EdTechBrainstorm - On the street with Hunger Striking Teachers

EdTechBrainstorm - LA Teacher Hunger Strikes
June 4, 2009

Jose's on the street reporting from the site of
Los Angeles teacher protests against proposed layoffs

Chat Log below


21:01:38  mrsdurff ->  EdTechBrainstorm in 5mins- Jose's live interviews with hungerstriking teachers from Los Angeles Unified Schools http://edtechtalk.com/live
21:01:45  mrsdurff ->  that one?
21:02:08  mrsdurff ->  amd jpse singing
21:02:35  JL ->  http://tinychat.com/
21:02:42  mrsdurff ->  oh that one
21:02:49  mrsdurff ->  hi robot
21:03:56  cheri t ->  where is he in LA?
21:04:33  mrsdurff ->  yup
21:07:04  cheri t ->  what about the law that was passed several years ago stating that classroom sizes had to be 25 or under?
21:07:10  mrsdurff ->  hi sheila
21:07:29  sheila ->  Hi mrsdurff and all!
21:08:10  mrsdurff ->  so plite she is
21:08:13  cheri t ->  hi sheila
21:08:14  mrsdurff ->  polite
21:08:28  sheila ->  Hi Cheri!
21:08:38  mrsdurff ->  i think we know him
21:09:49  joserodriguez ->  hey folks
21:09:55  joserodriguez ->  twitter please
21:10:08  cheri t ->  Hi Jose
21:10:31  cheri t ->  Where is the camera located in LA?
21:10:39  sheila ->  Sure thing Jose!
21:10:49  cheri t ->  I went through LAUSD - both west LA and the Valley
21:10:52  joserodriguez ->  that was me
21:11:14  cheri t ->  what is the street behind the speakers?
21:11:15  mrsdurff ->  jose the geek
21:11:54  joserodriguez ->  we have some... someone ready to go
21:11:56  mrsdurff ->   hi kim
21:12:29  mrsdurff ->  aren't they afraid of losing their jobs?
21:12:39  joserodriguez ->  not I
21:12:46  kcaise ->  hi durff
21:13:01  cheri t ->  amazing
21:13:07  mrsdurff ->  amen to that
21:13:08  kcaise ->  awesome job jose
21:13:11  sheila ->  This is great Jose!
21:13:49  kcaise ->  great coordination jeff
21:14:06  mrsdurff ->  the name of the game os flexiblity on the spot
21:15:45  mrsdurff ->  those teachers in the strike - aren't they afraid of losing their jobs since they are against what LAUSD is doing?
21:15:55  joserodriguez ->  i'd rather have the participants with the headsetw
21:16:19  mrsdurff ->  i concur
21:16:33  kcaise ->  jose, are they afraid of rataliation or losing their jobs?
21:16:43  joserodriguez ->  we have about an hour of juice..
21:16:56  mrsdurff ->  juice?
21:16:59  sheila ->  @jose are you using the free wifi?  :)
21:17:01  cheri t ->  How is the teachers' union involved?
21:17:09  joserodriguez ->  not free. on me today
21:17:09  kcaise ->  battery life
21:17:23  mrsdurff ->  hi matthew
21:17:26  joserodriguez ->  The teachers union... a no show...
21:17:39  mathew ->  hello
21:17:45  joserodriguez ->  hi matthew
21:17:59  mathew ->  the hunger strikers didn't show?
21:18:06  joserodriguez ->  where is DS
21:18:10  mrsdurff ->  they are there
21:18:13  cheri t ->  No support from the union?
21:18:13  kcaise ->  the hunger strikers showed
21:18:20  kcaise ->  just not the teacher union
21:18:44  cheri t ->  sounds like they take the teachers' money for their own purposes
21:19:11  mathew ->  how do I get audio?
21:19:23  mathew ->  ok, got audio now
21:19:25  kcaise ->  click on the play button on the utream window
21:19:37  cheri t ->  that's right - i remember that - student walk out in the 70's too
21:19:53  mrsdurff ->  do the participants think the hunger strike is having a positive response? is anything going to change?
21:20:05  cheri t ->  that's good to hear
21:20:12  mrsdurff ->  wb
21:20:14  joserodriguez ->  the response is very postive.. and change?  
