How A Good Quiz Maker Prevent Cheating On Online Testing

As eLearning will become more necessary and popular for its low-cost and efficiency, online testing is a necessity for implementing eLearning. However cheating and security problem are pressing concerns for organizations adopting online testing. So when choose a quiz maker to create online test the abilities to prevent cheating and assure security effectively are the Paramount consideration. What abilities should a good quiz maker possess?
  • Access ability to quiz
  • The ability of accessibility to quiz is a telling strategy to assure the security of your quiz. You can protect your quizzes from spread spitefully by some badman. It would be better if you have more options to set the access ability with quiz maker. Take Wondershare Quiz Maker for example, it supply four ways for users to access the quiz. Access with password only, access with user ID and password, online access control and domain limit online access. Of course, if you want the quiz spread anywhere by anyone, you also have the option to not set the accessibility.
  • Time quiz
  • Looking up answers to questions in textbook/reading or searching the answers from website are the common issues for cheating. This is obvious when give giving a chapter check quiz. However, timed quiz is one of the most effective ways to eliminate such cheating. When students should answer the questions in a timed quiz in a certain amount of time, they won't have time to look up all the answers if you give enough questions and make the time short enough. Such as the quiz with timer below which created by Wondershare Quiz Maker.
  • Shuffle choices
  • If the quiz maker let you shuffle choices, it means that the order of choices within each question will be randomly shuffled each time an examinee attempts this quiz. So this makes it a little harder for students to copy from each other. It is an effective way to prevent cheating to some extent. Many quiz tools have such feature, such as Articulate QuizMaker below.
  • Randomize questions
  • Randomizing questions reduces the chance of cheating. I will expound the reasons from the following two points. Firstly, randomized questions make the printouts a lot less useful. Especially, when there are amount of questions in the question banks, students can only print a small number of questions at a time, if they want to get the full questions they will need to view the test again and again, and then sort the questions to eliminate duplicates. Secondly, if students are on the same campus, they may get together in a lab and try to take the quiz together. Random question order is an easy strategy to thwart cheating. If my screen doesn't look like yours, then it's harder for students to quickly answer all of the questions.
  • Limit answer attempts
  • Set a reasonable time limit for completion. Limiting the amount of time to answers attempts for which students can access a test makes any form of cheating difficult to implement. Note: Don't be too restrictive, but don't give students forever either. Do not make the test available until the day you want students to begin taking it.
  • Multiple question types supported The more quiz types the quiz maker has, the more efficacious the quiz to overcome online cheating. Particularly, Essays, case studies, and other complex question types can be challenging to answer even if students look up book. Students have to understand the material and apply it creatively to answer the questions. So how many question types a quiz maker supports is an important factor when choosing a quiz maker.

  • As far as I know, Moodle quiz module allows the teacher to design and set quizzes consisting of a large variety of Question types. But it is a little complex to create quiz. Take a view of the popular quiz makers, Articulate QuizMaker supports 9 types, Wondershare Quiz Maker supports 9 quiz types...
Of course, easy-to-use feature is also another factor to choose a quiz maker. There are also many free online quiz makers available: easytestmaker, classmaker and proprofs quizschool, you could make some small quiz with them. To make powerful multimedia Flash quiz, I suggest you choose some stand alone quiz maker. Articulate quizmaker is great, but it is a little expensive, you could take it into consideration. For most people, Wondershare Quiz Maker will be more cost-effective from its price and function.