Having a problem getting into your EDTECH Talk

From the ETT Inbox:

 I am a student SDSU one of my assignments was to enter an EDTECH Talk and make a OPD but I have been unsucessful on numerous ocassions. I am not sure sure what I am doing wrong tomorrow you have two more live talks schedule if you could me the procedures for getting in I would appreciate it.  

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If you are referring to joining the text chat on our live http://edtechtalk.com/live page, you may want to check the version of java on your machine to ensure it is up to date. You can follow the link from the live page to do this.

While the chat room does not require a password to enter, there are a few user names that have admin privileges and require a password to enter. There's a chance--albeit slight--that you may be using one of these names, and would then be unable to enter the chat room. It's worth trying a different user name, if you have already followed the steps for joining the chat, as outlined at the top of http://edtechtalk.com/live

To participate in the live show, do the following:

* Go to http://www.edtechtalk.com/live
* To enter the chat room, type your name in the Username field and leave the password blank. No pre-registration is necessary. Click the "Login" button to enter the chat.
* To listen to the live audio, choose the appropriate icon under the channel you'd like to listen to. The left one uses Winamp. The middle one uses Realplayer. The right one uses Windows Media Player. If the show is streaming, there will also be an embedded player shown there, so you can use that instead.
* If you go to the live page before the stream starts, the status will not automatically update. You can, however, use the icons to listen. You can also reload the page to refresh the status, but then you'll have to re-enter the chat room.

Hope that helps.