Chat Log for TTT#106 - 05.28.08


20:35:46 paulallison:
20:36:02 paulallison: Links for tonight's show:
20:45:23 paulallison: Welcome all, if you want to see some links for tonight's webcast, please go to:
20:45:33 paulallison: We start in about 15 minutes.
20:46:41 JimBurkeMaine: Thankds, Paul
20:54:50 paulallison: Welcome Paul. We'll start soon. Here are links for tonight's webcast:
20:59:38 paulallison: Well start in a few minutes. Trying now to get Suzie and Jane
20:59:52 paulallison: Gail are you ready to join us?
21:00:08 PeggyG: Hi everyone
21:00:10 gail desler: yes
21:00:21 paulallison: Links for tonight's webcast:
21:00:40 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone
21:00:50 ChrisLehmann: Hey Susan...
21:01:17 paulallison: Chris do you want to join us via skype?
21:01:22 ChrisLehmann: Paul -- sure.
21:01:40 gail desler: Hi Chris. heard you speak at last year's NECC
21:02:00 ChrisLehmann: Hi Gail -- hope I made some sense. :)
21:02:20 SusanEttenheim: chris is your skype on?
21:02:28 ChrisLehmann: logging in now.
21:02:43 gail desler: You did. You threw out the word "prosumer." I quote you all the time
21:02:54 paulallison: Links for tonights show:
21:03:11 ChrisLehmann: gail -- cool... It's so easy to sound smart when steal from Marshall McLuan. :)
21:03:19 gail desler: lol
21:04:20 PeggyG: Pro-sumer must be the word of the day. It was talked about on the CR20 LIVE convo with Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay this morning. :-)
21:05:44 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone you should be hearing us in a few seconds
21:05:57 PeggyG: audio is coming through now
21:06:14 cheryloakes: evening all. Peggy, are you part of ETT? Love to see you.
21:06:34 Lorna: Hi Cheryl and all
21:06:55 Lorna: you are on the air
21:07:19 GingerTPLC: Hello Mr. Bogush!
21:07:31 PeggyG: Yes-regular listener to all of the ETT podcasts :-)
21:07:33 SusanEttenheim: welcome everyone - thankss for joining us tonight
21:07:38 Paul Bogush: Howdy Ginger!
21:07:53 SusanEttenheim: please introduce yourself! Where and what do you teach?
21:07:56 cheryloakes: It is always great to see a familiar person in the audience Peggy.
21:08:15 Paul Bogush: CT -- 8th Grade Soc Stud
21:08:23 GingerTPLC: I'm Ginger Lewman in Emporia KS and I teach 5-8 PBL charter
21:08:24 PeggyG: Always look forward to conversations with Jane and Suzi
21:08:27 cheryloakes: cheryl oakes, teach in wells ME, collaborative technolgy coach
21:08:39 JimBurkeMaine: Western Maine MLTI Mentor
21:08:49 PeggyG: I'm a retired elementary principal/university prof in Phoenix AZ
21:08:49 JimBurkeMaine: Hi Cheryl :)
21:08:52 cheryloakes: Hi Jim, good to see you here.
21:08:54 Nedra: Utica, NY elementary tech teacher
21:09:10 sheila: 7th science - seacoast NH
21:09:12 tjop: TX--9th grade English
21:09:40 lmmaine: Louise Maine 10th science Punxsutawney, PA
21:09:46 kstevens77: Dallas, TX 9th grade English and Econ
21:10:06 GingerTPLC: we're giving away copies of re-inventing PBL at our conf tomorrow. (iConnect iLearn)
21:10:13 SusanEttenheim: hi kgreen welcomee
21:10:38 ChrisLehmann: Hi Louise!
21:11:03 tjop: did you do a presentation in SL yesterday?
21:11:06 lmmaine: Hey Chris!
21:11:17 ChrisLehmann: Dude! Paul is dissing the chat! :)
21:11:55 tjop: should I have audio? My first time here.
21:12:02 paulallison:
21:12:03 ChrisLehmann: tjop -- yep.
21:12:16 SusanEttenheim: tjop just click on the listen button at
21:12:18 SusanEttenheim: we
21:12:29 SusanEttenheim: re broadcasting on edtechtalk A
21:12:34 SusanEttenheim: hi bill!
21:12:35 cheryloakes: Paul should be careful, on WOW 2.0, we thank our chat participants for making our show :-)
21:12:36 Bill O'Neal: Hey Sue
21:12:46 gail desler: @tjop - Yes turn on the audio
21:12:55 tjop: don't see a listen button
21:12:59 PeggyG: @cheryloakes--that's why we keep coming back :-)
21:13:13 cheryloakes: Thanks Peggy!
