SEEDlings 2008-10-23

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Joining us to discuss the K12 Online Conference is  Wes Fryer, Darren Kuropatwa, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, and Dean Shareski

Joining us to discuss the K12 Online Conference is  Wes Fryer, Darren Kuropatwa, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, and Dean Shareski

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Chat Transcript :

cheryloakes seedlings ->   Just getting things set up
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Peggy, hello, Darren fixed the link on our k12online
cheryloakes seedlings ->   evening Melinda, just setting things up. Melinda, your question is in the  queue
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Evening, no audio yet, just setting up
mmiller ->   I am just signing on early because I have to feed the baby, listen, watch chat all at samw time::):)
PeggyG ->   Hi all!
Wesley F ->   good evening everyone
Wesley F ->   i am forgetting how to tear off and maximize the chat window?
PeggyG ->   click on the two blue folders--3rd from far right
mmiller ->   please post in chat when the audio is streaming so I can push that button between burpring the baby
DaveC ->   I'm here because...  When I was listening to the seedlings podcast from (I think it was from NHSTE) Bob was talking about "Charlie Bit Me" and I was thinking that was more of a 2007 phrase. Yesterday, I was in class and one of the kids accidentally jabbed herself with a staple and said, "ARG, Charlie bit me."  I felt obligated to share.
PeggyG ->   great story DaveC-glad you're here! :-)
DaveC ->   @Peggy, it was pretty funny when it happened.  I started laughing, a couple kids heard it and did, but the classroom teacher was a bit dumbfounded.  It was such a "you had to be there" moment...
PeggyG ->   hearing the audio now :-)
DaveC ->   There is an echo someplace.
PeggyG ->   it's always great to hear stories from the "mouth of babes"-that's what I miss most with my retirement :-)
sheila ->   I think it was because one person didnt' have a headset at first.
sheila ->   I'm following you  . . . PeggyG
PeggyG ->   No I'm following you! :-)
PeggyG ->   loved the Antarctica photos on the blog today!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   how is the audio coming through
sheila ->   Did you see the diving video on Oct. 22?  :)
PeggyG ->   audio is great!
sheila ->   Sounds good
Maureen/bcdtech ->   fine
PeggyG ->   Yes-the tweets are all coming through perfectly on Tweetdeck--really easy to find!
sheila ->   Good, I'm trying!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Yeah, thanks Peggy
DaveC ->   Yes
Darren Kuropatwa ->   Evenin'!
PeggyG ->   that voice was very soft! who is it?
sheila ->   Can't hear Alice too well.
alicebarr (SEEDling) ->   thanks
cheryloakes seedlings ->   is alice loud now
DaveC ->   Am I the only one to check my computer date whenever I hear a podcast say the date?
cheryloakes seedlings ->   The heart of the continent I like that.
bobsprankle ->   hi all
DaveC ->   Alice is still really really quiet
cheryloakes seedlings ->   hello to all, glad you are here.
PeggyG ->   what exciting guests!! :-)
PeggyG ->   we're getting a geography lesson too :-)
PeggyG ->   no Alice! we need to hear you!
shareski ->   groovy....I like that
bobsprankle ->   the gremlins are out tonight... even the chat is giving me problems! lol
Darren Kuropatwa ->   The groove is in the heart (of the continent) ;-)
cheryloakes seedlings ->   yah!!
Wesley F ->   a "digital learning consultant"
cheryloakes seedlings ->   hello to all in the chat room. Colleen just saw you joining.
colleenk ->   Hi Cheryl. Hi everyone!
Darren Kuropatwa ->   SHe has a fantastic voice.
Darren Kuropatwa ->   The dogs ... not so much.
cheryloakes seedlings ->   This is such a great organization, growing all the time.
Darren Kuropatwa ->   Smoothest kickoff we've had yet
Wesley F ->   yes things are going really smoothly this year. I think limiting the preso length to 20 min (except for keynotes) has been HUGE and beneficial at multiple levels
cheryloakes seedlings ->   I agree, Wes, I am trying to get to listen and 20 min. is doable.
Wesley F ->   how challenging was it to use all your flip videos for your preso, Seedlings? And did you all re-record your entire thing?
cheryloakes seedlings ->   These are trade secrets Wes. We talk all the time, but the preseo was filmed in one take.
angelamaiers ->   Hello All!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Bob slapped the table and that was our beginning.
colleenk ->   Hi Angela
angelamaiers ->   Wes-great blog post on mind of a learner-just finished it
shareski ->   Do we have number on supporting cast....committe members?
PeggyG ->   I always enjoy hearing the behind the scenes stories and history of k12online. Such a fantastic model for PD!
