Seedlings @ Edtechtalk, September 11, 2008

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 This show was so much fun to feature Gayle Berthiaume. We really wanted to learn more about Panwapa, and we did.Gayle, an Apple Distinguished Educator, really gave us a wide sampling of her different experiences in the world of education. You will learn so much. Thanks for visiting. Next week, listen in for Lisa Parisi and her great show. See you  September 25, 2008.

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Here is the Chat:

 19:26:54  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Hi everyone
 19:28:02  PeggyG EdTechTalk: audio is coming through great
 19:28:16  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Thank you Peggy1
 19:29:34  bobsprankle EdTechTalk: evening all!
 19:30:05  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: Evening Bob
 19:30:32  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Hi Bob-would love to hear your thoughts about HotChalk and why you decided to blog there. I love the site and always look forward to your blogs (also Terry Freedman's posts there)
 19:31:46  sheila EdTechTalk: Ahh, I see all the usual suspects are here!
 19:31:54  gberthiaume EdTechTalk: Hi!
 19:32:15  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: thanks peggy!
 19:32:24  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Hi Sheila :-) guess I'm a usual suspect. Wouldn't miss it.
 19:32:41  sheila EdTechTalk: I'm your shadow . . . I follow you. :)
 19:32:49  PeggyG EdTechTalk: LOL
 19:32:51  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: Hi Shelia and Peggy,
 19:32:59  PeggyG EdTechTalk: thought I was following you :-)
 19:33:01  sheila EdTechTalk: Hi there!
 19:33:13  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl-always great to hear from you
 19:33:17  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: I wonder if you can see me in mebeam i opened a seedlings window but keep getting bumped out.
 19:33:27  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Hi Alice-great to see you too!
 19:33:50  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: Am I the only one hearing just Alice?
 19:33:52  PeggyG EdTechTalk: mebeam seems to keep dropping after about 5 minutes, doesn't it?
 19:33:53  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: I wonder Peggy and Shelia, if you open skype, can you see me in seedlings while listening on itunes.?
 19:34:10  sheila EdTechTalk: will check . . .
 19:34:11  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Good question. Want me to try?
 19:34:14  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: thanks davec
 19:34:25  sheila EdTechTalk: @Dave - yes I only hear Alice
 19:34:27  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: Hi ben
 19:34:39  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I could hear Cheryl earlier
 19:34:40  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: Thanks, thought I was going crazy.
 19:34:52  bobsprankle EdTechTalk: can you hear gayle?
 19:35:00  sheila EdTechTalk: no
 19:35:03  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: nope
 19:35:13  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Hold on then I did hijack
 19:35:16  PeggyG EdTechTalk: no but it is rebuffering in iTunes
 19:35:48  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: Then again, Winamp says "buffer 0% Backstreet Boys ..."
 19:36:12  sheila EdTechTalk: rebuffering in itunes too
 19:36:27  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Hang on a sec
 19:36:48  PeggyG EdTechTalk: mine is still trying to connect
 19:37:18  PeggyG EdTechTalk: at least mine says Seedlings Broadcast :-)
 19:37:40  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: Alice will be right back with all this.
 19:37:51  sheila EdTechTalk: are you in mebeam?
 19:37:51  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: we are re booting, so, stick around.
 19:37:58  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: Gayle will start her intro again,.
 19:38:00  PeggyG EdTechTalk: no problem-I learn something new every time these things happen. :-)
 19:38:20  bobsprankle EdTechTalk: so sorry all!
 19:38:26  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: I am going out of mebeam too, just in case, maybe will try at the end.
 19:39:00  sheila EdTechTalk: Ok, was all by myself . . .  just got booted out.
 19:39:02  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: can you hear Alice and I in a 30 seconds
 19:39:05  PeggyG EdTechTalk: yes, possible mebeam may be causing bandwidth problems-is Alice doing the streaming?
 19:39:18  sheila EdTechTalk: I hear typing
 19:39:23  bobsprankle EdTechTalk: yikes... no mebeam, cheryl!