21:13:31 SusanEttenheim: aww I'm always here... I'd have no one to talk to without you!
21:13:38 SusanEttenheim: I love our chat!
21:13:39 cheryloakes: tjop, try clicking on the ETTA, and itunes, real player or windows media to get sound
21:13:47 jack -> -Webcast Academy: jack
21:14:01 SusanEttenheim: we're broadcasting on edtechtalk A
21:14:04 cheryloakes: I am still trying to catch up with chat from last night it was so rich!
21:14:07 jack -> -Webcast Academy: is here
21:14:10 SusanEttenheim: hi Kellie80 welcome!
21:14:16 Kellie80: Hi1
21:14:24 SusanEttenheim: welcome back tjop
21:14:30 derrallg: Is friendfeed a better alternative to delicious?
21:14:31 carolynfoote: Hi all
21:14:40 SusanEttenheim: It was fun to just be there with you last night!
21:14:47 tjop: can't get sound
21:14:55 derrallg: hi Carolyn
21:14:57 SusanEttenheim: tjop what platform are you using?
21:15:10 tjop: all I get is a voice saying welcome, welcome
21:15:13 carolynfoote: I did see that at SLA
21:15:15 tjop: I'm on a mac
21:15:29 carolynfoote: who is talking?
21:15:33 SusanEttenheim: do you see the Listen button at the top right on
21:15:39 ChrisLehmann: Suzie is now.
21:15:46 SusanEttenheim: Suzie and Jane are our guests tonight
21:15:47 carolynfoote: hi Chris :) thanks
21:16:02 ChrisLehmann: NWREL -- great place.
21:16:11 tjop: no, there is something that says channel A and channel b....both currrently not streaming
21:16:29 tjop: no listen button
21:16:47 SusanEttenheim: it just looks like it's not streaming because you are not logged in but that's ok we are there on edtechtalk A - just click there
21:16:50 carolynfoote: @tjop the little "play" button on the right of Ed Tech A works for me.
21:16:52 PeggyG: Very familiar with NWREL and 6 traits:-)
21:17:01 ChrisLehmann: I believe it was through this Intel Odyssey project is how both Jane and Suzie know Tim Lauer.
21:17:03 SusanEttenheim: hi jkrauss welcome
21:17:11 tjop: i logged me out
21:17:12 derrallg: hi Jane
21:17:29 gail desler: @derralig Hi
21:17:35 SusanEttenheim: out of the chat? but you could hear? just open another window for the chat then?
21:17:39 derrallg: hi gail
21:17:45 tjop: ah, got it! Thank you
21:17:48 kgreen5: I find on my mac it works better in Firefox than Safari
21:17:51 SusanEttenheim: great!
21:18:05 tjop: oh yes, I'm always on Firefox!
21:18:34 JimBurkeMaine: Try the blue button . . .
21:18:57 ChrisLehmann: But once you try the blue button, you can never go back... </matrix>
21:18:58 tjop: I'm hearing it now, Jim thanks
21:19:13 JimBurkeMaine: :)
21:19:24 SusanEttenheim: hi james welcome!
21:19:28 derrallg: @chrisL I thought that was for the windows media button
21:19:32 James.Sigler: Hi susan!
21:19:41 SusanEttenheim: hi mr. shelhart welcome!
21:19:48 Mr. Shelhart: hello there!
21:20:03 SusanEttenheim: please introduce yourself - where and what do you teach?