21:20:20  joserodriguez ->  not sure?
21:20:53  mrsdurff ->  how is public support?
21:21:14  cheri t ->  are there certain schools that are being targeted?
21:22:02  cheri t ->  exactly
21:22:13  mrsdurff ->  anyone contacting congresspeople directly?
21:22:53  joserodriguez ->  We have Sean Leys here a hunger striker from Lincoln High Schoo ready to speak.
21:23:41  mathew ->  Schools are not individually targeted per se but the lower income schools tend to have the least senior teachers and in some cases are having a larger turnover of staff because there are more probationary teachers losing their jobs at those schools.
21:24:10  cheri t ->  @matthew-that's what I was wondering about
21:24:44  mathew ->  By the same token, higher income schools don't get as much Title I funds
21:24:49  cheri t ->  thank you
21:24:57  sheila ->  Well done!
21:25:23  mrsdurff ->   I haven't cost my school one dollar of supplies but yet i am cut
21:25:24  sheila ->  Hi Cathy and David!
21:25:28  mrsdurff ->  hi david
21:25:31  David _Koch ->  Hi there
21:25:32  mrsdurff ->  hi cathy
21:25:37  cheri t ->  yup
21:25:40  mathew ->  L.A. Times did attack seniority with a series of articles.
21:25:52  joserodriguez ->  hey.. theres
21:25:52  Cathy e ->  Hello everybody
21:25:58  joserodriguez ->  there
21:26:13  mrsdurff ->  are these strikers hungry?
21:26:15  joserodriguez ->  the locoal media wanted to secuester.. my star guest
21:26:40  mrsdurff ->  you are fierce!
21:26:54  sheila ->  Wow! Very organized!
21:26:57  David _Koch ->  Could someone post a link to background on this strike?
21:26:58  joserodriguez ->  we are having a state senator coming onsite
21:27:07  kcaise ->  what is the justification of cutting so many teachers?
21:27:18  cheri t ->  70%? that's outragious
21:27:22  joserodriguez ->  on sec I'll give the netvibes page
21:27:24  mathew ->  They are increasing class size.
21:27:25  kcaise ->  or cutting so many positions?
21:27:28  mrsdurff ->  ooo - can you get the senator on the show?
21:27:28  cheri t ->  $$$$ Kim
21:28:01  mathew ->  There are also many displaced teachers from other schools, they're not all administrators being placed.
21:28:37  sheila ->  Hear honking of support?  Is that the sense they get there from the street?
21:29:31  mrsdurff ->  that is legal?
21:29:34  kcaise ->  oh my goodness, how sad
21:29:41  sheila ->  Teacher jail - never heard that before!
21:29:47  mrsdurff ->  where is his lawyer?
21:30:03  mrsdurff ->  try and put me in jail
21:30:07  mrsdurff ->  just try
21:30:19  joserodriguez ->  L.A. teachers are a special.. breed
21:30:24  mrsdurff ->  that guy needs better lawyers
21:30:30  David _Koch ->  any other canadians in this chat room?
21:30:31  mrsdurff ->  forgot the  union
21:30:52  mrsdurff ->  hi roby
21:31:51  joserodriguez ->  Hey alice
21:31:52  mrsdurff ->  hey alice
21:31:57  cheri t ->  Hi Alice
21:32:03  Alice Mercer ->  Hello
21:32:34  Alice Mercer ->  I'll get it
21:33:04  Alice Mercer ->  http://laschoolboard.org/garciabio
21:33:10  Alice Mercer ->  What about next year though?
21:33:26  mrsdurff ->  i'm still stuck on that teacher jail thing
21:33:40  mrsdurff ->  what about freedom of speech?
21:33:40  sheila ->  and 70 %!
21:33:48  Alice Mercer ->  http://laschoolboard.org/garciacontacts
21:33:49  mrsdurff ->  what about a democracy?
21:34:02  cheri t ->  he's right - it's not an LA issue
21:34:07  mrsdurff ->  is this the 15th century?
