SEEDLings 2009-03-12 Andrew Sutherland

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Andrew Sutherland, author and owner of joins us for the show. Andrew is a freshman at MIT and had some great things to share.


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cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hello lisette, just getting things set up. Hello Terry!


lisette ->   Just started to follow on twitter, thought I'd check it out


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Evening Dave, when can I go red?


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Great, we begin at 7:30, this is our time to check sound, and gather our guests. NO SOUND yet.


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hello Shelia, evening.


sheila ->   Hi Cheryl! Had a meeting today. Looks like 7th grade will get netbooks for all students!


sheila ->   Special grant from the community.


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   YEAH Shelia, kudos to you, you have worked hard for this.


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Nice, now the work to find the one you like and the stuff to go on it.


sheila ->   Your name was dropped a few times by the principal and school board member. :)


sheila ->   Right!


tkaminski ->   Heello everyone!!!


tkaminski ->   Does anyone have audio yet??


sheila ->   no


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hello, to all, no audio yet, another 5 min. I will ask for a sound check.


tkaminski ->   Are most people from MAine excited about announcement htis week of laptops for Gr.7-12


lisette ->   jealous and happy for the educators in maine


sheila ->   I forwarded the article to my admin today . . . I'm in NH and I'm happy!


sheila ->   I'm hoping proximity counts


tkaminski ->   I wish our politicians in Alberta would spend some of our Oil revenues on 1 to 1


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Well, speaking for me, I am so excited about the vision finally coming through, but in my school we won't see funding for this like it was for the 7th and 8th grade, so it would have to be locally funded at 180,000 per year for 4 years for macbooks, wireless, support and professional development. Not sure that will pass the straight face test in these times.


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hello bmcnaboe, welcome to the show.


lisette ->   Well, it's headed in the right direction.


tkaminski ->   @ cheryloakes I hear you cheryl


bmcnaboe ->   hi thanks!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   SOUnd check is good.


tkaminski ->   Hello Bob


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   hello andrew and kmferrari


andrew ->   Hello


KMFerrari ->   hi there


bobsprankle ->   hi all!


tkaminski ->   I can't stay for the whole show.  I am at a conference in Calgary and the evening keynote begins soon


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Well, we are glad yo u made it Terry.


TimLevesque ->   hello fellow tech nerds!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hi TimLevesque


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Hi everyone!


tkaminski ->   I do not have audio.  Could be the wireless connection I have


tkaminski ->   Hello Alice


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   HI Terry


TimLevesque ->   who is the honored guest this evening?


TimLevesque ->   nm just saw bob's twitter :)


tkaminski ->   Had an interesting panel discussion at the conference I am at.  Twitter #adeta09 to follow the twitter back chat from today


bobsprankle ->   any one hear us?


tkaminski ->   No


bobsprankle ->   @tim Andrew Sutherland


TimLevesque ->   not hearing anything


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks, we have a little glitch


TimLevesque ->   that's okay, ill go checkout


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   CAn you hear us now?


tkaminski ->   @alice no sound yet


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   you should hear in 30 seconds


TimLevesque ->   eek my buffer is looping


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   shelia sound check please?


PeggyG ->   hearing the stream now :-) Hi everyone!


sheila ->   ok


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks PeggyG


TimLevesque ->   there..all better


sheila ->   good sound


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   okay,


sheila ->   Had to switch computers . . .


tkaminski ->   I can hear


lisette ->   no tme


TimLevesque ->   I can't wait to hear about quizlet


PeggyG ->   funny! This is going to be a great show!!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   We are so excited to have so  many great folks with us.


tkaminski ->   WE love the show every week


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Thanks Terry


lisette ->   can't hear


PeggyG ->   March Madness!! where has this month gone?


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   For the first time the average age on this show has dropped significantly yahoo.


PeggyG ->   how do you know that Cheryl?? think you forgot to average me in


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Lisette, go to the edtechtalk page, Live participation and click on a speaker. you should hear through itunes or real player


sheila ->   Lisette - click on one of the icons under Edtech talk A


tkaminski ->   Hello Ben!!!!  I think I met you in Sept. when I visited your school


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Oh, sorry, I meant with our young people they brought our average down,!!!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hi listttecasey, and zn120


lisettecasey ->   thanks


bobsprankle ->   lol, cheryl


sheila ->   @Lisette - can you hear?