21:20:14 ChrisLehmann: derrallg -- might be. I was just making bad pop culture jokes. :)
21:20:23 SusanEttenheim: I will repost some of our intros from before
21:20:29 ChrisLehmann: <-- Chris Lehmann - Principal, Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia, PA
21:20:41 SusanEttenheim: [Paul Bogush] CT -- 8th Grade Soc Stud [GingerTPLC] I'm Ginger Lewman in Emporia KS and I teach 5-8 PBL charter [PeggyG] Always look forward to conversations with Jane and Suzi [cheryloakes] cheryl oakes, teach in wells ME, collaborative technolgy coach [JimBurkeMaine] Western Maine MLTI Mentor [JimBurkeMaine] Hi Cheryl [PeggyG] I'm a retired elementary principal/university prof in Phoenix AZ [cheryloakes] Hi Jim, good to see you here. [Nedra] Utica, NY elementary tech teacher [Nedra] Utica, NY elementary tech teacher [sheila] 7th science - seacoast NH [tjop] TX--9th grade English [lmmaine] Louise Maine 10th science Punxsutawney, PA [kstevens77] Dallas, TX 9th grade English and Econ
21:21:03 carolynfoote: Carolyn Library Media specialist Texas
21:21:05 derrallg: @ChrisL I was making an attempt at humor
21:21:16 Mr. Shelhart: I am a career changer...a mid 40's college sophomre majoring in Elementary Education. I should be teaching full time in 2-3 years
21:21:26 ChrisLehmann: ah... I'm tired. I'm humor impaired. :)
21:21:27 carolynfoote: cool @mr shelhart
21:21:49 James.Sigler: I teach 3rd grade in Carl Junction, MO
21:21:51 kgreen5: Karen Green - Tech Teacher on Special Assignment K-8 Fullerton, CA
21:21:53 lmmaine: @ChrisL Must be the time of year!
21:21:56 PeggyG: @Mr. Shelhart-good for you! Welcome to the wonderful world of education!
21:22:00 carolynfoote: lol
21:22:04 Mr. Shelhart: I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up!
21:22:06 derrallg: @chrisL the advantage of being on the west coast only 6:20 here
21:22:16 ChrisLehmann: ah... true. :)
21:22:18 carolynfoote: what books can provide--more space
21:22:49 Kellie80: Kellie Ady - H.S. Tech. Coordinator in Denver area
21:23:18 GingerTPLC: many teachers who are not yet tech savvy will read the book
21:23:25 ChrisLehmann: I think there's something incredible about having to put it all down in one space in an organized fashion. I can blog all the time, but I can't organize it all into a coherent narrative yet. And Jane and Suzie have done an amazing job of doing that.
21:23:27 GingerTPLC: Such as the ppl who are coming to our conf tomorrow
21:23:43 carolynfoote: good point Ginger
21:23:46 jkrauss: hi lorraine!
21:23:52 SusanEttenheim: hi lorraine welcome
21:24:11 Lorraine: Hi
21:24:16 derrallg: I was so happy when I started looking at the teachers they refer too and got that feeling of "so that's how they do it"
21:24:20 SusanEttenheim: hi marsha and kimmy welcome
21:24:43 Kimmy: what is the topic tonight
21:24:43 jkrauss: WONDERFUL!
21:24:47 GingerTPLC: true. It's nice to have that choice
21:24:56 PeggyG: Project Based Learning
21:25:07 Kimmy: good topic
21:25:08 GingerTPLC: also, sometimes we want to look at the skills before the tech.
21:25:12 SusanEttenheim: welcome jeannine and jack
21:25:13 James.Sigler: I love learning about PBL
21:25:16 SusanEttenheim: hi tim welcome
21:25:21 GingerTPLC: kansas!
21:25:37 SusanEttenheim: oh yes sorry ginger!
21:25:40 ChrisLehmann: Hey Tim!
21:25:42 GingerTPLC: :)
21:25:43 Mr. Shelhart: Some of my college courses encourage PBL
21:25:43 Paul Bogush: I heard if you come to the chat room you get a free book ;)
21:25:47 timlauer: hey Chris...
21:25:51 SusanEttenheim: such a wide range of places tonight!
21:25:53 James.Sigler: Kansas is right next door for me :)
21:26:03 SusanEttenheim: hi gandalf welcome
21:26:06 tjop: Title of the book?
21:26:07 jack -> -Webcast Academy: hi Gandalf
21:26:17 SusanEttenheim: thanks everyone for joining us tonight- how has read the book yet?
21:26:20 cheryloakes: Susan and Paul, rocking show!
21:26:23 ChrisLehmann: Reinventing Project-Based Learning
21:26:25 GingerTPLC: Paul, I guarantee if you come to KS by Tuesday I'll give you a copy!
21:26:28 ChrisLehmann: Hannah!
21:26:30 Gandalf -> -Webcast Academy: Hi there. I am listening from Palo Alto, CA.
21:26:33 timlauer: heading home in a few, just saw that Jane and Suzie were on tonight so wanted to say hi
21:26:34 SusanEttenheim: Reinventing Project Based Learning from ISTE!
21:26:53 SusanEttenheim: hi hannah welcome
21:26:54 Gandalf -> -Webcast Academy: I know the moderator, Mr.Montagne...
