CCK08 - Week#10 Discussion

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Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Online Course
Week#10 Discussion - Openness: social change and future directions
November 14, 2008
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11:52 anitsirk : hello sia and anonymous ustreamers. it's kristina here. :)
 11:53 voges : Hai Kristina and others.
 11:53 ustreamer-15779 : Hello Kristina, this Jorge Crom :)
 11:53 anitsirk : hello jorge.
 11:54 voges : Ha Jorge
 11:54 anitsirk : how are you?
 11:56 voges : I have not been here for a while, I was very busy, I am glad to be here now
 11:56 Rodd_Lucier : Happy Friday everyone
 11:56 anitsirk : i saw all your twitter messages, sia,. which event was that?
 11:57 anitsirk : same to you, rodd. and hi george.
 11:57 anitsirk : and jenny. :)
 11:57 gsiemens : hi all...
 11:57 jennymackness : Hi everyone!
 11:57 voges : A 2 days conference about e-learning, very interesting. My twittering was an experiment for myself, I found it very nice!
 11:57 voges : Hi George.
 11:58 voges : Hi Rod and Jenny
 11:59 anitsirk : is there already audio?
 11:59 Rodd_Lucier : not yet
 11:59 anitsirk : i'm too impatien to wait. ;)
 11:59 voges : And my collueages were very amazed about me, lol.
 11:59 anitsirk : :)
 12:00 jennymackness : that's dedication for you George!
 12:00 anitsirk : you are always a forerunner in your group, sia.
 12:00 anitsirk : hi dave.
 12:00 ustreamer-15779 : I can hear you now, Jorge
 12:01 anitsirk : i think it is not jorge. it is dave
 12:01 ustreamer-15779 : Who is talking?
 12:01 anitsirk : now dave
 12:01 anitsirk : now george
 12:01 anitsirk : laughter by stephen
 12:01 ustreamer-15779 : OK, thanks.
 12:02 anitsirk : elluminate has audio problems?
 12:02 Rodd_Lucier : And so continues the digital divide
 12:03 anitsirk : ustream usually has problems for me when we have video. slows down everything. elluminate works great for me, but of course, we don't have video there.
 12:04 anitsirk : @dave: better don't use video then
 12:04 LisaMLane : I'm here now, we can start ;-)
 12:04 anitsirk : hi lisa
 12:04 voges : Hai Lisa
 12:04 Rodd_Lucier : Just in time Lisa...
 12:04 LisaMLane : Hi y'all
 12:05 ustreamer-5749 : i have no problem with chrome
 12:05 anitsirk : hasn't stephen left?
 12:05 LisaMLane : SD has left the stadium
 12:05 wdrexler : Hi everyone!
 12:06 Rodd_Lucier : in 3-2-1...
 12:11 courosa : get a pseudonymity
 12:11 LisaMLane : x28 is Matthias
 12:11 Rodd_Lucier : are public learning and open learnin g necessarily the same thing?
 12:11 anitsirk : thanx lisa. one less anonymous person.
 12:12 courosa : an open learning model doesn't have to be an exlusively open learning model ... you can create private spaces within an open model
 12:12 wdrexler : Couldn't we have open access without open learning?  In other words, individuals can choose to work independently or within the group.  But, everyone has access to content?
 12:12 courosa : what about open source software? important, and foundational to the emergence of all of this.
 12:13 LisaMLane : so attribution isn't open
 12:15 anitsirk : it would be interesting to have a tool that tracks where open content is used. just to see whether it is taken up or whether not. not to control. however, you can't track prorietary content either...
 12:16 GrahamAttwell : but it is changing
 12:16 GrahamAttwell : 10 years ago ther wa slittle free music
 12:16 LisaMLane : is a comment I make on a blog post content?
 12:16 GrahamAttwell : yes of course
 12:17 LisaMLane : what I'm writing here too?
 12:17 GrahamAttwell : @Lisa certainly
 12:17 anitsirk : i would say yes, lisa. robert scoble, i think, once posted a blog entry on that. i'll try to find it after the session (am recording)
 12:18 GrahamAttwell : What is relation between (open) content and (open) knowldge
 12:19 voges :  sound is becoming more difficult for me.
 12:20 anitsirk : george is cutting out :-( i think it is the connection. he mentioned something like that earlier.
 12:20 GrahamAttwell : @George the relation between artefacts - as content - and knowdedge - as community or network knowledge
 12:21 LisaMLane : I am having no sound problems
 12:22 ustreamer-59426 : I have to take laptop across hall - may lose you all...
 12:23 anitsirk : is that you, george? good luck with staying connected.
