so should public education teach them about consequences (future employers, etc)?

 21:50:04  Kern EdTechTalk: I showed some college bound students archive.org and the waybackmachine, they were shocked Do most students know (or care) about it?

 21:50:10  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: How many of use use a social networking type platform for your classroom -- if so, state the ages, what you use and if it is public - a hyperlinks.

 21:50:14  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: a number of good articles have come out about the employer thing

 21:50:16  alice mercer EdTechTalk: They don't get MySpace at school, so it's up to parents.

 21:50:16  WillyB EdTechTalk: What do you see evolving in the next 5-10 years of social networks?

 21:50:18  murcha EdTechTalk: My Space is most popular with our students in Australia as well. Older teenagers and younger adults use face book

 21:50:19  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: we share that too Kern! it is importanta

 21:50:21  CheriT EdTechTalk: Can you put in the URL for the wiki again please.

 21:50:27  Maureen EdTechTalk: Is it true that FB and myspace are divided on socio-economic lines?

 21:50:28  Rodd EdTechTalk: students no, most teachers no... Internet Archive is a great history lesson..

 21:50:32  alice mercer EdTechTalk: And frankly, 9 yo do NOT get the employer angle.

 21:50:38  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pINXxNj3XUkDLX4cGH3wIfA

 21:50:44  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: @Vicki - Moodle, private, they use Messages with each other, and FB outside of class only

 21:50:49  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: the wayback machine is a great way to show them how things are recorded and stay online

 21:50:53  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: If you just joined us, please answer the spreadsheet ssurvey.

 21:50:56  alice mercer EdTechTalk: I'd like them to be on something more age appropriate

 21:51:02  svanabel EdTechTalk: We tried Think.com, but kids didn't bite too hard

 21:51:06  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: It is transparent, you can watch the data being collected, just refresh

 21:51:08  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I LOVE making private networks for Ning.

 21:51:12  alice mercer EdTechTalk: But how do you convince them to go "down" to Imbee?

 21:51:14  WillyB EdTechTalk: @Maureen research I've read (probably danah boyd's) mentioned a SES divide

 21:51:17  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: @Cheryl Where is the survey?

 21:51:18  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Thanks Maureen -- I have added your ???

 21:51:19  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pINXxNj3XUkDLX4cGH3wIfA

 21:51:27  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Lisa -- there is the LINK  

 21:51:29  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: survey is the spreadsheet at google

 21:51:46  murcha EdTechTalk: @cheryloaks How do I fill in ss form without logging out of this room

 21:51:51  JenWagner EdTechTalk: That FORM is tremendous!!!!

 21:51:53  WillyB EdTechTalk: MySpace tends to be more alt-culture, Facebook tends to be "mainstream"

 21:51:54  chericem EdTechTalk: @Vicki Davis - Student teachers (plus mentors, field instructors, first year teachers), Wikispaces, public, http://languagelinks2006.wikispaces.com

 21:52:04  kmulford EdTechTalk: @chericem Me too. Care to wander on that topic a bit?

 21:52:04  KBeil EdTechTalk: My niece, who is my friend on FB, just 'resumefied' her FB.  She is graduating from grad school and looking for a job.  Glad to see her maturing.

 21:52:36  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Thanks for the great ideas for guests, yes more students, we have had NZ, need MORE!!!

 21:52:44  sujokat EdTechTalk: nice work cheryl

 21:52:51  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Norms are set by the early adopters -- ANOTHER reason for educators to be early adopters.

 21:53:04  Rodd EdTechTalk: where is the skype room... user edtechtalk?

 21:53:07  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: hello dlaufenberg

 21:53:09  svanabel EdTechTalk: Those forms just rock!  Used one last month to collect data...want to use one with my students...just for fun!

 21:53:23  Rodd EdTechTalk: Google has some amazing tools!

 21:53:23  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: how to eat, when to eat, what to eat - how to say, when to say, what to say...this is what culture is all about

 21:53:25  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Do all the students FOLLOW the NORM????

