Post-Show description: 

Join Alice, Bob and I as we speak to two different guests. We speak to Doug Taylor from Podcast People one of our favorite podcasting sites. Then we move to Arcademicskillbuilders with Dave  Scherrer. We were surprised and joined by many preservice teachers in the chat room. After we spent time helping them to find the audio things quieted down, until Skype stopped and Cheryl was left talking on the stream. You just never know! Enjoy the show.



19:18:57 ksample -> Hey guys!
19:19:56 bobsprankle -> Hi all!
19:21:48 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Hi everyone! We're getting ready
19:23:53 bobsprankle -> Hi Doug!
19:23:59 Doug Taylor -> Hi Gang
19:24:07 katydfalk -> Hi guys!
19:26:29 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Hi everyone GEtting ready!
19:29:11 bobsprankle -> can you hear sound?
19:29:24 carolteach4 -> nothing yet
19:29:27 Doug Taylor -> I can't
19:29:58 bobsprankle -> how bout now?
19:30:01 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hello all,
19:30:16 cheryloakes~seedlings -> getting all ready, sound check?
19:30:19 bobsprankle -> sound?
19:31:08 carolteach4 -> yes,sound
19:31:25 cheryloakes~seedlings -> thanks for the sound check!
19:32:54 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hello all, so glad you are here with us.
19:32:59 PeggyG -> Hi all! great to see you!
19:33:07 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Peggy!
19:33:09 alicebarr (seedlings) ->
19:33:15 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Evening Annefraser
19:33:30 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Scott and lking1 hi carolteach4!!!
19:33:36 lking1 -> hello
19:33:43 carolteach4 -> hi
19:33:45 lking1 -> should we be clicking on this link?
19:34:04 cheryloakes~seedlings -> The link will kick you out of the chat, but it is a good resource
19:34:19 leah -> Hi
19:34:30 alicebarr (seedlings) ->
19:34:34 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Welcome to this chat,and webcast and soon to be a podcast!
19:34:40 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Evening Leah
19:34:59 leah -> Evening
19:35:00 cheryloakes~seedlings -> hello ksardis, katydfalk,ksample Hi Erebusd13
19:35:05 katydfalk -> Hi there
19:35:08 carolteach4 -> If he "floats and docks" from toolbar at the bottom, should he be able to click on link and not get booted out of chat?
19:35:08 shana.goldstein -> hello
19:35:13 Michele -> Hi everyone.
19:35:19 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi datmuffy, draba
19:35:24 draba -> Hello all.
19:35:30 datmuffy24 -> hi
19:35:32 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hello Michele,
19:35:35 lking1 -> Cheryl where are you?
19:35:38 ksample -> who are you, cheryl?
19:35:44 leah -> Eric! welcome!
19:35:47 Michele -> Hi Eric.
19:35:48 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Bob, Chery and Alice are in maine.
19:35:54 ericnally -> welcome Leah
19:36:06 cheryloakes~seedlings -> We are a group called the seedlings, we produce this webcast by teachers for teachers.
19:36:13 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hello sjordan and Eric
19:36:19 ericnally -> Hello
19:36:32 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi shana.goldstein
19:36:49 Michele -> Should we get going?
19:36:50 cheryloakes~seedlings -> welcome to all you folks who are here for the first time.
19:36:54 PeggyG -> wow! my typing is coming up really slow!!
19:36:57 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Everyone able to hear?
19:37:01 shana.goldstein -> no
19:37:02 ericnally -> no
19:37:03 katydfalk -> no
19:37:03 Michele -> No sound here
19:37:08 lking1 -> no we don't have volume or speakers
19:37:36 cheryloakes~seedlings -> OH, on the side you will see participate live and some itune speakers, real player and windows media, click on that and you willhear sound
19:37:49 PeggyG ->
19:37:50 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Peggy, my text speed is ok
19:37:58 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Thanks Cheryl. My typing is very slow too
19:37:58 ksample -> so this podcast people site looks like it lets you make free podcasts
19:38:06 ksample -> could be cool for literature circles
19:38:17 alicebarr (seedlings) -> @ksample nice idea
19:38:30 cheryloakes~seedlings -> ksample, that is what Doug Taylor will talk about.
19:38:32 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Hey bmcnaboe!
19:38:37 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Benmcnaboe!
