EdTechHangout - NECC reflections, roadkill mooseburgers, & backchannel literacy

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(Not EdTechWeekly)
July 5, 2009

As EdechWeekly begins its summer hiatus, we go on air for an EdTechHangout.  
Topics covered include: NECC reflections, why Dave uses coarsesalt as his Skype ID,  Albertan scorpions,  deep sea ducks, roadkill mooseburgers,  Michael Jackson  overload,  getting to EdTech Step#1, proprietary keynotes,  teachers as lame presenters,  back channel literacy, concerns, & ettiquette,  multitasking challenges,  & possibilities for upcoming EdTechTalk Summer Specials.

Participants include: Gary McFarlane, Sue Roseman, Alice Mercer, Bethany  Smith, Dave Cormier, & Jeff Lebow

13:08:16  Rene Torres -> -Puentes al Mundo: Voy a seguir investigando....!!! Nos vemos.
18:50:15  carolteach4 ->  Hey, Jeff - just checking in to see what's going on tonight. I've never visited the Sunday broadcast before, but I heard you talking about it on the post show on EdTechBrainstorm on Thursday.
18:51:44  JL ->  Hi Carol.  Tonight will not be a regular show - all my cohosts are 'on hiatus' this month.  Thought I'd stick around for a little while to see if there's any interest in an impromtu EdTechHangout
18:52:04  dave ->  back in a bit
18:52:21  carolteach4 ->  I'm going to take my laptop out to the backyard. I'll tune in and see what you guys are up to.
18:52:21  dave ->  hi carol... i believe we are on hiatus for july... but i'm not sure... :)
18:52:41  JL ->  sounds like a good plan
18:53:22  JL ->  Welcome back Btfsplk
18:55:05  JL ->  going to get another cup of coffee and return to see what happens tonight - Hi Gary
18:55:17  gary ->  Hello Jeff
18:56:05  gary ->  I know you are not having a programme but signed in by reflex.  :)
18:56:26  JL ->  me too
18:57:12  dave ->  'sup
18:57:21  carolteach4 ->  I'd love to hear you guys discuss some of what went on at NECC. I watched the Gladstone keynote and was interested to see all the controversy he raise.
18:57:45  gary ->  It also gives me an excuse to have a beer.  Too hot to be outside - 25ºC and very sunny.
18:58:02  carolteach4 ->  I also watched the presentation by Renee Hobbs on copyright and fair use. I'm interested if others had something to say about that.
18:58:36  carolteach4 ->  It's my first time on a Sunday evening. No school tomorrow.
18:59:35  carolteach4 ->  no, but it's always fun to listen to you guys spar back and forth.
18:59:42  gary ->  I thought Dave is involved in promoting local produce in PEI.
19:00:07  carolteach4 ->  I'm outside in the backyard by my pond and waterfall with the laptop on battery. Best of both worlds.
19:00:29  sroseman ->  sounds sweet
19:01:39  carolteach4 ->  lost audio
19:01:45  carolteach4 ->  it's back
19:02:27  gary ->  A pond - just fed my fish in my pond but the wireless network is too far away to do the same.
19:03:26  carolteach4 ->  I'm in CT, Gary. Where are you?
19:03:43  gary ->  SE Alberta
19:04:18  gary ->  About an hour away from the Montana border.
19:04:36  carolteach4 ->  Wow! My only forays into Canada were to Montreal and Quebec. Great visits.
19:04:42  sroseman ->  I am in Ottawa, Ontario
19:04:51  sroseman ->  born and bred in Montreal
19:05:37  sroseman ->  I skied in Montana at Big Sky, Gary
19:05:37  carolteach4 ->  My husband and I are planning on getting passports just in case we go over the border this summer when visiting his mom in Maine.
19:05:45  gary ->  Just met someone from CT on Canada Day - she is marrying someone from here.
19:06:17  gary ->  Skied there also - shorter trip than Ottawa.
19:06:46  sroseman ->  We had awesome conditions year before last
19:07:10  sroseman ->  Skied in Colorado this year
19:07:17  sroseman ->  Steamboat
19:07:52  gary ->  The closest skiing here is in the Cypress Hills.  Banff is a major trip and much more expensive.
19:08:16  sroseman ->  never been to Banff .. on my list\
19:08:52  gary ->  Worth it - an many options in the area - just expensive.
19:09:34  carolteach4 ->  audio??????
19:10:00  JL ->  all systems still 'go' on this end
19:10:07  gary ->  Sometime fails - click the reload button.