 12:24 anitsirk : maru wrote a nice post bringing together these different roles of a teacher.
 12:25 mmvcentro : Thanks @anitsirk
 12:25 LisaMLane : ok, who yawned?
 12:26 anitsirk : @lisa. it's too bad that neither dave nor stephen are in the chat. they miss the joke.
 12:26 LisaMLane : oh, yeah, right, I forgot
 12:26 LisaMLane : you know, I don't think I could deal with 200 apprentices each semester
 12:27 Rodd_Lucier : This idea of modeling openness, respect for learning/creation is to license our own work as teachers... and to encourage students to do the same.  Would such work can parallel or contradict openness?
 12:28 wdrexler : But, isn't balance ok - is it necessary to always learn publicly?  If so, we must help our students take risks and embrace open constructive criticism.
 12:28 Rodd_Lucier : Lost audio...
 12:28 LisaMLane : I could deal with 200 aggregated students, but I can't grade that way.
 12:29 mmvcentro : I have a friend that has 400 students in Sudan, I don't know how she manages
 12:29 LisaMLane : they could be a community, but I have to grade them individually
 12:29 Rodd_Lucier : Public learning not always best... think about driving a car off the get go...
 12:30 wdrexler : Is this an instructional design issue?  Different techniques are appropriate for different scales?
 12:31 LisaMLane : I *love* the modeling idea.
 12:31 anitsirk : didn't get the meaning of the palin joke. was it something that came up on wednesday's session? haven't reviewed that yet.
 12:31 LisaMLane : The apprenticeship model is problematic, though.
 12:32 ustreamer-69702 : Are you all able to hear George OK? a bit choppy here in the skype call
 12:32 voges : sound is not so good but i can follow
 12:33 ustreamer-24748 : I find that it is often best to stay in stealth mode in discussions - students do much better when they don't see me there watching their every post ..vt
 12:33 anitsirk : currently, sound is fine for me. he does not cut out much.
 12:33 mmvcentro : : Maru, Good Sia!
 12:33 LisaMLane : but you're only grading what, 22?
 12:34 mmvcentro : LOL
 12:34 LisaMLane : ok, so I can handle 2000 people so long as I don't have to grade their work
 12:34 voges : Students are self responseble for grading, not the teacher is.
 12:34 anitsirk : we have a historic moment.
 12:35 voges : let them give you properly and good pieces.
 12:35 voges : you can grade if you let THEM do their work good.
 12:36 LisaMLane : @voges yes, indeed, I'm trying that, but so far it's just a different set of problems
 12:36 voges : ofcourse it is Lisa, but it can change!
 12:36 ustreamer-59426 : one doesn't look in forests for necklaces
 12:36 LisaMLane : Sia,  I am working on creating success without overload
 12:37 ustreamer-24748 : success without overload - that is the REAL challenge
 12:38 voges : maybe do more with peerreviews and so.
 12:38 mmvcentro : Downes criteria to handle information is very useful, you can avoid overload that way
 12:38 mmvcentro : Focus, define what you're looking for before hand
 12:39 ustreamer-59426 : deer in the headlights?
 12:39 voges : my experience is that it is possible not to be overloaded
 12:39 Rodd_Lucier : We read differently than we used to... the only way to handle content.
 12:39 LisaMLane : but SD has been developing these skills for  many years
 12:39 voges : it is to learn
 12:39 LisaMLane : it's an "eat the frosting first" approach
 12:39 voges : yes, it takes some time lisa
 12:39 Rodd_Lucier : Our students are developing similarly unique brain skills...
 12:40 ustreamer-24748 : some students don't think they want or need to learn these skills
 12:41 LisaMLane : I love this question!
 12:42 LDinSTL : depends on your theoretical position on marketing :-)
 12:42 LDinSTL : or philosophical position heheh
12:43 LisaMLane : what's a newspaper?
 12:43 anitsirk : lol
 12:43 LDinSTL : yeah, we stopped all our paper news subscriptions
 12:43 LisaMLane : I buy one occasionally to support the sellers and care reasons
 12:44 anitsirk : but nw in the blogs you can have the itros as well. some only allow this short paragraph to appear in a blog reader.
 12:44 LDinSTL : haha Lisa--or if traveling and not getting iPhone signal
 12:44 anitsirk : sorry for the spelling errors. nw=now, itros=intros
 12:45 Rodd_Lucier : that's how I read my daily news online... no question.  Never actually quantified it that way before... Good info to share with online teachers...
 12:45 LisaMLane : I could do an assignment on Nazi golfing cats...I'm a historian
 12:46 ustreamer-59426 : Nazis' golfed?