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hi Jackiegerstein.


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks for helping Shelia


lisettecasey ->   yes, all is well here


jackiegerstein ->   Hi, Cheryl


sheila ->   :)  (I'm not multi-tasking!)


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   You can choose a color in the painters pallette on the bottom left of the chat.


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Hi Jackie! Glad to see you here!


jackiegerstein ->   My 5th grade gifted students LOVE quizlet


jackiegerstein ->   Hi Alice - happy to be here


PeggyG ->   Hi Jackie--your students do awesome things with Quizlet--love the way they ivolve the whole class in the quizzes


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Isn't Andrew brilliant??? We are so glad he is hear to explain this.


jackiegerstein ->   Hi, Peggy - my students love that a high school student developed quizlet


PeggyG ->   Absolutely!! so impressed with Andrew!


tkaminski ->   I need to share quizlet with my teachers AND students


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Jackie doesn't it give them promise that they can do this!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   evening csitterley


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   @Terry our students use it ALOT


bobsprankle ->   amazing...


csitterley ->   Hi everyone


PeggyG ->   what a testimonial!!


jackiegerstein ->   Cheryl - my students believe they can do almost anything with tech : ) high tech esteeem.


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   400,000 users in Quizlet! That is amazing. 100,000 flash cards a day, Andrew what a great service.


tkaminski ->   Thanks for creating this Andrew


TimLevesque ->   And all of the flashcards created by the users are available to other users ?


jackiegerstein ->   And on Facebook!


TimLevesque -> that's sweet


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   @Tim yes


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   yes, how can we foster this!


PeggyG ->   can you believe so many people are using flashcards? must be working!!


KMFerrari ->   i'm a high school student and an english intern, and i started using quizlet myself and loved it, so then i shared it with my mentor teacher, and the other students love it.


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   @bmcnaboe can you answer @Tim's question?


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   KmFerrairi, that is perfect, a personal network!


tkaminski ->   On facebook!!!!     That is awesome


KMFerrari ->   yeah, it's wonderful. now other teachers at my school are starting to use it too.


sheila ->   912 online now!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   KmFerrari, you made it go viral!


tkaminski ->   I wish I was a student today


PeggyG ->   iPhone app? now I'm really intrigued!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Ben, can you tell us whether all flashcards have to be public?


andrew ->   they are public by default


bmcnaboe ->   @Tim I'm sorry, what was the question?


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks andrew.


andrew ->   but users can make them private


TimLevesque ->   it's okay, it has been answered :)


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hello sundene, evening.


csitterley ->   I have shared this with teachers in my district-I need to follow up and see how many are using it-


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   hello phawkenson, good evening.


phawkenson ->   Hello.


PeggyG ->   that was really interesting--we often forget that there is a lot of sacrifice on the part of developers--beyond financial! what a commitment!


tkaminski ->   Quizlet is definitely a good virus


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   hello Meep, good evening, we are interviewing Andrew Sutherland, creator of Quizlet and student at MIT.


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   hello Thursday, this is Quizlet.


tkaminski ->   Great Pay it forward.  HS students creating for their lower grade students


jackiegerstein ->   Is he making any money off of his venture


PeggyG ->   I love the idea that learners use it because it helps them and not because it's "required"


TimLevesque ->   I'm amazed by how easy it is to find cards others have made


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   jackie we will get your question to him


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   hello leahlubelle, we are discussing quizlet.


KMFerrari ->   i just realized that i'm going to be using quizlet later tonight to study for a quiz i have tomorrow!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Now you will have a connection to the creator.


thursday ->   Hi  Cheryl


KMFerrari ->   space race is addicting...


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   that is what we want,addicted to learning


PeggyG ->   I loved seeing the way Jackie's students participated in quizzes created by students and debated the right answers--lots of learning going on!


phawkenson ->   Is there a visual that I am missing, or is this just chat and audio?