21:34:22  joserodriguez ->  I like the that angle.. our inner city is the scapegoat
21:34:23  mrsdurff ->  i may never get over that
21:34:31  Alice Mercer ->  There are some things UNIQUE to california. CTA needs to blow up that 2/3rd for taxes
21:34:43  mathew ->  @Durff, it's not a literal jail
21:34:45  Alice Mercer ->  The mood is right, they need to work it.
21:35:07  mrsdurff ->  if someone is held against their will then that is jail
21:35:19  Alice Mercer ->  L.A. times has NOT covered education ignoring stuff...
21:35:28  Alice Mercer ->  Hey Mathew!
21:35:33  joserodriguez ->  we have the senator..Gloria Romero.. next to us with KPFK.. our local pacifica radio affliate.
21:35:40  sheila ->  . . . making sure the budgets aren't balanced on the back of our students . . .
21:35:50  mathew ->  Should we balance our budget on the backs of our teachers by all taking pay cuts?
21:35:56  Alice Mercer ->  They will be Sheila
21:36:11  joserodriguez ->  we still have 37min left of juice
21:36:13  mrsdurff ->  hi roseman
21:36:16  Alice Mercer ->  I think the feeling is they have to but because NO one believes how bad it is.
21:36:38  sroseman ->  Hi
21:36:53  Alice Mercer ->  There are two choices, doing the cuts, so they can see it's real...
21:37:13  Alice Mercer ->  Or organizing to bring some sanity to budget deliberations in Calif
21:37:39  joserodriguez ->  we are getting some students ready to come in..
21:37:49  joserodriguez ->  as soon as sean is finished
21:38:10  Alice Mercer ->  Texas was playing games squirrelling away stimulus, they don't have the structural deficit that Calif is dealing with
21:38:20  mathew ->  I really think parents need to get upset.  It shouldn't be all up to the teachers.
21:38:39  mrsdurff ->  Jose - the senator?
21:38:41  joserodriguez ->  parents are the silenced majority...
21:38:46  Alice Mercer ->  Question, what are we organizing for though?
21:39:01  joserodriguez ->  next to us.. maybe we can get her to come over... need someone to convince her.
21:39:10  sheila ->  Good luck Sean
21:39:13  mrsdurff ->  send sean
21:39:21  cheri t ->  bye sean
21:39:37  mathew ->  @Alice...I think they want to stop all layoffs and 100% of stimulus money spent now vs. splitting it up for 2 years
21:39:56  kcaise ->  fantastic job jose!
21:39:58  Alice Mercer ->  Well, they will won't that cause a problem next year?
21:40:10  Alice Mercer ->  Cause that's when the you know what hits the fan...
21:40:25  mathew ->  @Alice that's my concern.
21:40:42  mathew ->  But both the administrators' and teachers' unions want all the stimulus spent now vs. waiting.
21:40:53  joserodriguez ->  senator Romero is literally sitting next to me..
21:40:59  Alice Mercer ->  I hate to say it, no one believes this is for real outside of schools cause they impacts aren't until next year.
21:41:02  mrsdurff ->  yeah!!
21:41:13  Alice Mercer ->  We need to organize to overturn 2/3rds budget requirement
21:41:23  mathew ->  @Alice, yes.
21:41:26  mrsdurff ->  they don't believe?
21:41:34  mrsdurff ->  how could anyone doubt?
21:41:49  mathew ->  Even laid off teachers don't quite believe it's happening
21:41:51  sheila ->  Are they allowed to talk aabout it at school?
21:42:05  Alice Mercer ->  They want to have the "fat" cut. Okay, the budget is about 1/4 in deficit, to about $24B
21:42:12  mrsdurff ->  Freedom of Speech
21:42:20  mrsdurff ->  it's in our const
21:42:27  mrsdurff ->  phooey on him
21:42:42  joserodriguez ->  I am the guy walking around the back
21:42:49  mrsdurff ->  as you might guess, i was a difficult student
21:43:03  Alice Mercer ->  One QUARTER of the budget does NOT have revnue to match. And they won't raise taxes (republicans) and THEY can stop the budget. Until that is changed, nothing will change. It's a tyranny of a minority of wingnuts
21:43:32  Alice Mercer ->  Anyway, Mathew you understand the problem?
21:43:58  sheila ->  What are other way students are supporting the teachers/schools/
21:44:02  sheila ->  ?