19:38:40 bmcnaboe -> Hi Everyone!
19:38:51 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi tekteech7.
19:39:26 cheryloakes~seedlings -> It seems like there are many new folks, welcome. Can we ask where you followed a link from? Twitter, facebook, seedlings, PBS?
19:39:55 leah -> we got an email
19:40:05 leah -> from our teach and just clicked the link
19:40:05 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Podcast people is really easy use!
19:40:21 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Great Leah, was the email from Seedlings ning?
19:40:41 Michele -> Gmail directing us to EdTech
19:40:44 leah -> I'm not sure where our professor got the link from.
19:40:53 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Great, who is your professor?
19:41:05 annefraser -> twitter
19:41:10 Michele -> John Elfrank-Dana
19:41:13 ericnally -> Dr. John Elfrank
19:41:20 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Oh, what university?
19:41:27 katydfalk -> Fordham
19:41:41 katydfalk -> I logged out and logged back in - still no sound
19:42:12 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Twitter helps out tremendously. Fordham, well, that is great, one time we had a class final on the other show i was on Women of Web. So, welcome and join in.
19:42:23 leah -> Is this not productive without sound? because my sound application is locked
19:42:32 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Are some of you pres ervice teachers?
19:42:40 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Katydfalk, please find the speaker on the right hand side of the page of edtechtalk
19:43:23 cheryloakes~seedlings -> do you see the speakers on the side? click on one of the choices
19:43:53 lking1 -> we can't download the speaker
19:43:58 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Do you see the speakers in the upper right corner?
19:44:03 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Click once on it
19:44:18 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Should launch in iTunes or Realplayer or Windows Media
19:44:43 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Should just launch a window that you can hear in
19:45:04 katydfalk -> I launched Realplayer but no sound....hmmmm...
19:45:09 alicebarr (seedlings) -> IF not, this gets archived so that you can download and listen as a podcast
19:45:14 bobsprankle -> Welcome preservice teachers!!
19:45:40 alicebarr (seedlings) -> @katydfalk Did you click on Edtech A?
19:45:44 katydfalk -> yes
19:45:47 katydfalk -> Professor here now
19:45:51 katydfalk -> he will download sound for us
19:45:59 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Has anyone else tried this.
19:46:14 cheryloakes~seedlings -> try and get the etta to work? Peggy what are you listening to?
19:46:51 alicebarr (seedlings) -> @bmcnaboe Which channel are you listening to?
19:48:19 PeggyG -> I think it would be great to have a trial option for university students!
19:48:47 alicebarr (seedlings) -> How are we doing with sound new folks?
19:48:56 ericnally -> not good
19:49:04 ericnally -> loaded real player, but no avail
19:49:08 carolteach4 -> Three days is definitely not enough for a trial. Just the day to day business of teaching interferes often, and 3 days could go by without even getting to touch the application.
19:49:13 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Peggy what are you listening on.
19:49:17 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Ok ericnally do you have iTunes?
19:49:21 PeggyG -> iTunes-ETT-A
19:49:27 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Carolteach4 which are you listening too?
19:49:37 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Oh, thanks itunes is working.
19:49:45 ericnally -> no i just have real player
19:49:58 ericnally -> had to download it
19:50:04 PeggyG -> audio is great for me but the bandwidth seems to be an issue for the chat--keep getting frozen! Some days are just like that...
19:50:06 carolteach4 -> I'm connecting through Real Audio - clicked on the black speaker icon under ETT A
19:50:19 cheryloakes~seedlings -> do you have to restart? to get real player going
19:50:22 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Try right clicking on the icon
19:51:26 ericnally -> it's already going, but there is no sound
19:51:44 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi jelfrank, welcome.
19:51:45 PeggyG -> I think there's definitely something to be said for anyone to have a trial period of at least a month before they commit to paying for the service. They need to know how easy it is to use and be "hooked" to decide to pay to subscribe.
19:51:46 leah -> *)
19:51:51 alicebarr (seedlings) -> @PEggyG could they hear us through the Ustream on the right or would we have to be broadcasting in Ustream?
19:52:07 carolteach4 -> I suggest you close out of Real Player, and then click on the speaker again and get Real Audio going again.
19:52:14 PeggyG -> you would have to be broadcasting through ustream
19:52:16 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Ericnally, sorry you are having such a problem. Usually people click on any of the players and they get sound.