 19:39:29  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: alice is streaming.
 19:39:34  bobsprankle EdTechTalk: :)
 19:39:43  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: no mebeam, I was the on ly one.
 19:39:44  gberthiaume EdTechTalk: I am hearing nothing.  Alice do you need to call me again?
 19:39:58  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: gayle she will call
 19:40:18  PeggyG EdTechTalk: i hear typing- yeah!
 19:40:20  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: in 30 sec. can you hear the stream. hi ben
 19:40:21  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Can you hear us now?
 19:40:26  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I can hear now
 19:40:26  sheila EdTechTalk: yes
 19:40:28  alicebarr EdTechTalk: HI ben
 19:40:29  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: oo, I hear !!!!
 19:40:32  benm EdTechTalk: hello
 19:40:38  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: thatwould be me typing. and the dogs
 19:40:42  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: ...and it's not Backstreet Boys!!!
 19:40:55  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Music by Muzak???
 19:41:14  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: hearing the dogs.
 19:41:15  sheila EdTechTalk: I think it's just Alice now
 19:41:15  PeggyG EdTechTalk: the gangs all here :-)
 19:41:25  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: ...but not crickets.
 19:41:33  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: Hello all in the chat room. Hi to you all and thanks for waiting for the stream.
 19:41:55  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Can't wait to hear from Gayle. Missed the intro
 19:42:11  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: here is gayles intro again
 19:42:11  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Thanks for hanging in there with us!
 19:42:24  sheila EdTechTalk: Can only hear Alice . . .
 19:42:32  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: it is gayle talking
 19:42:35  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I can only hear deep breathing
 19:42:36  benm EdTechTalk: same with me
 19:42:42  bobsprankle EdTechTalk: :(
 19:42:46  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: In the meantime.  I was very happy today at work, had one of those AWESOME days.  Made one of those $50 whiteboards last night and used it today. 
 19:42:47  sheila EdTechTalk: No just hear Alice's mic
 19:42:55  alicebarr EdTechTalk: I haven't been talking :(
 19:43:03  sheila EdTechTalk: Wow DaveC!
 19:43:07  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: Dave will you share? at ACTEM.
 19:43:08  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Gayle is speaking now..
 19:43:08  PeggyG EdTechTalk: That's very exciting Dave!
 19:43:21  sheila EdTechTalk: Can't hear anyone
 19:43:23  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Can you hear now?
 19:43:31  PeggyG EdTechTalk: is that the Wii whiteboard alternative?
 19:43:38  sheila EdTechTalk: Need to hijack audio?
 19:43:45  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: Yes, one of the wiimote interactive wb's
 19:44:10  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I would love to hear more about that. It sounds amazing. Saw a kid demo on YouTube about it.
 19:44:18  PeggyG EdTechTalk: hearing Cheryl now
 19:45:50  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: Okay, here is Gayle and Bob talking Panwapa!
 19:46:10  PeggyG EdTechTalk: no audio now :-( not even Cheryl
 19:46:19  bobsprankle EdTechTalk: :(
 19:47:03  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: Cheryl, contact me RE actem, I think you have my email.
 19:47:16  alicebarr EdTechTalk: I apologize folks.
 19:47:17  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: yes I do Dave, will talk later.
 19:47:38  JimBurke EdTechTalk: Okay now, we need someone to tap dance.  Any volunteers?
 19:47:54  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I can sing if no one can hear me :-)
 19:47:58  JimBurke EdTechTalk: Certainly not me!
 19:48:06  JimBurke EdTechTalk: :)
 19:48:14  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Luckily we are recording
 19:48:20  PeggyG EdTechTalk: just kidding!
 19:48:25  JimBurke EdTechTalk: A round of "you are my sunshine"
 19:48:33  PeggyG EdTechTalk: LOL
 19:48:38  JimBurke EdTechTalk: Or perhaps . . . Night and Day . . .