21:44:12  mrsdurff ->  is this a topic in students' online networks?
21:44:28  JL ->  thx for the questions
21:44:31  JL ->  keep 'em coming
21:45:07  Alice Mercer ->  So Mathew the position of the strikers is spend all the stimulus money now?
21:45:10  sheila ->  Thank you!
21:45:37  mrsdurff ->  where is that senator?
21:45:39  mathew ->  @Alice I missed the first 10 minutes but that's definitely the position of the union.
21:45:41  kcaise ->  super job jeff!
21:45:53  mathew ->  I can't speak for hunger strikers specifically
21:46:01  Alice Mercer ->  Lisa?
21:46:37  mrsdurff ->  ma'am?
21:46:38  Alice Mercer ->  hey ask the state senator, what plans dems have to challenge 2/3rds budget/tax rules?
21:46:42  Alice Mercer ->  Please JL?
21:47:02  mrsdurff ->  yes alice go for it
21:47:08  mrsdurff ->  please
21:47:14  Alice Mercer ->  in a minute
21:47:17  Alice Mercer ->  JL
21:47:23  David _Koch ->  who is coordinating the tech side of this webcast?
21:47:36  sheila ->  Jose
21:47:42  David _Koch ->  the live streaming video is really cool, id' like to learn how to do it
21:47:49  mrsdurff ->  it is a collaboration
21:48:04  sheila ->  true mrsdurff!
21:48:06  Alice Mercer ->  Trying to call you at WB JL, I'm muted
21:48:24  kcaise ->  jeff and jose are the experts
21:48:46  David _Koch ->  what kind of camera is being used?
21:48:58  kcaise ->  webcam
21:50:29  David _Koch ->  weird - everytime i search for something in a new tab, safari logs me out of the chat room
21:50:46  mrsdurff ->  try firefox
21:51:05  David _Koch ->  the chat room wouldn't even show up when i tried firefox
21:51:17  David _Koch ->  maybe i need a new plugin for it?
21:51:19  mrsdurff ->  or maybe two windows instead of two tabs?
21:51:21  JL ->  there are some chat room issues with Mac sometimes
21:51:37  cheri t ->  @david - I have to use Opera
21:51:44  cheri t ->  on my mac
21:51:47  JL ->  btw, some webcasting info (and support community) at http://webcastacademy.net
21:51:49  mrsdurff ->  make sure java is updated too
21:51:54  David _Koch ->  good to know
21:52:03  David _Koch ->  i'm on a powerbook g4
21:53:25  cheri t ->  what about the 25 student/classroom law?
21:53:50  David _Koch ->  @mrsdurff - when i open a second window the new one won't load anything! i guess i'll stick to the one window/tab for now
21:54:03  mrsdurff ->  mmm
21:54:44  mrsdurff ->  maybe two different browsers?
21:55:38  Alice Mercer ->  The folks in my district are largely unaware of LA strike, I don't think it's well regarded by the union powers in CTA/NEA dominated dist. They put ALL their eggs in trying to pass some iniatives to raise taxes, and do other changes to make budget balance
21:55:55  mrsdurff ->  @David this will be archived for listening later
21:56:02  Alice Mercer ->  It didn't pass because it was sacrificing social services outside education, and left hated it.
21:56:08  mathew ->  @Alice it's appreciated but not particularly condoned by L.A. union either.
21:56:25  Alice Mercer ->  The right hated it just because. SO EVERYTHING was on that, and it failed. There is not backup game plan
21:56:37  David _Koch ->  @mrsdurff - this computer is slow enough wiht one browser
21:56:37  Alice Mercer ->  They didn't have enough time to hit 2/3rd and that has failed before
21:56:41  Alice Mercer ->  But the time is ripe.
21:56:57  sheila ->  Thanks for the background info Alice!
21:57:06  Alice Mercer ->  Oakland which is more radical held ANTI-initiative rallies...
21:57:09  mathew ->  I suspect that we're all going to take a pay cut...what they call furlough days
21:57:17  Alice Mercer ->  Yeah DEFINATELY
21:57:37  mathew ->  It's almost a hunger strike to get teachers to act rather than get the district to act
21:57:39  Alice Mercer ->  They can also REDO pinkslips and extend in September.