19:52:19 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Thanks Carol.
19:52:24 alicebarr (seedlings) -> @carolteach4 great idea. Thanks
19:52:39 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Support is huge!
19:52:45 cheryloakes~seedlings -> alice we would have to ustream, something we iwll learn this summer.
19:53:00 alicebarr (seedlings) -> OK thanks cheryl
19:53:22 ericnally -> ok, it's going, but i have no external speakers, so i can barely hear from the computer tower, sorry.  thanks anyway
19:53:38 cheryloakes~seedlings -> OH, eric you must get some earbuds!
19:53:51 cheryloakes~seedlings -> borrow some!!
19:54:11 cheryloakes~seedlings -> We will be here next Thurs. talking about Assistive Technology on our show.
19:54:29 PeggyG -> did you use podcastpeople for your room 208 podcast Bob?
19:54:58 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Peggy, I'll answer, we used podcast people for workshops and getting people on board.
19:55:11 ericnally -> thanks
19:55:21 PeggyG -> thanks Cheryl
19:55:26 cheryloakes~seedlings -> sure.
19:55:28 carolteach4 -> Can he clarify? For the $8.00 a month, can multiple teachers use it?
19:56:22 carolteach4 -> Yes
19:56:29 PeggyG -> that makes a lot of sense Bob!! What an easy way for teachers to get started!
19:56:30 cheryloakes~seedlings -> isn't that great!!!
19:57:07 carolteach4 -> That's great!  Can you pay by month, or do you have to sign up for a number of months.
19:57:15 PeggyG -> can you record skype calls for the podcasts on the site?
19:57:30 leah -> Thanks for the shoutout
19:58:10 cheryloakes~seedlings -> You bet, we love preservice teachers. Please check out SEEDLINGS, we have a ning and love to get groups going to answer questions.
19:58:37 alicebarr (seedlings) ->
19:58:38 lking1 -> What's a ning?
19:58:41 cheryloakes~seedlings ->
19:59:01 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Ning is a social network groups with purpose. OUrs is teachers teaching teachers.
19:59:19 alicebarr (seedlings) -> A ning is collaborative space and social network for sharing work
19:59:33 alicebarr (seedlings) -> WE have a second guest tonight as well
19:59:35 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Thanks to your professor for sending you here tonight! Ask him if he would like a class to be a show sometime.
19:59:41 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Kim,
19:59:51 PeggyG -> Hi Kim
19:59:53 cheryloakes~seedlings -> [email protected]
20:00:02 kcaise -> hi everyone
20:00:03 carolteach4 -> If students create .wmv videos with Photostory3 - or even videos with I-movie, can those be uploaded to the site?
20:00:06 jelfrank -> what's the difference between a "ning" and the groups we had in usenet?
20:00:13 alicebarr (seedlings) -> HI kcasie!
20:00:33 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Ning is more web 2.0, read write web, interactive  and you can create your own!
20:00:52 jelfrank -> thanks
20:00:53 carolteach4 -> Are you Eastern Standard Time?
20:01:00 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Ning has a blog space, groups and other socialnetwork features
20:01:03 carolteach4 -> or Pacific
20:01:05 jelfrank -> yes
20:01:05 PeggyG -> thanks Doug!
20:01:08 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Yes we are EST
20:01:15 carolteach4 -> Interesting!
20:01:28 carolteach4 -> I was wondering if Doug was EST?
20:01:43 alicebarr (seedlings) -> HI Doug!
20:01:45 nancyvonw -> HI everyone- so glad to join Seedlings LIVE from Madrid- unable to sleep
20:01:51 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Great job tonight!
20:01:53 carolteach4 -> I know you guys are. Remember, I live in CT but Maine is home.
20:01:55 dougtaylor -> Hi Alice
20:02:16 carolteach4 -> Hi, Nancy- Madrid, Spain??????
20:02:29 alicebarr (seedlings) -> @carolteach Forgot Maine was home :)
20:02:44 jelfrank -> Holla from Fordham University... got my MLT class here
20:02:53 PeggyG -> wow Nancy-welcome!
20:03:06 jelfrank -> there's about 15 of us.
20:03:16 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Hi @jefrank your students have been asking good questions!
20:03:28 jelfrank -> glad to hear it, just got here
20:03:34 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Great that you were able to come tonight!