Wesley F ->   very creative. I loved it!
DaveC ->   I am loving the talks at k12online.  Signed up to volunteer for "When Night Falls" -- can't wait.
Wesley F ->   @angelamaiers I loved that quotation too!
Darren Kuropatwa ->   Our committee members exceed 50 ... I think.
DaveC ->   GREAT JOB
Charlene Chausis ->   we "heart" the conveners
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Thanks to all the behind the scenes folks!!!
Darren Kuropatwa ->   @@DaveC Thanks for that! SOme folks have done that as their first exp. with skype.
Charlene Chausis ->   Wes never sleeps
PeggyG ->   you're making it so much more transparent that we get a much better idea about what it takes to run a conference like this. Thanks!
Darren Kuropatwa ->   Woot!
Charlene Chausis ->   @Darren .. you're in our presentation!! (Dennis Richards and I are the last one)
angelamaiers ->   Love that-we are in a learning revolution!
Darren Kuropatwa ->   I am? Cool. Thanks!
Wesley F ->   @PeggyG we really are trying to do that more this year, so I am glad to hear you say that. :-)
LindaN ->   Sometimes when you are immersed in it, it is hard to remember that we are a small community...yet growing.
DaveC ->   I love that we're seeing "regular" people (if that's what you want to call yourselves;)) but the passion is really coming through.
Charlene Chausis ->   you're all regular people, but you have a passion for education.... bravo!!
LindaN ->   Passion for learning!
PeggyG ->   Cheryl, that's a really good point about being a risktaker--this is such a supportive environment for taking those risks!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Yeah, Sheryl has just been able to join us, yeah.
angelamaiers ->   WOW-that is amazing!
sheila ->   Wow! That's a lot of hits!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   absolutely Peggy, we are pioneers, all of us.
cheryloakes seedlings ->   I am going to so take Kern Kelley's google to share with my staff.
snbeach ->   Hi everyone
PeggyG ->   I go back to 2006 regularly--and 2007 too. Still valuable!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Hello Jackie, CB and Sherylnbeach
cb ->   Hi all...
Jackieg ->   Hi
snbeach ->   W&M keeps track of accessed files and 2006 & 2007 are regularly accessed
PeggyG ->   So glad to see you snbeach! What an awesome cast today!
snbeach ->   Thanks Peggy!
Wesley F ->   I have enjoyed hearing so much about your experiences with webheads, Cheryl, and others
cheryloakes seedlings ->   thanks wes, it really is a remarkable experience
PeggyG ->   and the reports don't show the things we have downloaded from previous conferences to continue to share with people.
PeggyG ->   I have made presentations on k12online for AzTEA and I know many people became involved in the conferences following those presentations.
Wesley F ->   here is one of my favorite photos that has a story for k12online
cheryloakes seedlings ->   if you have any stories of people meeting up because of k12online, let us know.
Wesley F ->
PeggyG ->   such a great point Wes about how well we know some of our online friends!
Wesley F ->   we should find a way to solicit and aggregate these "connection" and "impact" stories for k12online
cheryloakes seedlings ->   hello all, please know that by Sat. this webcast will be a podcast at and, plus this great chat and our links which will come soon.
PeggyG ->   Does the evaluation of the conference include a question about how they learned about the conference? That would be interesting.
cheryloakes seedlings ->   good idea Peggy
PeggyG ->   and whether this was their first year to participate in the conference or when they first started tuning in
Wesley F ->   @peggyg this is the version of the survey we are using at this point this year...
Wesley F ->
Darren Kuropatwa ->   @Peggy Those are good suggestions ... I think we'll have to meet right after this chat. ;-)
Wesley F ->   yes, I listen to Melinda Miller!
angelamaiers ->   That is a great story!
PeggyG ->   I'm just thinking that some of those "demographics" would provide really valuable information.
cheryloakes seedlings ->   There you go Melinda, you itunes answer, thanks Wes for explaining.
PeggyG ->   Thanks for evaluation/survey link.
mmiller ->   thank you so much
Wesley F ->   here is the link to k12online feeds (including audio and video podcast channels)
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Melinda will be on our show Next year 2009!
Wesley F ->
PeggyG ->   the wiki presentation threw me a bit because I kept thinking I was missing the presentation linnk somewhere.
snbeach ->   It was innovative though wasn't Peggy
cheryloakes seedlings ->   hello jenifer,
PeggyG ->   very interesting idea about putting the entire conference on DVD. I would love to have that without having to download everything on my computer. :-)
cheryloakes seedlings ->   evening Steve, just saw you here.
cheryloakes seedlings ->   what a great idea, open source transcribing.