21:26:58 GingerTPLC: I like problem-based, but it's harder to plan and make truly authentic
21:27:04 tjop: thanks
21:27:05 SusanEttenheim: welcome back jim
21:27:08 JimBurkeMaine: Issue based, another term. .
21:27:20 hfeldman: hello
21:27:22 carolynfoote: bye to hear authors. Thanks.
21:27:51 paulallison:
21:27:55 derrallg: @Ginger I think the book does a good job of helping overcome those concerns
21:28:02 carolynfoote: fidelity to the curriculum....
21:28:03 jack -> -Webcast Academy: Hey There HF
21:28:08 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: Hello
21:28:14 carolynfoote: love that...teaching is a creative and intellectual enterprise
21:28:44 carolynfoote: we are better than that.
21:28:45 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: or really religious....
21:28:57 SusanEttenheim: hi jfallon welcome
21:29:02 SusanEttenheim: hi paul
21:29:17 James.Sigler: PBL is the antithesis of NCLB
21:29:18 paulrwood: Hi Susan
21:29:19 PeggyG: That was a funny blog post-yelling Jane out of your office :-)
21:29:24 gail desler: "fidelity to the textbook" was the term at our COE
21:29:34 GingerTPLC: @James, which is why I love it!
21:29:37 lmmaine: I liked that blog post too
21:29:43 carolynfoote: too true--can't have both coverage and depth
21:29:45 SusanEttenheim: hi lorraine welcome!
21:29:50 GingerTPLC: you get depth of coverage, but not coverage of coverge!
21:30:03 jfallon: thx susan
21:30:07 carolynfoote: obviously we need to get your book for our professional learning community that is just starting.
21:30:18 James.Sigler: How do you plan for problem-based learning? Is there a structure to it?
21:30:33 JimBurkeMaine: What IS important to memorize?
21:30:34 carolynfoote: sorry if I sound robotic...just tired!!
21:30:59 carolynfoote: my thinking--the challenge is to bring this sort of learning into every classroom
21:31:12 ChrisLehmann: James -- I love using the book Understanding by Design as a great way to plan for big understandings.
21:31:35 ChrisLehmann: but obviously, Jane and Suzie's book is also a great resource for planning.
21:31:47 James.Sigler: @Jim memorizing is good for frequently used background knowledge
21:31:50 Kellie80: Chris - is that where you got the inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation, reflection structure?
21:31:59 ChrisLehmann: Kellie -- nah, we made that up. :)
21:32:08 James.Sigler: :D
21:32:11 JimBurkeMaine: Such as?
21:32:16 Kellie80: Well, it sounds really good . . .
21:32:33 carolynfoote: owning the learning is so important
21:32:42 [Action] jfallon: <3 UbD
21:32:50 ChrisLehmann: brb... Jakob needs water.
21:32:52 derrallg: I'm so excited to put their ideas into practice especially in trying to collaborate globally with other classrooms
21:32:54 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: I don't agree with that statement.
21:33:00 GingerTPLC: hello Valerie and welcome!
21:33:13 SusanEttenheim: hi valerie welcome!
21:33:16 JimBurkeMaine: Where does instructivism and constructivism meet?
21:33:30 James.Sigler: Math facts are a basic building block of memorization for higher order math thinking
21:33:33 Mr. Shelhart: If the children can't see a practical application to a lesson, they often chose not to remember any of it. Engagement is the key!
21:33:54 ChrisLehmann: back.
21:33:57 carolynfoote: thinking about Robert Fried's book, Passionate Learner--the curriculum IS the relationship
21:34:06 PeggyG: It's so easy to mis-judge what's going on in PBL classrooms
21:34:34 ChrisLehmann: I think the other thing is to remember that this is *harder* to do...
21:34:40 James.Sigler: True PBL classrooms may be messy classrooms, but engaged classrooms
21:34:40 sheila: Just wrapping up a project on data analysis using roadkill as the subject. Using voicethread for the first time for sharing the data and their analysis.
21:34:53 PeggyG: I observed a class last week and walked in to kids throwing paper airplanes around the room. Didn't take long to find out all about their project, math, graphs, research that was going on. :-)
21:34:59 jfallon: Learning is messy. People seem to forget that.
21:35:00 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: BBC WORLD NEWS ONLINE!!!! I love.
21:35:02 GingerTPLC: Mess-finding is a big part of problem solving, so mess is good. To a point.
21:35:14 GingerTPLC: that's the art to teaching PBL
21:35:34 gail desler: @jfallon - I agree. Genuine learning is messy
21:35:36 carolynfoote: thanks all, have to run for a bit.