 21:53:26  WillyB EdTechTalk: @svanabel They work great for students!!

 21:53:27  chericem EdTechTalk: @Vicki Davis - Yet educators are often the slowest to adopt!

 21:53:29  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Rodd, the skype room is the chat for the women of web as we interview and run behind the show.

 21:53:36  JenWagner EdTechTalk: I never walked to the NORM

 21:53:42  Ryan Bretag EdTechTalk: Honestly, my head is spinning -- very stimulating ideas and great presence. Great job tonight ladies!

 21:53:48  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Thanks Ryan

 21:53:54  WillyB EdTechTalk: @JenWagner Many do...people react to the norm though, even if they don't follow it.

 21:53:55  Kern EdTechTalk: @ryan agreed!

 21:53:56  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks ryan, nite

 21:53:58  stevesoko EdTechTalk: RE - resumified in the "old" days = cleaning up your email name to an account that was "professional"

 21:53:58  JenWagner EdTechTalk: There is a card in the mail to YOU!!!  Addressed to YOU!!!!

 21:54:01  hshawjr EdTechTalk: Education is the only profession where you can refuse to use the tools provided :(

 21:54:02  JenWagner EdTechTalk: :)

 21:54:07  Maureen EdTechTalk: my daughter- now 26, cleaned up her myspace when I used it with my middle school kids as a bad example of putting too much personal info online :/  Now is a teacher and cleaned up her FB because parents look at it.

 21:54:14  JenWagner EdTechTalk: I never was NORM  :)

 21:54:18  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: @hshawjr Like your brain!

 21:54:23  Rodd EdTechTalk: thinking about facebook behaviour in the classroom... scary

 21:54:29  Rodd EdTechTalk: we need to teach appropriate skills.

 21:54:39  sujokat EdTechTalk: we know jen thank goodness

 21:54:47  chericem EdTechTalk: @hshawjr - Now THAT was funny!

 21:54:48  Ryan Bretag EdTechTalk: Nite all!

 21:54:55  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks for filling out the survey, great information, hope you look at it too.

 21:55:00  Steve Hargadon EdTechTalk: Cultivating the norm is definitely a big part of administering a ning network.

 21:55:02  hshawjr EdTechTalk: not my brain, just a fact that we in edtech land are still the minority in most school unfortunately

 21:55:06  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pINXxNj3XUkDLX4cGH3wIfA

 21:55:19  kimmy EdTechTalk: goodnite..will follow the podcast later....fascinating

 21:55:19  JenWagner EdTechTalk: @sujokat -- I used to take my own ORANGE CRUSH to parties just so I wouldn't drink the punch....I was a good girl  :)   My parents never worried

 21:55:26  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: I used the google form at school to collect data, and the SUPT. loved it, he kept it open all day.

 21:55:33  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Thanks Kimmy for coming

 21:55:35  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: @hshawjr Didn't mean you personally, just a field where one can operate for years without using ones brain, unfortunately

 21:55:37  Kern EdTechTalk: we need to model appropriate skills, if students are not using, it's hard for them to teach or understand where the kids are coming from.

 21:55:47  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: good point Kern.

 21:55:48  kmulford EdTechTalk: I have a teen (piano composer) with major ?s about copyright, licensing, etc. He sounds like Jim Brickman, might make me rich some day, but for now just does weddings and produces annual CDs of original compositions for family/friends every Christmas. He's afraid of FB and MS for the "ripoff" potential. Thoughts?

 21:55:49  JenWagner EdTechTalk: I am rebellling now   :)   LOL

 21:55:57  sendkathy EdTechTalk: @Cheryl, Jen, Can you ask Danah about her relationship to the Berkman Center?

 21:56:06  hshawjr EdTechTalk: @lisa m lane - sorry context gets lost online :)

 21:56:06  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Thanks to Deb Barrows for sharing about google forms

 21:56:12  sujokat EdTechTalk: would be good to use at a staff meeting

 21:56:15  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: evening cathy E

 21:56:15  WillyB EdTechTalk: Night all! Thanks to danah boyd for the great discussion! I'm a big fan! Gotta go do the laundry & dishes

 21:56:17  Rodd EdTechTalk: Interesting that most adults wouldn't be able to process the audio simultaneously with the chat... especially a discussion as active as this one!