PeggyG ->   @snbeach-yes it was innovative and always good to make us think outside the box.
Wesley F ->   you can't tell that Darren is passionate about the conference and accessibility / dotsub, can you?!
angelamaiers ->   Do you have a link to that site?
Wesley F ->   ;)
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Darren, what a great idea!
Wesley F ->   i'll  get it
mmiller ->   iTunes is downloading the conference right now, PERFECT!
snbeach ->
PeggyG ->   what a great resource! new for me!!!
bobsprankle ->   incredible!
Wesley F ->
Wesley F ->   @mmiller that is so GREAT to hear! We've come a long way. We can tell you some stories, esp about last year... large files, changing files, last minute changes, hair pulled out... etc...
cheryloakes seedlings ->   This community edtechtalk, all know, love and miss Lee Baber, it is so nice that her memory has lived on through this conference. She is smiling and playing her banjo for us I am sure.
Wesley F ->   @ccheryloakes :-)
mmiller ->   well if that's case I am so glad you stuck with it others may not have
Wesley F ->   I am so sold on the value of distributing content in podcast channels
Wesley F ->   that is so great, Alice!
mmiller ->   i think my 3 year old has developed her large vocabulary because I listen to podcasts on my drive to work:):):)
Darren Kuropatwa ->   @mmiller That's SO cool!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   when will she have her own webcast?podcast Melinda?
mmiller ->   I'll have a talking 6 month old with all the k12online podcasts :):):)
cheryloakes seedlings ->   You should get a microphone for her.
PeggyG ->   @mmiller-I'll bet you're right! Wonderful story! :-)
sheila ->   Wow! Alice that's a great story!
angelamaiers ->   Alice that is GREAT!
bobsprankle ->   awesome, mmiller!
mmiller ->   I have promoted the conference to my teachers through my staff blog but I think I am going to do a screencast of the website so they know how to navigate around it
alicebarr (SEEDling) ->   We are going to try to do a student session next week with that the Google session as the starter
cheryloakes seedlings ->   This new presentation reflection credit is very unique! What a great way to get people to listen and write!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Alice, great idea, will you ustreaem it?
snbeach ->   20 minute videos makes this a perfect compliment to inservice content
mmiller ->   My teachers can fill out district PD forms after they listen and get PD credit within our district
Darren Kuropatwa ->   And it's SOOO cool. I' loved watching that functionality go live on the blog
snbeach ->   Dean
PeggyG ->   I checked the box to follow when reflections were submitted last year and I smile every time a new one comes through even in the past couple of months--ongoing PD!
mmiller ->   I'll have to find out if anyone has submited anything
snbeach ->   Dean is a networked learner
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Dean, I love the cup of JOE, it has kept me busy going back to see the continuing conversation.
cheryloakes seedlings ->   hello MikeG
Mike_G ->   Been listening but have a question.
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Hi Maureen.
snbeach ->   What is your question Mike?
Darren Kuropatwa ->   Ask away MikeG.
PeggyG ->   at AzTEA we offered professional development recertification credits for our Lan page for k12online last year
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Hi sgosselin.
Wesley F ->   i think the visibility aspect of submitted reflections may grow beyond where it is now, but I am not sure..
Mike_G ->   After watching some of the presentations, how do you leave comments? I could only find links to individual blogs. Is there a way to have a discussion?
alicebarr (SEEDling) ->   Hi Sgosselin!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   I read the cup of Joe each morning before I read my email.
mmiller ->   can you repost the link to cup of joe
snbeach ->   @MikeG you can comment to the blog posts or leave comments on the voicethreads or come to the live event fireside chat and talk synchronously
Wesley F ->   the good news is that all the reflections should be right there on the blog post... we haven't added the "credit" tag to presos from 2007 or 2006 yet to make the credit link available tho
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Melinda, cup of Joe, is at the bottom of each presentation page, voicethread.
Wesley F ->   here is a post on PD for 2008
Wesley F ->
Wesley F ->   at 20 min per preso it is going to be much easier to take in the entire 2008 conference...
PeggyG ->   I agree Wes! good decision!
Wesley F ->   this is about PERSONALIZED learning, as Christensen says-- right Bob?
cheryloakes seedlings ->   These presentations are so great, I can't wait for the next days release.
bobsprankle ->   DEF!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Link off the k12online to the NOTk12online,   check it out.
Wesley F ->   @bobsprankle you are going to love Scott McLeod's preso since you've read Christensen's book. I haven't read it yet, but I really want to after seeing Scott's preso.
sgosselin ->   Keeping up is a challenge, but 20 minutes makes it easier.