20:03:41 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Hi deb barrows!
20:03:48 nancyvonw -> Si, Madrid Spain. I'm an international educator at the American school here
20:03:50 PeggyG -> it's so great to have all of you with us tonight! I am a retired university teacher ed professor from Arizona State University and love seeing preservice teachers learning about web 2.0 things :-)
20:03:50 debbarrows -> Good evening everyone!
20:03:56 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Hi Nancy You must be up early!
20:04:38 PeggyG -> tweetmencement?? what a clever idea!!
20:04:51 carolteach4 -> Can you put the twitter address in the chat?
20:04:55 PeggyG -> did you say to go to
20:05:08 carolteach4 -> I lost what you said after # sign
20:05:21 bobsprankle -> #class09
20:05:33 PeggyG -> great-thanks Bob
20:05:44 nancyvonw -> It's 2am here. I've tried getting up in the middle of the night before, just happen to be awake tonight!
20:06:05 jelfrank -> beats listening to the commencement address...
20:06:12 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Oh nancyvonw, glad you are spending time with us!
20:06:19 carolteach4 -> I'm on Twitter, but I don't understand hash tag
20:06:21 jelfrank -> # ?
20:06:28 PeggyG -> short and sweet, huh?? :-)
20:06:40 carolteach4 -> pound
20:06:47 carolteach4 -> ?
20:06:52 alicebarr (seedlings) -> TAgs are a fantastic way to be able to search out information
20:07:08 alicebarr (seedlings) -> BAsically they help categorize all this information on the web
20:07:18 cheryloakes~seedlings ->
20:08:06 PeggyG ->
20:08:09 cheryloakes~seedlings -> OH, I am sorry you are still writingreports, but glad you are here
20:08:34 can'tbelieveI'mstillwritngreports -> thanks, Cheryl...multi-tasking
20:08:36 PeggyG -> I find the hashtags really helpful for following tweets on Tweetdeck!
20:08:38 nancyvonw -> Have used # and conf name during conf sessions to share ideas online while in a esession
20:08:49 annefraser -> is the word for # - octothorpe
20:09:06 alicebarr (seedlings) -> @PeggyG I have been using Nambu for twitter and have found the hashtags valuable as well
20:09:15 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Especially during conferences
20:09:18 PeggyG -> in tweetdeck they will all appear in one column if you save the search with the hashtags
20:09:22 can'tbelieveI'mstillwritngreports -> you guys are giving me a second wind!
20:09:36 PeggyG -> I use Nambu on my iphone and love it!
20:09:47 alicebarr (seedlings) -> @PeggyG Me too
20:09:53 PeggyG -> I'll never remember that big word!!
20:09:54 carolteach4 -> octothorpe - cool
20:10:13 alicebarr (seedlings) -> That's what the # sign is
20:10:30 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Sign is? (Meant to ask question
20:10:40 carolteach4 -> I wish one of you would do a blog post explaining hashtags and twitterdeck in detail
20:10:48 PeggyG -> the technical name for the # sign...
20:11:02 carolteach4 -> I found Bob and Cheryl through EdTechTalk, and there has been no going back.
20:11:12 cheryloakes~seedlings -> we will try and get some blogs about this!
20:11:25 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Thanks CarolTeach4, yeah!
20:12:09 carolteach4 -> What's the link to the site?
20:12:27 carolteach4 -> spelling?
20:12:28 cheryloakes~seedlings -> we are talking about
20:12:34 cheryloakes~seedlings ->
20:12:36 PeggyG -> you really need to see Tweetdeck to understand it's value--take a look at their website.
20:12:39 alicebarr (seedlings) ->
20:13:32 cheryloakes~seedlings -> sometimes when you click on links, you get bumped out of the chat, but just come right back
20:14:37 cheryloakes~seedlings -> This is a great site for practicing skills
20:14:55 PeggyG -> This site gives a nice explanation of hashtags
20:14:59 cheryloakes~seedlings ->
20:15:00 carolteach4 -> Is this just elementary or middle school as well?
20:15:14 cheryloakes~seedlings -> both carolteachr
20:15:31 carolteach4 -> @peggy - thanks!
20:16:00 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Yea here comes the author!
20:16:06 can'tbelieveI'mstillwritngreports -> just played simple addition - I won but only 95% correct
20:16:13 carolteach4 -> I had about 20 kids in my computer lab for club this afternoon. Wish I'd know about this. Oh well, next year!
