Making Connections #33

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We're back!  Welcome to the new folks! And of course, welcome to those that contiune to hang with me!  Tonight was a trail to see if I really could stay connected.  Hope to see everybody next week.


 19:00:13  nhall  -EdTechTalk: Can you tell me if this is the chat room for Making Connections?
 19:03:55  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: lots of static--sounds like you're working on it :-)
 19:06:26  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: That's coming through much more clearly now :-)
 19:06:53  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Are you planning to talk about Voicethread today?
 19:09:29  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: sorry my firefox just crashed
 19:09:39  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: Peggy can I skype you in
 19:10:08  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I don't have my headset plugged in and would have to restart. Can I type?
 19:11:46  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: of course
 19:12:40  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Hi Nicole!
 19:12:41  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Sounds awesome-20 computers in a classroom :-)
 19:13:03  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: are you talking about the Smartboard podcasts?
 19:13:21  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: They are great!
 19:13:54  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Hi all!
 19:14:02  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: Hey Cath!
 19:14:08  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk:
 19:14:09  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: podcast: smartboard lessons  Joan Badger
 19:14:09  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: Skype me :-)
 19:14:33  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Great smartboard program
 19:14:42  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Just put the link in
 19:14:43  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: B
 19:14:44  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: adg
 19:14:48  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: b
 19:15:01  sheila  -EdTechTalk: I've found these shows on ETT have provided most of my PD
 19:15:24  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Commutes are perfect for podcasts :-)
 19:15:47  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I don't either but they are fun to listen to!
 19:16:19  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: wii rocks
 19:16:41  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: One of my teacher friends in special ed. made a "fake" smartboard because her kids couldn't manipulate the tools.
 19:17:01  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: u can use the wii as a smartboard?
 19:17:23  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: She controlled the mouse from her computer as the kids pointed to things on the screen-just a whiteboard where she was projecting her computer. Very creative!
 19:17:40  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: cool
 19:17:49  sheila  -EdTechTalk: nice idea!
 19:18:55  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: time to pick a color :-)
 19:19:49  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Do you provide re-certification credit hours for your online PD?
 19:19:54  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I am suppose to get an interactive board like   Kathy was talking about.
 19:20:23  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: I would love to add you to the skype conversastion - call me- cevanoff
 19:20:25  sheila  -EdTechTalk: I'm trying to get people to get together this summer just to play with web 2.0 tools.
 19:20:55  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Time is such a challenging issue for teachers. That's why things like the K12online conference are so valuable because they can watch whenever they have time.
 19:21:30  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: me
 19:22:16  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: I'm hearing you.....but can't chat in for some reason----LOVE IT!!
 19:22:21  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: You can earn PD credit through the K12online conference with some followup work besides listening to the webcast. Great opportunity!
 19:22:42  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Hi Maria. Great to see you again.
 19:22:57  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: Hey there!
 19:23:03  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: can we call you Maria
 19:23:10  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: Just back from the beach!
 19:23:20  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: yes cathy I'm ready
 19:23:25  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Good for you! Beach sounds terrific.
 19:23:43  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: Weather has been worse than San Antonio
 19:23:44  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: bsch1964 is becky
 19:23:59  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Some people are already booking hotel rooms!
 19:24:06  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: There are tons of webcasts/podcasts already posted for NECC. Great!
 19:24:19  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: yeah!
 19:24:22  nhall  -EdTechTalk: Hi, I am a grad student at California University...Can someone clue me in on some of the topics discussed in Making Connections?
 19:24:30  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Are you in Raleigh?
 19:24:46  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I do not have skype
 19:25:03  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I will have to buy one
 19:25:20  sheila  -EdTechTalk: buy skype?
 19:25:34  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: you don't have to buy skype- just create an account
 19:25:34  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk:  These are the NECC webcasts.
 19:25:39  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: hi sheila
 19:25:42  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: thank you
 19:25:46  sheila  -EdTechTalk: It's a downlowad
 19:25:47  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: are youin the skype call?
 19:25:55  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Hi maria
 19:25:58  sheila  -EdTechTalk: no
 19:26:08  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: Hi Maria! Yes :-)
 19:26:09  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: you should be
 19:26:14  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I'm coming to NC next week to spend 3 weeks with my daughter in Pittsboro :-)
 19:26:24  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Do I have to have a microphone?
 19:26:37  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: Peggy - are you in the call - you're WOW2 star.
 19:26:43  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: Maria- may I skype you
 19:26:52  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: sure
 19:26:56  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: No, Maria. Didn't have my headset plugged in
 19:27:15  sheila  -EdTechTalk: seacoast in NH
 19:27:17  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I'm in Phoenix AZ
 19:27:20  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: get earbuds and use the built in mic
 19:27:44  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: I'm not too far from sheila - more inland NH
 19:27:50  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Just took them off because I've been on them all day and need to get back on for WOW2 soon.