 21:56:17  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: @kmulford He's right to be concerned

 21:56:24  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Kathy -- I have asked your ??? in the skypechat

 21:56:28  JenWagner EdTechTalk: :)

 21:56:34  sujokat EdTechTalk: get the silent minority to see the technology

 21:56:34  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Thanks Willy for being here

 21:56:43  sendkathy EdTechTalk: OK

 21:56:53  sine EdTechTalk: @kmulford your teen is wise to be wary.  FB's policy is that they own whatever you put up there.

 21:56:57  LucyGray EdTechTalk: Speaking of Berkman

 21:57:00  jeannine EdTechTalk: I think parents are even farther behind than educators though (speaking as a parent)

 21:57:01  LucyGray EdTechTalk: I have a link

 21:57:01  Kern EdTechTalk: @kmulford check out the model of joncoulton.com he gives away his music for exposure, then is looking for a following

 21:57:07  Rodd EdTechTalk: Not all understand the importance of 'space'

 21:57:10  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: A few minutes left, thanks to all who joined us tonight, the show will be a podcast by Thur. and the chat will be posted too at edtechtalk.com

 21:57:28  sendkathy EdTechTalk: How does Danah feel social networking is impacting online Democracy?

 21:57:30  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Kathy -- here comes your question

 21:57:32  dkenney EdTechTalk: Love the google survey tool

 21:57:42  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: great google tool, thanks to google

 21:57:42  sine EdTechTalk: @kern but on his own blog -- not FB and he's g's got it copyrighted and CC'd

 21:57:48  LucyGray EdTechTalk: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/digitalnatives/

 21:57:49  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: I think Beth Kanter has a fellowship w/ the Berkman center also, doesn't she?

 21:57:51  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: ok, this has helped me decide to rework my FB or get an acct just for access

 21:58:02  stevesoko EdTechTalk: @Cheryl - nooooo don't her stop talking!

 21:58:04  CheriT EdTechTalk: @cheryloakes wow2 - can you put in the link to the wiki? thanks

 21:58:06  sendkathy EdTechTalk: Don't know

 21:58:08  Kern EdTechTalk: @cheryl have you seen all the new graphing features?

 21:58:17  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: no, graphing features?

 21:58:21  sujokat EdTechTalk: great talk will need to relisten

 21:58:39  LucyGray EdTechTalk: There's a Digital Natives book coming out soon by John Palfrey at Berkman

 21:58:40  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: We lost Danah.

 21:58:41  Kern EdTechTalk: in google spreadsheets, they've just added a ton more

 21:58:54  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: Danah..thank you for hammering the point...must leave now. It wasgreat to hear you.

 21:59:03  sujokat EdTechTalk: where can we see the survey results cheryl?

 21:59:15  Bee Dieu EdTechTalk: Thanks Cheryl and all for organizing this

 21:59:19  shoemap EdTechTalk: I have to go.  Thx; great show!

 21:59:19  hshawjr EdTechTalk: bye

 21:59:20  Kern EdTechTalk: interactive timelines, gauges, fusion charts, etc

 21:59:26  sine EdTechTalk: we've got dana loud and clear

 21:59:30  chericem EdTechTalk: @Steve Hargadon - I appreciate Howard Rheingold's thoughts on the subject of cultivating the norm - http://www.rheingold.com/texts/artonlinehost.html

 21:59:33  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: Danah is back

 21:59:35  Rodd EdTechTalk: Losing the connection

 21:59:54  PeggyG EdTechTalk: @sujokat-you should see the results of the survey if you refresh the screen

 22:00:00  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks for all of you being here.

 22:00:03  emapey EdTechTalk: Thank you for the show!!!!