 19:48:40  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: I just took over, I think
 19:48:43  sheila EdTechTalk: my only sunshinge
 19:48:53  PeggyG EdTechTalk: audio is back
 19:48:54  sheila EdTechTalk: *sunshine
 19:49:03  JimBurke EdTechTalk: You make me
 19:49:14  JimBurke EdTechTalk: Here we go. . .
 19:49:35  benm EdTechTalk: now i hear nothing at all
 19:49:42  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: boom, now I hear bob.
 19:49:46  sheila EdTechTalk: ok
 19:49:55  PeggyG EdTechTalk: hearing Bob :-) Yeah!
 19:49:58  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: Talking about "looking at the world" is that delayed or roughly live?
 19:50:09  bobsprankle EdTechTalk: live
 19:50:10  PeggyG EdTechTalk: yes
 19:50:13  PeggyG EdTechTalk: pizza
 19:50:16  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: I live pizza :-)
 19:50:19  bobsprankle EdTechTalk: hi kern
 19:50:23  benm EdTechTalk: now i got it!
 19:50:29  Kern EdTechTalk: Hi Bob
 19:50:37  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: how is sound?
 19:50:40  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Ben can you hear us?
 19:50:45  JimBurke EdTechTalk: Good sound here.
 19:50:56  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: sounds good here too
 19:50:57  Kern EdTechTalk: Hey Jim
 19:51:06  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: thanks all, thanks for sticking with us.
 19:51:11  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Yea Cheryl!!! It worked!
 19:51:14  JimBurke EdTechTalk: Hi Kern. . . everyone. .
 19:51:14  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: lots of mainers
 19:51:17  PeggyG EdTechTalk: worth it!
 19:51:20  Kern EdTechTalk: :)
 19:51:23  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: and AZ folks.
 19:51:28  alicebarr EdTechTalk: HI Kern
 19:51:35  sheila EdTechTalk: Can't get rid of us!  :)
 19:51:44  Kern EdTechTalk: HI Alice
 19:51:46  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: this is so clearly a great topic global collaboration
 19:51:49  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: Thanks Shelia
 19:52:25  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Hi Kern!
 19:52:45  Kern EdTechTalk: Who's chat moderator tonight?
 19:53:14  PeggyG EdTechTalk: do you have the links for today?
 19:53:20  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: I am trying to moderate and stream.
 19:53:36  PeggyG EdTechTalk: can we view panwapa without the audio running? can't find a way to turn it off
 19:53:39  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: we are supposed to have delicious, will appear soon
 19:54:18  PeggyG EdTechTalk: great
 19:54:31  alicebarr EdTechTalk:
 19:54:43  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I want to hear about Sesame Street visit! Have never been there
 19:55:01  alicebarr EdTechTalk:
 19:55:21  PeggyG EdTechTalk: how exciting! Whoopi Goldberg!!!
 19:56:01  PeggyG EdTechTalk: That's the way I felt when Bill Cosby was doing his doctoral work at UMass the same time I was. :-)
 19:56:20  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I'll watch panwapa later :-)
 19:56:23  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: oh, peggy you name dropper
 19:56:31  alicebarr EdTechTalk: @Peggy did you get to chat with him educationally?
 19:56:35  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I know--but it was very exciting!
 19:56:44  alicebarr EdTechTalk: I'll bet it was
 19:57:26  PeggyG EdTechTalk: yes I did but he was fairly protected--you can imagine since it was a public school connected to School of Education and kids would follow him everywhere-even into the bathroom!
 19:58:14  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Poor guy
 19:58:34  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: If you haven't viewed panwapa, you really need to check it out and check out the written curriculum, it is exceptional,
 19:59:44  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: wow, bob went underwater for me,
 19:59:47  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I have 5-year-old grandkids and I need to share this with them!
 20:00:09  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: peggy, yes, and let us know what they think
 20:00:27  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I will! Is any reading required or offered?