 12:46 ustreamer-24748 : but I miss some things because there is stuff in the newspaper that isn't in the news feeds.
 12:46 voges : i still like my daily paper every evening.
 12:46 LDinSTL : but it probabl y IS there if you go to the newspaper webpage
 12:47 ustreamer-59426 : I'll need to relisten - too many distractions here at school
 12:47 LisaMLane : our Borders bookstore has its security camera over the Islam section
 12:48 LDinSTL : probably they are!
 12:48 LisaMLane : they even moved the books around so you can be more easily seen looking at them
 12:48 LisaMLane : but wait, you mean Fox isn't fair and balanced???
 12:48 LDinSTL : but Fox makes me gag and throw things--how do you get around that problem? :-)
 12:48 voges : lisa, is that true?
 12:49 ustreamer-24748 : yea, right cnn is fair and balance lol
 12:49 LisaMLane : What, Sia, about Borders? I now go there and look at books on Islam on purpose
 12:49 voges : how sad.
 12:50 LDinSTL : "fair and balanced" is based on your own philosophical position--can't escape that without changing the bubble you live and work in
 12:50 LisaMLane : I'm just looking for a little rational thought.
 12:51 LisaMLane : oh, and good spelling
 12:51 LDinSTL : ruh roh
 12:52 LisaMLane : some people I don't want to watch learn, like I don't want to watch sausage being made
 12:52 LDinSTL : Phelan Corimal in Second Life wants Rockcliffe U to be taken seriously,  but accrediation is a huge issue
 12:53 LDinSTL : he's a PhD student in education with a long background in business, and with great skills
 12:53 LDinSTL : but not the credential and credibility
 12:53 LDinSTL : accreditation (sp)
 12:56 wdrexler : Good weekend everyone.  Off to teach.
 12:56 anitsirk : bye wendy
 12:56 LisaMLane : I can't take Alec's class for credit, because my college doesn't accept U of Regina's credentials.
 12:56 mmvcentro : Bye Wendy, have a nice class
 12:56 LDinSTL : University of  Phoenix
 12:56 voges : thanks wendy the same to you
 12:57 anitsirk : @lisa what's the different between u of regina and u of manitoba's credentials? does your u have a formal agreement w/ manitoba so that you can take this class for credit?

 12:58 LDinSTL : scientists in higher ed in the US are really far from "getting" that concept--not saying I agree with them--but I know a ton of them and the whole connectivism thing is way off of their radar
 12:58 LisaMLane : Manitoba is on a list, so is Sask, but not Regina.
 12:58 anitsirk : too bad.
 12:58 LDinSTL : they are social liberals but education conservatives (and don't even know it)
 12:58 LDinSTL : higher ed profs that is
 12:59 LisaMLane : no all, dear, not all
 12:59 LDinSTL : ok--most biologists/chemists/physicists--what I know
 12:59 LDinSTL : changing, but slowly
 12:59 voges : I am glad to have been connected again to you all. thanks and bye.
 01:00 voges : Lifetime assessment, I agree Stephen
 01:00 anitsirk : bye sia. have a nicee weekend.
 01:00 mmvcentro : Bye Sia, have a nice weekend.  Glad to see you here
 01:00 ustreamer-59426 : ok here for awhile again
 01:00 LDinSTL : @Lisa - historians are not who I meant - should have qualified that :-)
 01:00 ustreamer-59426 : our 7th graders published a book
 01:00 LisaMLane : @LD no offense taken
 01:01 LisaMLane : I'm gonna post a picture of Borders video camera
 01:01 LDinSTL : one of my favorite books is "Lies my Teacher Told Me"
 01:01 LDinSTL : lol
 01:01 LDinSTL : "Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong"
 01:02 LDinSTL : fabulous book
 01:02 anitsirk : thanks dave, jeff, george and stephen
 01:02 ustreamer-9609 : Bye, thanks all
 01:02 LDinSTL : ciao
 01:02 mmvcentro : Thanks all
 01:02 LisaMLane : thanks, Dave, et al
 01:02 ustreamer-59426 : I  like that title LD
 01:02 Rodd_Lucier : I don't think I'm an audio learner... ?  ; )
 01:02 ustreamer-59426 : thanks and ciao
 01:02 Rodd_Lucier : G-day all
 01:02 LDinSTL : it's real--read it--very interesting
 01:02 badgerjen01 : ttfn!
 01:03 anitsirk : buy guys.
 01:03 LDinSTL : What did Helen Keller do when she grew up? Who knew? lol
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