 19:28:53  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: 112 degrees in Phoenix today--what's it like in NC?
 19:28:58  nhall  -EdTechTalk: Greene County PA
 19:29:12  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I'm Becky an SEBD teacher from Jesup, GA
 19:29:22  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: It's been about 85 today in the OBX of NC
 19:29:44  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: Goats - wild ones?
 19:29:59  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: @katbowler-sounds nice
 19:30:39  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: When I was there last summer there were thunderstorms almost every afternoon :-) Refreshing.
 19:30:40  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: It was nice...hopefully you had the nice dry heat I remember from my visit to Phoenix.
 19:30:44  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: 91 in GA
 19:30:50  sheila  -EdTechTalk: organic lawnmowers?
 19:30:57  sheila  -EdTechTalk: the goats
 19:31:05  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Great story! didn't know goats could swim :-)
 19:31:34  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: @sheila-that's really funny! used to have a donkey that we used to mow our lawn--not very effective
 19:31:54  sheila  -EdTechTalk: free fertilizer too?
 19:32:04  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: LOL!
 19:32:22  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Mark, you should look at the way they have set up online PD for the K12 online conference. They have rubrics, tasks, etc. that are very good.
 19:32:33  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: @sheila - did you see the message from gary stager -room in the conf. at early bird rate
 19:32:58  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @MariaK - yes, still debating. Are you going?
 19:33:11  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: all registered.
 19:33:18  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: please come - sheila!
 19:33:33  sheila  -EdTechTalk: I have to check on the $ part of it with principal
 19:33:35  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: goats
 19:33:39  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Great idea to expand the offerings to other school districts
 19:34:10  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @Mark - what tool will you use for webinars?
 19:34:24  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: That photo is hilarious!
 19:35:13  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @mariaK - was in SL last night. Looked for you . . .
 19:35:19  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: where those goats?
 19:35:25  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Will you provide backchannel chat for your PD?
 19:36:04  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Twiddla is nice for sharing whiteboard, desktop, clickable website, audio, video, etc.
 19:36:21  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: take a cab!
 19:36:58  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @mrsdurff - We made her take a trolley instead of walking a mile in San Antonio!
 19:37:08  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk:
 19:37:24  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: that is better than walking
 19:37:37  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Maria-how did you learn to do all of those amazing streaming things?
 19:37:50  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Bad part of time too!
 19:38:13  sheila  -EdTechTalk: rather town .. .
 19:38:52  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Yeah Abi! Congrats!
 19:38:54  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: That's really exciting! Woodshole is a fantastic place
 19:39:10  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Dr. Abi :-)
 19:39:46  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Who ever told me I could download Skpe, thanks!  I have downloaded it. 
 19:40:05  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I don't know if I want to talk though.
 19:40:18  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: My husband is watching TV
 19:40:21  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG - webcast academy
 19:40:23  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: it's free to call/chat with any other Skype user
 19:40:24  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Did Abi record that experience with the students? Would love to see it
 19:40:36  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Thanks
 19:40:37  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: and really cheap to call internationally
 19:40:47  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: I doubt that she did - but she'd talk to you too Peggy
 19:40:51  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: We didn't, did we Cathy? I'd love a copy also if Abi did record it!
 19:40:52  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I can't wait to start webcast academy-all signed up for the next session
 19:41:03  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: she has amazing things from the deepocean vents!
 19:41:34  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: GoDaddy provides a server for about 7.99 a year
 19:41:36  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: She sure does-- the kids LOVED the crushed cups!
 19:41:47  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Have to go back to my other meeting. . . will be in and out.
 19:42:04  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: It really showed how great the pressure is down under near the vents
 19:42:05  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: "Who's coming to dinner tonight?"
 19:42:23  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: a la Alfred Hitchhock
 19:42:35  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I'm afraid if teachers are involved in the webinars from other districts they won't feel connected if they can't participate somehow (like chat)
 19:42:56  sheila  -EdTechTalk: I'm back
 19:43:12  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: We've all been adding comments, photos and audio to the wiki to celebrate Vicki on WOW2
 19:43:14  sheila  -EdTechTalk: tell about the keychain
 19:43:23  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: Good point, is great. We used it last year for guest authors to join our classes on Read Across America Day.
 19:43:32  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Yes, the keychain was definitely a highlight!
 19:43:36  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Vicki is from GA
 19:43:39  nhall  -EdTechTalk: what exactly is webinars?
 19:43:41  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: right
 19:44:00  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Webinars are online presentations
 19:44:19  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: webinars are conferences with usu both a web component and a conference call
 19:44:33  nhall  -EdTechTalk: thank you...sorry I'm kind of lost on the topics being discussed... I apprectiate your help!