20:16:32 PeggyG -> it would have been perfect for your computer lab kids, carolteach4!!
20:17:17 PeggyG -> how do you play the game with us with audio only?
20:17:38 cheryloakes~seedlings -> lost sound, be right back
20:18:02 cheryloakes~seedlings -> we will be here in 20 seconds
20:18:06 PeggyG -> do the smartest kids win in these games?
20:18:23 PeggyG -> I'm still hearing the audio stream :-)
20:18:27 cheryloakes~seedlings -> hello, we are back,
20:18:41 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I thought I lost the stream for a few seconds.
20:18:49 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hello richtm45, welcome
20:18:56 PeggyG -> Welcome Dave!! Great to have you here!
20:19:35 richtm45 -> Hi I am lost I am in a computer class and need to join Seedlings from 7:30 to 8:30 am I in the right place?
20:19:54 alicebarr (seedlings) -> @richtm45 Yes you are in the right place
20:20:02 PeggyG -> what a great line!! :-)
20:20:08 carolteach4 -> @richtm45 - you are definitely in the right place - welcome- join the family fun
20:20:24 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Remember that tomorrow you will be able to listen to this as a podcast, and have the chat available with all the great links. Plus we have a whole bunch of links at Delicious
20:20:36 richtm45 -> So not to be dumb but what do I do now??
20:20:43 cheryloakes~seedlings -> richtm45, you are in the right place.
20:21:16 cheryloakes~seedlings -> you see the chat, well to the right, there are some buttons, the speaker is itunes, realy player and windows media
20:21:28 cheryloakes~seedlings -> you can hear the show
20:21:38 carolteach4 -> I can hardly wait to show this to our CMT (Connecticut Master Test)math tutor to use with his students.
20:21:39 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi matt m.
20:21:40 alicebarr (seedlings) ->
20:21:53 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Carol, let us know how it goes.
20:21:54 PeggyG -> that sounds like a powerful motivator Bob!
20:22:09 cheryloakes~seedlings -> this is a great  site for students to practice.
20:22:13 carolteach4 -> I will. Maybe on the Ning
20:22:26 PeggyG -> I'm playing dirtbike for proportions and it's really fun!!
20:23:04 carolteach4 -> @Peggy - you are a better multi-tasker than I.
20:23:16 alicebarr (seedlings) -> OH cool a private geameroom!
20:23:24 cheryloakes~seedlings -> oh, i like the option for a subscription, and the teacher can see the scores
20:23:29 PeggyG -> had to stop though--couldn't concentrate on the math part :-)
20:23:41 cheryloakes~seedlings -> yes, Peggy, that was me.
20:23:54 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Debbarrows!
20:24:04 PeggyG -> I like that the games work in multiple operating systems and browsers!
20:24:09 carolteach4 -> Hopefully, it's not too expensive. Hopefully, there will still be a free component.
20:24:20 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Yes Peggy, working across platforms is a great thing
20:25:01 PeggyG -> and there's nothing to download, right?
20:25:08 cheryloakes~seedlings -> nothing to download!
20:25:43 PeggyG -> what does it cost after the free trial period and how long does the free trial last?
20:26:05 cheryloakes~seedlings -> right now all Peggy.
20:26:20 PeggyG ->
20:26:26 alicebarr (seedlings) ->
20:26:38 cheryloakes~seedlings -> this is such a great thing!
20:27:05 richtm45 -> Can anyone tell me how I logg out?? I am completely lost
20:27:05 PeggyG -> fantastic!! this could be a really fun way for kids to maintain their math skills over the summer vacation!!
20:27:36 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Richtm45, what are you trying to do? Logout from the show?
20:27:41 richtm45 -> Yes
20:27:52 alicebarr (seedlings) -> @richtm45 No you can never leave! Just kidding :)
20:28:01 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Just close the window and you will be out, but then close the auidio player.
20:28:07 richtm45 -> that was cute
20:28:12 PeggyG -> what a fantastic resource!!!
20:28:12 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Just close the browser tab
20:28:28 cheryloakes~seedlings -> We want to help you make this come back another time.
