How To Convert PowerPoint To SCORM Compliant Course

Overview of SCORM
What is SCORM?

Wikipedia: SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based e-learning. It defines:

-- How to create Web-based learning content that can be delivered and tracked by different SCORM-compliant learning management systems

-- How content may be packaged into a transferable ZIP file.


SCORM is the worldwide industry and government standard for collecting and organizing training content into uniform digital packages for use and tracking in Learning Management Systems, it has many good features, such as:

Reusability: It can be incorporated into multiple applications. You can mix and match content from different sources, without worrying about technical incompatibilities.

Accessibility: Accessing instructional components from one remote location and deliver them to other locations.

Interoperability: Courses can be shown on any platforms.

Durability: Operate instructional components when base technology changes, without redesign or recoding.

PowerPoint to SCORM recommendation
There are a lot of SCORM tools available. Now I will only list some notable PowerPoint to SCORM converters which could help you convert your PowerPoint to SCORM compliant course.

  • Learning Essentials 2.0
  • A free add-on for licensed Microsoft Office. It supports SCORM standards. SCORM Tools seamlessly convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentation into standards-based e-learning content that can be managed and reused by any SCORM-conformant learning management system.

  • Wondershare PowerPoint to Flash
  • An add-in for PowerPoint. It is a powerful eLearning tool to let non-technical users create compelling Flash presentations and SCORM/AICC compliant e-Learning course for LMS from PowerPoint with rich media, quizzes and simulations by converting PowerPoint to Flash. PPT2Flash content could run on any Web server, any LMS. It is OFFICIALLY tested by ADL Co-Lab and are listed as SCORM Adopters.

  • Pointecast Publisher
  • A PowerPoint plug-in that can easily convert PowerPoint presentations into online Flash presentations, complete with your own narration. PointeCast Publisher creates SCORM/AICC compliant content that can be easily uploaded into any Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Articulate Presenter
  • Articulate Presenter can help user create SCORM and AICC-compliant course from PowerPoint by turn your presentation into a compelling Flash course. It makes it easy for anyone to add interactivity and narration to PowerPoint slides.

  • Adobe Captivate

Adobe's Captivate allows you to create fully functioning interactive lessons with quizzes, scoring, and integration with SCORM compliance. Users can import PowerPoint course and then export to SCORM compliant Flash course.

Which PowerPoint to SCORM converter works for you?
You could choose the proper PowerPoint to SCORM converter depending on your need. Here is a step-by-step tutorial about how to make SCORM compliant course for LMS from PowerPoint with above tool.

How To Make SCORM Compliant Course From PowerPoint

Nice list.

Hi, your forgot about iSpring's tools. They have advanced iSpring Suite that features creating e-learning courses with protection, interactive objects, quizzes, etc. and iSpring Free - tool that also provides great conversion quiality and PowerPoint to SCORM conversion. Not bad for free tool, ya?