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   chat and audio, but people are checking out


PeggyG ->   just chat and audio phawkenson


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Hello ernie, welcome


PeggyG ->   Hi Ernie-welcome


phawkenson ->   TKS.  Saves me going nuts looking!*)


PeggyG ->   I know what you mean phawkenson--I never want to miss out on anything!


KMFerrari ->   if anyone's interested, this is how my english department is currently using quizlet:


sheila ->   @KMFerrari - Thanks for sharing!


PeggyG ->   it's a true web 2.0 tool! love it!! works great for whole class participation with a smartboard or a project


tkaminski ->   Excellent use of a smartboard


sheila ->   ohhh, smartboard!


jackiegerstein ->   teltale question lol


PeggyG ->   it works if you have a projector even if you don't have a smartboard but the smartboard allows for more interaction


thursday ->   we always need images!!!


PeggyG ->   Andrew is such an inspiration!!


phawkenson ->   Yes, I NEED images. esp. with my ELL students


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Isn't he awesome.


lisettecasey ->   I like the smartboard idea


sheila ->   Too busy studying to read chat!  :)


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   The show will be a podcast tomorrow complete with the chat!


PeggyG ->   is there a way that Quizlet ansers can be fed back to teachers?


tkaminski ->   Awesome question ALice!!!!


jackiegerstein ->    It is a great question!


jackiegerstein ->   Insightful of Andrew


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   I got chills listening to his answers. Great job Andrew!


bmcnaboe ->   one of my quizlet sets (greek vocab for english)


thursday ->   yeahfir UDL!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Ben, thanks for sharing your quizlets that you are using. There are public and we can use them.


csitterley ->   Very sensitive answer from Andrew-understanding the benefits he had that others might not have


PeggyG ->   It is great to see the examples!


jackiegerstein ->   He also need to understand the backstory  - that my students were impressed that a 15 year old invented this - as powerful to them as the tool itself.


lisettecasey ->   how old is Andrew now?


TimLevesque ->   Sorry..not conversating because im having too much fun playing with this..


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Okay, Tim, spread the word.


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   @lisettecasey Freshamn in college


csitterley ->   I may have missed this, but did Andrew create any of Quizlet at school?


tkaminski ->   See you all.  Have to get to my conference


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Bye terry


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Thanks for stopping by Terry, bye


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   52,000 16 year olds!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   See Peggy, this does bring our average age down.


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   @csittterly I think he did most on his own


phawkenson ->   Heading to another PD session.  Thanks so much.  I WILL be working with Quizlet and sharing that with my team.  Kudos.


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   bye phawkenson,


PeggyG ->   wow! amazing stats!


PeggyG ->   can he tell us more about quizlet on the iPhone?


PeggyG ->   what a fantastic tribute that a textbook publisher posted their quizzese on his site!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Mainstream going digital.


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   mainstream going social network


thursday ->   Just made a quick quizlet for my freshman daughter using her latin vocab...showed her and got a "whooa!"  and "That's so cool, Mom!"  Just for your information, Andrew, I rarely hear this from her.


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Thursday, that is a testimonial


thursday ->   I also learned Latin for 1 - 10 in the process!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   does anyone want to share a quizlet for our delicious links?


KMFerrari ->


bmcnaboe ->   here is a set that I made for my AP Euro class


PeggyG ->   he needs a category for people who aren't in school but are lofe-long learners :-)


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Thanks KM, I added yours first!


thursday ->   good for the ipod touch...I like it even more!


KMFerrari ->   sure thing. several english teachers in my dept. use it


lisettecasey ->   @thursday - great use/reason for allowing iPods in class - quizlet


TimLevesque ->   any chance I can get it for blackberry? I just sold my ipod touch :P


TimLevesque ->   i know i know..blasphemous right?


thursday ->   when is the app be available??


