SEEDlings 2009-6-25

Post-Show description: 

We plan for NECC and a possible fall student show with Ben squared. See you in September. Happy Summer one and all!

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sheila -> Hi all!
alicebarr ->  Hi Sheila Can you hear us?
sheila ->  yes, on etta
alicebarr ->  Awesome! Thanks
sheila ->  I like Alice's new twitter avatar!
bobsprankle ->  hi sheila
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  hello, awesome
sheila ->  Hi  :)
alicebarr ->  Oh thanks... Turned green for Iran but I like it
bobsprankle ->  hi Ben!
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  hello ben and annefraser and shelia, welcome?
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  I mean welcome!
bobsprankle ->  hi anne!
annefraser ->  hi all
sheila ->  Wait until next week at NECC, taking down twitter.
bobsprankle ->  right, sheila!
sheila ->  And we saw the sun today!
sheila ->  Amanda?
sheila ->  Google bowling? Don't need to bring your ball?
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Oh, yes shelia, twitter will go down.
annefraser ->  where can you find the podcasts for necc
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  anne, they will archive and post after the conference
annefraser ->  great
sheila ->  NECC unplugged -
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  thanks shelia!
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  hello Sarah S
Sarah S ->  Hey there  - getting ready for NECC!
sheila ->  will put that in my planner - WOW reunion.
Sarah S ->  I'm so overbooked in my planner . . I see it more as choices than overbooking, though
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  yes SArah, and Adinasullivan just posted on twitter, that she melted outside. shorts tee shirts, sandels, summer
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  what do you think of a student show? connected to seedlings
Sarah S ->  (Mom on the phone - brb)
bobsprankle ->  hi sarah!
sheila ->  That's great, Ben!
sheila ->  Matt's Gator Radio is part of his school not ETT that I know of. This could be the first!
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Oh, thanks, Shelia, they might be good to have on the show too.
alicebarr ->  Thank Sheila
cheryloakes~seedlings ->   It will be fun
sheila ->  Wow! All student run! Impressive!
sheila ->  How did this come about?
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  their high school has advisor advisee groups and they really work
sheila ->  Administration is obviously supportive! And the rest of the staff?
alicebarr ->  @Sheila. Our principal is a real advocate of student voice
alicebarr ->  Buy in
bobsprankle ->  so awesome
sheila ->  ayuh
bobsprankle ->  :)
sheila ->  Need to head out for a bit! Good luck Ben!
sheila ->  See some of you at NECC!
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Good information about teachers in a summer class from Ben.
cheryloakes~seedlings ->   make your own magazine and order them printer
alicebarr ->
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  thanks
alicebarr ->
Sarah S ->  These things sound so wonderful.
alicebarr ->
cheryloakes~seedlings ->
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  nice webpage, Ben.
alicebarr ->
Sarah S ->  Why no reader in Google Apps for ed??? Seems a little silly
Sarah S ->  Nice to tie in Diigo.
Sarah S ->  Love the highlight, note taking, etc capabilities
alicebarr ->
Sarah S ->  Can they also use something like Zotero?
alicebarr ->  Yes Zotero would work too or Wiggio
Sarah S ->  Lovely post on the tech showcase. I wish I'd been able to go. Skyping in was nice, though.
alicebarr ->  Hi Matt
matt montagne ->  hey alice et al
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  hello matt, we are scopin out NECC and talking to Ben, one of Alice's students who is going to have a show 1 x  month with Alice and I streaming
alicebarr ->
Sarah S ->  Nice community service, Ben.
annefraser ->  anyone hear about
bobsprankle ->
alicebarr ->  @annefrader have seen it but not used it
matt montagne ->  Awesome, that is great! Looking forward to hearing Ben's Internet Radio show!
matt montagne ->  @ann...I've used etherpad quite a bit this year....great tool
Sarah S ->  I saw the 100 lectures come through - now looking forward to mid-july and listening/watching
bobsprankle ->
Sarah S ->  Great Godin post.
bobsprankle ->
matt montagne ->  Tell Ben we'd like to have him on the Gator Radio Experience next year to have him share about his show (or our GRE project team members would be happy to join Ben as guests)
cheryloakes~seedlings ->
alicebarr ->  @matt Great idea! We'll let him know
bobsprankle ->
ben_mcnaboe ->
Sarah S ->  I'll be sure to come by and say hi when your Steamer!
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  isn't this amazing, a whole community of collaborators
alicebarr -> Submissions now open
matt montagne ->  rowing is a fantastic sport
matt montagne ->  Really looking forward to Ben's Internet radio broadcasts in the future!
bobsprankle ->  me too!
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  thanks Matt!
Sarah S ->  That is great news. Hard when K12 and ACTEM and everything is all together.
matt montagne ->  Is the show going to be Op-Ed Ben?? Will it have different segments??
matt montagne ->  cool, look forward to connecting up with Ben. Left coast will meet the Right next fall!
annefraser ->  Have a wonderful summer - thanks so much!
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  thanks to all in the chat! see you in the next season, Aug. 27, we think!!!
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  this will be a podcast and blog tomorrow!!
matt montagne ->  feel free to add me as skype contact...mjmonty is the ID.
ben_mcnaboe ->  great will do @mjmonty
matt montagne ->  nite y'all!
cheryloakes~seedlings ->  night all, thanks for coming

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