PeggyG ->   does anyone have links or research on individualized professional development? I'm looking for resources for a doctoral student I'm working with on her disseration committee.
DaveC ->   I just picked up "disrupting class" today.
PeggyG ->   this is such a good example of individualized PD!
Wesley F ->   @PeggyG I don't but I would like to see those resources also
cheryloakes seedlings ->   DaveC I want to have a virtual book talk with disrupting class are you in?
Wesley F ->   this conversation about too much content reminds me of Kongrad Glagowski's statement at NECC: "If you are reading everything your students are writing, your students are net writing enough."
cheryloakes seedlings ->   anyone else interested in book talks?
LindaN ->   @cheryl Oh yes- that would be great!
Wesley F ->   "not"
cheryloakes seedlings ->   got it WES
Wesley F ->   yes k12online has raised the bar for me and my expectations for learning!
PeggyG ->   the term "critique channel" still bothers me--seems to invite negative critique even though I know technically the definition doesn't infer that
Darren Kuropatwa ->   @Peggy We talked about that. We're using the word "critique" accurately. ;-)
shareski ->   @PeggyG  I think we'll have to revist the terms. The concept is agreeable but maybe the term needs revision
cheryloakes seedlings ->   hello cathyE!
PeggyG ->   that's really interesting information about the expenses--especially
Mike_G ->   I'm confused. You can discuss k12online presentations on notk12? Is there a messageboard for threaded conversations or just a blog? I'm learning a lot watching the presentations but was hoping for followup discussions
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Mike G, join our seedlings ning and the conversation lives on.
Mike_G ->   @Cheryl.  Ok, I'll look at that.  Is that the conversation for all of the presentations?
Wesley F ->   @PeggyG the use of blip has been transformational for us this year, I think I can safely say
Darren Kuropatwa ->   @MikeG Converstation about notK12Online are distributed across the net. Held wherever the notK12Online presenations are hosted. We do not curate notK12 Online content.
PeggyG ->   it's such a powerful community of volunteers and openness, and such a great model for us to follow.
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Great question from the Chat last night.
mmiller ->   bath time for the girls, keep up the good work you guys are all great inspirations
cheryloakes seedlings ->   I mean chat tonight, you all have contributed a lot.
Wesley F ->   @mmiller thanks and good night!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Thanks Melinda, nite.
PeggyG ->   Night Melinda! So glad you were here!
Darren Kuropatwa ->   @mmiller Thanks! G'nite!
snbeach ->   @Mike_G notK12Online is for presentations by people who have something to share but they didnt submit to the call for proposals.
DaveC ->   146 members in the seedlings ning.  I think I"m #100 :D
Wesley F ->   we explored several different options for transcoding
cheryloakes seedlings ->   starting with Geek of the Week
cheryloakes seedlings ->   Sheryl mentioning the fireside chat! 3pm GMT Saturday
Wesley F ->
PeggyG ->   The Chatzy conversation following the reading presentation was also new to me and a great way to extend the conversation with the presenter.
Mike_G ->   Cool, I'm archived on a podcast for all eternity!!!
cheryloakes seedlings ->
snbeach ->   I have to run everyone. Thanks for having me.
cheryloakes seedlings ->   darren would say dotsub
DaveC ->   I can use ctrl-v to paste into the chat.
cheryloakes seedlings ->
PeggyG ->   can you save those faces as avatars for kids?
PeggyG ->   Wow! what a cool tool!! all of me! can't wait to try it out!
DaveC ->   NEAT there are a lot of me, apparently I ski!
Wesley F ->
PeggyG ->   that site reminds me a bit of searchme--
Wesley F ->
Wesley F ->
PeggyG ->   neat resource Wes. I find many teachers avoid using things because they "think" they would be violating copyright/fair use guidelines.
Wesley F ->   maybe we overshared? yes please do share yours!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   No, Wes, it was terrific, we are all happy to share
cheryloakes seedlings ->   We are just about geeked out this week.
PeggyG ->   Yes Dr. Tyson's speech and model for involving community were very powerful!
Wesley F ->   bob do you have that link?
Darren Kuropatwa ->   G'nite folks!
bobsprankle ->   yes... i need to put it in the back channel... can't get i in here
PeggyG ->   the most important link is the link to the k12online conference :-) and of course Seedlings and EdTechTalk!
DaveC ->   Yes, thanks!
PeggyG ->   What a wonderful session! I feel like I've been among the stars today!
cheryloakes seedlings ->   thanks to all of you.
PeggyG ->   Thank you all!
bobsprankle ->   thanks all!
sheila ->   Thank you all!  :)
PeggyG ->   see you next week.