21:35:50 paulallison:
21:36:24 GingerTPLC: I call it "vague haziness"
21:36:27 tjop: I heard that last night at the Second Life presentation
21:36:29 PeggyG: optimal ambiguity? new term for me
21:36:48 tjop: Yes, SL is definitely freaky!
21:37:06 jfallon: Messy doesn't fit the current widget model of education we have today.
21:37:07 SusanEttenheim: hi gnelson welcome
21:37:16 Kellie80: sounds like choose your own learning adventure.
21:37:24 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: for once pennsylvania actually kinda mattered in the primary...but not really...
21:37:32 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: I volunteered for a local race!
21:37:43 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: Larry Farnese for state senate!
21:37:48 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: :)
21:38:26 PeggyG: Just saw an amazing Voicethread final project for an AP American History class today. (Vinnie Vitrone)
21:38:50 SusanEttenheim: peggy would you have the url?
21:39:40 PeggyG: I'll look for it
21:39:45 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: Center city, Philadelphia
21:39:50 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: yep :)
21:39:54 marsha.cruce: Thanks, have to run but have ordered your book. Looking forward to reading it. Marsha in Florida
21:40:00 jkrauss: Peggy I need to look at this voicethread
21:40:08 jkrauss: bye marsha
21:40:25 GingerTPLC: I tried to set our conf up as a PBL environment, but had to scale it back. Kids are more tolerant than adults (admin/teachers) to a messy learning environ.
21:40:29 jkrauss: guided inquiry to open inquiry
21:40:35 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: "PA is Philly and Pittsburgh and a whole lot of Alabama in between"
21:40:50 PeggyG: Sorry spelled his name wrong it was Vinnie Vrotny-looking for the link
21:40:51 tjop: Ginger: That is the truth!
21:41:25 jkrauss: thanks peggy
21:41:27 JimBurkeMaine: Exactly. . . problem-based learning needs to start with scaffolding
21:41:34 derrallg: I usually think of the workshop model and the gradual release of responsiblity
21:41:41 Paul Bogush: ahhhh---you can have a free-for-all if you unschool the kids before you let them loose!
21:41:51 GingerTPLC: but eventually that openness works, once the kids have a good understanding and feel for PBL
21:41:54 PeggyG:
21:42:08 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: @hfeldman...I like that one...never hear that b4!
21:42:09 GingerTPLC: thanks Peggy
21:42:14 SusanEttenheim: tnx peggy!
21:42:17 James.Sigler: @Ginger It's funny that many teachers are most confortable learning from lecture
21:42:18 PeggyG: There is also a wiki that goes with the VT that explains the expectations of the project and includes student audio reflections
21:42:26 jkrauss: oooh
21:42:38 GingerTPLC: Paul--as Kevin Honeycutt says, we have to repair their "institutional damage" from previous environments.
21:42:40 kstevens77: thx peggy.
21:42:50 SusanEttenheim: hi paul welcome back
21:43:00 paulrwood: I hate it when that happens
21:43:02 ChrisLehmann: @Ginger -- we struggle with that in the 9th grade.
21:43:09 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: it's a fairly common saying here, and quite true. all those coal mining counties
21:43:14 GingerTPLC: PBL is tough and if you perserve through the first few projects, kids FLY!
21:43:36 GingerTPLC: but you have to help them unlearn poor "learning" habits
21:43:52 sheila: It has taken me quite a while revise projects for content, skills and time in class. Always learning . . .
21:43:55 JimBurkeMaine: What about kids who have no desire to be in school?
21:43:57 PeggyG: 13 Days that Changed America -Wiki for project-
21:44:43 Paul Bogush: Kids who have no desire to be in school are the ones who most often are most positivly impacted by PBL
21:45:00 PeggyG: I think one of the big challenges with PBL is individual assessment
21:45:18 Mr. Shelhart: @paul bogush - VERY true!
21:45:19 jkrauss: I agree paul. They have a good sniff test for relevance
21:45:24 GingerTPLC: @PaulBogush: I find that too. My traditionally "good" students have trouble not being the smartest
21:45:48 GingerTPLC: Peggy: What have you found to work because I also struggle there
21:45:50 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: Would Clinton even accept being the second name on the ticket?
21:46:07 PeggyG: I think Suzi & Jane are the experts on this topic!
21:46:17 ChrisLehmann: mmmmmm... bright shiny object. :)
21:46:29 djakes: Focus on the literacy first, then what supports that
21:46:36 kstevens77: @GingerTPLC a lot of "good" students have problem thinking on their own. they have been told what to do too long.