21:57:42  mathew ->  the district is holding firm
21:57:53  mathew ->  it's the teachers who are going to bend
21:58:00  Alice Mercer ->  I think it's good to bring attention to the issue...
21:58:10  mathew ->  definitely
21:58:24  cheri t ->  night all - thanks Jeff and Jose
21:58:33  Alice Mercer ->  And it needs attention, BUT the long term goal has to be to address the underlying fiscal reality
21:58:35  mrsdurff ->  hi jen
21:58:47  Jen ->  hey
21:58:58  David _Koch ->  A few months ago I heard (here in Montreal, Canada) that California didn't have funds to pay income tax returns. did that get sorted out?
21:59:10  mrsdurff ->  ji carla
21:59:13  Jen ->  many people got IOU's
21:59:14  Alice Mercer ->  battery dying
21:59:24  CarlaArena ->  hey, durff!
21:59:29  CarlaArena ->  here I am...
21:59:30  mrsdurff ->  jose is broadcasting love on ustream
21:59:40  kcaise ->  has the efforts of the hunger strikers been effective?
21:59:49  mrsdurff ->  keep going
21:59:50  CarlaArena ->  oh, I'm listening to jeff
22:00:02  mrsdurff ->  until his battery dies
22:00:09  CarlaArena ->  fun
22:00:11  Jen ->  is Jose on the hunger strike too
22:00:15  sheila ->  So they are on school grounds? I missed that before.
22:00:36  mrsdurff ->  i think so
22:00:39  Alice Mercer ->  @ david, yes, that was settled with budget deal, but blown up with initiatives did not pass.
22:00:49  mrsdurff ->  but probably on the sidewalk
22:00:55  kcaise ->  were teachers let go in the middle of the year?
22:01:06  Alice Mercer ->  Kim only really known among the informed union/teacher types outside of LA
22:01:11  Jen ->  I don't believe so -- just not rehired for next year
22:01:13  mathew ->  @kcaise no teachers let go midyear
22:01:25  Alice Mercer ->  @David, we're about to run out of money in July...
22:01:30  kcaise ->  ok thank you
22:01:44  Alice Mercer ->  And private sector will NOT loan us money without a balanced budget. Which we currently do not have.
22:01:53  mathew ->  At the beginning of next year, let go teachers will be substitutes
22:01:55  joserodriguez ->  no I am not the hunger strike.. myself.. couldn't hurt.. I do need to go on a diet. :-)
22:02:03  David _Koch ->  @aAlice Mercer - what do you mean blown up with initiatives that did not pass?
22:02:03  mathew ->  with full benefits as long as they work 1 day a month
22:03:07  Alice Mercer ->  There was a budget deal with sales tax rise, and cuts, and other stuff, to get budget in order and address structural deficit. BUT it didn't pass at end of May
22:03:09  mathew ->  I'm still afraid that spending all the money now will mean twice as many cuts next year
22:03:13  joserodriguez ->  we do have one more person..
22:03:16  mrsdurff ->  subs with benefits? i duobt that
22:03:25  mathew ->  @mrsdurff it's in our contract
22:03:26  mrsdurff ->  they won't get the benefits
22:03:35  mathew ->  if you have worked 100 days the previous year, you get benefits
22:03:35  Alice Mercer ->  Yes @Mrsdurff
22:03:42  Jen ->  do not understand how the hunger strike will change their minds -- since it harms them in no way -- what other things can be done that would affect a chance perhaps in a way that might affect the decision makers more???  Just wondering not judging
22:03:43  Alice Mercer ->  Mathew my dist is doing the same
22:03:49  mrsdurff ->  you really think they will honor the contracts?
22:03:57  joserodriguez ->  we are starting to get a pretty big crowd
22:04:03  Alice Mercer ->  @ jen it keeps attn on issue, but I worry about the long term plan
22:04:04  mathew ->  @mrsdurff the contract has been honored and will be honored
22:04:06  Jen ->  should we call TV??
22:04:10  mathew ->  the layoffs have been done by the book
22:04:23  joserodriguez ->  about 5min left of juice...
22:04:41  David _Koch ->   ok so are these layoffs a result of the state budget problems? or ostensibly so?