19:11:09  gary ->  The reload button on the UStream.
19:17:53  JL ->  http://www.flickr.com/photos/63873121@N00/sets/72157620817473133/
19:23:28  Steve_K ->  Hello all.  Cool topics
19:25:38  carolteach4 ->  can't seem to send a message through chat
19:25:54  carolteach4 ->  now it's working - wonder if it's my connection?
19:25:59  gary ->  We are receiving them
19:26:07  carolteach4 ->  That was my initial question - NECC -
19:26:36  carolteach4 ->  Gladstone's keynote raised a lot of controversy.
19:26:40  gary ->  @carol - do you have Skype availability?
19:27:02  carolteach4 ->  Also, Renee Hobbs and issue of fair use
19:27:28  carolteach4 ->  No Skype yet. I am not sure why I am so hesitant in downloading it.
19:27:55  gary ->  Do it - no hesitation necessaary.
19:28:09  carolteach4 ->  I will after the program.
19:31:08  carolteach4 ->  This is frustrating. I keep getting logged out. I tried to make some comments pertinent to the conversation, and they didn't send.
19:31:40  courosa ->  hey all
19:32:02  courosa ->  exactly
19:32:11  carolteach4 ->  I put the Ustream app on my brand new iPhone, but it won't connect.
19:32:16  courosa ->  can't skype in tonight
19:32:19  courosa ->  and i did
19:32:24  carolteach4 ->  It just spins.
19:32:26  courosa ->  daaaaaave
19:32:26  dave ->  lol
19:32:43  dave ->  catcha later folks
19:32:46  dave ->  :)
19:32:55  courosa ->  bjb used to help me back in the day with my classes
19:33:09  BJB ->  :waves hi to everyone
19:33:30  BJB ->  I'm logged in but don't have voice. Sue is my voice today
19:33:32  carolteach4 ->  That's what I heard you guys discussing last Thursday.
19:34:27  BJB ->  can you use worldbridges skype with Tapped In chat?
19:36:12  alicemercer ->  HEY Bethany
19:36:21  kcaise ->  hi everyone!
19:36:36  Bethany Smith ->  Hey Alice :) Glad to see u made it back in one piece!
19:36:52  alicemercer ->  I need advice from JL about slim streaming from DEN Natl Inst
19:36:56  JL ->  skype 'worldbridges' to join in
19:37:41  BJB ->  you can create a group room where anyone can enter....guest or member
19:38:32  kcaise ->  habits are hard to break, huh?
19:38:42  shareski ->  No Cormier?
19:38:43  Cathy E ->  terrible thunderstorms here on OBX
19:38:47  Bethany Smith ->  Did I miss all the NECC talk?
19:39:14  kcaise ->  no more roadkill
19:39:20  gary ->  @shareski - was here and left
19:39:34  kcaise ->  gross
19:39:47  Cathy E ->  I need some suggestions -
19:40:17  Cathy E ->  My upcoming second graders have scored very low in kindergarten and first grade
19:40:17  kcaise ->  too much testosterone?
19:40:44  Cathy E ->  what can I use (tech wise)  to help bring them up to par?
19:40:49  kcaise ->  and ready to take on new challenges Jeff
19:41:16  Bethany Smith ->  Me too - I can't seem to reflect on NECC yet...
19:42:04  JL ->  if anyone would like to join the conversations, skype 'worldbridges'
19:42:42  alicemercer ->  http://inpractice.edublogs.org/2009/07/04/edubloggercon-2009-reflections/
19:43:01  Bethany Smith ->  I actually thought this NECC was great & EBC was definitely better tha last
19:43:11  Bethany Smith ->  I liked the smaller group at ebc
19:43:28  Cathy E ->  I thought NECC was awesome!
19:44:03  Bethany Smith ->  I had some great conversations and topics at ebc
19:44:21  shareski ->  People don't blog like they used to.....blogger's cafe is a misnomer
19:44:38  gary ->  Sorry I left Skype suddenly Jeff (unavoidable interruption)
19:44:42  Bethany Smith ->  I think there a lot of people couldn't afford to travel the extra days to ebc
19:44:54  kcaise ->  better than at NECC alice?
19:45:41  kcaise ->  can you make connections with the big wigs better at EBC than at NECC?
19:45:49  Bethany Smith ->  I'd call in but my 2 year old is a bit loud tonight ;)
19:46:07  kcaise ->  when i attended necc i wasn't impressed with the sessions
19:46:14  sroseman ->  I felt like an outsider looking in ..