 22:00:04  sujokat EdTechTalk: thanks

 22:00:09  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: You got it all.

 22:00:12  sendkathy EdTechTalk: Great show

 22:00:16  dkenney EdTechTalk: Thank you all!

 22:00:17  tekkieteacher EdTechTalk: Great show, thanks!

 22:00:18  kmulford EdTechTalk: Thanks!

 22:00:24  Steve Hargadon EdTechTalk: Loved the show!

 22:00:32  svanabel EdTechTalk: Fun stuff...thanks!

 22:00:34  Durff EdTechTalk: what form?

 22:00:35  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks will pass this along to danah

 22:00:36  Lorna EdTechTalk: really enjoyed the show

 22:00:36  Diane H EdTechTalk: So much to think about - great guest!

 22:01:00  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Thank you so much!  Danah -- WOW1

 22:01:20  emapey EdTechTalk: Hi Murcha

 22:01:24  bmuench EdTechTalk: yay! great show!

 22:01:34  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Will Lucy be on another time?

 22:01:37  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: thanks everyone

 22:01:38  sendkathy EdTechTalk: Get some sleep Danah! Thanks for sharing.

 22:01:45  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Everytime I hear Danah I leave wanted to hear a lot more!! Thanks for bringing her on as a guest!

 22:01:46  chericem EdTechTalk: @kmulford - http://msugrads.wikispaces.com/Copyright/

 22:01:47  The Virtual Teacher EdTechTalk: Thanks so much.  This was great!

 22:02:02  sujokat EdTechTalk: thanks dana great to hear you live

 22:02:06  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: thanks to you all

 22:02:08  chriswherley EdTechTalk: thanks

 22:02:09  Anne Lemieux EdTechTalk: great first experience I will be back

 22:02:12  Durff EdTechTalk: oh 10:02! I gotta go sleep - nite!

 22:02:17  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: glad you were here

 22:02:19  sendkathy EdTechTalk: nite!

 22:02:19  CheriT EdTechTalk: whew!!

 22:02:23  Lisa M Lane EdTechTalk: night all

 22:02:27  sujokat EdTechTalk: can't see survey results  by refreshing

 22:02:28  murcha EdTechTalk: thanks and see you

 22:02:29  sendkathy EdTechTalk: over and out

 22:02:30  Rodd EdTechTalk: Thanks all... Check back in at a later date.

 22:02:38  KBeil EdTechTalk: Great discussion, thanks!

 22:02:39  emapey EdTechTalk: night all

 22:02:45  chericem EdTechTalk: Thanks all, this was great!

 22:02:53  PeggyG EdTechTalk: WOW--great show again! WOW is a perfect name for your podcast!

 22:02:59  Diane H EdTechTalk: Night all!

 22:03:03  Kern EdTechTalk: clap clap

 22:03:24  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Loved the survey and think it would be great to add one for each show! :-)

 22:03:44  cheryloakes wow2 EdTechTalk: good night all, thanks for the show.

 22:03:46  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Goodnight everyone -- that was GREAT!

 22:04:09  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Good night room

 22:04:10  Vicki Davis EdTechTalk: Another one to re-listen to again -- I've got to listen to the last 20 minutes again.

 22:04:12  JenWagner EdTechTalk: take care!!!

 22:04:14  PeggyG EdTechTalk: If you could give some advance notice of the questions that will be on the survey we could actually think about our suggestions.

 22:04:20  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Peggy

 22:04:27  JenWagner EdTechTalk: Would you like to help think of ????

 22:04:30  JenWagner EdTechTalk: hint hint  :)

 22:04:39  PeggyG EdTechTalk: @JanWagner-sure!

 22:04:41  JenWagner EdTechTalk: drop me a twitter

 22:04:46  JenWagner EdTechTalk: that would be so helpful!!!

 22:05:00  PeggyG EdTechTalk: will do-need to think of some possibilities first :-)

 22:05:10  JenWagner EdTechTalk: smilies -- you have a month

 22:05:29  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Good night all--my mind is spinning! A month is good :-)