21:46:40 JimBurkeMaine: Should students' work be evaluated individual and/or as a group?
21:46:50 ChrisLehmann: @Peggy -- I'd say that David Jakes is one of the experts too. :)
21:46:57 lmmaine: I evaluate both
21:46:58 ChrisLehmann: @Jim -- yes.
21:46:58 PeggyG: I have been very impressed with the assessment process used in the Flat Classroom project by Vicki Davis & Julie Lindsay
21:47:06 Kellie80: Great approach, especially since there are new tools all of the time.
21:47:09 Mr. Shelhart: @jim both
21:47:11 GingerTPLC: @Jim I evaluate them in both ways. Grade cards are funky, but I think more accurate of the hwole child
21:47:13 JimBurkeMaine: :)
21:47:14 djakes: 1) What fundatmental literacy are you trying to develop
21:47:15 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: I would love to see gas prices rise even more.
21:47:21 PeggyG: I would agree re Jakes
21:47:24 sheila: Started one project without technology and over the years have added it to find I can move to higher levels of thinking.
21:47:28 djakes: 2) How will the technology add value to that process
21:47:32 lmmaine: Also have students evaluate the work of each other
21:47:37 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: I care about abortion and gay rights and renewable energy.
21:47:42 ChrisLehmann: @Peggy -- and he's a heck of a good guy, too.
21:47:46 djakes: and extend the learning beyond what could have been accomplished had the tool not been included
21:47:49 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: me too hfeldman...let 'em go as high as possible...let's get this over with NOW and get some real long term solutions going
21:48:00 gail desler: @djakes k- I'm writing this down
21:48:02 Gandalf -> -Webcast Academy: ditto
21:48:02 JimBurkeMaine: There are schools that don't allow group "grades."
21:48:13 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: I am strongly against mountaintop removal coal mining, as is pretty much everyone except Big Coal
21:48:13 paulallison:
21:48:14 PeggyG: Some practical examples would be great
21:48:27 djakes: thanks, Chris (blushing)
21:48:34 GingerTPLC: @Jim yes, there are a lot of schools that don't allow a lot of good things
21:48:39 Mr. Shelhart: Grading group work with a rubric has worked for me
21:48:43 SusanEttenheim: She is wonderful! She uses woz online so here students can say woz up!
21:49:20 SusanEttenheim: I've heard her speak and she is very inspiring!
21:49:40 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: @hfeldman....I just saw the movie "Kilowatt Hour" which talked about mountain top removal...
21:49:42 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: My grandfather will vote for whomever he thinks is best for Israel. Chelsea CLinton came to his synagogue and sat through the service - two hours long - no photo ops, not on shabbat. He voted for Clinton because of that and so did every old Jew along Old York Road in that area
21:49:59 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: sorry kinda long...
21:50:23 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: @hfeldman...that is a great story...follows the path of so many voting decisions...
21:50:42 PeggyG: That's such a great indicator of student engagement!
21:51:20 ChrisLehmann: interestingly, the play that Jane mentioned earlier that our students wrote... they used GoogleDocs to write it. It is an amazing collaborative tool.
21:51:57 GingerTPLC: Some kids could be on vacation...or on a snow day...
21:52:02 paulallison: Links that Jane and Suzie are talking about:
21:52:14 PeggyG: GoogleLitTrips is an amazing site
21:52:40 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: he's out hunting....
21:52:42 SusanEttenheim: hi lisa welcome
21:52:52 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: quail hunting....
21:52:53 LisaL68: Thanks Susan. Glad to be here.
21:52:57 djakes: I own the domain googlescitrips
21:53:15 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: that was mccain with the sunglasses...
21:53:16 djakes: Would love to do Darwin's voyage of the Beagle
21:53:22 kstevens77: @PeggyG i had my econ students research econ principles and create photo story to share w/ class. went well for 1st time.
21:53:36 djakes: The discovery of DNA has a geographical component as well
21:53:40 paulallison: One way to comment on some of these projects is to go here and add comments to the links there.
21:53:55 PeggyG: @kstevens77-thanks for sharing the link-can't wait to check it out :-)
21:54:00 sheila: @djakes - sounds interesting!
21:54:04 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: because everyone except george bush accepts that the environment is important !!
21:54:21 djakes: Here are my Google Earth, Maps and Streetview resources
21:54:22 PeggyG: @djakes-what do you have on the domain googlecittrips?