19:46:30  Bethany Smith ->  EBC seems more about encouraging conversations and NECC is more about learning from others IMHO
19:46:35  Cathy E ->  I attended some great sessions
19:46:46  Bethany Smith ->  They were camped in the blogger cafe
19:46:46  sroseman ->  you have to attend a few conferences at least to feel comfortable
19:46:57  sroseman ->  the sessions were excellent ..
19:46:58  Cathy E ->  I did several BYOL
19:47:03  Bethany Smith ->  Were therere less sessions this year?
19:47:08  carolteach4 ->  That's better. I had to come in a plug back in, and now I've got good audio. It must have been my connection.
19:47:37  alicemercer ->  Such a lovely day out, I'm in the backyard on laptop
19:47:40  alicemercer ->  sorry all
19:47:42  BJB ->  I like the wind chimes ;)
19:47:55  LJ ->  Would like to help with online virutal NECC for those than can't attend.
19:48:13  carolteach4 ->  @alice - I was in the backyard by the pond with my laptop, but the signal wasn't strog enough, so now I'm in.
19:48:21  bcrosby ->  I wasn't at NECC this year, but in past not enough sessions are presented by actual classroom teachers. Do others feel that way?
19:48:25  sroseman ->  some sessions were poorly attended
19:48:25  kcaise ->  in the pond @carol?
19:48:34  sroseman ->  empty halls
19:48:44  Bethany Smith ->  God point :)
19:48:46  carolteach4 ->  It's so interesting hear people talking about NECC. I watched as much as I could virtually.
19:49:06  Bethany Smith ->  ALot more BYOLs than I remember
19:49:22  bcrosby ->  Was wifi better this year?
19:49:34  carolteach4 ->  I think the live streaming was great when it worked.
19:49:39  sroseman ->  i chose the big names ..Kathy Shrock, Alan November, smackdowns, Steve Hargadon
19:49:41  BJB ->  only glitch to BYOLs was the day the server went down :P
19:49:42  sroseman ->  etc
19:49:42  Cathy E ->  wifi was not good the first day - but it got better
19:49:44  Bethany Smith ->  WIFI WAS WORSE!
19:49:52  LJ ->  Yeah for LIVE STREAMING which was minimal at NECC08.
19:50:03  shareski ->  @bcrosby Most teachers are'nt very good presenters. It's a unique skill. They may have good things to  say but a formal presentation format isn't the best.
19:50:16  carolteach4 ->  That seems ridiculous - it's all about the sharing.
19:50:19  kcaise ->  i was so sad that erin gruwell wasn't streamed
19:50:36  carolteach4 ->  I can understand the stress factor.
19:50:43  Bethany Smith ->  But they did put the recording option in the programme
19:50:50  sroseman ->  Kathy Shrock did not want to be recorded
19:50:58  bcrosby ->  Wifi is tough it seems with that many people. Maybe it's not even possible at one place to have good wifi?
19:51:11  Bethany Smith ->  Macworld pulls it off :)
19:51:14  alicemercer ->  PLS Sue, it was all my fault
19:51:24  JL ->  603-574-4923
19:51:28  LJ ->  Heard that wifi and Internet connection overwhelmed at times at NECC09?
19:51:33  shareski ->  If it's people's livelihood I can understand not wanting to be recorded
19:51:42  alicemercer ->  18,000
19:51:48  alicemercer ->  13, without vendors
19:52:01  BJB ->  problem with wifi was that a server run by the conference building was not dumping users who logged out...and server crashed. Took the whole day to finally get it fixed
19:52:15  carolteach4 ->  Is the 603-574-4923 the call in #? Is it USA?
19:52:22  BJB ->  I had the pleasure of working in the Dr. Is In desk on that day from hell!
19:52:23  alicemercer ->  I don't think Streaming devalues
19:52:26  Bethany Smith ->  They seemed to be using the conf facilities & did not supplement wifi
19:52:42  LJ ->  It will be even more of a problem (Internet) in Denver 2010 won't it?
19:52:42  alicemercer ->  @BJB Thank you for your work...
19:52:48  shareski ->  I agree, I know many like Will Richardson who has not problems being recorded
19:53:06  bcrosby ->  @shareski - what do you base that on?
19:53:11  shareski ->  It's just like the music industry....models are shifting
19:53:18  carolteach4 ->  I have listened several times to Will's streams, and I always get something out of them.
