Making Connections #30

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My new house is the house of my dreams and the view is unbelievable.  The price you pay for peace and quiet is…. no connectivity.  I am begging DSL or cable to run a line, but for now I’m stuck with satellite TV (which is ok) and satellite Internet (which stinks).

The Wildblue Internet service technician came today to adjust my satellite to enable better connection speeds.  Still, the download is a tad better than dial-up and the upload is less than adequate for Skype.  It saddens me to announce that I will be unable to host Making Connections on Tuesday nights.  I would love for someone to take over the show, to keep the communication going so classroom connections can continue to be created.  Our Tuesday night chats introduced many teachers to new web 2.0 tools as well as each other.  The connections that have been created are countless.  I thank you all for the opportunity to allow me to expand my knowledge and increase my network of friends. Don’t forget to check out the other great conversations happening each week on EdTechTalk.  

Thank you Jeff Lebow, Dave Comier, and Doug Symmington for the guidance, encouragement, and hand-holding it took to get me to jump off the webcasting cliff.  You guys are the best!   You are providing a service that is needed by all educators, a place to meet, chat, and learn.  A place where exploring new ideas with a network of friends is a powerful enriching experience.  Jeff and Dave, I am so proud to say that I was able to have one small slice of your pie where teachers (and students) made connections.


P.S.  I am not gone forever.  I will still be listening and text chatting. 


You inspire me. Your model and encouragement were just what I needed to go down the webcast academy path that lead to webcasting. The concept for Making Connections is perfect. Exploring new tools and discussing the applications for the tools with classroom teachers filled a void for me. I'd be glad to help keep the conversations going, continue to help connect classroom teachers and explore new tools and ideas. Thank you for including me in your show and helping me grow. Let's talk about what happens next. Maria

It's not uber-high speed but have you looked at the Verizon Wireless Internet service? We moved to it up here in the mountains of NH and it seems to do quite nicely. My thru-put test can be found here: Enjoy your new home! John Martin