 20:00:44  Kern EdTechTalk: Yeah, my 3year old son and I have played with it for a while
 20:00:50  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: maybe bob can answer, that one
 20:00:54  PeggyG EdTechTalk: One can't read anything yet and one reads on the 4th grade level even though they are both the same age.
 20:02:01  PeggyG EdTechTalk: delay in loading can be problematic for young kids. they probably fixed that
 20:02:14  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: yes, i believe so, peggy
 20:02:19  alicebarr EdTechTalk: New browsers handle it better
 20:02:37  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: Hello dai and Jane, is this a first time for you.
 20:03:13  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Can kids use it completely independently or is it better with a teacher/facilitator?
 20:03:23  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: i will ask peggy
 20:03:31  PeggyG EdTechTalk: love seeing all of those different languages there!
 20:04:51  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Gayle-tell us about your first grade on air podcasts
 20:07:05  PeggyG EdTechTalk: thanks-that sounds great! the audio must be a valuable piece to it!
 20:08:15  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: oops, little skip
 20:08:46  alicebarr EdTechTalk: I love first graders podcasting!
 20:09:27  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: what a great idea to let the students direct their purpose for learning.!!!What a great teacher.
 20:10:10  DaveC (The 'other' Dave) EdTechTalk: My 5th graders had the same reaction.  Every presentation, every story being ready, open response answers, that's al lthey said, "We should put this on the Wildcat Roar!!!"
 20:10:17  PeggyG EdTechTalk: that was a great strategy to ask them to tell you why it should be a podcast!
 20:10:35  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: great sharing DaveC
 20:11:22  PeggyG EdTechTalk: how frequently did you podcast? was it a weekly routine or just as they requested it?
 20:11:38  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Amazing how students get so excited about podcasting! Their world!
 20:11:44  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk:
 20:12:15  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk:
 20:12:29  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I can't wait to hear some of them. I want my friend Shawn to she it on his weekly podcast--Adventures in Podcasting. He will love it because he loves highlighting teachers who are using podcating with their kids.
 20:13:27  PeggyG EdTechTalk: my typing skipped--so he can use it :-)
 20:13:44  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: buddy bear, what a great thing
 20:14:43  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk:
 20:15:01  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk:
 20:15:43  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk:
 20:15:49  PeggyG EdTechTalk: got a file not found message for the myworld site-is it because the server is down for Apple?
 20:16:52  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk:    is working for me
 20:16:56  PeggyG EdTechTalk: got into it from your link Cheryl--maybe the link on Gayle's site changed??
 20:17:43  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: geek of the week    Gayle's ning     the global education collaborative
 20:17:44  PeggyG EdTechTalk: the joys of technology!! can't live without it!
 20:18:08  alicebarr EdTechTalk:
 20:18:47  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I'm signed up for Global Education ning. Love it!
 20:19:02  gberthiaume EdTechTalk: Great!
 20:19:15  alicebarr EdTechTalk:
 20:19:34  PeggyG EdTechTalk: is that the new PT3?
 20:20:31  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Isn't Twitter grand for PLN? great links Alice!
 20:21:27  alicebarr EdTechTalk: @Peggy I am always amazed what I learn EVERY day from my PLN!!!
 20:21:31  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Love it!
 20:21:35  PeggyG EdTechTalk: that's going to be fun to hear all of that music! right up my alley :-)
 20:21:41  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: itunesu,    free download of biographies for presidents! 20 hours free until Inauguration Day        then    a place through SKYPE and mebeam where you can view the video stream while talking with up to 16 folks. Only tested with 3, Shelia and Peggy, it was fun, mebeam must be in your skype contacts in order for it to work like magic
 20:22:41  PeggyG EdTechTalk: @Cheryl-are those audio podcasts of the presidential biographies?
 20:23:20  PeggyG EdTechTalk: that sounds like a fantastic resource!
 20:24:21  PeggyG EdTechTalk: mebeam was so much fun!
 20:24:34  sheila EdTechTalk: Gotta look good though!
