My Tribute to Lee Baber, Lee we will miss you.

Lee Baber was always around when you needed a helping hand. I was streaming one clip for my graduation at Webcast Academy, still haven't done it yet, and Lee volunteered to join me. It was great to have my son asking Lee about why she webcasted. In her answer, Lee speaks of Calvin and  how he supported her. Then Lee turned the table on me and interviewed me. I've left it all for you to hear. When I do graduate, Lee Baber, thanks to you, you will be a big part of my celebration. So, Lee, this tribute is for you!

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Lee Baber Memorial Page

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Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.

I once was talking with a pupil of Lee. He was interested in talking to a peron in the Netherlands. Lee told me that the boy had a great day.


Thanks, Cheryl.

This is a special piece of audio that shows a personal part of Lee I never heard. I really appreciate you editing and posting it. It's great that we have so much audio that Lee created/participated in. It's special to be able to go back and listen to it -- At least for me.

With appreciation,

- Alex

I suspect we'll find more of Lee out on the web in the next few weeks. Thank you for your down to earth talk with Lee. It really exemplifies why a lot of us keep coming back to Edtechtalk. It really is about the conversations.

Jose Rodriguez; It's Elementary

I appreciate you sharing this piece of Lee that you had. Thank you so much.