22:04:45  Alice Mercer ->  Spending the stimulus money upfront will not take care of the long term problem.
22:04:50  joserodriguez ->  so if we disappear.. you know why
22:04:51  Jen ->  yes I agree it does stay noticed -- but still, it does not affect the decision makers more than just an embarassment -- wonder what else can be done
22:05:12  Alice Mercer ->  Yep @David, the state has been out of wack on budget BEFORE the recession.
22:05:17  sheila ->  @Jose - This has been great! Will share with teachers in NH!
22:05:28  Alice Mercer ->  Did GO Bonds to patch holes in revenue
22:05:43  Alice Mercer ->  JL I"m still here if you want to chat after Jose's battery dies
22:05:52  David _Koch ->  i'd like to know what's happening with the prison budget compared with education in California
22:06:03  Alice Mercer ->  @david, it sucks
22:06:14  kcaise ->  how did it get rescinded
22:06:32  joserodriguez ->  3min..
22:06:33  mrsdurff ->  callbacks?
22:06:34  Alice Mercer ->  Sorry for language but 3 strikes is messing and the onlly union with more cloat at state than teachers is the Correctional Officers
22:06:43  kcaise ->  obama said in his inauguration speech that no teachers would lose their jobs
22:06:51  joserodriguez ->  I'll come in and say bye in a min.
22:06:55  Jen ->  obama says a lot of things
22:06:57  mrsdurff ->  and you beleive that?
22:06:58  kcaise ->  strange that that hasnt happened
22:07:03  Alice Mercer ->  @kcaise, Feds not willing to back fill the hole that is our budget
22:07:05  kcaise ->  no, not for a second
22:07:23  mrsdurff ->  good, because i lost mine
22:07:24  Alice Mercer ->  And to a certain degree, we need to fix it ourselves, it's been in structural deficit for a while
22:07:49  kcaise ->  what are you going to do durff?
22:07:53  Jen ->  this is not just an overnight issue in CA -- it has been escalating for quite a while -- yet being ignored.
22:08:02  Alice Mercer ->  @Jen exactly!
22:08:05  kcaise ->  very true jen
22:08:08  sheila ->  Need to go! Good luck hunger strikers!
22:08:15  joserodriguez ->  let's wrwrap it up bebefore wie dissapperar
22:08:17  Jen ->  promises by ougovernment -- were renigged on
22:08:23  Jen ->  meaning our state government
22:08:27  sheila ->  Thanks Jose and JL for an interesting evening!
22:08:29  David _Koch ->  if prison/police spending is going up and education spending is going down, that's cause for alarm. i don't know if that's the case w/california's budget, but i think that's worth checking out
22:08:29  Alice Mercer ->  And residents have VERY unrealistic ideas about budget and costs
22:08:33  Jen ->  promises that education would be a priority were forgotten
22:08:34  joserodriguez ->  now.. jeff
22:08:42  joserodriguez ->  1min
22:08:42  kcaise ->  bye jose
22:08:51  kcaise ->  tell everyone we support them
22:08:52  mrsdurff ->  what about online ed?
22:08:56  joserodriguez ->  i am the video
22:08:58  kcaise ->  and will try to get the word out
22:09:03  Alice Mercer ->  @david, both are going down, and ed in last few years went up greater than COLA and per capita/student
22:09:08  alexr ->  Thanks Jose! 
22:09:24  David _Koch ->  very interesting stuff, thanks all!
22:09:26  mrsdurff ->  summary jose
22:09:31  Jen ->  is alice right there too??
22:09:57  CarlaArena ->  thanks, jose
22:10:19  alexr ->  @Jen -- I believe Alice is at home.
22:10:23  Alice Mercer ->  They are talking about cutting CalWorks, so no welfare: http://www.sacbee.com/topstories/story/1917387.html?storylink=omni_popular
22:10:25  CarlaArena ->  hahaha as always, Jeff, not keeping up with the chat!
22:10:30  Alice Mercer ->  @jen I'm in Sacramento
22:10:59  Jen ->  is this the first activist edtechtalk??
22:11:23  kcaise ->  great stuff for EFL bridges jeff
22:11:30  mrsdurff ->  an edtechtalk first?