 20:24:47  PeggyG EdTechTalk: not quite ready for primetime but it was great to see those smiling faces of Cheryl and Sheila!
 20:24:55  alicebarr EdTechTalk: @ sheila No jammies then :(
 20:25:00  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: it was fun to be "with" you both
 20:25:05  PeggyG EdTechTalk: right :-)
 20:25:25  sheila EdTechTalk: I was told lipstick . . . was mandatory . . .
 20:25:32  PeggyG EdTechTalk: LOL
 20:25:42  alicebarr EdTechTalk: EEKS :(
 20:25:56  PeggyG EdTechTalk: I didn't have any early warning so it was come as you are!
 20:26:48  PeggyG EdTechTalk:  wonderful-didn't know about it! Thanks!
 20:27:17  PeggyG EdTechTalk: would that be a good site for university groups to chat and collaborate?
 20:27:46  alicebarr EdTechTalk: I would like to try it for a univ. class
 20:27:58  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Hi durff
 20:27:59  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: reeling here
 20:28:11  alicebarr EdTechTalk: @Durff You OK?
 20:28:11  PeggyG EdTechTalk: one of my friends is looking for something like that--think it will continue to be free?
 20:28:12  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: right durff, it was a busy week
 20:28:13  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: hi alice - how much did i miss?
 20:28:14  sheila EdTechTalk: sounds interesting! wiggio
 20:28:29  alicebarr EdTechTalk: @durff "fraid we're at the end
 20:28:34  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: Alice - definitely not okay
 20:28:42  alicebarr EdTechTalk: uh -0h
 20:28:49  alicebarr EdTechTalk: @durff long week?
 20:28:53  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: gotta get this show on my radar
 20:29:10  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: Alice - principal quit today
 20:29:11  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk:
 20:29:23  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: there goes everything the durff does
 20:29:25  alicebarr EdTechTalk: @durff OH No! Yikes !
 20:29:26  PeggyG EdTechTalk: It was wonderful hearing from Gayle! So excited to use panwapa with my grandkids! Thanks for sharing your first grade site!
 20:29:37  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: Josephine!
 20:29:48  Wesley EdTechTalk: What time did you all start?
 20:29:52  gberthiaume EdTechTalk: Thank you for having me. I'd love to come back anytime.
 20:30:01  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: well, love is really stretching it
 20:30:03  Wesley EdTechTalk: are you all still doing geek of the week?
 20:30:04  alicebarr EdTechTalk: @wesley @ 7:30 EST
 20:30:06  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Yippee!!! a baby! Congrats to Dave! Can we announce this in this weeks newsletter? Tell Dave to send us the details :-)
 20:30:22  Wesley EdTechTalk: ok, i'll get my calendar synced for the next time you all are on!
 20:30:29  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Excellent!
 20:30:34  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: parisi? where?
 20:30:34  Wesley EdTechTalk: maybe it was the hurricane?
 20:30:48  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: thanks to all the great folks in the chat.
 20:30:52  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: wesledy - i have the same problem
 20:30:57  bobsprankle EdTechTalk: is this wes fryer?
 20:31:02  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Next Thursday is Lisa parisi's show and then we are back the week after
 20:31:03  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk: goodnight
 20:31:06  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: gotta get this one my radar
 20:31:22  sheila EdTechTalk: Thanks all!
 20:31:28  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: ETB!
 20:31:34  bobsprankle EdTechTalk: thanks all!
 20:31:35  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Yes-ETBS should be on in a half hour :-)
 20:31:38  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: 9:00pm
 20:31:54  PeggyG EdTechTalk: thank you all!
 20:31:59  PeggyG EdTechTalk: Gnight
 20:31:59  alicebarr EdTechTalk: Thanks all!
 20:32:02  mrsdurff EdTechTalk: hasta pronto
 20:32:24  cheryloakes webcaster grad EdTechTalk:    please comment for Dave Warlick b efore the shanghai conference
 20:33:17  PeggyG EdTechTalk: will do-thanks!