 19:44:41  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: DEN does many webinars
 19:44:44  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I keep finding streams and webcasts of things I missed at NECC--wish we could do everything!!!
 19:44:56  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: ustreams are the next step up
 19:45:01  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: @nhall-don't hesitate to ask questions-it helps everyone!
 19:46:04  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: yes, nhall, ask away
 19:46:09  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: is maria doing butterflies again?
 19:46:12  nhall  -EdTechTalk: thanks!
 19:46:16  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Maria-have you ever tried the Animation-ish software with you KDG students? I got to try it at the Constructivist Celebration and it's amazing.
 19:46:34  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Jennifer's online projects are so much fun!
 19:46:44  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: i loved oreos
 19:46:57  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: we got to eat oreos afterwards
 19:47:10  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Jennifer always provides great instructions for her projects and is very welcoming.
 19:47:11  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: and they were on sale too
 19:47:25  sheila  -EdTechTalk: coffee too?
 19:47:30  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: for me
 19:47:34  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: of course
 19:47:35  sheila  -EdTechTalk: yes?
 19:48:05  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Those authentic, real-life projects are so valuable for the kids.
 19:48:58  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I am always so amazed at the quality of the writing of Kathy Cassidy's first graders as a result of their frequent blogging!
 19:49:12  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk:
 19:49:53  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Kathy's first grade blog
 19:49:59  nhall  -EdTechTalk: I was actually just introduced to blogging
 19:50:10  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Is this in Google Earth
 19:50:12  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: @nhall-what grade do you teach?
 19:50:17  nhall  -EdTechTalk: 5th
 19:50:23  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk:
 19:51:00  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: @nhall Are you thinking of trying blogging with your 5th graders?
 19:51:37  sheila  -EdTechTalk: nice!
 19:51:45  nhall  -EdTechTalk: yes... I want to integrate technology as much as possible in my classroom...  I am trying to find new thing to use with the resources I am given!
 19:51:46  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Those shirts are really cool! I'm still deciding which style to buy :-)
 19:52:13  nhall  -EdTechTalk: do you have any suggestions?
 19:52:21  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @mariaK - tell them about the keychain idea.
 19:52:26  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: A blog for discussing literature/books the kids are reading is a great way to get started.
 19:52:59  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: anyone need the Voicethread link?
 19:53:09  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Come on Maria-tell about the keychain :-)
 19:53:15  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: thank you
 19:53:30  nhall  -EdTechTalk: thanks...
 19:53:33  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: yes- druff
 19:53:41  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I will work on using skyp.
 19:53:48  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: here
 19:54:02  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Maggie is such an interesting person to talk with!
 19:54:03  nhall  -EdTechTalk: I am also going to try a virtual field trip with my students this year
 19:54:14  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: where to?
 19:54:33  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: multitasking Maria!!
 19:54:39  nhall  -EdTechTalk: Grand Teton National Park
 19:55:09  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @bsch1964 - if you need practice on skype, I'm kmno4s. Add me as your contact if you want.
 19:55:15  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: search for keychain on the NECC 2008 Ning-many pics
 19:55:21  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: here
 19:55:39  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @mrsdurff - you are quick!
 19:55:44  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: :)
 19:56:00  nhall  -EdTechTalk: These links are great!
 19:56:15  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: On the WOW2 pocast from NECC that I recorded and posted you can hear Kevin explaining the keychains. It's an awesome idea.
 19:56:18  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: i had looked for someone else - i just knew how to find it
 19:56:28  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: unfair headstart
 19:56:58  sheila  -EdTechTalk: heading back to my meeting! See you all in an hour?
 19:57:22  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Yes see you at WOW2-bye Sheila
 19:58:16  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I posted the video of WOW2 on the NECC Ning.
 19:58:20  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: thank you
 19:58:33  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk:
 19:58:34  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: yonder
 19:58:37  nhall  -EdTechTalk: Thank you so much for sharing information with me! I really appreciate it!
 19:58:51  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: You're welcome! Great to have you join us!
 19:59:03  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: thanks for the link
 19:59:04  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: yes
 19:59:12  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: 9pmEDT
 20:00:15  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Cheryl, Bob and Alice will be keynotes for one of the strands for the K12 online conference :-)
 20:00:34  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: That sounds like a great conference!
 20:00:41  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: scratch?
 20:00:44  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Alan November's conference
 20:00:54  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: reading the about the crowds at NECC, I am not anxious to join the fray next year
 20:01:41  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: You're going to love Constructing Modern Knowledge if it's anything like the Constructivist Celebration Gary hosted at NECC.
 20:02:09  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I will talk next time.
 20:02:12  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Thanks all. It's been fun. Glad the audio got cleared up so quickly.
 20:02:19  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: ciao!
 20:02:24  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Bye
 20:02:28  nhall  -EdTechTalk: bye