19:53:35  kstevens ->  If you are comfortable presenting at NECC, then why would you not be comfortable w/ being recorded?
19:53:39  Bethany Smith ->  Maybe they r worried about what the recordings will be used for?
19:53:42  LJ ->  Seems like professional presenters would want to stream to give us a taste of what they have to offer?
19:53:49  shareski ->  @brcrosby.....personal expereince. Most teachers are not good presenters. my opinion.
19:53:58  alicemercer ->  Some are not professional.
19:54:00  kstevens ->  Will got TEC-SIG to stream after they opposed it for other presenters
19:54:15  alicemercer ->  The uni professors were worst presenters
19:54:20  alicemercer ->  imho
19:54:44  alicemercer ->  I haven't presented at NECC myself.
19:54:46  kstevens ->  @shareski agreed on teacher presenters. different skill completely
19:54:49  carolteach4 ->  I loved getting to see folks I've been following on EdTechTalk on the webcam
19:55:03  LJ ->  How many "blogger" cafe's needed for ISTE2010?
19:55:06  shareski ->  @Alice no doubt. Presenting n typiclal format is hard.
19:55:17  bcrosby ->  @shareski - you go to way more conferences than I do, I almost never see teachers present, so can't say. Are they actually bad, or just not getting practice?
19:55:22  shareski ->  It's different than being in a classroom.
19:55:37  kstevens ->  Teachers feel control over students, not so much other teachers. intimidation
19:56:10  shareski ->  @bcrosby it's just a different skill. The fomrmat of formal sessions isn't the best.
19:56:12  LJ ->  Maybe ISTE needs to send out presenter tips? Imagine their classrooms also boring.
19:56:20  carolteach4 ->  No, not at all. It is always different. You cannot teach middle schoolers according to a formula.
19:57:14  LJ ->  Presentations need to be upbeat, fastpaced, value added.
19:57:21  carolteach4 ->  Hold on, please. Teachers are in the trenches, and we are spending oodle of time trying to change our presentations to keep the kids involved.
19:57:28  shareski ->  NECC needs to expand the POster session format which is better for most teachers.
19:57:41  bcrosby ->  @shareski - and is that a problem if teachers aren't ore involved? I want to hear from the real people doing this stuff with kids and what their actual experience is ... I think that is very valuable.
19:57:53  carolteach4 ->  In fact, the more we turn the work over to the kids - project based, yes - the better it becomes.
19:58:01  Bethany Smith ->  This was my first time presenting at NECC - very intimidating
19:58:21  mrsdurff ->  why bethany?
19:58:29  shareski ->  @bcrsoby absolutely. Just give them a different, more conversational format
19:59:03  scmorgan ->  Wouldn't it be funny if kids could walk out of our classes like people do at prsentations.Might teach us all something!
19:59:12  LJ ->  Are we saying emphasis should be on "here's how I used the tech in the classroom and why" versus "here's how you add color to your slide" presentations?
19:59:34  JL ->  to join in skype 'worldbridges' or call 603-574-4923
19:59:35  carolteach4 ->  Public schools are finally moving away from teacher at the front of the classroom and working as facilitators -letting kids use the technology as a tool to produce -
19:59:36  bcrosby ->  @shareski, don't disagree, but maybe presos more like edubloggercon would be better?
19:59:47  Bethany Smith ->  I was in the open source lab and worried my session wasn't hands on enough
19:59:51  shareski ->  @bcrosby yes.
19:59:56  carolteach4 ->  Teaching is very, very demanding.
19:59:59  JL ->  http://webcastacademy.net/
20:00:17  Bethany Smith ->  plus McLEoud was talking about voting with your "two feet" & I was worried too many people would walk out!
20:00:33  Bethany Smith ->  I typically love to present at conf - but that is locally
20:00:36  LJ ->  Teaching is demanding and stressful. I knew that, but did not FEEL it until I retired from teaching.
20:01:08  Bethany Smith ->  And I couldn't walk around the room - I was tied to the "stage" was a bit weird
20:01:40  carolteach4 ->  What's the back channel?
20:01:56  Bethany Smith ->  I wish we had more roundtable conversation sessions at NECC like at ebc
20:02:00  LJ ->  Again, ISTE needs to "warn" presenters of larger audience, expectations - but needs to start with ISTE application process.
20:02:13  shareski ->  Unconfernce is not very popular. Still a niche concept.
20:02:39  carolteach4 ->  Oh, so what's going on now, and your comment on how following the chat discourages conversation.