22:11:54  David _Koch ->   be interested in setting up a webcast like this - i'm an aspiring reporter and i like the format! if you're interested , my twitter handle is davidgkoch
22:12:31  Jen ->  clapping
22:12:38  mrsdurff ->  jose is on th bleeding edge
22:12:50  JL ->  http://tinychat.com/edtechtalk
22:13:22  CarlaArena ->  no kidding, Jeff, can't stick around too much...
22:13:26  joserodriguez ->  bye all..
22:13:33  CarlaArena ->  bye jose
22:13:41  joserodriguez ->  thanks sooooooo much for your support
22:13:47  kcaise ->  arrested?
22:13:57  joserodriguez ->  yes 39
22:14:00  mrsdurff ->  that is what she said
22:14:05  mrsdurff ->  in america
22:14:06  kcaise ->  trespassing?
22:14:13  mrsdurff ->  in the 21st century
22:14:22  kcaise ->  end of the battery
22:14:26  mrsdurff ->  i think the battery died
22:14:41  David _Koch ->  what were the teacher's charged with?
22:14:44  kcaise ->  did she say what she was arrested for
22:14:50  David _Koch ->  *teachers
22:14:57  mathew ->  teachers did a sit-in outside district hq
22:14:59  kcaise ->  this has been awesome
22:15:04  mathew ->  and were arrested along with union officers
22:15:10  kcaise ->  oh that is right, i forgot about that
22:15:15  mathew ->  in leau of a one day strike which was shot down by court
22:15:26  mrsdurff ->  but why?
22:15:31  kcaise ->  thank you for clarifying that matthew
22:15:36  mrsdurff ->  and why in america?
22:15:40  David _Koch ->  wow, interesting
22:16:01  mrsdurff ->  not at all clarified to me
22:16:28  David _Koch ->  is there much history of civil disobedience among the teachers' union?
22:16:38  mathew ->  @David...not really
22:17:03  David _Koch ->  it is quite interesting to see labour getting more militant -- there was also the window factory occupation in illinois
22:17:41  mrsdurff ->  those who vote send their kids to private school
22:18:30  kcaise ->  i agree too jeff
22:18:39  kcaise ->  yes we are
22:18:51  David _Koch ->  workers were being laid off without any severance pay or back wages. bank of america refused to bankroll the company -- but the union occupied the factory and won. obama publicly supported them.
22:19:15  mrsdurff ->  amen alice
22:19:24  kcaise ->  they invested the money in the stock market that was earmarked for textbooks
22:19:29  kcaise ->  and it was lost
22:19:41  mrsdurff ->  have the voters read the constitution?
22:19:43  kcaise ->  so now textbooks couldn't be purchased
22:19:49  kcaise ->  thank you all
22:19:50  David _Koch ->  sorry i don't have a link to a report, but i think that's all true. it was quite recent..
22:20:22  kcaise ->  more of a CYA
22:20:35  kcaise ->  the governator
22:20:38  kcaise ->  bye all
22:20:39  mrsdurff ->  nite
22:20:42  David _Koch ->  cheers
22:21:02  kcaise ->  thanks jeff
22:21:15  CarlaArena ->  bye jeff
22:21:24  JL ->  thanks all
22:21:39  JL ->  hello and bye carla
22:21:56  JL ->  still look forward to connecting soon about EFLBridges and other fun stuff
22:22:08  CarlaArena ->  hey, jeff. sure! will do it
22:22:20  CarlaArena ->  will wait for you
22:23:14  JL ->  hmmm - sounds dangerous
22:23:18  JL ->  we should set a date
22:23:25  JL ->  when are you not BBQ'ing?
22:23:43  CarlaArena ->  well, i just bbq on sundays!
22:23:53  CarlaArena ->  but party everyday!!! hehehe
22:24:03  JL ->  ah, the life of Carla!
22:24:13  CarlaArena ->  busy busy but fun
22:42:35  Alice Mercer ->  JL if you are still there, can you include this link? http://media.sacbee.com/smedia/2009/04/29/13/G082008_3W20BUDGETSPEND.sou...
22:43:46  Alice Mercer ->  Also, dh says local assembly member is running for statewide office. If we promise him folks from LA, he might bite at coming on? Since he's running for office, he will likely not be forthright.

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