21:54:26 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: because we're removed. we're not all farmers.
21:54:38 SusanEttenheim: hi kcaise welcome!
21:54:39 djakes: Havent developed it yet
21:54:48 kcaise: hi all
21:55:03 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: people don't know what they can do except switch their lightbulbs
21:55:06 PeggyG: Just "keeping you honest" :-) didn't want to miss out on anything!
21:55:16 jfallon: How does the everyday teacher get started? Not the movers and the shakers or ones willing to take risks (or have a work environment that allows risk-taking). How do we show them that they can do this?
21:56:34 sheila: modelling? easy points of entry . . .
21:56:44 PeggyG: @jfallon-great question. I'd love to hear them talk about whether PBL is a good approach for beginning teachers. I think it requires some experience.
21:57:05 sheila: Low-key steps.
21:57:37 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: people care about what affects them on a constant daily basis.
21:57:41 djakes: @gail desler.
21:57:52 valerietplc: PBL can work for new teachers, I encourage you to find a mentor
21:57:55 GingerTPLC: ask teachers what they're passionate about? And then show them how PBL makes it better?
21:58:05 Mr. Shelhart: As a soon-to-be new teacher, I'd like to hear that also.
21:58:05 lmmaine: yes, but after a few years that first year teacher reverts to the way they were taught in the past. Try to encourage new teacers to do something new.
21:58:06 PeggyG: @ChrisLehmann-how do you tweet and participate in this chat/conversation at the same time? My hero!
21:58:25 Paul Bogush: All of my student teachers have been able to walk into a PBL class and run their own -- inexperienced teachers can do it with guidance
21:58:31 jfallon: I'm not asking myself. I'm asking for the teachers and districts I support.
21:58:46 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: technology as a tool to spread awareness....
21:58:51 derrallg: For me PBL came about because I needed to differentiate instruction for my students
21:58:54 gail desler: @djakes - thanks!
21:58:57 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: online petitions
21:59:19 djakes: most welcome gail
21:59:20 PeggyG: My university student teachers could design great projects but they couldn't carry them out very well because of lack of management experience.
21:59:29 jack -> -Webcast Academy:
21:59:55 GingerTPLC: and don't forget virtual schools can also use PBL too!
22:00:14 JimBurkeMaine: How is a project started? What is the framework?
22:00:18 Paul Bogush: The management comes from the engaging project -- if you have to do a lot of managing during the project, then something was missing from the planning
22:00:22 JimBurkeMaine: What is used as the hook?
22:00:23 GingerTPLC: derrall: ditto
22:00:25 Mr. Shelhart: If a newbie's classroom management skills are up to snuff, do you think PBL would be a good tool for the new teacher?
22:00:32 JimBurkeMaine: What is the downside to PBL?
22:00:34 ChrisLehmann: Paul -- not when your whole school does it.
22:01:02 ChrisLehmann: Paul -- when the whole school does it, it becomes what you do... and kids would still sometimes rather play video games. :)
22:01:12 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: y'all should check out:
22:01:28 jfallon: Aren't video games really project based? ;-D
22:01:33 jeffmason: my guess is most college of ed are not teaching this skill
22:01:39 ChrisLehmann: Jim -- you won't get to everything. And you have to give up the myth that you can measure everything the kids have learned in your classes.
22:01:46 ChrisLehmann: Julia -- *thwap* :)
22:01:48 kstevens77: i think mentor role rather than having to control allows PBL.
22:01:52 [Action] jfallon: smiles.
22:02:12 James.Sigler: I will have my first student teacher in my classroom this fall. Should I encourage him try PBL during his student teaching?
22:02:13 valerietplc: That is true about college, most are not teaching these concepts
22:02:19 Paul Bogush: When all the college interns and student teachers I get hear that there are no tests or quizzes given in class -- they just look at me funny like it simply is not possible
22:02:25 ChrisLehmann: @James -- yes. :)
22:02:26 GingerTPLC: managing project = managing skills = empowering students
22:02:31 derrallg: I liked that with PBL that I could be reflecting with the students on whether what we were doing was effective for their learning without feeling like I was just summarizing a typical lesson
22:02:33 kstevens77: newbie or veteran, if the teacher must have total control, then PBL will not work. requires trial and error on the part of kids and teacher
22:02:47 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: is something being said?
22:02:55 kstevens77: @GingerTPLC good call
22:02:56 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: I can't hear
22:03:07 valerietplc: We need to get college professors on board with PBL
22:03:08 Mr. Shelhart: There are no tests or quizzes in my college classes...Each class is called a 'project'.