20:02:42  Bethany Smith ->  Speaking of back channel - did you hear of the issues that arose at the Classroom 2.0 panel?
20:03:03  shareski ->   I was there
20:03:15  LJ ->  OR, maybe presenters could present some pre-conference content and activity BEFORE ISTE2010 begins?
20:03:17  Cathy E ->  @Bethany - what?
20:03:21  mrsdurff ->  and?
20:03:24  Bethany Smith ->  It was weird
20:03:35  LJ ->  What? Weird? Tell us more?
20:03:46  kstevens ->  i have no problem voting w/ my feet. sometimes only feedback that presenters recieved.
20:03:46  shareski ->  It's good. Too unstructrued for most.fomr most
20:04:20  shareski ->  They want big names for their $$$.
20:04:43  BJB ->  a lot of the NECC people were from districts in Virginia
20:04:46  bcrosby ->  I also hear that teachers don't get their presentations accepted very often because those making decisions are used to "academic" language used more by university and non-classroom types. Doesn't that cut out an important participant group?
20:04:53  shareski ->  It wasn't that weird.  I blogged about it.
20:04:57  Bethany Smith ->  There was an issue in teh audience with the backchannel streaming in the front of the stage.  Some did not know what a backchannel was.
20:05:12  mrsdurff ->  time to learn
20:05:23  shareski ->  I agree. but that's not what most people think
20:05:27  Bethany Smith ->  what is theskype thing again?
20:05:38  alicemercer ->  skype worldbridges
20:06:08  kstevens ->  @bcrosby acceptance rate is very low. i know some evaluation groups could only pick 1 or 2 presentations out of 40-50 they read
20:06:23  marragem ->  I preferred EduBloggerCon & the converdsations in the Bloggers Cafe
20:06:24  alicemercer ->  I figured I'd get those on stream
20:06:32  shareski ->  Also I think people want to "sit and git" for their money. Unconference is too much work for many.
20:06:34  alicemercer ->  Alan november
20:06:44  LJ ->  Maybe need a TED.org approach to "big names" presenters.
20:06:48  BJB ->  I enjoyed Bernie Dodge's presentation...he introduced a soon to be released MapPuzzle site.
20:07:18  kstevens ->  @shareski i agree. too many people still want to take notes and receive the same way they deliver information
20:07:31  bcrosby ->  @kstevens - that's good to know.
20:07:40  carolteach4 ->  Does anyone know how to view Ustream on iPhone. I downloaded the UStream app, but it doesn't connect for me.
20:07:56  kstevens ->  @sharesi i think we need to continue to address that
20:08:14  LJ ->  Alan November, Bernie Dodge, great.
20:08:38  shareski ->  I was.
20:08:42  kstevens ->  @bcrosby a few people from twitter evaluated applications. i got some direct feedback on my application, but had to ask for it.
20:08:42  scmorgan ->  I liked Scott McLeod, even if Tom Hoffman disagrees:)
20:09:27  LJ ->  Aren't student "backchanneling" teachers in the classroom (texting, etc)
20:09:31  shareski ->  They should watch Stephen Downes present if they have a problem with a back channel
20:09:50  LJ ->  Who is Stephen Downes and why watch him?
20:10:15  shareski ->  back channel literacy :/
20:10:30  kstevens ->  u have to show backchannel for those who do not understand what it is. Modeling is right on
20:11:25  shareski ->  @LJ Canadian educator who works for Canadian Research Council. Google him and you'll find lots. He's pretty "heady" but offers some good ideas.
20:11:28  carolteach4 ->  What was she upset about?
20:11:41  bcrosby ->  Have to still think about this more, but I think we need to get more teachers involved - not sure best way, but if they don't see teachers involved I'm afraid they see this as something only "The Experts" are capable of doing ... not something they should consider, another reason not to worry about engaging.
20:12:11  shareski ->  @bcrosby. That's a big shift. A good one. But it's huge.
20:12:24  carolteach4 ->  I have to admit that when I'm in the chat, I lose the train of thought of the audio.
20:12:51  BJB ->  multitasking is the norm, but if you read BrainRules, you will see that the brain can NOT multitask and learn effectively
20:13:14  BJB ->  (www.brainrulesbook.com)
20:13:15  kstevens ->  teachers not viewed as experts is exactly what is needed. removed the excuse factor by those not willing to embrace new ideas
20:13:24  carolteach4 ->  I was on TeachersTeachingTeachers last Wednesday, and I deliberately did not participate in the chat because I was afraid I'd miss something in the audio conversation.