PeggyG ->   I would definitely purchase that app for my iPhone!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   ben what was that quizlet, ap? timeline


csitterley ->   I have some Learning Support teachers writing a grant for ipod touch for classes-Quizlet app needs to be added to that grant


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   what a great idea csitterley


bmcnaboe ->   @cheryloakes it was a timeline we had to memorize for my AP history class


bmcnaboe ->   quizlet saved my life on that one


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   oky, i will add that in the notes


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks Ben M.


andrew ->   connection lost!


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Yup BRB


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   yes, just lost it, okay, alice, let me know if you need help


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   coming back at you, hang tight chat room,


jackiegerstein ->   This is a great story - needs to be in Time magazine


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   I agree Jackie, what a great idea


thursday ->   That's me calling


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Any questions from the chat room? for andrew


lisettecasey ->   still here


csitterley ->   Alice-you mean the  dogs don't bark at the phone?


TimLevesque ->   herro?


TimLevesque ->   *taps the screen*


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   we are back!!


PeggyG ->   are there awards for young entreprenaurs that we could nominate Andrew for?


jackiegerstein ->   How can Andrew get his success story on Ellen or the nightly new or some new media?


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Good questions,


PeggyG ->   Maybe TED could do a talk about him??


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Oh, Peggy, that would be great.


csitterley ->   Paying it forward and building a way for others to do the same


bmcnaboe ->   TED talk SUCH a good idea


jackiegerstein ->   Andrew - your story is actually a great inspiration to other kids.


bobsprankle ->   I agree jackie!


jackiegerstein ->   Quizlet was lofty too


thursday ->   Ok...Quizlet will get me back to writing something on my blog.


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks thursday, and anyone else who blogs about Quizlet!


PeggyG ->   He could promote it as a parent/grandparent tool! We're always looking for ways to help our grandkids!


thursday ->   I am definitely sharing this at my next special education meeting with teachers.


bobsprankle ->


csitterley ->   We will be adding it to the parent resources on our school websites


thursday ->   will also share it with parents at my schooL


leahlubelle ->   can you download a diploma :-p


bmcnaboe ->


PeggyG ->   I'm going to tell all of my grandparent friends! There is also a Diigo group and twitter group for grandparents--I want to check to see if they've heard of it


csitterley ->   Our gifted education teachers have been using MIT resources with their students using ipods


bobsprankle ->


PeggyG ->   loved that comment from Ben!


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->


cheryloakes~seedlings ->


PeggyG ->   does getboard have a limit on how many people you can email it too?


thursday ->   thanks, Ben


thursday ->   I missed the old is Andrew?


andrew ->   19 now


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Andrew is a freshman in college


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   MIT


bmcnaboe ->   @peggyg not sure....i've done up to 10 people


bobsprankle ->


PeggyG ->   I wonder if you can send getboard out to a listserv? seems like a fantastic tool for getting feedback!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   This will be a podcast tomorrow and the chat and links will all be available! @ and


alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   All of our links are posted here


jackiegerstein ->   LOL - cool - ning seemed scattered - I am going to check it out


PeggyG ->   so many great links!!


jackiegerstein ->   Packing a lot is a good thing!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Thanks for joining us this evening!


csitterley ->   Another great show guys-glad I was able to get here a little earlier


PeggyG ->   What a terrific conversation with Andrew! I'm very inspired!!


jackiegerstein ->   I wish this was second life so I could aplause for him!


sheila ->   Great resource  sharing on a great show! Thanks!


csitterley ->   Thanks Andrew for your work and your example


KMFerrari ->   Awesome show!


lloydcrew ->   A well spent evening...thank you all


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   thanks all, and stop by next week for Teachers Talking!


PeggyG ->   Thank you all!


sheila ->   Thanks!


jackiegerstein ->   Thanks for the great converstions and information!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Nite all!


cheryloakes~seedlings ->   Andrew thanks a bunch and Ben M.


leahlubelle ->   I can't wait to see him on Oprah!


bobsprankle ->   thanks all!


TimLevesque ->   Awesome..I'm going to go to my teachers with this. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the info..great app Andrew


TimLevesque ->   Another good show guys..even though I heard a nono word


PeggyG ->   You bet we will stay tuned for the new developments!


TimLevesque ->   :D


bobsprankle ->   goodnight all