22:03:20 gail desler: Agreeing with Chris...project management is huge and ongoing
22:03:20 sheila: Been doing national roadkill project for 10+ years; think about it for next year in the spring!
22:03:36 PeggyG: Student teachers often don't have the benefit of working with a mentor teacher who models good PBL classes
22:03:39 jfallon: Everything you do.. is project management.
22:04:01 Kellie80: Wondering how PBL would work as a staff development model. . . Can adults learn this way comfortably?
22:04:12 jfallon: 1) initiate 2)plan 3) implement 4) evaluation
22:04:17 djakes: See everyone later...thanks
22:04:26 PeggyG: Bye David
22:04:32 tjop: If the whole school is doing the kids get really sick of projects?
22:04:35 GingerTPLC: @PaulBogush I don't know. Sometimes teachers need to up their game and consider the next step away from "school"
22:04:43 jfallon: every project, including building a house, follows those basic steps (in theory)
22:04:56 gail desler: @Sheila - oh my, road kill as a NSF project - amazing!
22:05:20 PeggyG: The time just flew by!
22:05:37 sheila: @gail - national not NSF :(
22:05:59 PeggyG: If you had Amazon Prime your book would already be here :-)
22:06:01 GingerTPLC: thanks so much Suzie, Jane, Chris, and Paul
22:06:07 tjop: sounds great....thanks
22:06:09 ChrisLehmann: I love my Amazon Prime. :)
22:06:10 gail desler: @Sheila - still, very cool
22:06:15 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: u can' t hear ??
22:06:16 James.Sigler: Any blogs that talked about examples of PBL?
22:06:17 PeggyG: I just joined FriendFeed -interesting site
22:06:18 jfallon: I think PBL requires a school environment where risk-taking is allowed (trial and error risk taking).
22:06:19 lmmaine: Chris, you always say it so eloquently!
22:06:22 sheila: @gail - actually now that I think about it. It did start as a NSF project . . . duh!
22:06:22 valerietplc: Thank you for all the info
22:06:25 lruzich: Thanks guys - bye
22:06:31 ChrisLehmann: Louise -- thank you! :)
22:06:48 PeggyG: Wish I could have seen/heard the Second Life presentation yesterday
22:07:08 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: try sandbox b
22:07:13 sheila: Got me energized again! Thanks!
22:07:45 kstevens77: you got me thinking. now i wanna plan some projects instead of grade my papers.
22:07:45 tjop: I think they have it posted somewhere...maybe in the podcaster's hut or the blogger's hut
22:07:53 derrallg: @sheila I agree and here it is June
22:07:59 lmmaine: I needed this too - naysayers are draining me!
22:08:02 paulrwood: Kyle Stay focused
22:08:02 Paul Bogush: I think it is a bit scary that this conversation had to happen tonight -- that this is just not common sense-- that we have to "convince" teachers to stop putting their kids in rows and giving lower-order tests.
22:08:06 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: it was just really quiet at that point
22:08:17 PeggyG: Thank you Suzi and Jane and Chris many great people!
22:08:19 kstevens77: @paulrwood i'm fighting it
22:08:28 hfeldman -> -Webcast Academy: and whoever was speaking just blanked out a bit, but now audio's back...
22:08:33 gail desler: Thanks Suzi and Jane!
22:08:36 suzieboss: Thank you all!
22:08:37 sheila: Summer planning is good!
22:08:44 lmmaine: Thank you all!
22:08:47 Kellie80: Thanks all - my first live chat experience!
22:08:47 PeggyG: Bring your book to NECC-bet they'll sign it :-)
22:08:50 ChrisLehmann: Woo hoo!
22:08:53 JimBurkeMaine: Thank you . . .
22:09:05 PeggyG: Thanks Susan. Great show!
22:09:08 derrallg: Thank you Jane, Suzi, Paul, and Chris
22:09:11 SusanEttenheim: thanks everyone for coming tonight!
22:09:14 GingerTPLC: yes!!
22:09:21 jfallon: It's important to finish projects.. like grading!
22:09:24 jfallon: ;-D
22:09:29 tjop: I'm off to Amazon...
22:09:34 GingerTPLC: We love bud!
22:09:34 gail desler: night all
22:09:50 Mr. Shelhart: I have to write a lesson plan for my homework....this will be a big help ..Thanks!
22:10:01 jfallon: Thank you!
22:10:02 derrallg: night