20:13:33  shareski ->  The point was made is that it's gooing on all the time in people's heads. It's just that now we can see it.
20:13:36  bcrosby ->  Backchannel like many other things is a skill that is devloped with exoerience. I'm not good at it yet, but getting better.
20:14:19  shareski ->  Attention literacy...Howard Rheingold.
20:14:23  scmorgan ->  Good point Bethany
20:15:26  kstevens ->  @shareski i really enjoyed your podcast w/ Howard. good ideas for my classroom for next year. i'll have students completely new to these ideas
20:15:31  kcaise ->  men can't 2 do things at once!
20:15:36  carolteach4 ->  Yes, multiple presenters. Moderators are great helps
20:16:06  kcaise ->  definitely
20:16:08  shareski ->  chew gum and walk and talk. Isn't that multi-tasking?
20:16:29  kstevens ->  professor at Univeristy Texas Dallas ran twitter discussions in class once a week. she roamed room while GTA moderated the twitter feed.
20:16:48  bcrosby ->  OK, gotta go. Thanks for the convo!!
20:16:49  carolteach4 ->  @JL - boy for your not really knowing where the show was going tonight, it has turned out to be terrific.
20:16:51  kcaise ->  i can't do the technical stuff and participate in the conversation in elluminate
20:17:06  Bethany Smith ->  glad u got back to the states well brian :)
20:17:19  Bethany Smith ->  missed u at NECC brian
20:18:40  LJ ->  Does research say we don't really multitask - especially in new situations.
20:20:11  carolteach4 ->  I have listened to a number of teachers talking about current practices with their kids, and I've found those very interesting and informative.
20:20:14  kcaise ->  the real world things were in the poster sessions?
20:20:19  scmorgan ->  But it's very hard to listen to even an experienced teacher who doesn't presnt well.
20:20:36  shareski ->  But given a confined time frame and formal sessions, it's hard for teachers to express themselves effectively as compared to a pro.
20:21:12  kstevens ->  i got more from tweets and live blog comment on Gladwell's speech than i did the speech itself
20:21:45  shareski ->  gotta run. Good disucssion.
20:21:55  carolteach4 ->  That is what is so great about having these conversations archived along with the recorded stream. It gives us time to go back, relisten, and absorb.
20:22:07  scmorgan ->  @kstevens That happens to me all time.
20:22:16  kstevens ->  just lost audio. is that only me?
20:22:22  sroseman ->  great conversations!
20:22:35  kcaise ->  that's for sure jeff
20:22:48  kcaise ->  hi matt
20:22:53  carolteach4 ->  Thanks so much for a entertaining evening. I'd made the chicken salad, but my hubby had to make his own sandwich.
20:23:14  kcaise ->  fresh blood?
20:23:17  matt montagne ->  Hey Kim, JL et al
20:23:28  carolteach4 ->  Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July - state side at least.
20:23:38  ottonomy ->  great, thanks!
20:23:44  carolteach4 ->  This was really something.
20:23:46  JL ->  Thanks all
20:23:48  kstevens ->  thanks. good stuff as always.
20:23:53  matt montagne ->  cool, sorry I missed it...will connect up this week...
20:24:04  matt montagne ->  webcast academy check in on Thurs JL??
20:24:08  carolteach4 ->  @Matt - hi and goodnight.
20:24:19  matt montagne ->  gotta love the tune!
20:24:19  JL ->  yep, Matt
20:24:26  LJ ->  jeff  What's your Twitter ID?
20:24:32  matt montagne ->  same to you carol
20:24:33  JL ->  we had something tentatively scheduled for now, but I don't think anyone showed up
20:24:37  carolteach4 ->  It is nice!
20:24:41  JL ->  twitter.com/jefflebow
20:25:03  LJ ->  Thanks -
20:25:13  JL ->  When Water Comes to Life by Cloud CUlt (now playing)
20:25:49  carolteach4 ->  @mattmontagne - what is your twitter name? I'd like to follow you. Hope you are all moved in.
20:25:50  matt montagne ->  http://www.cloudcult.com/
20:26:05  LJ ->  Now following Jeff as well as edtechtalk at Twitter
20:26:33  matt montagne ->  digging the new Firefox 3.5 Tabs...behave like chrome with the dragging/dropping
20:26:46  matt montagne ->  @carolteach: http://twitter.com/mjmontagne
20:27:34  kcaise ->  good night all
20:27:36  matt montagne ->  check in w/y'all this week