20:28:39 richtm45 -> Well I can not hear anything
20:28:54 cheryloakes~seedlings -> download itunes and real player then come back and try
20:28:54 alicebarr (seedlings) -> Did you try the speakers in the upper right corner
20:28:56 carolteach4 -> I just played dirt bike and came in second -cool!
20:29:10 PeggyG -> you're really good carol!!
20:29:20 PeggyG -> could you do it without paper/pencil??
20:29:31 carolteach4 -> Well, I think that was the easy level.
20:30:14 carolteach4 -> Any idea of what the price range will be?
20:30:19 PeggyG -> I'm visiting a 5th grade grandson right now who plays Wii every day so I can't wait to share this with him!!
20:30:30 can'tbelieveI'mstillwritngreports -> we'll give it a go this week...looks exciting for kids
20:30:37 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi mjmonty, welcome
20:30:46 mjmonty -> hey cheryl
20:30:55 cheryloakes~seedlings -> it looks like a good summer thing to keep up with
20:31:14 cheryloakes~seedlings -> hello again matt
20:31:20 carolteach4 -> We have a math team after school. This would be fun.
20:31:25 mmontagne -> hey again!
20:31:32 cheryloakes~seedlings -> oh, fun for the math team
20:31:57 carolteach4 -> @Matt - hi-didn't connect with you at TeachersTeachingTeachers last night - good show
20:32:08 kcaise -> i agree @cheryl
20:33:03 richtm45 -> Hey anyone tell me how I veiw the shows?? Would I get more out of the shows.
20:33:18 cheryloakes~seedlings -> tug of addition, put your name in as seedname   tugboat battle coming up post show. see you there soon.
20:33:39 mmontagne -> @carol...agreed...that was a fantastic webcast last night...incredible
20:33:43 cheryloakes~seedlings -> richtm45, all there is is the audio and chat room.
20:34:23 alicebarr (seedlings) -> @richtm45 go to all of our shows are archived there
20:34:29 cheryloakes~seedlings ->    go here post show
20:35:14 carolteach4 -> I have that window open behind the floating chat. What game and what name?
20:35:18 cheryloakes~seedlings -> tug of addition
20:35:19 PeggyG -> what a fun thing to do!!!
20:35:20 kcaise -> what an awesome story!
20:35:33 bobsprankle -> Thank you so much to all!
20:35:35 alicebarr (seedlings) ->
20:35:42 kcaise -> great idea bob
20:35:43 bobsprankle -> esp. hanging in with the glitches!
20:35:46 PeggyG -> thanks for telling us about these wonderful resources!!
20:35:56 PeggyG -> what glitches?? :-)
20:35:59 carolteach4 -> Thanks for this really neat resource show!
20:36:01 mmontagne -> hey Cheryl...ETBS is coming up at the top of the hour...plenty of time here
20:36:26 alicebarr (seedlings) -> PRIVATE GAME
20:36:28 PeggyG -> thanks all! great show! :-)
20:36:33 carolteach4 -> It would be fun if some join ETBS to share the results of the game.
20:36:34 PeggyG -> night all
20:36:37 cheryloakes~seedlings -> ok thanks matt
20:37:08 kcaise -> nite all
20:37:22 bobsprankle -> night all!
20:47:59 carolteach4 -> Oh, the music scared me. I was playing a math game when the song came on, and I realized I hadn't closed the Real Audio window.
20:48:49 carolteach4 -> The game was kind of fun-can't believe I missed some - case of clicking on wrong number too quickly and not that I can't add.
20:49:40 mmontagne -> sorry 'bout that
20:54:57 sheila -> Wow! Lots of people already in the chat room! Hi all!


After the Seedlings webcast, I joined the group testing the games at Just doing the basic addition was fun, even for me as an adult. Last week, I had several classes in the lab with their social studies teacher finishing up a webquest on Ancient Rome. When they were done with the quest, I invited them to form teams with their teacher's last name and their initials and go out to the site and practice their math skills. They absolutely loved it - went beyond what I'd shown them and formed their own password-protected games. Many 7th graders still have trouble with basic multipliction tables, even the advanced kids. So even the really easy games gave them a chance to develop fluency in multiplication, division, etc. Some of the kids were testing the harder games involving ratio and proportion and fractions. While these games will not replace math instruction (and are not designed as such), they are certainly a nice addition to the mix. I am not sure how the subscription part will fly with schools so strapped for money, but hopefully, the designer will keep the free side of the games available.